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Science 10 Name:

Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions Date:

Write correct formulas for the ionic compounds listed below.

Name Formula
1. Potassium nitrate
(an ingredient in gunpowder…also known as
2. Calcium sulfate
(a component of plaster and chalk)
3. Calcium phosphate
(a component of fertilizer as well as bones and teeth)
4. Aluminum sulfate
(also known as “alum,” used in water purification)
5. Sodium hydrogen carbonate
(baking soda…also known as sodium bicarbonate)
6. Magnesium hydroxide
(relieves upset stomach and heartburn...aka milk of
7. Calcium carbonate
(the chemical name for marble and limestone)
8. Ammonium hydroxide
(otherwise known as household ammonia)
9. Calcium hydroxide
(also known as “slaked lime,” is a component of
10. Ammonium nitrate
(used in fertilizers and instant cold-packs)
11. Sodium nitrite
(a preservative found in processed meats)

Write correct names for the ionic compounds listed below.

Name Formula
1. Mg(BrO3)2
2. Na2SO4
3. KCN
4. Ba3(PO4)2
5. ZnSO3
6. CsNO2
7. Sc2(CrO4)3
8. HClO4