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Note: Adam Qade is the source of this Saffron working. I found it

buried deep in one of his boxes of papers, hidden among a stack of
Alhazredic notes and drafts of newly translated chapters of the
Necronomicon. It is from one of the eleven channeling sessions by
Adam of Cadon-Yeth, an ancient disembodied intelligence from
Carcosa. Technically a chapter of The Imperial Grimoire of Cadon-
Yeth, it is presented here by itself for the first time. (A few other
fragments of Cadon-Yeth's tome have come to light recently.)

Ritual of the Pallid Mask

Enter the cleansed ritual space at the right time and night. Don the
Pallid Mask.

Here one shall use the black ash of poplar and inscribe the nine-foot-
wide circle upon the floor. (Or otherwise prepare the standard five-
sided pentagram.) Place new black candles at each of the points.
Stand in the center. Face the East. Close our eyes. Clear your mind.
Relax. Relax...

Now it's time to begin.

Open the third eye for astral vision.

Hastur! Open the Gate of Hali! Guide the Stranger to me!

Envision to distant stars of the Hyades, and imagine moving toward

them rapidly--through a Stargate.

Say the Litany of the Last King:

"I am the Last King, the Thirteenth of the Dynasty; almighty. My

jaundiced garments flutter across the edges of the stage--and each
thought is a Show. My vile saffron touch has tainted every vision of
reality from here to eternity.

"O Zukala-Koth, hear me! In the name of the holy city of Carcosa and
the mysteries of Yhtill! For did not the ancient Brotherhood keep
secret the ways and shapes of the Thirteen Yellow Signs? Not merely
for the curses, and also of the blessings, and even unto the healings.
Such is the power of the Yellow King!"

(The primordial energies stream forth into the astral fields; one
begins to blur through the vibrational walls between dimensions
unseen and yet closeby.)

"Hear me, O Golden King! I am the Applicant before the Veiled


(At this point, contact should be established. Any bargains or deals or

threats should now be taken care of, and are private. Do not reveal
them to another soul, for you will thus forfeit your own soul. Such is
the Covenant.)

Upon completion of the inter-dimensional contact experience, end

the rite and banish with laughter.

Commentary: The channeling above is an excerpt of Saffron: The

Imperial Grimoire of Cadon-Yeth by Adam Qade.