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ADPF Pre-insulated GRP pipes are used for the various District Cooling projects which are
becoming more and more popular in U.A.E. A district cooling system distributes chilled
water from a central source to residential and commercial consumers. The chilled water is
distributed from the chiller plant to the end users through GRP Pre-insulated piping
network. Thus, thermal energy comes from a distribution system rather than being
generated on site at each facility.

A pre-insulated GRP pipe consists of a GRP core pipe (also called carrier pipe) and a GRP
jacket pipe (also called casing pipe) with polyurethane foam filled in the annular space
between the pipes. Insulation provides the primary thermal resistance against heat gain in
chilled water system. Normally, two pipes are laid in parallel in the same trench as shown
in the line diagram, which will serve as supply and return separately.