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FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum

My Learning Essentials
The word curriculum may be defined in various ways. The definitions may be limited or
broad in scope.
Limited definition of the curriculum Broad definitions of the curriculum
 A set of courses constituting an area of  Sum total of all the learning experiences
specialization inside and outside of the school
 The set of learnings are experiences for
students/learners planned by the school to
 Is an identification of proper goals attain the aims of education
 Is the entire range of experiences,
undirected and directed, concerned with
 Can be considered as a system of dealing the unfolding the abilities of the individual.
with people and the process  Is a plan of action or written document
which includes strategies for achieving
desired goals or ends
 Is a means of attaining the aims or  Served as the operational medium through
philosophy of education which the school displays and coordinates
the patterns of transmission, translation,
and transposition of the educative
 Planned learning experiences experiences for which it assumes

My Map
FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum

My Learning Activities

Interview people from different schools in various disciplines and levels. Get
their opinions on the meaning of curriculum.

Name (s) Designation Meaning Signature




Conclusion (After analyzing the results of the interview, what can you conclude?)
FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum
Visit the school library/surf the internet or consult the dictionary. Write two
(2) meaning of curriculum taken from authoritative sources.


My Analysis
FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum
Evolve your own definition of curriculum. Consider all the meanings you
have taken from the different sources and from authoritative sources.

How did I feel after the activities?

FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum

My Reflections/Insights
FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum
Integrating Theory and Practice
Directions: Read the items given below and encircle the correct answer.

1. In a curriculum development class, the teacher asked the students to give

an enriched definition of the curriculum. Which among the following
encompasses the true essence of the term?
A. Curriculum is a list of subjects to take to complete a course.
B. Curriculum is the sum total of all the learning experiences in the teaching-
learning process.
C. Curriculum is a list of courses in order to graduate.
D. Curriculum is a never ending process in education

2. Ordinary people consider curriculum as ________.

I. a list of all subjects
II. courses to complete
III. subjects to undertake

A. I only C. III only

B. II only D. I, II, and III

3. Curriculum may be defined in many ways. What does this prove?

A. The concept of curriculum is based on those given by experts.
B. The concept is limited and narrow in scope
C. The curriculum is characterized as fragmentary, elusive and confusing.
D. The concept of curriculum may be defined from different perspectives.
FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum




FS 6 The Meaning of Curriculum
My Learning Rubric (How did I perform in this episode?)
Field Study 6, Episode 1 – The Meaning of Curriculum
Focused on:
 Giving the meaning of curriculum from different points of view
 Analyzing the different meaning of curriculum
 Preparing/accomplishing matrix on the evolving meaning of curriculum

Name of FS Student____________________________________ Date Submitted: _________________

Year & Section:______________________________ Course: _________________________________

Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Needs Improvement

Learning Episodes
4 3 2 1
All episodes were done All or nearly all episodes Nearly all episodes were Fewer than half of the
outstanding quality; work were done with high done with acceptable episodes were done; or
Learning Activities exceeds expectations quality quality most objectives were met
but need improvement
4 3 2 1
All questions/episodes Analysis questions were Analysis questions were Analysis questions were
were answered answered completely. not answered completely. not answered.
completely; in depth
answers; thoroughly Clear connection with Vaguely related to the
Analysis of the
grounded on theories. theories. theories Grammar and spelling are
Learning Episode
Exemplary grammar and unsatisfactory.
spelling Grammar and spelling are Grammar and spelling are
superior. acceptable
4 3 2 1
Reflection statements are Reflection statements are Reflection statements are Reflection statements are
profound and clear; clear, but not clearly shallow; supported by unclear and shallow and
supported by experiences supported by experiences experiences from the are not supported by
Reflections/ Insights
from the learning from the learning learning episodes experiences from the
episodes episodes learning episodes
4 3 2 1
Portfolio is complete, well- Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is incomplete; Analysis questions were
organized and all clear, well-organized; supporting not answered
supporting; most supporting documentations are
Learning Portfolio documentations are documentations are organized but are lacking Grammar and spelling
located in sections clearly available and logical and unsatisfactory
designated clearly marked locations
4 3 2 1
Submitted before the Submitted on the deadline Submitted a day after the Submitted two days or
Submission of deadline deadline more after the deadline
Learning Episode 4 3 2 1
Over-all Score (Based on


Score 20 19-18 17 16 15 14 13-12 11 10 9-8 7-below
Grade 1.0 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.5 5.00

99 96 93 90 87 84 81 78 75 72 71-Below

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