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You are prudent, cautious and hard-working. You are active and vigorous, and, at the same
time, plodding. You are serious in disposition, and humility is one of your chief characteristics.
You are endowed with a spirit of service, and have a strong sense of duty. You have initiative
that brings you success. You are practical and economical in spending. You are loyal and
conscientious in your work. Your practical nature, at times, gives the impression that you lack
warmth. But actually, you are loving and devoted. You will meet opposition from persons
occupying high or low ranks, but will, ultimately, surmount all obstacles. You will have powerful
patronage of a very high personage, particularly, if you are in the armed forces. In service, you
will give satisfaction to your superior. You often rise high in politics too.


You succeed well in all occupations where hard work and plodding are the main features. You do well in
work connected with agriculture, forestry, education, biology, and in factories and large organisations.

Traits to be corrected

You tend to suffer from moods of despondency and melancholia.

Sometimes you start drinking to fight or overcome your moods, and, as
a result, become confirmed drunkards. Therefore, you should avoid
drugs and liquor. You unnecessarily suffer mentally due to false

Romance & Marriage

You do not marry in a hurry, and do so only when you are assured that the other party reciprocates your
love. However, you do not prove stable in your affections. This is not due to an inborn unfaithful
disposition but due to the influence of others. Your spouse may be fickle, and bring about a break in your
marital relationship. Often, you prefer to marry a ‘homebody’ who can provide home comforts and good


Sensitive Cancerian's have the habit of crawling into their shell when hurt. A little insensitivity from the
Capricornian's side will make the crab do just that. Cancer's constant need for demonstrative love does
not fit into the practical Capricornian's world.

While a 'cocky' mood generally boosts your productivity it also brings a certain amount of trouble in its
wake. It's when you're somewhat unsure of yourself that your ultimate productivity levels reach new levels
of excellence. And when you're in a confident mood, when you're sure of yourself-- guess? You become a
trend-setter, reeling off one productive idea after another : you become a leader in your own right, a
leader who's willing to put every little idea of productivity under public scrutiny. It's when you're in a mood,
where you're trying to level scores with others that your productivity tends to enter a trough.
Avoid taking decisions when: Your moods tend to swing between highs and lows..


Your home should be elegant, but not ornate. Having a large garden appeals to you, as do lots of
cupboards and shelves in the house. You like music and incense and warm lighting.