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Lesson Plan in English III

(Genuine Love for Reading)

I. Objectives
 Build vocabulary through reading poems
 Practice proper way of reciting a poem
 Interpret meaning of poem and express appreciation on poetry
 Identify rhyming words used in the selection
 Show appreciation on the importance of rhyming words in a poem

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Identifying rhyming words
References: Fun in Reading English Textbooks, pp 94-101
Materials: charts flashcards and other learning materials
Teaching Methods: The Four-Pronged Approach: Genuine Love for Reading
Subject Integration: Art and Character Education
Value Focus: Appreciation and love for Family

III. Procedure
A. Pre-reading
1. Motivation (GLR)
(Show a picture of a mother and children)

-What can you say about the picture? -pupils' response

-Is your family like them who are happy?
-Do you love your family?
-Do you love your mother?
-How do you show your love for her?
(Motive question)
Which of a mother's children does love her best?

2. Pre-viewing the text / poem

Class, please get your hands out. We are going to
read the poem l. But first, look at what is written
there on your hand out.

What is the title of the poem?

What do you thinks it is all about? - Who Loves Mother Best?
-answers vary
Before we read, let us first find the meaning of the
following words:

3. Unlocking difficulties
( Use flashcards of words with images based from
the poem )
Lost her cool
Set -got angry
Aglow with glee -prepare, arrange
Rush - happy
Skipped - hurry, more fast
Cheer -disappear
Grab - joy
Struggle - take, hold
Battle -fight
- fight
B. Reading Proper

(Read the poem by group per verse with proper

intonation and emotion)

Who Loves Mother Best?

“Oh happy birthday, mama dear."

Sang Ben, Liz and Bess with Cheer,
“We love you much, we love you true."
They kissed their mother, hugged her too.

Then quickly Ben skipped out to play,

And went with playmates all the day.
Then rushed home in time to see,
His sister Liz aglow with glee.

For Liz hold up an ice cream cone,

Enjoying it, she sat alone
Ben grabbed the cone and slipped away
So Liz cried out, “For that you'll pay!"

Like cats and dogs, the two did struggle

Each making sure to win the battle
They tried to push and then to pull,
While mama almost lost her cool.

But little Bess with Mom she stayed,

She set the table, drinks she laid.
And helped to serve mom's friends and guests
Now tell me, who loves mother best?

C. Post Reading Activity

4. Checking for comprehension

 What is the poem all about?

 Who were the three children? - it's all about a mother and her three
 Why did they hug and kiss their mother? children
 What did Ben and Liz do? - Ben, Liz and Bess
 What did Bess do? -Because it's their mothers birthday
 Who loves mother best among the three - They quarreled/ fight with each other
children? - Bess stayed with her mother and serve her
D. Post ACTIVITY - Bess
1. Analysis

 Going back to the poem, what did you observe as

you read?
 How about the words in the poem, how are they
used? -pupil’s response
 What did you noticed on the words at the end of
each line?
 Can you give examples of these words at the end
of the lines of the poem which have the same
 What do we call these words that have the same
end sound?
 Can you give other rhyming words used in the

2. Mastery Exercise

Line matching rhyming words

Draw a line to connect the words on the left that rhyme

with the words on the right.

Table Path
Share Sun
Chip Tan
Bath Surf
Blew Bear
Win Tick
Tie Buy
Fun Snake
Clan Glue
Brick Fin
Turf Snip
bake Cable

3. Assimilation (Board work)

My Rhymes

Circle two things in each row that rhyme with the first
one in the box.

FOX Skunk box Clocks

NET Jet Ball Wet
RAIN Sun Chain Train
SWING Ring King Sled
CUTE Fruit Queen Root
NOSE Eyes Toes Rose


Rhyme Connection
Draw a line to match to match each word on the left with
its rhyming partner on the right.

 Pet  Sub  Kit

 Pen  Mop  Can
 Scrub  Jet  Set
 Sit  Hen  Cap
 Drop  Hit  Bob

Read A poem "All things Bright and Beautiful" then
identify the rhyming words.