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Teacher Candidate: Alexis Verzolini Date: 02/10/18

Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Mack Coop. Initials

Group Size: 20 Allotted Time: 50 Grade Level: 4th

STANDARD: (PA Common Core):

Subject or Topic: Decimals Section
Standard - CC.2.1.4.C.3
Connect decimal notation to fractions, and compare decimal fractions (base 10
denominator, e.g., 19/100).
I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes)
The students will convert mixed numbers and improper fractions to decimals by using the place value chart.

II. Instructional Materials

Math Book
Mixed Numbers to Decimals
III. Subject Matter/ Content (prerequisite skills, key vocabulary, big idea, New Content)
A. Prerequisite Skills
Expressing Fractions in Tenths as Decimals
Finding Equivalent Ones and Tenths
Express Mixed Numbers as Decimals
Expressing Improper Fractions as Decimals
Writing Decimals to Show Their Place Value
Use Place Value to Understand
Express Tenths and Hundredths as Decimals
Express Fractions as Decimals
Expressing Fractions in Hundredths as Decimals
Express Ones, Tenths, and Hundredths as Decimals
Decimals Can Have Placeholders Zeros
B. Key Vocabulary
Decimal Point -a dot separating the ones and tenths places in a decimal number.
Tenth- one part of ten
Decimal Form- how a decimal is written for example 1 tenth is written in decimal form as 0.1.
Expanded Form- a way to write numbers that shows the place value of each digit.
Hundredth- a whole broken into 100 pieces.
Place Holder Zero- 0.90 the digit zero in the ones place and the digit zero in the hundredths place
are place holder zeros.
C. Big Idea: Decimals
D. New Content:
Write Decimals to Show Their Place Values
Use Place Value to understand Whole Numbers
Use Decimals to Write Dollars and Cents
IV. Implementation in
A. Introduction – Tell the students that they will be taking a test on decimals
Development- Have the students get dividers and take the test .
C. Closure – Allow students to finish menu if not finished yet

D. Accommodations / Differentiation -
Student A may use multiplication chart if necessary.
E. Assessment/Evaluation plan
Unit Test
Advanced: 100%

Target: 90% or 98%.

Basic: 70% to 89%

Below Basic- less than 70%

V. Reflective Response

A. Report of Students’ Performance in Terms of States Objectives (Reflection on students’ performance

written after lesson is taught, includes remediation for students who failed to meet acceptable level of

B. Personal Reflection (Question written before lesson is taught.)(Reflective answers to

questions recorded after lesson is taught.)

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