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FROSIO Certification Course

for the professional Coating Inspector

Hempel Academy offers a range of training

courses designed to enhance the technical
competencies of the participants.
Since 1996 Hempel has trained more than 800
Coating Advisers and Inspectors for the
recognized FROSIO Certificate.
The Hempel Academy approach to learning is well
established, but not at a standstill.
We are dedicated to continuous development
and aim to retain our reputation as a
course provider second to none.

Description Participants
This is a two-week course focusing entirely Coating Advisers, Coating Engineers and Inspectors,
on the curriculum as defined by the FROSIO Council Paint Supervisors, Yard Engineers etc. who have some
& the Norwegian standard NS 476. experience of inspection duties.

The FROSIO Certificate is valid for 5 years. This course is offered internally in Hempel as well as
externally to our customers.
Objective Hempel’s internal requirements to participants are
The objective is to meet the requirements minimum 3 years' active inspection duties or experience
in FROSIO’s curriculum and at the same from a technical service unit for minimum 5 years.
time enable the participant to perform
as an independent, technically confident These may seem as tough pre-qualification requirements,
professional in all aspects of coating but also reflects the value of the Certificate.
Course content
Hempel Academy’s knowledgeable trainers are drawn from
The main topics are:
a network of technical experts, ready to deliver practical,
•Construction materials and design
experience-based events.
•Corrosion theory & types
Importantly, the selected trainers are skilled communicators
•Substrates for painting
who make the course a stimulating experience.
•Surface treatment standards
•Special coatings: powder, wrapping, etc.
•Hot dip galvanizing & thermal spraying
The course is concluded with an examination conducted by
•Coatings for passive fire protection
a representative from FROSIO Norway.
•Inspection work & duties
The examination consists of both a theoretical and a
•Advanced field measurements &
practical part.
practical inspection
•Evaluation of paint & painting defects
Modern coatings specifically developed to provide
better protection and a faster production flow at the
work site, often make greater demands on the

The coating inspector must know the basics of paint

technology, surface preparation and application
methods and be a technically confident professional
in all aspects of coating inspections.

Hempel Academy has over the years conducted HEMPEL appreciates that our growth goes hand in hand
FROSIO courses in Europe, Middle East, Singapore, with the growth of our customers.
Korea, and China. To offer technical education programmes to our custom-
ers therefore is a natural step towards mutual growth.
Hempel is the first accredited to
conduct FROSIO courses. We feel confident that wherever you complete any of our
courses, you will have experienced that: :

When it comes to technical training, Hempel does not

follow standards. We set them.

Hempel Academy

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