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May 2+3, 2018 Raleigh, NC

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD):

A Brain-Based Approach
Description: Time & Place:
✓ What is FASD? Opportunity Conference Room,
The 2-day workshop includes
✓ How does it impact the Governor’s Institute, 1121 Situs
current information on fetal
brain? alcohol spectrum disorders Court, Suite 325, Raleigh, NC
✓ What to do about and an individualized process May 2, 9-4; May 3, 9-12
behaviors linked to for providing a brain-based
approach when working with Audience:
FASD and caring for people with Parents and professionals
✓ Practical, individual FASD. caring for and working with
strategies for reducing individuals with suspected or
We will cover: changes in the diagnosed fetal alcohol exposure.
unwanted behaviors. Certificate of
developing brain when
exposed to alcohol, current completion/contact hours
modes and best practices for will be issued at the workshop.
Presented by
diagnosis, a neurobehavioral
Families Affected by profile of FASDs, and how to $75/person
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum understand negative Pre-registration required.
Disorder behaviors associated with Space is limited
fafasd.org brain differences and respond
differently to help people Register through our website
Space provided by or mail check to:
The Governor’s Institute If you are parenting or FAFASD, 198 Sylvester Rd.
working with a person with Florence, MA 01062
suspected or documented for more info: adrienne@fafasd.org
Special guests: FASD and nothing seems to
Elizabeth Montgomery Lee, work, this workshop will help This workshop has changed the
FASDinNC explain why, and provide real dynamics in our home for the better. I
solutions for you, your family, would recommend it to anyone who
Kathy Hotelling, or your client. parents or has contact with a
developmentally delayed child,
NCFASD Informed, Inc. including teachers and grandparents.
~Linda Q, Mom to 3 Special Children

Thank you again for your

presentation. I honestly have never
Our presenter, Adrienne Ehlert Bashista is
enjoyed ANY training as much as your
the Training Director of FAFASD and has workshop! I appreciated the
been teaching parents and professionals information that you gave because
about FASDs since 2013. She lives in you gave real examples of why things
Florence, Massachusetts worked and didn’t work with FASD
with her husband and two sons. She kids.
welcomes inquiries into training: ~ S.S., mom to a teenager with an
adrienne@fafasd.org / 413 570 5966. FASD