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Sage ERP X3

Imagine a world where
your company can develop with ease,
where collaboration between
your employees, subsidiaries
and your ecosystem is simplified,
where the service provided
This world exists:
to your customers
it’s called
is excellent.
Sage ERP X3.

2 www.sageerpx3.com
Globalisation has major impacts L
 ocal and international
on your company A multi-legislative, multilingual,
Globalisation has an impact on the way you develop internationally or multi-currency solution that can be easily
in new markets, on the size of your ecosystem and on your production configured, Sage ERP X3 adapts to each
costs. country’s specific requirements and legal
At a time when finances must be managed to a tee, you must make your obligations, such as compliance with
processes more efficient, facilitate internal and external collaboration and the IAS/IFRS international accounting
dramatically increase your ability to respond and anticipate in order to give standard.
your customers the best.
 ollaborative work
In this economic environment, your company must ensure that every IT and flow of information
project has a fast return on investment and controlled operating costs,
without relinquishing innovation or flexibility. Sage ERP X3’s user friendliness means
that all users can learn to use it quickly
With Sage ERP X3, you enjoy an integrated management solution
that drives performance and rises to the challenges you put to it: reducing and for their specific needs. Its library of
your costs and turnaround time, guiding all of your company’s activities integrated processes will help you manage
and improving customer satisfaction. your activities more efficiently.
Unifying data makes it easier to exchange
 lexible management
Sage ERP X3 supports your company and reactivity
and accelerates its development Sage ERP X3 features long-term,
flexible, open architecture that is
Sage ERP X3 covers all your company’s activities: from financial
web-service oriented and can authorise
management to production management, not to mention purchasing,
up to 2,000 simultaneous users in your
sales and inventory.
organisation. Sage ERP X3 works
Its expert and advanced functionalities, its software extensions in real time, allows for more efficient
(PLM, WMS, SCM, FRP, etc.), its international dimension and its ability decision-making and lets you respond more
to adapt to the size of the company make Sage ERP X3 the market quickly to business opportunities.
leader in solutions fully devoted to midsize and large enterprises.
I nvestments
Easy to implement, Sage ERP X3 was designed with users in mind,
helping them to gain immediate operational advantages.
and cost management
This open solution can accommodate new management processes, With a real-time view of your activity’s
without calling the company’s existing setup into question, at a cost key figures, you have a maximum
of ownership that is one of the market’s best. amount of budget control.
Flexible and upgradeable, Sage ERP X3 offers extension options through Your expense and investment
its software company partnerships, accommodates communication management flows are integrated
with existing systems and provides support during major organisational end-to-end, encouraging perfect visibility.
changes within the company. A
and planning
You make the right decisions at
the right time and your operating
reports are accelerated.
Planning, management and reporting
are gathered into a single process.
You draw up and distribute pertinent
information to better plan and
control your activities.

www.sageerpx3.com 3
With the new version of
Sage ERP X3, the sky is the limit
for your company’s ambitions!
A new international dimension
Sage ERP X3 now gives you more visibility over your activities by integrating
your offices, branches and foreign subsidiaries into your information system.
All your organisations share the same reference system and work in heir own
language and currency with an accounting and financial management system
that fits national regulations and requirements.
The automatic inter-company flows are achieved smoothly through a reference
system shared by all the group’s structures. This gives you real-time visibility
of each entity’s activity: overall reporting is easier and quicker, financial
communication is easy.

Reinforced financial performance

management for more tranquillity
Sage ERP X3 helps rationalise and improve all financial processes, such as
monitoring and managing expenses and investments as well as managing
outstanding debts and customer follow-up. Equipped with a multi-account
plan, Sage ERP X3 facilitates group reporting and financial communication.
As a result, you combine operational management, analysis and reporting
needs with no reprocessing or double data entry. With Sage ERP X3,
you more quickly and more precisely manage your financial cycle, collaboration
is improved and reactivity is strengthened in a local and international setting.

that make
a difference Your processes are
optimised and integrated

Your development is facilitated

and your agility is increased

Your costs are identified and lowered

Your internal and external

collaboration is streamlined
Your information system is
aligned with your company

4 www.sageerpx3.com
150 000
Reinforced functionalities
• Budgets and expenses are managed according to your rules
for comprehensive monitoring of all your investment processes
• A multi-account plan solution to combine legal, standard,
analytical and reporting needs with no double entries or reprocessing

700 • Mono-referential multi-legislation
• Compliance with SEPA standards and new bank protocols
• Managing outstanding debts and customer follow-up
with campaigns built into the CRM
• Advanced, built-in asset management to expertly respond
to local and international legal requirements
• New consolidation and reporting functionalities to reduce
closing times and ensure that your information is reliable
• Built-in liquid asset management to optimise your payment
and reconciliation flows

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Sage ERP X3: a broad scope of operation

Sage ERP X3 is a comprehensive, integrated suite of management applications that meets
the requirements of midsize and large companies operating nationally or internationally.
Sage ERP X3 integrates everything you truly need to make your company more efficient:
analyses and reporting, financial accounting and management control, operational
management (production, purchasing, sales, inventory, etc.).

www.sageerpx3.com 5
Increased user-friendliness with new graphic components makes for a more
straightforward display of information such as BOMs, routing and acceptance testing.

6 www.sageerpx3.com
 seful technology
U Optimised collaborative
for improved appropriation and operational processes
The dynamic new version of Sage ERP X3 draws on the SAFE X3* An application platform that improves operational processes
technological platform to transform your integrated management with your suppliers, your partners and your clients,
system into a true collaborative environment that each member Sage ERP X3 deepens its functional abilities for optimal
of the company can access along with customers, partners and operation management.
authorised suppliers to significantly improve overall efficiency.
Extensions and functional improvements
New pre-configured tools for higher efficiency
 age Visual Processes, a graphic process editor, now offers • Sub-contracting management extended to purchasing
multilingual management and the ability to link each process and supply management: components managed,
to the company’s procedural part acquired service defined, automatic functions for financial
 AFE WAS (Web Application Server) and Web Services: flows with your partner, etc.
a new set of e-business solutions (portal, e-applications) • Advanced management upon ordering to optimise
and REST protocol integration to facilitate collaboration customer delivery times, linking their needs to your
 clipse editor built in for easier and more productive upcoming restocking orders
Sage ERP X3 developments • New order preparation functionalities to organise,
• New graphic components for easier navigation automate and optimise your dispatch processes,
no matter what organisation method or preparation
• New pre-configured business intelligence universes
cycles you use
for more pointed analyses and more detailed operating reports
• Tighter quality control, integrating frequency of checks
and determining sample size for more consistent results
• A new industrial relationship and process management
module - ETO (Engineer To Order) - built into all the company’s
processes for comprehensive flow monitoring with visibility and
* SAFE : Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise traceability of cost and project progress

The process library, which can be modified and shared (XML format), makes it possible
for all users to graphically display their processes on screen by sequence, function and report.

www.sageerpx3.com 7
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