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The Official Student Newspaper of Georgia College & State University

Friday, September 7, 2007 - - Volume 84, No. 3

Handguns, ammo seized on campus

Junior Wesley Crafton suspended after arrest
Stressing away
How college students

Arrest Chronology
can ease stress.
Page 3 BY CHELSEA THOMAS subjects, Ryan McGovern ERIN GISH/ STAFF
third floor in the room of a Below is one of the three
Many people believe student named Molly handguns confiscated by
the shootings at Virginia McMillan. Public Safety, a Kimber Thursday, Aug. 23, 2007
45. Although Crafton had
Tech resulted as a lack of Crafton is a a license for all weapons,
people speaking up at the he was arrested and 1. An anonymous tip is called into Public safety
sight of strange or charged with Possession around 10 p.m. stating that three white males sus-
unusual activity. of Firearms on School
GCSU has already Grounds. pected to have guns exited a blue Toyota Tacoma
learned from this mistake, in Lot 4 and were entering Foundation Hall. Three
as Public Safety got an officers were sent to the scene.
anonymous tip about the 2 2 -
possession of firearms on year-old 2. Dispatch ran the car’s tag number and identi-
campus Thursday, Aug. student of fied the owner to be Wesley T. Crafton. Entering
23. GCSU while both Foundation Hall, the three officers soon
F EATURES The tip specifically stat- of the other men are located Crafton and the two other
ed that three white males enrolled as
“You Can’t Stop suspected to have guns K e n n e s a w subjects, Ryan McGovern
the Beat” had just exited a blue University students. and Cory Maddox, on
Musical dances its way Tacoma in Lot 4 and were A search of the the third floor in the
to the box office. entering Foundation Hall. three suspects generated room of a student, Molly
Page 8 The tip came in at 10 p.m. no weapons, but, coopera- McMillan.
and immediately three tively, Crafton confirmed
officers were sent to the the presence of a handgun 3. The officers search the
Service and in the passenger side of his
scene. three suspects and find no
dedication car. The three suspects
AmeriCorps comes to Dispatch ran the cars
Milledgeville. tag number and identified were placed in custody. weapons, but, cooperatively, Crafton admits to
Page 7 the owner to be Wesley T. Lieutenant Grant stated thaving a handgun in the passenger side of his
Crafton. Entering in his supplemental report car. The three suspects were placed in custody.
Foundation Hall, the three that “all subjects were
officers soon located 4. The three officers search the car finding three
Crafton and the two other
Guns Page 3 loaded handguns, several loose rounds, several
boxes of ammunition, four knives, several maga-

zines and two bottles of alcoholic beverages.
5. The officers locate more magazines, ammuni-
tion and loose rounds while searching his apart-
ment at The Village. Crafton is placed under arrest
From the car:
and is charged with Possession of Firearms. He is
Three loaded handguns
suspended from the university pending a hearing.
Beretta 9mm
Walter 22 Calibur
The culprit: Wesley Crafton
Kimber 45
Several loose rounds
Fitness for
A student’s guide to get- Several boxes of ammu- Age: 22 years old
ting healthy on campus. nition Status: GCSU class of 2009
Page 9 Four knives The Village Apartments resident
Two bottles of Background: Began school in spring 2007, as a
alcoholic junior in the university’s Criminal Justice pro-
beverages. gram. According to background searches and
school officials, Crafton has had no previous vio-
From the lations or noteworthy problems on his disciplinary
Apartment: record.
More maga- Walter 22 Currently: Crafton has been placed on suspen-
zines Calibur. sion pending a hearing, and is banned from uni-
More boxes of ammuni- Crafton versity property. All the weapons confiscated are
tion and loose rounds. COURTESY OF THE WEB

Dartmouth waits New registrar plans to SGA elects new

ease graduation woes senate, decides
Men’s cross-country
team opens season away
from home.
Page 9

on key issues
W EEKEND W EATHER BY PATTY MAGUIRE graduation clearance to
STAFF WRITER make it more efficient and
Fri. Sat. Sun. earlier feedback to
Kay Anderson, previ- improve communication.”
ously the registrar at Anderson admits there BY LEE SANDOW
Truman State University are students who fail to SENIOR REPORTER
92 95 97 in Kirksville, Mo., became make deadlines, but feels
66 69 71 GCSU’s university regis- increased communication Voting for the Senate of 2007 is now complete, and
10% 10% 10% trar this past May. will diminish the amount the Student Government Association is ready to begin
Source: As one of the most of students who, after its work of serving GCSU, the student body and imple-
important staff positions at commencement, realize menting change.
GCSU, the university reg- they were missing a credit Elections took place on Aug. 29 through the 31 out-
istrar effects every GCSU or two. side of the Arts and Sciences Building. New Senators
student. According to the “If I were able to wave were elected by student votes.
GCSU Parents and Family Kay Anderson, previously a magic wand on students, “We had a good amount of candidates this year,”
Association’s e-newslet- the registrar of Truman State the number one thing said SGA President Ryan Greene. “Almost 50 people
ter, Anderson’s duties University, takes overs the would to be read your e- ran, which is much more than usual.”
include planning and duties of GCSU registrar. cats e-mail! E-mail is the Greene said that voter turnout was also higher than
83 implementing procedures
and processes concerning ship in the office, where
first way I’ll send infor-
mation and if you don’t
average, which he attributed to having more people on
the voting ticket.
The number of registration, student we have several goals to check it, at least forward it The voting process was also changed from past
records, graduation dead- move forward with, and to where you do check years, allowing each student to only vote for one can-
intramural flag
lines, degree planning, being a contributing part regularly,” Anderson said. didate per class ranking, as opposed to as many as five
football teams. classroom scheduling, of the campus community, Maryllis Wolfgang, from each class in previous years.
NCAA athletic certifica- maybe through mission senior associate registrar, “We did this to get a better representation of the
tion, veteran affairs and related projects,” looks forward to (student body) on SGA,” Greene said. “We made it one
certification. Anderson said. Anderson’s presence in vote per category so students would vote on the one
Anderson is glad to be “We’re looking at a new the Office of the Registrar. person that they thought would be the best for the job.”
at GCSU. catalog for online, new Greene hoped this would encourage the elections to
Source: Campus Life
“Two things I’m look- software for degree audit, Registrar Page 2 be based on a personal
level and not on any group SGA Page 2
ing forward to are leader- changes to final grade and
9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 2


Mold creeps inside the Registrar

Continued from Page 1 ...
new job.
“One morning
February, there was a lot
cost we’re opening the
doors of opportunities for
thousands of people every

basement of the SAC

of snow for the third day year,” Anderson said.
in row and I don’t like While at Truman State
“We’re delighted to snow. When I got to work, University, Anderson
have her with us and she’s there was an ad for GCSU served on numerous
progressive with new and I didn’t delete it boards and committees
BY S. ASHLEE MOONEYHAN services, new students and because I knew GCSU and acted as advisor for
STAFF WRITER faculty,” Wolfgang said. from its status as a several organizations.
Lori Watson, coordina- COPLAC (Council of Here in Milledgeville, she
A plastic barrier with tor of office services, also Public Liberal Arts has joined the
caution tape covers the is excited to have her on
entrance to the basement of Colleges) school. I looked Milledgeville Rotary Club
staff. around the website, and and works with a group of
the Student Activities “She's a great addition
Center to keep patrons of fell in love from the start,” high school students at a
to the university and we're Anderson said. local church.
the building from being
exposed to mold caused by lucky to have her,” Watson “I believe in the public “My most important
recent flooding. said. liberal arts and feel very goal is to give students
“I am fanatical about The mission and struc- strongly that it’s the best best service and best sup-
protecting my students and ture of GCSU was a big education anyone can port possible. They’re the
my staff,” said Tom Miles, attraction to Anderson, receive and by providing a reason we’re all here and
the director of Campus Life who claims she was not quality liberal arts experi- they’re my first priority.”
and Student Activities. “We originally looking for a ence at a public school
are taking every precau-
The basement level of
the SAC is usually used as
recreation space for stu- BRITTANY THOMAS/ SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER SGA time, and work more
closely with those situa-
pointless,” Greene said.
“We are begging for stu-
dents and campus organiza- A plastic sheet and caution tape prevent people from entering tions.” dent input around cam-
tions. However, it has yet to the basement of the Student Activities Center after flooding Continued from Page 1 ...
Justin Haight, vice pres- pus.”
be opened for general use caused mold to grow.
ident of SGA, believes According to Greene, it
this semester due to runoff saturate the bottom portion two weeks. or party affiliation. some internal restructur- is a goal for SGA to be
water pouring in from the of sheetrock in the walls. “Its E.T. style,” said “Before, people would ing, which occurred over easily accessible to stu-
sidewalk through a side Once the bottom of the Natalee Mayo, a senior vote on a group or organi-
entrance in the building. the summer, will better dents.
sheetrock had been soaked, mass communication zation,” Greene said. help the students in this “Please let SGA repre-
Heavy rains and clogged the moisture seeped major, about the plastic “Now they must vote on
storm drains are to blame regard. sent the students well; tell
upwards. Mold began to barriers covering the door- one person from that
for the runoff water that grow in the areas of the ways. “In the previous years us your thoughts and con-
unexpectedly plagued the organization, choosing we've had different com- cerns personally, through
wall that had been com- All the plastic and cau- that one person to repre-
historic building, built in pletely saturated, and was tion signs are just a precau- mittees that focused on email, or at our meetings,”
1806. sent them best.” different issues”" Haight Greene said. “SGA is
later found mainly in the tion to protect anyone pass-
Flooding inside the men’s and women’s rest- ing by who may be The new Senate will said. “This year we've ready to make big things
building occurred the first rooms by a custodian. extremely sensitive to have a seven-hour combined them into one happen this year—we just
time just before classes The health risk of the mold. The rest of the build- “retreat” on Saturday, Campus Issues need to know what the stu-
started around the time of mold was quickly assessed ing is considered safe, and Sept. 8, where it will dis- Committee. Then we dents want to happen.”
the Week of Welcome, and by the Health Department, there should be no health cuss the issues it wishes to divide them into ad hoc Senate meetings for
then a second time while and soon thereafter a com- concerns. focus on for this semester. committees for the differ- SGA are held every
cleanup efforts were in pany called Merritt was Once the lower level is While SGA plans to try to ent issues.” Wednesday at 12:30 p.m.
effect for the previous inci- contracted to clean the returned to its safe, clean be involved in as many
dent. It was then that storm Various topics are in the Dogwood Room of
mess and restore the dam- and dry state, it will soon student affairs as possible, already being discussed, the Student Activities
drains were found to be aged areas. The contractors be opened for student it plans to place the major-
clogged and were immedi- with the issue of student Center. Students are invit-
measure a safe distance recreation including pool ity of its focus a few
ately cleared out. above and beside the dam- tables, foosball tables, TVs, parking already on the bill. ed to attend in order to
According to John choice issues, which will Students are urged to con- voice their concerns or
aged areas and remove soda fountains and other be determined during this
Webb, the facilities planner those portions of sheetrock entertainment activities. tact SGA with their own ideas to the Senate.
and ADA compliance offi- retreat. suggestions so that SGA For other ways to con-
and replace them with fresh The GCSU campus has
cer for Facilities of the new slabs. The damaged since seen more heavy “We plan to focus on can help improve student's tact SGA, visit the website
Plant Operations depart- parts are then cleaned, rains, but the problem areas five big issues,” Greene experience at GCSU. at or
ment of GCSU, the level of dried thoroughly and dis- have been addressed and no said, “though that number “Without the students by e-mail at
flooding did not exceed posed of safely. The repairs more flooding has might change. We’ll focus relaying what they want
more than about a half an and restoration are expect- occurred. on those issues, plan to changed around campus to
inch, but was enough to ed to last at least another have this done by this SGA, SGA would be

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9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 3


Freshman finds the
passport to free rent

Imagine knowing that

next year, you were going
to live at The Village
Apartments for free.
Brandon Williams, a
freshman at GCSU, won
this privilege playing the
Week of Welcome
Passport Game.
Williams, a current resi-
dent of Bell Hall, won the
grand prize valued at
$8,000 for the 2008-2009
school year. In addition, he
Junior Alex Pate looks overwhelmed as he tries to balance his studies, being a runner for the
also is granted first choice

Students share secrets

cross country team, and havinga social life.
on his room selection.
“I’m thinking about a
two person room in the JAMES ODOM/ SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER
400 building because it Freshman Brandon Williams, won the grand prize of the

of stress management
has a larger living room,” passport game valued at $8,000 of paid rent at The Village
said Williams. “You lose for the 2008-2009 school year.
some of the kitchen, but
I’m not a good cook any- Campus Life team wants “When my name was
way.” to run the event next year called, I ran up and almost
the afternoon while everyone else is at The Department of and hopefully, have a car lost my shoes,” said
as grand prize. Williams. “I was so excit-
Campus Life sponsored
“The students are my ed I could barely sleep that
To manage time efficiently, Sailor the passport game for
incoming freshman in drivers,” Miles said. “If night.”
With homework, classwork, relation- works on staying calm and relaxed to they love it, we will keep The Village hosts over
lower his stress. Adams makes a daily which students were to
ships and jobs clashing for time and atten- take a booklet containing going.” 750 students living in the
tion, many students are turning to schedule to help him fit in everything. 15 squares representing Once completed, stu- one-, two- or four-bed-
University Counseling Services to help “I’m a lot less stressed if I have a sched- different offices around dents qualified to win var- room apartments.
them manage their commitments. And the ule I can stick to and incorporate every- campus and have them ious prizes including a Christensen is excited
Counseling Center is ready for a mass of thing onto the schedule including times to stamped. satellite radio, a TV, a about the grand prize and
new students seeking aid. be social, times to study, times to workout, “The passport game cruise to the Bahamas, gift happy to contribute to the
Freshmen experience many changes times to sleep,” Adams said. was tedious, but I learned certificates and the grand passport game.
when they come to college. According to Apart from making daily schedules, from it,” Williams said. “I prize of free rent at The “It’s nice to show stu-
Guidance Counselor Stephen Wilson, the Wilson feels identifying personal values now know my way around Village for a year. dents what else is here at
beginning of the school year is one of the helps students make daily decisions. campus.” The Housing GCSU through The
two highest stress times during the semes- “Whatever it is that is an important The Director of Campus Department sponsored the Village and all of west
ter. value to you, make time for those things to Life, Tom Miles, believes grand prize. Executive campus,” Christensen
“In high school, students often have a be in your life,” he said. “There are things the passport game was a director of Housing, Larry said.
lot of people trying to help manage their in life that may be urgent but not necessar- huge success. Christensen, explained the A survey asking stu-
time for them,” Wilson said. “In college, ily important,” Wilson said. “The game was the terms behind the prize. dents what they think
Campus Life team’s idea. “Brandon wins a single about The Village is in the
you don’t have so much of that.” If making schedules and identifying val- room space for the 2008- works and will be unveiled
Some freshmen find themselves unpre- ues does not help, a change in lifestyle We want to encourage new
students to make contacts. 2009 school year and first soon.
pared with the new freedom offered by might. Senior exercise science major We all thought it would be pick of all available apart- Williams cannot wait to
college life. Junior English major Tim Brooks Vinson prefers exercise and sleep a fun way of doing that,” ments,” said Christensen. join the other students at
Sailor admits he was not prepared for all to help him live a “less stress” filled life. said Miles. At the drawing, West Campus.
the freedom. “(Exercise) releases endorphins making With the success of the Williams did not expect to
“I skipped a lot of classes that first things less stressful,” Vinson said. passport game, the win anything.
semester,” he said. For professional help with all stress
Aaron Adams, a junior chemistry major, needs, GCSU provides a full range of
did not handle his new freedom as well as counseling services including one-on-one
he would have liked. and group counseling.
“I didn’t take school too terribly seri- Counselors often visit freshman seminar
ously,” Adams said. classes to give presentations on how to
Freshman General Business major manage time and stress. The Counseling
Michael Toomey feels that it is easier for Center is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5
him to manage his time when he has earli- p.m. and encourages dorm residents to
er classes. contact their resident director or resident
“There’s a lot of time during the day and assistant if there is an emergency during
most social stuff is at night,” Toomey said. after hours.
“I find it easy to do some schoolwork in

Guns or noteworthy problems on

his disciplinary record.
revolver, or any weapon
designed or intended to
Continued from Page 1... Recently Crafton has been propel a missile of any
placed on suspension pend- kind, or any dirk, bowie
ing a hearing. knife, switchblade knife,
very cooperative and Richard G. Goodson, ballistic knife, any other
Crafton even stated he had Deputy Director of Public knife having a blade of two
other items in his room at Safety, states, “Unless call- or more inches.” Plus other
Bobcat Village.” ing ahead and being escort- objects used for violent
After placing the three ed on campus by officers, behavior or malicious
subjects in the back of a Crafton is forbid to return intent are illegal, such as
patrol vehicle the three to any campus property.” bats or clubs.
officers did an official Ever since the Clarke Goodson says, “Some
search on the car. Along Street stabbing incident weapons are purely obvi-
with a previously noted almost two years ago and ous in their purpose, others
open gun case in the back the Virginia Tech massacre are obvious in their mali-
seat of the car by Officer this year, GCSU and all cious criminal intent.”
Miller and Officer Reonas, other universities nation In general, the Crafton
the search turned up many wide take any reports of incident last week proves
illegal weapons. Three questionable behavior seri- the importance of public
loaded handguns, several ously. awareness to these rules
loose rounds, several boxes “At least once a year,” and the obligation of each
of ammunition, four according to Goodson, community member of
knives, several magazines, “there is an incident involv- reporting any suspicious
and two bottles of alcoholic ing weapons on campus.” behavior.
beverages were all found in Ironically, during the However, Goodson says,
Crafton’s vehicle. week of Crafton’s arrest for “The good thing is how
After giving consent to gun possession, the Public everyone reacted. We had a
search his apartment the Safety office, specifically good response by both the
officers also located a few Crime Prevention Sergeant officers and the student.”
more magazines, more Brian English, had just Dean Harshberger, vice
boxes of ammunition, and begun placing Gun president of Student Affairs
numerous loose rounds. Awareness posters around also notes, “It is a lot easier
And although all the campus. at a smaller institution to
weapons were licensed, As Goodson says, “(The keep safety a main priority
Crafton was officially college environment) is not but it is important to
placed under arrest and the safest environment for remember its each student’s
charged with Possession of handguns to be available responsibility to keep the
Firearm on School with students in such vari- campus a safe environment
Grounds. Three state war- ous emotional and stressful as well.” Tips are crucially
rants were served to him as states.” important because Public
he was taken to Baldwin Since the issue of guns Safety cannot do their job
County Jail. The other men on college campuses is without the help and vigi-
were eventually released. very important recently, it lant awareness of the pub-
University records state is crucial to know the qual- lic.
Crafton began school in ifications of a weapon on
spring 2007 as a junior in campus. ERIN GISH/ STAFF
the university’s Criminal According to the PHOTOGRAPHER
Justice program. According Georgia Law Enforcement Pictured inside is the
to background searches and Handbook 16-11-127.1, Beretta 9 mm, the third
school officials Crafton has “Weapon means and handgun confiscated from
had no previous violations includes any pistol, Crafton.
9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 4

Friday, September 7, 2007
The Colonnade’s Forum for Public Debate
Editor in Chief, Lee Sandow



What community?
Noon. Milledgeville.
There’s no one around. A lone man strolls across an
empty, verdant green lawn. The usual sounds of people
passing by on their way to get dinner, or throwing foot-
balls across the lawn are absent, replaced by an eerie still-
Compared to its usual hustle and bustle, the city is
What sounds like the basic plot for a B-rated horror
movie is actually a startling reflection of Milledgeville -
particularly the GCSU campus - over the recent Labor
Day break. The campus was barren, the residence halls
and apartments quiet, and the parking lots almost empty.
There are no official numbers for the amount of the stu-
dent populace that left town during that time, but a safe
bet would probably be around 50 percent or more.
GCSU prides itself on its community and small school
setting that encourages students to get involved with the
campus. On the school website under the GCSU Mission
Statement there is a list of expectations of students, one of
which is that students “be meaningfully engaged in and

Public schools not making the grade

involved in the campus community.”
From that standpoint, it’s none-too-reassuring to see
half the population leave town at the first decent opportu-
nity. It’s hard to be involved in the GCSU/Milledgeville
community from your home in Gwinnett County. Or
wherever you call home.
learned some very disturb- ers and school administra- In the 1990s, President Then again, what went on in Milledgeville this week-
ing facts. She actually tors because a student gets Clinton, and members of end? Did the Campus Activities Board host an event on
graduated from high mono and has to miss an Congress, were shocked at Saturday night to draw interest? Did any of the other stu-
school. Much like myself, entire quarter. Likewise, how poorly students in the dent organizations have an important function this week-
a public high school at this terrible policy also Washington D.C. area end? Had intramural flag football started yet?
that. So I'm thinking that creates more standardized were doing. So they For those of you keeping score, all the answers are
she probably barely skated tests for the students to decided to pump money “no.”
by, maybe got by with a take, and requires into the school systems to
So if there is no community life to get involved with,
why should we stay on campus over a nice, long week-
1.8 GPA or something. improvements in the pass- the tune of $10,000 per end?
But the scary part is that ing rate every single year. student per year. The end Let’s not forget the town of Milledgeville itself. Was
she did better then that, There are two obvious result was that these there anything of unusual interest downtown over the
much better. Upton fin- problems with this. First schools continued to per- break? Any concerts? Drink specials? Or did they sim-
BY ANDREW ADAMS ished near the top of her of all, if 100 percent of form just as poorly as they ply close early on several nights?
COLUMNIST high school class with a your students pass the test did before, and continued “No,” “no” and “yes,” in that order.
3.5 GPA. She was an one year, how are you sup- to do much worse than pri- So, if there is no community life to get involved with,
I'm sure by now that Honor Student. posed to improve on that? vate schools in the area why should we go downtown over a nice, long weekend?
everyone has seen Miss Clearly our government And secondly, if you're where student's tuition was But as students, what are we doing to facilitate this lack
South Carolina's interest- run schools are failing stu- always testing your stu- less than the money of activity? Many students, particularly freshmen, leave
ing response to her ques- dents. Of course, they're dents with these standard- pumped into the public
on weekends to go home, or to Athens. If it’s determined
tion in the Miss Teen USA not failing students by ized tests then when are schools. Money can't buy
that many students will leave town on this nice, long
Pageant. But just in case actually failing them, but they supposed to learn the love, and it obviously can't
weekend, why should the businesses exert extra energy
you are one of the six that
into hosting events?
in the case of Upton, fail- stuff that the tests ask buy a good education from Thus, no events and no students, which leads to fewer
have missed it, here's her ing them by passing them them? the government. events in the future. A fine example of a self-fulfilling
question: “Recent polls with flying colors. Many What many Americans Interestingly enough, prophecy.
have shown a fifth of school districts around the fail to realize is that educa- Karl Marx wrote in the But the events that do occur on weekends often tend to
Americans can't locate the nation have done away tion has gone sharply “Communist Manifesto” work. The city Sweetwater Festival attracts hundreds of
United States on a world with grades for elementary downhill since the creation that one of the ten prereq- student visitors each year. GCSU homecoming draws a
map. Why do you think school children because a of the federal Department uisites for communism to large crowd to its parade, game and crowing ceremony.
this is?” Miss South bad grade might make the of Education in the 1970s. form is a government run GCSU Idol has sold out since it began in 2005.
Carolina, Lauren Upton's, child feel bad. And with For 200 years, American public school system. This
Events of interest cost money and time, and no busin-
response, “I personally the extreme number of students were being taught way students can be brain-
ness in the community would host an event if they
believe that us Americans government regulated tests by schools paid for and washed into believing
believed they would lose money on it. Whoever is host-
are unable to do so because
ing the event has to know enough students will attend to
that students must take provided by their local what their government make it worth their while. And to guarantee that, they
uh some people out there over the course of any community and state. But tells them ... and even tests have to know students won’t be leaving for parts
in our nation don't have given year, it's no surprise recently the federal gov- them on. Republicans and unknown.
maps. And uh I believe that America is constantly ernment has hijacked these Democrats and most all Let’s meet in the middle, shall we?
that our education like failing academically when schools by giving them American political parties
such as in South Africa and compared to other indus- money and then setting talk about the poor per- Send responses to
the Iraq, everywhere like trialized nations. their own arbitrary stan- formance of our schools
such as and I believe that Perhaps the problem dards for what they feel and they propose solutions
they should our education with American public children should be learn- that would involve more
over here in the U.S. schools isn't too little gov- ing. Some of the lessons government. What they
should help the U.S. or ernment intervention, but that come out of this could fail to realize is that the
should help South Africa too much. No Child Left be the idea that America is only rational solution Lee Sandow Daniel Troutman
and should help the Iraq Editor in Chief Asst. Sports Editor
Behind, President Bush's great because of our gov- would be to either return colonnade@
and the Asian countries so education plan has been a ernment. Nothing could schools to their localities Katie Huston
we will be able to build up horrible misjudgement. be farther from the truth. or to privatize them com- Online Editor /
our future for.” This policy will fail a America is great because pletely. Wes Brown Webmaster
It's fun to see that on TV school for having less than of our strong, fiercely indi- News Editor
eight times a day, and sure colonnadenews@ Brittany Thomas
a high preset level of atten- vidualistic spirit, which Send responses to Photo Editor
I laugh every single time I dance. It is obviously drives us be the most free
see it. But I've recently ridiculous to punish teach- people on Earth. Jessica Murphy James Odom
Features Editor Asst. Photo Editor
colonnadefeatures@ Christa Murphy
Ad Manager
Corey Dickstein colonnadeads@
Sports Editor
Got something to say about ... colonnadesports@ Richard Brown
Asst. Ad Manager
Ana Maria Lugo
Asst. News Editor Bethany Fitts
Copy Editor
Jamie Fleming
Asst. Features Editor Macon McGinley
Faculty Adviser

The Colonnade is not All stories and photo-
responsible for any false graphs appearing in this
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GCSU? liable for any error in unless otherwise noted, are
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Feel shame for placing blame
Dear Editor, Let’s face it, the most reasons to stop, including
How do you feel about the gender imbalance here at GCSU?
painful rumors aren’t made myself.
There are some things up. We can’t control others
that people never tell you “Did you see what she and a lot of times we can “I knew the ratio was more when I applied
about college - they never was wearing? What a barely control ourselves.
tell you that it is a continu- whore!” “Oh man, look at We can’t pick who will take
to go here, but I really don’t even notice it
ation of high school. those girls dancing. I think care of us when we drink now.”
Granted, the bullies are they’re lesbians.” “I heard too much any more than we Jessica McCloskey, Freshman,
smarter and much more she had to be carried out of can control what they’ll do Early Childhood Education
cunning. They don’t give the bar last night; I bet while you’re passed out.
you wedgies or play keep- she’s an alcoholic.” “Did You can’t control if your
away with your backpack. you hear that she has naked pot is laced with some-
It is almost brilliant in the pictures online? It’s true!” thing, much less what you
way that they choose to The best rumors can’t be admit when you’re under
destroy you; they target made up because they tend the influence.
your very character. to be based off of some Who needs to create “I never knew. With Greek stuff we
Everyone talks about twisted form of reality. She rumors when our reality is always have functions with fraternities so
people, but rarely do they might not be a whore or a far more unbelievable? We I don’t really notice.”
think about the damage lesbian, but she might be are all in this together. You
they are doing. Ok, so a looking for attention. She might not be the one pass- Erin McNealy, Sophomore, Marketing
reenactment of Stephen might not be an alcoholic, ing her another shot or lac-
King’s “Carrie” may not be but I bet she can’t hold her ing his pot with speed, but
imminent, but who is to say liquor. And the pictures you might be the friend that
that another Virginia Tech online? I have nothing for wishes that they had been
won’t happen? You don’t that one. there to prevent the “I don’t have a problem with it. I wish there
know how far you’re really People normally don’t unthinkable. Welcome back were more black people here.”
pushing someone and you realize the damage a few to high school where the
have no clue how or when words can do; just like they bullies are smarter yet,
they might snap. What usually don’t realize how instead of taking them
Michael James, Junior,
started as a joke about badly they’re hurting them- down, we destroy each English & Mathematics
someone having an STD 3 selves. As an age group, we other and ourselves.
years ago, has become a think that we are invinci- Sincerely,
wide spread rumor about ble. To prove that, we tend
them having Herpes. Sure, to do everything in excess
it doesn’t bother them. until something goes terri- Alexandria Drake “At most schools there’s more girls than
They’ll laugh, shrug it off, bly wrong. Cancer, an Sophomore
and try to ignore it. Maybe STD, alcohol poisoning, Liberal Studies guys so I don’t really think about it that
that rumor doesn’t hurt. rape - everyone has their much.”
Beth Lanier, Junior,
Psychology & Political Science
• In the previous issue Our Voice stated the number of new freshmen was around 1,200.
The correct number of new freshmen is 1,120.
• A letter to the editor incorrectly stated that the Parking Office would not give refunds “I think its wonderful. It makes up for the
for parking permits. The Parking Office will give refunds through September. Letters
to the editor may contain errors in fact, and readers are advised to take information pre- nearby presence of UGA and gives guys a
sented in them with caution. The writer of the letter himself had received a refund on fighting chance here on campus. Otherwise,
his parking pass. all of our girls would be dating UGA guys.”
• In last week’s issue of The Colonnade, we attributed the photo for the article “Lights,
camera, action” to Erin Gish. The photo was actually taken by Brittany Thomas. Daniel Shey, Junior, Political Science
• The photo cutline for a picture of the Milledgeville Players on page 11 identified one
member as Toney Thomas. His name is actually Thomas Toney.
• In “Flag football set to kick off,” the date of their first meeting was listed as Aug. 31. Reported by Kate Regan
The meeting was actually on Aug. 29.


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For the Colonnade Vent: "I never understood cheesy love songs, until I
POLL OF THE WEEK met my girlfriend."
GRAPHIC BY LEE SANDOW To whoever put a premade breakfast outside of my room in Bell Hall -
Rock on. Just make my apple red and my muffin chocolate chip next

Poll of the Week

time and I’ll love you forever.
I always make sure I dot my “T”s and cross my “I”s.

How does the increase in size of the fresh- What is up with the FROGS at the GROVE? It’s like one of Moses’
plagues out there.
men class affect you? Aren't we talking about college students here? "The campus shuttle
55% runs every ten minutes from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. From 5:00 p.m.
until 9:00 p.m., it runs every 30 minutes. After 9:00 p.m. the shuttle is
10% - I think it's great the on-call for pick-up. Commuters also have the choice to park at the
school is accepting more Centennial Center." Save you rig for when you Need it. :) - Drive-by
freshmen. Dad

55% - I'm worried the It's about time. The Campus was a grand movie house a generation ago
school is getting too big 10% and needs some help. Likewise the theater needs a permanent space to
too quickly. call home. I shall keep my fingers crossed! One note--as I recall it
was, at one time, called The Co-Ed, I think restoring that name would
be a charming tribute to an earlier era in the town's, as well as the col-
6% - I do not like the lege's, history.
Is it just me, or is the SAGA food actually getting better?
13% - I wish the school
would continue growing. I’m tired of getting other people’s mail in my mailbox. Also, I’m tired
of getting phone calls from collection agencies for people who lived in
16% -I am indifferent to my apartment before I did.
the increase. 6% 16%
We need a real Bobcat around here.
Next week’s question:
Do you think GCSU Public Safety responded appropriate-
ly to the gun threat on campus on Aug. 23? Want to vent about something? Send us a message about what’s bothering you to
screen name ColonnadeVent. Comments can be sent anytime, any day of the

Vote online at

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a_Ya E\\
your school year
with The Grove!

?j Êi D[l[h jee [Whbo je h[i[hl[ oekh if ej

Become part of the refreshingly fun
and unique Grove community!
$150 Reservation Fee Reserves Your Spot for Next Year!

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Features The Colonnade’s Guide to Art and Entertainment

So, what do students see in GCSU?

Friday, September 7, 2007 Section Editor, Jessica Murphy

BY AMANDA BODDY “I really liked the size of

STAFF WRITER the dorms, since they
were bigger than the ones
There is something about at other colleges”
the Southern charm of explains Savannah
Milledgeville that attracts Herring, a freshman psy-
around 3,000 applicants each chology major living in
year. Is it the columned build- Parkhurst Hall. Herring
ings or the small-town envi- continues, “At first I
ronment? What makes GCSU liked GCSU because of
the college of choice for so the campus, then, it was
many high school seniors and the fact that it was so
transfer students? pretty, it wasn’t too big,
GCSU is known for its and wasn’t too small, and
homey atmosphere and its there were good class
diverse student body involve- sizes.”
ment. Herring's two visits to
Erin Beall, a junior transfer the campus contributed to
student from West Georgia her choice of GCSU over
University, has many reasons the three other colleges to
why she chose to come to which she applied.
GCSU. “My favorite part of
"(The campus) is pretty, it GCSU so far living in the
has a good reputation and the dorms and getting to
(school) was a good size," meet people,” Herring
Beall said. said.
“GCSU is unique because Intramurals are a huge
of its size and all of the JAMES ODOM / SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER part of student involve-
extracurricular activities. We The beauty of the GCSU campus is treasured amoung students and the Milledgeville community. It is often an exciting factor ment at GCSU as well.
are encouraged to get involved among prospective freshmen. From flag football to bas-
with all of the activities. There ketball, recreational
is a lot to offer here,” Beall explains. At first I liked GCSU because of the sports are a great way to make friends, stay in shape, and
Beall applied to five universities and ultimately decid-
ed to spend her junior year working on a double major in
history and Spanish. Beall’s favorite part about GCSU, so

campus, then, it was the fact that it was
so pretty, it wasn’t too big, and wasn’t
be involved. Cris Segovia, a freshman psychology major,
is most interested in playing soccer on an intramural team.
“I am excited for the soccer season to start for intramu-
far, is how easy it is to meet people and also to see famil- too small, and there were good class rals. I think it will be a great way to work on my game and
iar faces. to meet other soccer players,” Segovia said.
Choosing a college is a big decision. When a student sizes. With 84 percent of students returning for a second
decides to pursue an education at a university, they are
placing their future in a lot more than just a major. The
Savannah Herring, Freshman
” year at GCSU, there must be something about the college
that makes it stand out from the rest. With the beautiful
campus environment, availability of sports and housing, and women (not including intramurals), GCSU has a lot to architecture and well-taken care of landscape, there really
combined with the offered majors are just some of the fac- attract prospective students. is something special about GCSU. Students feel at home
tors that contribute to a decision about college. With the Housing also seems to be a plus for the students at here, and that’s important when making the big change
more than 36 majors offered and five sports for each men GCSU. from high school to college.

Theatre brings new talents,

department head to the stage
BY SARAH ALLEN actors and audience,” takes up a lot of time with
STAFF WRITER Fisher said. “Both parties rehearsals every week-
get a chance to see what it night and, as the show gets
Whether a student is in is like to walk in some- closer, weekend rehearsals
the mood to watch a show body else’s shoes for a few as well. The students in
or display their talents, hours.” the shows are extremely
GCSU’s theatre depart- There is a lot planned devoted and dependable.
ment provides these for this year as far as pro- Sophomore Carey
opportunities and more. ductions are concerned. Stachler is not a theatre
With a new department The theatre department is major, yet plans on attend-
head and eager students, doing the following plays: ing the show later this KATEY FOLLETT / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
the theatre department is “Sylvia,” “The Tempest,” month. (L-R) Kendall Stiles, Erika Coleman and Denise Chambers work in The G.I.V.E. Center. Since
its beginning, AmeriCorp members have served over 33 million people.
sure to attract loads of “Coyote Point,” and “A “I was involved in the-

AmeriCorps finds new home

attention this school year. Piece of my Heart.” Along atre in high school and am
With the departure of with the plays, which are excited to see what the
Kathleen McGeever, the open auditions, there will theatre department at
department chair for the be The Arts and Letters GCSU is all about,”
theatre department for play, and the 24-Hour Stachler said. Although
glomerate of local, state skills that will definitely
three years, Dr. Brock Plays. All of the audition she is not currently
and national service pro- benefit your resume and
Fisher has stepped up to information will be posted involved with the theatre
grams that comprise of broaden your outlook.”
fill her position. This is on the callboard in Porter department she is eager to
Help is on the way. over 70,000 members People interested in non-
Fisher’s second year at the Hall. learn more about it.
AmeriCorps and Hands-On nationwide. It is an inten- profit work should be
university. Rehearsals for “Sylvia” Nic Marrone, a freshman
Georgia are sending help to sive service program that aware that joining the
Before coming to are already underway. theatre major, recom-
two of Milledgeville’s helps roughly 2,000 non- AmeriCorps is a full-time
GCSU, Fisher taught at The show, which opens at mends the show to anyone
hardest working non-profit profit organizations with commitment. Those who
Bethel College in the end of September, is a who is interested in theatre
organizations, Hands-On various duties such as rais- will join the AmeriCorps,
Mishawaka, Ind. Fisher racy comedy discussing or just looking for a source
received his bachelor's Milledgeville and GCSU’s ing awareness, community particularly the positions in
the love between a man of entertainment.
degree in theatre from and his dog. “All the kids are nice The G.I.V.E. Center. service work, and other Milledgeville, will serve a
Central Missouri State Junior theatre major, and there is so much more Application and interview critical needs that deal with 12-month commitment and
University and his mas- Scott Howard is starring in freedom than in high process is already under- public safety, environmen- over 1,700 community
ter's and doctorate in the- “Sylvia.” Howard has school concerning the way to fill the two tal, security and awareness service hours. In addition,
atre from the University of enjoyed working with shows we get to do,” AmeriCorps positions that needs throughout America. they will also be required to
Missouri. Not only is Fisher thus far and says he Marrone said. He also will help serve the AmeriCorps was estab- work with at least 10 non-
Fisher extremely qualified is “really good and is has felt extremely wel- Milledgeville community. lished in 1993 after profit organizations around
for his new position, but doing a great job.” come by all those involved One will serve with the President Bill Clinton the Milledgeville area.
he describes it as being Playing the male lead in the show and thinks Hands-On Milledgeville signed the National and AmeriCorps recipients will
great. Fisher already has will allow Scott to “work “theatre people are the and The G.I.V.E. Center Community Service Trust also receive a meager liv-
plans for this year’s the- his craft on the stage.” nicest people on campus.” where they will assist with Act where domestic com- ing stipend and an educa-
atre department. Preparing for the show volunteer recruitment, munity service programs tion grant upon completion
“We hope to develop leadership, development were brought together of the service.
well rounded theatre stu- and training. The second under one umbrella. In “It is definitely not going
dents who not only act, GCSU 2007-2008 Theatre Season position will focus on edu- 1994, the first class of to get you money if that’s
but design, direct and cational services and work AmeriCorps members the reason you’re doing it,”
understand both the world “Sylvia” “Coyote Point” closely with organizations served all over the country. Revel Pogue, GCSU com-
of theatre and the world By: A.R. Gurney By: Daniel Edmiston that deal with after-school In 2003, President George munity liaison and a mem-
around them,” Fisher said. programs, tutoring and var- Bush signed the Strengthen ber of the AmeriCorps
Russell Auditorium, Russell Auditorium, ious children’s and educa- AmeriCorps Program Act, interview, said. “Most peo-
This aspiration seems Sept. 26-30 Feb. 27-March 2
like it will certainly be tional programs around the doubling the number of ple join AmeriCorps for the
achieved with the on-stage area. members serving across the experience and the service.
and backstage experience “The Tempest” “A Piece of My “Having AmeriCorps on nation and building biparti- It’s a full-time job that
students will receive By: William Heart” board with The G.I.V.E. san support. needs close attention and
throughout the year. Center and Hand-On “AmeriCorps is definite- dedication.”
Shakespeare By: Shirley Lauro
Fisher’s obvious enthusi- Milledgeville is such a ly a character building In exchange for a year of
Russell Auditorium, Russell Auditorium, blessing,” Kendall Stiles, experience,” Stiles said. “I full-time service, members
asm for theatre is sure to
rub off on everyone who Nov. 14-18 April 10-11 director of The G.I.V.E. highly recommend it to earn an education award of
gets involved in the Center, said. “We are so anyone who is thinking $4,725 that can be used to
department. “The 24 Hour Plays” fortunate and thankful to about working for a non- pay for college or graduate
“Theatre is an empathy- Max Noah Recital Hall have this kind of support.” profit organization because school or to pay back qual-
building exercise for the April 18-19 AmeriCorps is a con- it will teach you several ified student loans.
9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 8


“Hairspray” hits big

being fat is a frame of mind over and over again.
rather than physicality. Michelle Pfeiffer, John
While Tracy’s mother, Travolta, Queen Latifah,
played with varying suc- and Christopher Walken
cess by John Travolta, round out the supporting
locks herself away in her cast. Although Travolta is a
house and stuffs her face bit daunting as an older fat
with Ding-Dongs in agony, woman in a suit that does
Tracy rushes out to meet not make him look at all
the world. She is the great- like a woman, the role
est dancer in all of works symbolically as the
BY ERIC JONES Baltimore and aims to be character, Edna, is also try-
MOVIE REVIEWER the star of a local television ing to make herself believ-
program which showcases able as a human being. She
The redesigned media lab was unveiled at an open house on Wednesday, Sept. 5..
At first glance, it might teenage dancing, music (ala has hideous man hands and

Media Lab gets an upgrade

seem self-serving to have a “American Bandstand”) a froggy voice. As the citi-
star-studded cast fill the big and, of course, fabulous zens of Baltimore come to
screen in place of hair-dos. accept her, Edna begins to
Broadway performers for a With Tracy’s go-get’em accept herself, and so do
BYP.J. SCHINELLE In addition to video and graphic tech- musical gay romp all about attitude toward life, it does- we as an audience. In the
STAFF WRITER nologies, the lab is capable of recording, a commercial beauty prod- n’t take her long before end, I can see no other
editing and mixing music to create per- uct. But placing a plump she’s taken over the show choice for the part.
GCSU continues to keep up with sonal music masterpieces similar to the unknown youngster in the and become the most Musicals are always a
mainstream media equipment and soft- high quality of a compact disc. lead, and infusing an opti- famous teen in town. Her risky business in transition
ware as it introduces the newly designed Mary Ford, junior computer science mistic look at racial tension mass appeal is her ability to from stage to screen.
Media Lab in the Library and major, believes that Mac computers are of the sixties with hard hit- see everyone as equal, and “Rent” lost a lot of its fla-
Instructional Resource Center on easy to use once the user gets acquainted ting musical numbers, this outlook eventually vor in the move, and “The
Wednesday. with the applications. makes “Hairspray” one of lands her at the head of a Producers” was way too
This tech-savvy domain features open “The equipment is more mainstream the most inviting movies of march for Civil Rights long, but “Hairspray” hit
access, state-of-the-art iMac computers and uses applications that you couldn’t the summer, and a much when the program elects to the nail on the head. The
and showcases advanced audio, video use on a PC,” Ford said. needed uplifting injection cut out “Negro Day” from film is charitable in its
and graphic software. The lab is also Sandy Green, lab assistant and GCSU for those of us tired of its television schedule. extraordinary optimism;
equip with digital recorders, USB turn senior political science major, believes movies that take us to the Tracy becomes a poster that the world can be
tables and still cameras. that with the ever-growing demands of war-front like child for letting everyone changed by a dream, that
Justin Flachbarth, a Divisional class projects and increased popularity of “Transformers” and “Live dance together and, in the everyone can be equal, and
Technical Support associate, was excited YouTube and similar video blogs, this lab Free or Die Hard.” glowing world of that a generation can be
to be a part of the open house and encour- is beneficial to students. The star of this 60s-laced Broadway Musicals, this is defined by hairspray.
ages students to take advantage of the “This lab is much more accessible and crusade is Nikki Blonsky, a dream worth watching
redesigned media lab and new equip- student friendly,” Green said. who is rather husky, but
ment. The redesigned lab also provides a carries her load with a
“The lab is open to all students, how- more comfortable atmosphere for stu- intensity that no other
ever for students to access the video, dents as the walls are now painted and actress has yielded since
audio and graphics software they need to feature photos shot and edited by Green Kathy Bates in “Fried
set up an account with the lab assistants,” and Jones. Green Tomatoes.”
Flachbarth explained. Green and Jones used the software in The draw of Nikki’s
Eric Jones, senior creative writing the lab to complete their photography. character, Tracy Turnblad,
major, explained how students will be The Media Lab is open around the is counter-intuitive to
able to convert VHS videotapes to DVD. clock from 2 p.m. Sunday until 5 p.m. what most overweight
Students also have the ability to draw Friday. It is open on Saturdays as well lead characters deal with.
graphics on a digital pad and import them from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. She does not “deal” with
onto the computer. As media applications continue to her weight at all, but has,
“Whether you are working on a large influence the educational demands and from the opening number
project or want to mess around with ani- hobbies of students, GCSU will maintain of the movie, completely
mations the lab is now equip to handle the pace and provide the necessary soft- accepted herself.
the needs of students,” Jones said. ware for its students. Tracy shows us that COURTESY OF THE WEB

DiNiNG options

talks about
the Balanced Way ...
Balance way is
taking over
Johan loves to hear about how balance way boosts
energy level and metabolism...

Get your 50%

Fruits & Vegetables
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dinner at the International line.
9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 9

Friday, September 7, 2007
The Colonnade’s Guide to Athletics and Recreation Section Editor, Corey Dickstein

Cheerleaders qualify early for nationals SeasoN The


A few days before the

start of fall semester, most
students were moving back
into their apartments and
thinking about the first
week of classes. From
Aug. 12 through the 15,
GCSU’s cheerleading
squad had much more on
its mind, like beating
NCAA Division I competi-
tion and qualifying for the
National Cheerleader BY COREY DICKSTEIN
Association's National SPORTS EDITOR
Competition held in April.
The team accomplished This is the best time of
those goals by winning its the year.
small coed spirit division No, really, for any hard-
at a cheering camp in core sports fan, these next
Myrtle Beach, S.C. The two months cannot be beat.
Bobcats were the only Major League Baseball is
Division II team compet- coming down the stretch
ing in their division.
run, college football is
Division I teams like the GCSU’s cheerleaders practice their routine at the Centennial Center. The team recently earned a trip to this year’s national underway, pro football is
University of North competition by proving competitive at a cheering camp in Myrtle Beach, S.C. gearing up, and with this
Carolina at Charlotte, years introduction of the
North Carolina State The learning and competi- team member, required Hood believes the fresh- have good ideas flowing, FedExCup, golf is still
University and the tive experience helps the Hood to return to the com- men add to the team and I’m ready to put it interesting.
University of Louisville squad as it heads into the petitive squad. dynamic with their good together,” Ashe said. Meanwhile, on campus,
gave GCSU a bid to season. “We needed four guys to work ethic and attitude. The group plans to alter the sports world may seem
nationals this spring. Familiar faces at the be out there during our Many of the new girls the format as well as have slow, but have no fear
P.J. Schinella, a junior coaching and directing routines so I decided to come in with high level the national’s routine down GCSU athletics are headed
mass communication positions spearhead the help out,” Hood said. “It’s experience as some won earlier in hopes of improv- into full stride.
major, said the team used growth of GCSU cheer- tough for some to adjust state titles on their respec- ing on last year’s fifth
to submit a video to get a leading. because I’m not just bark- tive high school teams. place showing. The soccer season is on
bid to the national tourna- Dr. Jerry Fly continues ing orders anymore.” “This year is unique The cheerleaders serve its way as is cross-country.
ment. Now, accumulating to serve as the squad’s Working as a coach and because we have more as a support squad during And while it is not easy to
points through camp com- director of cheerleading active team member gives freshmen on the floor than home basketball games. attend cross-country
petitions determines if it operations. For 22 years, Hood a chance to lead by ever,” Schinella said. “The Students are only able to events, soccer plays eight
gets the bid. Fly has taken care of the example. Everyone must new girls seem to be see a portion of the group’s games at home starting
“Camp was a lot of fun cheerleading logistics. work harder now that he is gelling well into college athletic ability as safety Saturday, Sept. 15, against
because we got to meet Fly still attends every competing again. life.” regulations prevent com- the University of North
and compete with large practice, but he lets the Hood is able to have The squad looks for- petition level stunting. Carolina at Pembroke.
Division I schools like coach handle the technical greater insight into coach- ward to its upcoming exhi- The cheerleading team So, if you are a sports
Clemson and Virginia side of the sport. ing by competing along bition in two weeks. As practices at the Centennial fan, now is not the time to
Tech,” sophomore Caro Kyle Hood, a graduate side his teammates. three-time national cham- Center Monday through
student, serves as the This year’s team con- pions, talk of the routine complain.
Ashe said. Thursday starting at 3:30
At the Myrtle Beach coach of this year’s team sists of more fresh faces for nationals remains rele- p.m. Although there not any
camp, judging was per- on and off the competition than old experienced ones vant. Hood encourages stu- sporting events to attend on
formed by the staff and floor. as nearly half the squad are “I’m excited about this dents to come out and our campus this week, the
cheerleaders themselves. An injury to a male freshmen. year’s routine because we watch the team in action. television will be chalk-
full of great games to
watch. Beginning with a

Bobcat harriers
multitude of match-ups in

Staying in shape on campus

the college football world
on Saturday and the begin-
ning of the National

off to a running
Football League season on
SENIOR REPORTER If baseball is your forte

start in 2007
you are in luck. Divisional
According to a survey and Wild Card races are
given by The Colonnade, heating up.
more than half of a sample As of Wednesday, Sept.
of 60 students said they 5, the top three teams in the
BY COREY DICKSTEIN compete in the Dartmouth want to improve their National League Central
SENIOR REPORTER College Invitational in physical health but are were seperated by one
Hanover, N.H., on unsure about what the game. The National
Saturday marked the Saturday, Sept. 8. appropriate steps are. League West’s top three
beginning of the 2007 “We’re definitely look- Such circumstances can be teams are also very close,
cross-country season as ing forward to it,” Senior discouraging, more than seperated by a meager
the Bobcat women harri- Rich Dobson said. “We half of people who begin three games.
ers competed in the Blue have been to New exercising cease their This week also marks
and White Alumni meet England a couple times efforts within three to six the third event in the
hosted by Peach Belt since I have been at col- months, according to the Professional Golf
Conference rival Augusta lege. We went to Vermont American College of Association’s FedExCup,
State University. two years ago, which was Sports Medicine. the BMW at Cog Hill Golf
Michelle Boland, a sophomore nursing major, works out at
Freshman Dani really nice. I’m excited to Personal health and fit- the Wellness Depot. Students, like Boland, take advantage and Counrty Club in
Destiche made the most go back.” ness seems to matter to of the Depot to stay healthy and fit. Lemont, Ill.
of her GCSU debut, fin- Last season the men GCSU students and it So take a little time
ishing second overall in traveled to Minneapolis, should. On average, 335 away from your grouling
analysis and found that These foods should be
the race with a time of Minn., and competed in students and staff have classes, homework and
active individuals live avoided.
19:47, only 15 seconds the Roy Griak visited the Wellness Depot work schedule. Turn on
longer because they were “The college student’s
behind race winner, Invitational. The team on a daily basis through some sports and just relax.
free from heart disease, spontaneous schedule
Kristyn Holley of ASU. finished 42 of 52 teams, August. For those who Sports are taken very
obesity and high choles- makes it easy to eat fast
Destiche’s time was only they look to do better in have been in there, that’s a serious in our society. But
terol. food and junk food,” said
three seconds off the all Vermont this year. tight squeeze. If space is the truth is that they are for
Eat right Benjamin Lavender, a
time GCSU mark that “The guys have good available, it is good to entertainment.
According to the FDA, 2006 GCSU community
know what to do and why I know sometimes it
Bethany Loushine set in speed returning,” the average person’s daily health graduate. “Put
it should be done. may seem as though sup-
2002. Samprone said. “The calorie intake should some thought into your
For starters, recent stud- porting your favorite team
“The women got start- competition will be hover somewhere around diet and plan your meals
ies find that people who is a matter of utter impor-
ed last weekend and ran tough, this weekend 2,000. Obviously, what beforehand, that way
exercise regularly live tance but, sometime this
really well,” Head Coach should gear them up.” counts here is from where you’re less likely to grab
longer than their couch- week, just relax and enjoy
Joe Samprone said. “The Samprone said that the calories are coming. fast food.”
potato counterparts. it.
men really get going this starting the season against Foods that are very greasy, Chefs do not count
Researchers at Erasmus And starting Sept. 15,
weekend as we head up to sugary or fried are typical-
Medical Center in come out, relax and enjoy
Dartmouth.” Cross-country Page 10 Rotterdam, Netherlands
ly foods that are high in Fitness Page 10
unhealthy sugars and fats. GCSU soccer.
The Bobcat men will performed one particular

THE Upcoming Sports GCSU Athlete of the Week

Danni Destiche
SHORT Friday 4 p.m. @ Floria Tech The freshman harrier was named GCSU’s
Athlete of the Week for the week ending
Sept. 2. Destiche finished second overall in
Men’s Cross-Country: the Blue & White Alumni Meet at Augusta

STOP Saturday @ Dartmouth State last Saturday. She posted a score of

19:47, only 15 seconds behind the first
place finisher.
9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 10


No team, no problem Fitness Train right

Since an active lifestyle contributes to
Continued from Page 9 ... the body’s longevity, get outside today.
Walking briskly to class, getting involved

GCSU students find college calories, so it is up to the health conscious

to monitor what they consume. Many peo-
with intramural sports, jogging with a
friend, participating in a free aerobics class

football programs to support

at the Centennial Center, or working out at
ple have benefited from recording a daily the Depot are easy ways to give the body
journal of what they eat in order to keep the activity it craves.
up with their calories. A simple strategy GCSU students who want to use the
ball fan and furthermore, son? like that, combined with healthy foods is Depot, but do not feel confident about
good for the body inside and out. When at
I’m a Virginia Tech fan,” A few students were doing the right routine, can sign up for free
the grocery store, or in line at Sodex Ho,
said Senior Jason asked how their weekends personal training from a GCSU senior
give fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and exercise science major. If that does not
It is that time of year Maddox, a Community played out, and answered
whole grains a chance, and, instead of work out, a sample training routine is pro-
again. The sports sections Assistant for The Village in a variety of ways.
always going for seconds (or thirds), drink vided below for both novices and the expe-
of the newspapers are at West Campus. “Being “I went to the Florida
a big glass of water. rienced.
being filled with football born and raised in vs. Western Kentucky
and most college students Virginia, I followed the (University) game, and it
probably had a great tragic events of last April was awesome, even
weekend because of it. very closely. After four though it was really hot in
College football rules
Saturdays, from Labor
long months, it was good
to see The Hokie Nation
The Swamp (the nick-
name for Florida’s home
Novice workout Advanced workout
Day weekend through get to cheer on their field). There were a sur- Follow this resistance-training program Follow this resistance-training program
Thanksgiving, and, with team.” prising number of people two to three times a week and perform three times per week and perform some
over thirty bowl games, The abundance of red there for a 12:30 game,” some sort of cardiovascular activity two sort of cardiovascular activity two to three
the postseason extends and black on campus sug- said Leigh Allen, a junior, to three times during the week as well. All times during the week as well.
through the New Year. gests that most of the stu- business major. “I usually of these exercises are labeled in the
As GCSU students and dents are No. 11 get to see Florida play Depot, if a particular machine sounds Each of the following exercises are done
football fanatics are well University of Georgia about twice a year.” unfamiliar, ask someone; there is usually in three sets of eight to ten repitions.
aware that the school’s fans. Many made the trip The defending national an exercise science major on hand.
football team, though up Highway 441 for last champion, the Gators, are Day one:
undefeated, does not exist. Saturday’s home opener. currently ranked No. 5. Each of the following exercises are done Push – Dumbbell press, incline dumbbell
That said, which teams Dustin Binns, a junior, Brad Quarte, a junior, in three sets of eight to ten repititions. press, decline dumbbell press
do GCSU students cheer psychology major, is a accounting major, is an
for? Surely everyone was USC Trojans fan who Auburn Tigers fan. Pull – Isolateral front lat pull down, front
pulling for the team from traveled to Athens this “I don’t have the money Day one: lat pull down, isolateral low row
Boone, N.C., in one of the weekend. Although he did or time to drive three Push - Hammer Strength incline press,
greatest upsets in all of not have tickets to the hours and buy a ticket,” he Hammer Strength decline press Lower body – Linear leg press
college sports. A refer- game, he was not dissa- said. “But I can still have a
ence, of course, to pointed. beer and watch the game
Pull- Bicep Curls, assisted pull-ups
Appalachian State “Even though I am not here on TV.” Day two:
University. It is a tiny a UGA fan, I have respect Quarte certainly saw a Push – Triceps pull down, one arm tri-
school in the mountains of for the atmosphere on great game, as the Tigers Lower body- Seated leg press
ceps pull down
North Carolina, which game day, and the fans’ came from behind with
went into Ann Arbor, enthusiasm made me two late touchdowns Pull – Biceps curl, single arm biceps curl
Mich., and dominated the cheer for the ‘Dawgs – against Kansas State Day two:
No. 5 ranked Wolverines almost.” University. Though he is Push – Push-ups, triceps pull down Lower body – Unilateral leg press, seat-
at “The Big House” in Georgia Tech, the certainly more than just a ed leg press, lunges
front of 110,000 fans. University of Auburn, The casual fan, Quarte’s laid- Pull – Pull-down machine, dual pulley
The most important University of Alabama, back approach is popular rows
game of the day took and the University of among GCSU students, Day three:
place in Blacksburg, Va., Florida also kicked off who have no team of their Push – Shoulder press, Hammer Strength
Lower body – Leg extension, leg curl
where the Hokies took the their seasons in style, each own to support, but still incline press
field for the first time posting big wins. show a strong passion for
since the shooting in Will these teams be college football. Pull – Lateral deltoid raises, lat pull
April. well-represented on the *As with any strenuous physical activity, down
“I’m a huge college foot- GCSU campus this sea- consult your doctor before beginning a
workout program. Lower body – Linear leg press

Continued from Page 9 ...
a tough ASU team is a good indication of
where they stand.
“Augusta had five of the top six finish-
ers last weekend,” Samprone said. “They
finished first and third through fifth. They
added some good runners to a strong
Besides Destiche’s strong showing, the
Bobcats had good showings from senior
Jan Keeton, who finished seventh by post-
ing a time of 20:28, and by Sophomore
Bonnie Ueltzen who finished in 20:49,
good enough for eighth place.
“The competition will be stiff for both
teams,” Samprone said. “The guys fin-
ished second to Columbus (State
University) last year, they had three good
freshmen last year and a good redshirt run- SPECIAL TO THE COLONNADE
ner. Clayton should be interesting too, Senior Kellie Hughes looks to lead the Bobcats
who got off to a good start at Augusta State
they have an all new men’s team so we’ll
University last Saturday.
see how we stack up.”
The Bobcat women take the week off Saturday, Sept. 15 at the Georgia State
and have their next competition on Invitational.


“The party starts here!”

Discount with college ID
Open late Thursday - Saturday
U Z Z-
(478) 452-2335 A B
G H T I D E”
1887 N.Columbia Street “C ATCH C
9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 11


Emergency Call
On Aug. 30, 2007, at approximately 9:10
a.m., Officer Gaines was dispatched to
Bell Hall in reference to EMS being called
for a student. Contact was made with the
Friday, Sept. 7- female, who stated she had back pains.
EMS responded and transported her to
Thursday, Sept. 13 Oconee Regional Medical Center for treat-
ment. Her parents were notified.
Friday, September 7
12:30 p.m. CAPC Meeting, A&S 2-16 If it’s too good to be true, then
7 p.m. Friday Foreign Film Series, “Das Experiment” it probably is
A&S Auditorium A hit-man ... literally
On Aug. 30, 2007, at approximately 1:53
On Aug. 24, 2007, at approximately 1:38 p.m., a female reported that she had posted
Saturday, September 8 p.m. Officer Gaines was flagged down by a camera for sale on Facebook. An
a female stating that a man hit unknown person contacted the female, sent
her. Contact was made with the man. A her $2000 check for her to cash and to send
Sunday, September 9 check through GCIC found that the man the money back to the unknown person.
had outstanding warrants through Atlanta. The female cashed the check and sent the
1 p.m. Bobcats Soccer vs. University of North Alabama,
Florence, Ala. The warrants were verified and the man money by Western Union back to the
was arrested and transported to unknown person. The check was a fake
Milledgeville Police Department to be and she is now out of $2000. This is a typ-
Monday, September 10 held for extradition. ical Nigeria fraud scheme that is almost
Career Center Mock Interview Series Sign-up, The Career Center impossible to investigate without the assis-
4 p.m. Art as an Agent for Change Meeting, Lanier 211 A lover’s quarell tance of Federal Law Enforcement.
4 - 5 p.m. Fall Seminar Series: “Membrane Tears: How are
They Repaired and Why they are of Biological and On Aug. 25, 2007, at approximately 11:07 Party Bust
Pathological Interest,” Herty 250 p.m. Officer Reonas was dispatched to
6 p.m. Artist: Reflections on Art, Biography, and The Village in reference to a female crying
Community Engagement, Museum Education Room On Aug. 30, 2007, at approximately 11:29
hysterically. Contact was made with the p.m. Officer Miller was dispatched to Bell
female, who stated she and her boyfriend Hall in reference to a party. Upon arrival,
Tuesday, September 11 had gotten into an argument. Contact was housing personnel had already confiscated
made with both subjects several empty liquor bottles and a glass
7 p.m. STAND Meeting, Chapell 105 separately and both agreed the altercation
8 p.m. BCM: Synergy, Magnolia Ballroom pipe used to smoke marijuana. Officer
had been physical to an extent. The female Reaona and Sgt. English responded and
who did have marks on her person, did not contact was made with three male stu-
Wednesday, September 12 want to press charges. The parties were dents. Permission was given to search the
2 - 3:30 p.m. Wonderful Wednesdays: Resume and Cover Letter, separated for the evening. room and a 750 milliliter bottle of
Lanier 232 Kentucky Gold Whiskey which was nearly
2 p.m. “Are We in a Mortgage Crisis and (if so) What does it Mystery tire-slasher full was found. The liquor was poured out,
Mean for the Economy?” A&S Auditorium the pipe confiscated and placed into evi-
8:30 p.m. International Club Meeting, A&S 2-72 On Aug. 27, 2007, at approximately 12:03 dence. The case was turned over to Student
p.m., a male reported to Public Safety that Judiciary
Thursday, September 13 unknown person(s) flattened the front tire
of his bike and used zip ties to tie parts of Let’s get ready to rumble
his bike together while it was in the bike
Please send calendar submissions to rack at Terrell Hall. There are no suspects On Aug. 31, 2007, at approximately 2:52
or witnesses at this time. a.m., Officer Reonas observed two males
in the middle of the road fighting at
Drunken visitor arrested Jefferson and Hancock Streets. Contact
was made with the two males. Both had
On Aug. 26, 2007, at approximately 7:50 been drinking heavily, and could not give a
a.m. while Officer Gaines was on patrol, reason as to why they were fighting. Both
Knitting Club concert is free and the pub- bandleader and saxophon- he observed the front door of Parkhurst males were arrested and transported to
lic is invited to attend. ist Charles Marshall. propped open. A check of the building Milledgeville PD and charged with
Anyone interested in join- The Jazz Ambassadors Marshall attended Paine’s found a male asleep on the couch in the Disorderly Conduct.
ing a small lunch time knit- consist of Renee Clark on College with a concentra- first floor common area with a cell phone
ting group should contact keyboard and vocals. tion in psychology and in his hand. Officer Gaines woke the male
Liz Havey at Nashid Abdul Khaaliq music. up and asked him if he was a student, to
478.445.1396. Sewing, plays bass and is also The Black Heritage Plaza which he replied no. While speaking with
crocheting, and other known as “Abdul is located at 104 West the male, Officer Gaines could detect the
odor of an alcoholic beverage coming
portable handicrafts are Thunderfingers.” He McIntosh Street,
more than welcome. attended Berkeley College
from his person. The make stated that he
Milledgeville, Georgia.
of Music and plays a vari- Audience members may
Free Jazz Concert ety of music styles includ- bring their own chairs and had been drinking the night before and was
ing blues, smooth jazz and food. For more information 18 years of age. When tested on the Alco-
Saxophonist Charles rhythm & blues. Emrah contact Allied Arts at Sensor, the male registered .180. He was Information compiled
Marshall and the Jazz Kotan was born in Turkey 478.452.3950 or arrested and transported to Milledgeville by Ana Maria Lugo
Ambassadors will be in and is a master percussion- . PD and charged with Underage Possession
concert on Friday, Sept. 14 ist and is a music history of Alcohol. He was also banned from all Please go online to
at 8:00 p.m. in the Black teacher at Agnes Scott Submit entries for GCSU residence halls. to download the
Heritage Plaza in down- College in Atlanta. Now Hear This to extended Public Safety Report podcast.
town Milledgeville. The Rounding out the quartet is
9-07-2007 OPINION 9/6/07 2:03 AM Page 12