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2 Examination
There are four sections to the examination each will require 70%
Pass Mark for the qualification to be awarded.

Part 1, General Multi-choice 30 Questions 45 minutes

Part 2, Scenario multi choice 60 questions 150 minutes

Part 3, Assessment of four NDT Reports 40 Questions 75 minutes

Part 4, The interpretation of weld symbols using a drawing 10
questions 30 minutes

For candidates wishing to complete the RT supplementary examination

Theory B2: Radiographic general theory 20 multiple-choice 
questions 30 Minutes

Theory: Density and Sensitivity Calculations 1 hour

Practical D2: Interpretation of Radiographs Metal Group A: Ferrous 6
Radiographs 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Metal Group B: Austenitic3 Radiographs45 Minutes

Metal Group C: Aluminum 3 Radiographs 45 minutes
Metal Group D: Copper 3 Radiographs 45 minutes