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d * % S ' &
gor gài kŏr kài kor kwai kor rá-kang ngor ngoo jor jahn
C ( : G P E introduction
chŏr chìng chor cháhng sor sôh chor cheu yor yĭng dor chá-dah
D { R < I f Cradled between Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar, the Kingdom of Thailand
đor Ъà-đàk tŏr tăhn tor mon-toh tor pôo tôw nor nen dor dèk is something of a Tower of Babel, with numerous dialects spoken from north to
^ $ m T o [ south. What has come to be known as Standard Thai is actually the dialect spoken
đor đòw tŏr tŭng tor tá-hăhn tor tong nor nŏo bor bai mái in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces. The number of native speakers of Thai is
estimated to be between 25 and 37 million. Standard Thai is the official language of
x z / r a #
administration, education and the media, and most Thais understand it even if they
Ъor Ъlah pŏr pêung fŏr făh por pahn for fan por săm-pow
speak another dialect. All words and phrases in this chapter are in Standard Thai as it
} p i ] ; L will be understood throughout the country.
mor máh yor yák ror reu·a lor ling wor wăan sŏr săh-lah Thai belongs to the Tai language group, meaning that it’s closely related to a
K l s > v V number of languages spoken outside the borders of present-day Thailand. Some of
sŏr reu-sĕe sŏr sĕu·a hŏr hèep lor jù-lah or ahng hor nók hôok these are Lao (Laos), Khampti (India) and Lue (China). It has borrowed a number
vowels (the letter v is used as the consonant base) of words from languages such as Mon (Myanmar) and Khmer (Cambodia). Ancient
languages also continue to influence Thai. Just as English relied on Latin and ancient
vt vk vb vu v@ vn Greek for coining new words or formalising grammar rules, Thai has adopted Sanskrit
a ah i ee eu eu
and Pali as linguistic models. More recently, English has become a major influence,
v= v) gvt gv cvt cv particularly in words related to technology or business.
u oo e air aa aa The elegant characters of the Thai script are a source of fascination for those expe-
Fvt Fv gvkt vv vy;t vy; riencing the language for the first time. The curved symbols seem to run together but
o oh o or ua oo·a they’re all divisible into distinct alphabetical units. The consonants are classified into
gvupt gvup gvnvt gvnv gvvt gvv three categories depending on the kinds of vowels they’re associated with. Vowels
ee·a ee·a eu·a eu·a eu eu are indicated by symbols, or combinations of symbols, that may appear before, after

introduction –
ve wv Bv gvk vkp vk; or even around the consonant – there’s no punctuation or spaces between words.
The complete Thai alphabet is shown on the page opposite. The Thai government

am ai ai ow ai ow
vb; cv; gv; gvp v;p vvp has instituted the Royal Thai General Transcription System (or RTGS) as a standard
ew aa·ao e·ou er·i oo·ay oy method of writing Thai using a 26-letter Roman alphabet. You’ll notice its use in of-
ficial documents, road signs and on maps.
vyp v=p gvb gvup; gvnvp Fvp While RTGS is convenient for writing it’s not comprehensive enough to account
ai oo·i eu ee·o eu·ay oy
for all sounds in Thai. In this book we’ve devised pronunciation guides based on
wvp how the language sounds when it’s spoken – just follow the coloured pronunciation
ai guides provided next to each phrase.

The details of the grammar system are beyond the scope of this book, but the
basic rules are explained in simple terms. We hope it will encourage you to explore
further and help you create your own sentences.
pronunciation mid low falling high rising

vowel sounds a
For the Thai pronunciation guides we’ve used hyphens to separate syllables from
each other – the word ang-grìt (meaning ‘English’) is made up of two distinct middle of the bottom of the starts high & level & near starts low &
vocal range vocal range swoops low the top of the rises slightly
syllables: ang and grìt. In some words we’ve divided the diphthongs (ie vowel sound range
combinations) further with a dot (·) to help you separate vowel sounds and avoid
mispronunciation – the word kĕe·an (write) is actually pronounced as one syllable
with two separate vowel sounds. Accents above vowels (like à, é and ò) relate to the
tones (see below).

symbol english
example symbol english thai
equivalent example
a run bàt i bit Ъìt consonant sounds
aa bad gàa o hot bòt
Watch out for the Ъ sound, which is halfway between a ‘b’ and a ‘p‘, and the đ sound,
ah father gah oh note đoh which is halfway between a ‘d’ and a ‘t’.
ai aisle jài oo moon kôo
symbol english
example symbol english thai
equivalent example
air flair wair-lah or for pôr
aa followed b big bòr l like ling
e bed pen aa·ou láa·ou
THA I – p ro nunc ia ti on

by u

p ro nunc ia ti on –
Ъ spin Ъlah m mat máh
ee see Ъee ow cow bow
ch chart chìng n nut nŏo
eu her beu oy boy soy
d dog dèk ng sing ngoo
ew new néw u put sùk
đ stop đòw p push pahn
f full făh r rat reu·a
g get gài s sit săh-lah
Thai uses a system of carefully-pitched tones to make distinctions between words,
h hat hèep t tap tów
so some vowels are pronounced at a high or low pitch while others swoop or glide in
a sing-song manner. There are five distinct tones in Thai: mid, low, falling, high and

j junk jahn w watch wát
rising. The accent marks above the vowel remind you which one to use. Note that the
mid tone has no accent. k kite kài y yes yàhk

156 157
phrasebuilder questions
To form a yes/no question, place the word măi ws} (no literal translation) at the
end of a statement. To answer, just repeat the verb for ‘yes’ and add mâi w}j (not)
be before the verb for ‘no’:
The word Ъen gxHo (be) is used to join the subject (doer of an action) with a noun. Do you want a beer? gvkg[upiNws} ow bee·a măi
I’m a teacher. z}!fbCyogxHo%i) pŏm/dì-chăn Ъen kroo m/f (lit: want beer măi)
(lit: I-m/f be teacher) Yes/No. gvk!w}jgvk ow/mâi ow
(lit: want/not want)
Thai nouns are the same in singular and plural. However, when counting things, you
need to use an extra word which ‘classifies’ the noun. It always goes after the noun
and the number. The box on page 172 lists some common classifiers.
four dogs s}klÅ^y; măh sèe đoo·a
(lit: dogs four đoo·a) requests
have The word kŏr *v (roughly equivalent to ‘please give me’ or ‘may I ask for’) is used at
Possession is expressed by placing the word mee }u (have) before the object: the beginning of the sentence to make polite requests – often the word nòy sojvp
(a little) is added to the end of the sentence:
I have a bicycle.
z}!fbCyo}ui$&ydipko pŏm/dì-chăn mee rót-jàk-gà-yahn m/f Can I have some rice?
(lit: I-m/f have bicycle) *v*hk;sojvp kŏr kôw nòy
THA I – p hr as eb uil d er

(lit: please-give-me rice a-little)

phr as eb uild er –
negatives verbs
Any verb or adjective can be negated by placing the word mâi w}j (not) in front of it:
Thai verbs don’t change according to tense. You can specify the time by adding one
I don’t have any cash. of the following words: gam-lang de]y' (no literal meaning) for a present action,
z}!fbCyow}j}u^k'%N pŏm/dì-chăn mâi mee đahng m/f ja &t (will) for the future and láa·ou c]h; (already) for the past. The first two words
(lit: I-m/f not have cash) are used before the verb, and the third one comes at the end of a sentence.

pronouns I’m washing the clothes. de]y':ydgl³vzhk gam-lang sák sêu·a pâh
(lit: gam-lang wash clothes)
In Thai, there are different words for ‘you’ depending on the level of politeness. The He/She will buy rice. g*k&t:³v*hk; kŏw jà séu kôw

pronouns ‘I’ and ‘my’ have different masculine and feminine forms, marked with (lit: he/she will buy rice)
m/f throughout this chapter. For a complete list of Thai pronouns, see the box on We’ve been to Bangkok. gikwxdi='gmrOc]h; row Ъai grung têp láa·ou
page 163. (lit: we Bangkok go already)
158 159
tools numbers
0 L)opN sŏon 17 lb[g&Hf sìp-jèt
language difficulties 1 soÃ' nèung 18 lb[cxf sìp-Ъàat
2 lv' sŏrng 19 lb[gdhk sìp-gôw
Do you speak English? 3 lk} săhm 20 pÅlb[ yêe-sìp
r)f#kKkvy'd+Kwfhws} pôot pah-săh ang-grìt dâi măi 4 lÅ sèe 21 pÅlb[gvHf yêe-sìp-èt
Do you understand? 5 shk hâh 22 pÅlb[lv' yêe-sìp-sŏrng
%=Ig*hkB&ws} kun kôw jai măi 6 sd hòk 30 lk}lb[ săhm-sìp
I (don’t) understand. 7 g&Hf jèt 40 lÅlb[ sèe-sìp
z}!fbCyo Zw}jXg*hkB& pŏm/dì-chăn (mâi) kôw jai m/f 8 cxf Ъàat 50 shklb[ hâh-sìp
What does (à-nah-kót) mean?
9 gdhk gôw 60 sdlb[ hòk-sìp
Zvok%^Xcx];jkvtwi (à-nah-kót) Ъlaa wâh à-rai
10 lb[ sìp 70 g&Hflb[ jèt-sìp
11 lb[gvHf sìp-èt 80 cxflb[ Ъàat-sìp
How do you …? … vpjk'wi … yàhng rai 12 lb[lv' sìp-sŏrng 90 gdhklb[ gôw-sìp
pronounce this vvdglup' òrk sĕe·ang 13 lb[lk} sìp-săhm 100 soÃ'ihvp nèung róy
write (Saraburi) g*upoZlit[=iuX kĕe·an (sà-rà-bù-ree) 14 lb[lÅ sìp-sèe 1000 soÃ'ryo nèung pan
15 lb[shk sìp-hâh 10,000 soÌ's}Æo nèung mèun
Could you please …? … wfhws} … dâi măi 16 lb[sd sìp-hòk 1,000,000 soÃ']hko nèung láhn
repeat that r)fvudmu pôot èek tee
speak more slowly r)f(hkq pôot cháa cháa numerals
write it down g*upo]'Bsh kĕe·an long hâi 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

¼ Á ª £ ¢ ° ¤ ¦ ¥ »

time & dates

While the Western twelve-hour clock divides the day between two time periods (am
and pm), the Thai system uses four periods. From midnight to 6am times begin with
the word đee ^ (strike), from 6am until midday they end with the word chów g(hk
THA I – t o ols


t oo ls –
Yes. châi (morning), from midday to 6pm they begin with the word bai [jkp (afternoon) and
No. w}j mâi from 6pm until midnight they end with the word tûm m=j} (thump).
Please. *v kŏr
Thank you (very much). *v[%=IZ}kdqX kòrp kun (mâhk mâhk) What time is it? dÅF}'c]h; gèe mohng láa·ou
You’re welcome. pbofu yin dee It’s 3am. ^ulk} đee săhm

Excuse me. *vFmK kŏr tôht It’s 6am. hòk mohng chów
Sorry. *vFmK kŏr tôht It’s 2pm. [jkplv'F}' bài sŏrng mohng
It’s 9pm. lk}m=j} săhm tûm
160 161
To give times after the hour, just add the number of minutes following the hour. To yesterday … … g}Æv;ko … mêu·a wahn
give times before the hour, add the number of minutes beforehand: tomorrow … ri=j'o² … prûng née …
It’s 4.30pm.
morning g(hk chów
[jkplÅF}'%iÌ' bài sèe mohng krêung
afternoon [jkp bài
(lit: afternoon four hours half)
evening gpHo yen

It’s 4.15pm. last … … muc]h; … tee láa·ou

[jkplÅF}'lb[shkokmu bài sèe mohng sìp-hâh nah-tee next … … sohk … nâh
(lit: afternoon four hours fifteen minutes) week vkmb^pN ah-tít
month gfnvo deu·an
It’s 3.45pm. year xu Ъee
vudlb[shkokmu[jkplÅF}' èek sìp-hâh nah-tee bài sèe mohng
(lit: another fifteen minutes afternoon four hours) last night g}Æv%noo² mêu·a keun née
since (May) ^´'c^jZr+K#k%}X đâng đàa (préut-sà-pah-kom)
Monday ;yo&yomiN wan jan until (June) &o$@'Z}b$=okpoX jon tĕung (mí-tù-nah-yon)
Tuesday ;yovy'%ki wan ang-kahn
Wednesday ;yor=T wan pút personal & possessive pronouns
Thursday ;yor+syl[fu wan pá-réu-hàt I m/f z}!fbCyo pŏm/dì-chăn m/f
Friday ;yoL=diN wan sùk
Saturday ;yoglkiN wan sŏw I m&f (neutral) Cyo chăn
Sunday ;yovkmb^pN wan ah-tít you sg inf gTv teu
January gfnvo}dik%} deu·an má-gà-rah-kom you sg pol %=I kun
February gfnvod=}#kryoTN deu·an gum-pah-pan
March gfnvo}uok%} deu·an mee-nah-kom he/she g*k kŏw
April gfnvog}Kkpo deu·an mair-săh-yon it }yo man
May gfnvor+K#k%} deu·an préut-sà-pah-kom
we gik row
June gfnvo}b$=okpo deu·an mí-tù-nah-yon
July gfnvodidEk%} deu·an gà-rák-gà-dah-kom you pl %=I kun
August gfnvolb'sk%} deu·an sĭng-hăh-kom
they g*k kŏw
September gfnvodyopkpo deu·an gan-yah-yon
October gfnvo^=]k%} deu·an đù-lah-kom my m/f *v'z}!fbCyo kŏrng pŏm/dì-chăn m/f
THA I – t o ols


t oo ls –
November deu·an préut-sà-jì-gah-yon
December gfnvoTyo;k%} deu·an tan-wah-kom
your sg *v'%=I kŏrng kun

What date is it today?

his/her *v'g*k kŏrng kŏw
;yoo²;yomÅgmjkwi wan née wan têe tôw-rai our *v'gik kŏrng row

It’s (27 September). your pl kŏrng kun
;yomÅZpÅlb[g&Hf wan têe (yêe-sìp-jèt
gfnvodyopkpoX deu·an gan-yah-yŏn) their *v'g*k kŏrng kŏw

162 163
weather I have something to declare.
}uvtwimÅ&t^hv'c&h' mee à-rai têe jà đôrng jâang
What’s the weather like? That’s (not) mine.
vkdkLgxHovpjk'wi ah-gàht Ъen yàhng rai oÉo Zw}jB(jX*v'z}!fbCyo nân (mâi châi) kŏrng pŏm/dì-chăn m/f
I didn’t know I had to declare it.
It‘s … }yo … man …
w}ji)h;jk^hv'c&h'vyoo²fh;p mâi róo wâh đôrng jâang an née dôo·ay
cold sok; nŏw
(very) hot ihvo Z}kdX rórn (mâhk)
rainy }u/o mee fŏn
windy }u]} mee lom
spring sohkB[w}hz]b nâh bai mái plì
summer sohkihvo nâh rórn transport
autumn sohkB[w}hij;' nâh bai mái rôo·ang
winter sohksok; nâh nŏw
tickets & luggage
cool season sohksok; nâh nŏw
dry season sohkc]h' nâh láang Where can I buy a ticket?
hot season sohkihvo nâh rórn ^hv':³v^Ü;mÅwso đôrng séu đŏo·a têe năi
rainy season sohk/o nâh fŏn
Do I need to book?
border crossing ^hv'&v']j;'sohksinvgx]jk đôrng jorng lôo·ang nâh rĕu Ъlòw
One … ticket to *v^Ü; …wx kŏr đŏo·a …Ъai
I’m … z}!fbCyo … pŏm/dì-chăn … m/f (Chiang Mai), please. Zg(up'Bs}jX (chee·ang mài)
in transit gfbomk'zjko deun tahng pàhn one-way gmÅp;gfup; têe·o dee·o
on business }kT=it mah tú-rá return wxd]y[ Ъai glàp
on holiday }krydzjvo mah pák pòrn I’d like to … my z}!fbCyovpkd pŏm/dì-chăn yàhk
I’m here for … z}!fbCyo pŏm/dì-chăn mah ticket, please. &t*v … ^Ü; jà kŏr … đŏo·a m/f
}krydmÅo² … pák têe née … m/f cancel pdg]bd yók lêuk

t r an sp or t –
(10) days Zlb[X;yo (sìp) wan change gx]Åpo Ъlèe·an
(two) months Zlv'Xgfnvo (sŏrng) deu·an confirm pnopyo yeun yan
THA I – t o ols

(three) weeks Zlk}Xvkmb^pN (săhm) ah-tít I’d like a … seat, ^hv'dkimÅoÉ' … đôrng gahn têe nâng …
I’m going to (Ayuthaya). please.
z}!fbCyode]y'wxZvp=TpkX pŏm/dì-chăn gam-lang Ъai (à-yút-tá-yah) m/f nonsmoking Bog*^shk}l)[[=siÅ nai kèt hâhm sòop bù-rèe
I’m staying at the (Bik Hotel). smoking Bog*^l)[[=siÅwfh nai kèt sòop bù-rèe dâi
rydvp)jmÅZFi'ci}[¡dX pák yòo têe (rohng raam bík) ik%kgmjkwi

How much is it? rah-kah tôw-rai
I have nothing to declare. Is there air conditioning? }ucviNws} mee aa măi
w}j}uvtwimÅ&tc&h' mâi mee à-rai têe jà jâang Is there a toilet? }ulh;}ws} mee sôo·am măi
164 165
How long does the trip take? What time does it leave?
dkigfbomk'B(hg; gahn deun tahng chái wair-lah vvddÅF}' òrk gèe mohng
]kokogmjkwi nahn tôw-rai How long will it be delayed?
Is it a direct route? &tglupg;]kokogmjkwi jà sĕe·a wair-lah nahn tôw-rai
gxHomk'^i'ws} Ъen tahng đrong măi What station is this?
Where can I find a luggage locker? mÅo²l$kouwso têe née sà-tăh-nee năi
&tsk^)h/kdditgxJ kwfhmÅwso jà hăh đôo fàhk grà-Ъŏw dâi têe năi What’s the next stop?
mÅ&vf^jvwx%nvmÅwso têe jòrt đòr pai keu têe năi
My luggage ditgxJ k*v' grà-Ъŏw kŏrng
Does it stop at (Saraburi)?
has been … z}!fbCyoFfo … c]h; pŏm/dì-chăn dohn … láa·ou m/f i$&vfmÅZlit[=iuXws} rót jòrt têe (sà-rà-bù-ree) măi
damaged glupskp sĕe·a hăi
lost skpwx hăi Ъai Please tell me when we get to (Chiang Mai).
stolen *F}p kà-moy g}Æv$@'Zg(up'Bs}jX mêu·a tĕung (chee·ang mài)
di=Ik[vdfh;p gà-rú-nah bòrk dôo·ay
How long do we stop here?
getting around gik&tsp=fmÅo²okogmjkwi row jà yùt têe née nahn tôw-rai
Where does flight (TG 132) arrive/depart? Is this seat available?
gmÅp;[boZmu&usoÃ'lk}lv'X têe·o bin (tee jee nèung săhm sŏrng) %iy[!%jtmÅoÉ'o²;jk'ws} kráp/kâ têe nâng née wâhng măi m/f
g*hk!vvdmÅwso kôw/òrk têe năi I’d like a taxi … ^hv'dkii$cmHd:Å … đôrng gahn rót táak-sêe …
Where’s (the) …? … vp)jmÅwso … yòo têe năi
at (9am) g}ÆvZlk}F}'g(hkX mêu·a (săhm mohng chów)
arrivals hall gmÅp;[bo*kg*hk têe·o bin kăh kôw
now gfÙp;o² dĕe·o née
departures hall gmÅp;[bo*kvvd têe·o bin kăh òrk
tomorrow ri=j'o² prûng née
duty-free shop mÅ*kp*v'x]vf#kKu têe kăi kŏrng Ъlòrt pah-sĕe Is this … available? … vyoo²;kj 'sinvgx]jk … an née wâhng rĕu Ъlòw
gate (12) xit^)mÅ Zlb[lv'X Ъrà-đoo têe (sìp-sŏrng) bicycle-rickshaw lk}]hv săhm lór
motorcycle-taxi ^=Udq đúk đúk
Is this the … to vyoo²gxHo …wx an née Ъen … Ъai taxi i$cmHd:Å rót táak-sêe
THA I – t ran sp o r t

(Chiang Mai)? Zg(up'Bs}jXB(jws} (chee·ang mài) châi măi

t r an sp or t –
boat ginv reu·a How much is it to …?
bus i$g}]N rót mair wx … gmjkwi pai … tôw-rai
plane g%iÆv'[bo krêu·ang bin Please put the meter on.
train i$wa rót fai *vgxbf}bg^viNfh;p kŏr Ъèut mí-đeu dôo·ay
Please take me to (this address).
When’s the … i$g}]N%yo … rót mair kan …
*vrkwxZmÅo²X kŏr pah Ъai (têe née)
bus? }kg}Ævwi mah mêu·a rai
first cid râak *vBsh(hk]'

Please slow down. kŏr hâi cháh long
last l=fmhkp sùt tái Please stop here. *vsp=f^i'o² kŏr yùt đrong née
next ^jvwx đòr Ъai Please wait here. *v%vpvp)jmÅo² kŏr koy yòo têe née
166 167
car, motorbike & bicycle hire Is this the road to (Ban Bung Wai)?
mk'o²wxZ[hko[=j's;kpXws} tahng née Ъai (bâhn bùng wăi) măi
I’d like to hire a bicycle. Can you show me (on the map)?
^hv'dkig(jki$&ydipko đôrng gahn chôw rót jàk-gà-yahn Bshf)ZBoczomÅXwfhws} hâi doo (nai păan têe) dâi măi
What’s the address?
I’d like to hire a … vpkd&tg(jk … yàhk jà chôw … mÅvp)j%nvvtwi têe yòo keu à-rai
car i$gdJ' rót gĕng
motorbike i$}vg^viNw:%N rót mor-đeu-sai How far is it?
vp)jwd]gmjkwi yòo glai tôw-rai
with … dy[ … gàp … How do I get there?
air conditioning cviN aa wxmk'wso Ъai tahng năi
a driver %o*y[ kon kàp
It’s … vp)j … yòo …
How much for %jkg(jk… kâh chôw … across from … gp¾v' … yéu·ang …
… hire? ]tgmjkwi lá tôw-rai behind … mÅs]y' … têe lăng …
hourly (É;F}' chôo·a mohng far wd] glai
daily ;yo wan here mÅo² têe née
weekly vkmb^pN ah-tít in front of … ^i'sohk … đrong nâh …
I need a mechanic. ^hv'dki(jk'i$ đôrng gahn châhng rót
left :hkp sái
I’ve run out of petrol. s}foμk}yo mòt nám man
near Bd]hq … glâi glâi …
I have a flat tyre. pk'c[o yahng baan
next to … *hk'q … kâhng kâhng …
opposite … ^i'dyo*hk} … đrong gan kâhm …
air ]} lom right *;k kwăh
oil oμk}yog%iÆv' nám man krêu·ang straight ahead ^i'wx đrong Ъai
petrol g[o:bo ben-sin there mÅo´o têe nán
tyre pk'i$ yahng rót Turn … g]²p; … lée·o …
at the corner ^i'sy;}=} đrong hŏo·a mum
directions ^i'wa&ik&i
THA I – t ran sp o r t

at the traffic lights đrong fai jà-rah-jorn

t r an sp or t –
left/right :hkp!*;k sái/kwăh
Where’s a/the …? … vp)jmÅwso … yòo têe năi
bank Tok%ki tá-nah-kahn
by bus Ffpi$g}]N doy rót mair
city centre B&d]k'g}nv' jai glahng meu·ang
by taxi FfpcmHd:Å doy táak-sêe
hotel Fi'ci} rohng raam
by train Ffpi$wa doy rót fai
market ^]kf đà-làht
on foot gfbowx deun Ъai
police station l$kou^ei;& sà-tăh-nee đam-ròo·at north mbLgsonv tít nĕu·a
post office mÅmedkiwxiKIupN têe tam gahn Ъrai-sà-nee south mbLB^h tít đâi

public toilet l=*klkTkiIt sù-kăh săh-tah-rá-ná east mbL^t;yovvd tít đà-wan òrk
tourist office leoyd'komjv'gmÅp; săm-nák ngahn tôrng têe·o west mbL^t;yo^d tít đà-wan đòk
168 169
signs Do you have a … room? }ushv' … ws} mee hôrng … măi
mk'g*hk!mk'vvd tahng kôw/tahng òrk Entrance/Exit
single gfÅp; dèe·o
gxbf!xbfc]h; Ъèut/Ъìt láa·ou Open/Closed
double g^up'%)j đee·ang kôo
}ushv';jk' mee hôrng wâhng Vacancies twin lv'g^up' sŏrng đee·ang
w}j}ushv';jk' mâi mee hôrng wâhng No Vacancies How much is it per …? … ]tgmjkwi … lá tôw-rai
lv[$k} sòrp tăhm Information night %no keun
l$kou^ei;& sà-tăh-nee đam-ròo·at Police Station person %o kon
shk} hâhm Prohibited
lh;} sôo·am Toilets Can I pay …? &jkpgxHo… wfhws} jài Ъen … dâi măi
(kp!sPb' chai/yĭng Men/Women by credit card [y^ig%ifb^ bàt krair-dìt
ihvo!gpHo rórn/yen Hot/Cold with a travellers cheque g(H%gfbomk' chék deun tahng
For (three) nights/weeks.
gxHog;]kZlk}X%no!vkmb^pN Ъen wair-lah (săhm) keun/ah-tít
accommodation From (July 2) to (July 6).
&kd;yomÅZlv'didEk%}X jàhk wan têe (sŏrng gà-rák-gà-dah-kom)
$@';yomÅZsddidEk%}X tĕung wan têe (hòk gà-rák-gà-dah-kom)
finding accommodation Can I see it?
Where’s a …? … vp)jmÅwso … yòo têe năi f)wfhws} doo dâi măi
bungalow [y'dtF] bang-gà-loh Can I camp here?
camping ground %jkprydci} kâi pák raam rydci}mÅo²wfhws} pák raam têe née dâi măi
guesthouse [hkoryd bâhn pák Is there a camp site nearby?
THA I – acco mm od at io n

hotel Fi'ci} rohng raam


ac co mm od at io n –
mee têe Ъàk đen yòo tăa·ou née măi
Can you recommend cotoemÅ… náa nam têe …
somewhere …? wfhws} dâi măi requests & queries
cheap ik%k$)d rah-kah tòok
good fuq dee dee When’s breakfast served?
nearby Bd]hq glâi glâi vkskig(hk&yfdÅF}' ah-hăhn chów jàt gèe mohng
romantic Fic}o^bd roh-maan-đìk
Where’s breakfast served?
I’d like to book a room, please. vkskig(hk&yfmÅwso ah-hăhn chów jàt têe năi
*v&v'shv'sojvp kŏr jorng hôrng nòy Please wake me at (seven).
I have a reservation. di=Ikx]=dBshg;]k gà-rú-nah Ъlùk hâi wair-lah
&v'shv'}kc]h; jorng hôrng mah láa·ou Zg&HfXok>bdk (jèt) nah-lí-gah

My name is … Could I have my key, please?
(Æv… chêu … *vd=Pc&shv'sojvp kŏr gun-jaa hôrng nòy
170 171
Do you have a …? }u … ws} mee … măi communications & banking
mosquito net }=h' múng
safe ^)hg:a đôo-sép
It’s too … … gdbowx … geun Ъai the internet
expensive cr' paang
noisy glup'fy' sĕe·ang dang Where’s the local Internet café?
small g]Hd lék
mÅwsoihkovbog^viNgo^ têe năi ráhn in-đeu-nét
mÅBd]hg%up' têe glâi kee·ang
The … doesn’t work. … glup … sĕe·a How much is it per hour?
air conditioner cviN aa %bf(É;F}']tgmjkwi kít chôo·a mohng lá tôw-rai
fan ryf]} pát lom
toilet lh;} sôo·am I’d like to … vpkd&t … yàhk jà …
check my email ^i;&vug}] đròo·at ee-mairn
This … isn’t clean. … o²w}jltvkf … née mâi sà-àht get Internet access ^bf^jvmk' đìt đòr tahng
pillow s}voB[ mŏrn bai vbog^viNgo^ in-đeu-nét
sheet zhkx)ovo pâh Ъoo norn use a printer B(hg%iÆv'rb}rN chái krêu·ang pim
zhkg(Hf^y; use a scanner B(hg%iÆv'lcdo chái krêu·ang sà-gaan

com m uni ca ti on s & ban k i n g –

towel pâh chét đoo·a

checking out mobile/cell phone

I’d like a mobile/cell phone for hire.
What time is checkout? ^hv'dkig(jkFmiLyrmN}nv$nv đôrng gahn chôw toh-rá-sàp meu tĕu
^hv'vvdshv'dÅF}' đôrng òrk hôrng gèe mohng
I’d like a SIM card.
T HAI – acco mm od at io n

Can I leave my luggage here? ^hv'dki[y^i:b} đôrng gahn bàt sim

/kdditgxJ kw;hmÅo²wfhws} fàhk grà-Ъŏw wái têe née dâi măi What are the rates?
Could I have my *v … sojvp kŏr … nòy vy^ikdkiB(hgmjkwi àt-đrah gahn chái tôw-rai
…, please?
deposit g'bo}yf&e ngeun mát jam telephone
passport soy'lnvgfbomk' năng-sĕu deun tahng
valuables *v'}u%jk kŏrng mee kâh What’s your phone number?
g[viNFmi*v'%=I%nvvtwi beu toh kŏrng kun keu à-rai
classifiers The number is …
g[viNdH%nv … beu gôr keu …
animals, clothes ^y; đoo·a plates of food &ko jahn
Where’s the nearest public phone?
cdh; vyo ^)hFmiLyrmNmÅBd]hg%up'vp)jmÅwso đôo toh-rá-sàp têe glâi kee·ang yòo têe năi

glasses (of water etc) gâa·ou small objects an
I’d like to buy a phonecard.
letters, newspapers C[y[ chà-bàp vehicles %yo kan
vpkd&t:³v[y^iFmiLyrmN yàhk jà séu bàt toh-rá-sàp
172 173
I want to … vpkd&t … yàhk jà … bank
call (Singapore) FmiwxxitgmL toh Ъai Ъrà-têt
Zlb'%FxiNX (sĭng-ká-Ъoh) Where’s a/an …? … vp)jmÅwso … yòo têe năi
make a local call Fmi#kpBo toh pai nai jang- automated teller ^)hgvmugvH} đôo air-tee-em
&y's;yfgfup;dyo wàt dee·o gan machine
reverse the charges FmigdH[x]kpmk' toh gèp Ъlai tahng foreign exchange mÅc]dg'bo^jk' têe lâak ngeun đàhng
How much does … %bfg'bogmjkwi … kít ngeun tôw-rai office xitgmL Ъrà-têt
… cost? I’d like to … vpkd&t… yàhk jà …
a (three)-minute call Fmi Zlk}Xokmu toh (săhm) nah-tee Where can I …? … wfhmÅwso … dâi têe năi
each extra minute m=dokmu^jvwx túk nah-tee đòr Ъai arrange a transfer Fvog'bo ohn ngeun
(3 baht) per (minute). Zlk}[kmX (săhm bàht) cash a cheque *¯og(H% kêun chék
^jvsoÃ' ZokmuX đòr nèung (nah-tee) change money c]dg'bo lâak ngeun
change a travellers c]dg(H%gfbomk' lâak chék deun tahng
post office cheque
get a cash advance i)fg'bo&kd rôot ngeun jàhk
T HAI – com mun i cat io n s & ban k i n g


com m uni ca ti on s & ban k i n g –

I want to send a … z}!fbCyovpkd pŏm/dì-chăn yàhk bàt krair-dìt
&tlj' … jà sòng … m/f withdraw money $vog'bo tŏrn ngeun
fax c/d:N fàak What’s the …? … gmjkwi … tôw-rai
letter &fs}kp jòt-măi charge for that %jkTii}goup} kâh tam-nee·am
parcel rylf= pát-sà-dù exchange rate vy^ikc]dgx]Åpo àt-đrah lâak Ъlèe·an
postcard wxiKIup[y^i Ъrai-sà-nee-yá-bàt
It's …
I want to buy a/an … z}!fbCyopkd pŏm/dì-chăn yàhk (12) baht Zlb[lv'X[km (sìp sŏrng) baht
&t:³v … jà séu … m/f free w}j}u%jkTii}goup} mâi mee kâh tam-nee·am
envelope :v'&fs}kp sorng jòt-măi
stamp cl^}xN sà-đaam
express mail wxiKIupNfj;o Ъrai-sà-nee dòo·an
registered mail ]'mtg[upo long tá-bee·an
sea mail wxiKIupNmk'mtg] Ъrai-sà-nee tahng tá-lair
Please send it by airmail to (Australia).
*vlj'mk'vkdkLwxxitgmL kŏr sòng tahng ah-gàht Ъai Ъrà-têt What time does the bank open?
Zvvlg^ig]upX (or-sà-đrair-lee·a) Tok%kigxbfdÅF}' tá-nah-kahn Ъèut gèe mohng
Is there any mail for me? Has my money arrived yet?

}u&fs}kplesiy[z}!fbCyo mee jòt-măi săm-ràp pŏm/dì-chăn g'bo*v'z}!fbCyo ngeun kŏrng pŏm/dì-chăn
fh;pws} dôo·ay măi m/f }k$@'sinvpy' mah tĕung rĕu yang m/f
174 175
sightseeing How long is the tour?
dkigmÅp;B(hg;]kokogmjkwi gahn têe·o chái wair-lah nahn tôw-rai
What time should we be back?
getting in %;i&td]y[}kdÅF}' koo·an jà glàp mah gèe mohng
city centre B&d]k'g}nv' jai glahng meu·ang
What time does it open/close? market ^]kf đà-làht
gxbf/xbfdÅF}' Ъèut/Ъìt gèe mohng monument vo=lk;iupN à-nú-săh-wá-ree
What’s the admission charge? museum rbrbT#yoRN pí-pít-tá-pan
%jkg*hkgmjkwi kâh kôw tôw-rai palace ;y' wang
ruins :kdF[ikIl$ko sâhk boh-rahn-ná sà-tăhn
Is there a discount ]fik%klesiy[ lót rah-kah săm-ràp statue i)xx¿o rôop Ъân
for …? … ws} … măi shrine cmjorit tâan prá
children gfHd dèk temple ;yf wát
students oydL@dKk nák sèuk-săh
I’d like a … z}!fbCyo^hv'dki… pŏm/dì-chăn đôrng gahn m/f shopping
catalogue %)j}nvcotoe kôo meu náa nam
guide wdfN gai
local map czomÅmhv'$Äo păan têe tórng tìn enquiries
I’d like to see …
z}!fbCyovpkd&tf)… pŏm/dì-chăn yàhk jà doo … m/f Where’s a … ? … vp)jmÅwso … yòo têe năi
What’s that?
bank Tok%ki tá-nah-kahn
oÉo%nvvtwi nân keu à-rai
bookshop ihko*kpsoy'lnv ráhn kăi năng-sĕu
camera shop ihko*kpd]hv' ráhn kăi glôrng
Can we take photos? $jkpi)x tài rôop
$jkpi)xwfhws} tài rôop dâi măi department store shk'liirlbo%hk hâhng sàp-pá-sĭn-káh
T HAI – sig h ts eei ng

(floating) market ^]kfZoμkX đà-làht (nám)

tours newsagency ihko*kpsoy'lnvrb}rN ráhn kăi năng-sĕu pim

s h opp i ng –
supermarket soo-Ъeu-mah-gèt
When’s the next …? … ^jvwxvvddÅF}' … đòr Ъai òrk gèe mohng
boat trip gmÅp;ginv têe·o reu·a male & female
day trip gmÅp;ikp;yo têe·o rai wan In Thai, the pronoun ‘I’ changes depending on the gender of the speaker –
tour my;iN too·a so a man will refer to himself as pŏm z} while a woman will refer to herself
Is (the) … included? i;} … fh;pws} roo·am … dôo·ay măi as dì-chăn fbCyo. The two forms are marked as m/f throughout this chapter.
accommodation %jkryd kâh pák Thai also has a neutral form of ‘I’ (ie used by both men and women) – chăn
%jkg*hk Cyo. When being polite to others, it’s customary to add the word kráp %iy[

admission charge kâh kôw
food %jkvkski kâh ah-hăhn (if you’re a man) or kâ %jt (if you’re a woman) as a kind of a ‘softener’ to the
transport %jk*olj' kâh kŏn sòng end of questions and statements.

176 177
Where can I buy (a padlock)? Do you accept …? iy[ … ws} ráp … măi
&t:³vZc}jd=Pc&XwfhmÅwso jà séu (mâa gun-jaa) dâi têe năi credit cards [y^ig%ifb^ bàt krair-dìt
I’d like to buy … debit cards [y^iTok%ki bàt tá-nah-kahn
vpkd&t:³v … yàhk jà séu … travellers cheques g(H%gfbomk' chék deun tahng
Can I look at it?
*vf)sojvp kŏr doo nòy I’d like …, please. *v … sojvp kŏr … nòy
Do you have any others?
my change g'bomvo ngeun torn
}uvudws} mee èek măi
a receipt B[gliH& bai sèt
Does it have a guarantee?
}uiy[xitdyofh;pws} mee ráp Ъrà-gan dôo·ay măi
clothes & shoes
Can I have it sent overseas? Can I try it on?
&tlj'g}nv'ovdBshwfhws} jà sòng meu·ang nôrk hâi dâi măi ]v'Bljwfhws} lorng sài dâi măi
Can I have my … repaired here? My size is (42).
mÅo²:jv} … wfhws} têe née sôrm … dâi măi CyoB(h*okf Zg[viNlÅlb[lv'X chăn chái kà-nàht (beu sèe sìp sŏrng)
It’s faulty. It doesn’t fit.
}yo[drijv' man bòk prôrng
w}j$)d*okf mâi tòok kà-nàht
I’d like (a) …, please. vpkd&t… %iy[!%jt yàhk jà … kráp/kâ m/f
small g]Hd lék
bag $=' tŭng
medium d]k' glahng
refund wfhg'bo%no dâi ngeun keun
large BsPj yài
to return this gvk}k%no ow mah keun

paying books & music

How much is it?
I’d like a … ^hv'dki … đôrng gahn …
gmjkwi%iy[!%t tôw-rai kráp/ká m/f
newspaper soy'lnvrb}rN năng-sĕu pim
(in English) Z#kKkvy'd+KX (pah-săh ang-grìt)
T HAI – sho p pi n g

Can you write down the price? pen xkddk pàhk-gah

s h opp i ng –
g*upoik%kBshsojvpwfhws} kĕe·an rah-kah hâi nòy dâi măi
That’s too expensive. Is there an English-language bookshop?
cr'wx paang Ъai }uihko*kpsoy'lnv#kKk mee ráhn kăi năng-sĕu pah-săh
What’s your lowest price? vy'd+Kws} ang-grìt măi
gmjkwiik%k^Ñkl=f tôw-rai rah-kah đàm sùt I'm looking for something by (Carabao).
I’ll give you (five baht). de]y'sk(=fgr]' gam-lang hăh chút pleng
&tBshZshk[kmX jà hâi (hâh bàht) Z;'%kik[k;X (wong kah-rah-bow)

There’s a mistake in the bill. Can I listen to this?
[b]B[o²zbfot%iy[!%jt bin bai née pìt ná kráp/kâ m/f ay'wfhws} fang dâi măi

178 179
photography meeting people
Can you …? … wfhws} … dâi măi
burn a CD from vyf:ufu&kd àt see-dee jàhk nòo·ay greetings, goodbyes & introductions
my memory card soj;pg}}F}iÎ mem-moh-rêe
develop this film ]hk'ab]N}o² láhng fim née Hello. l;ylfu sà-wàt-dee
load my film Bljab]N}Bsh sài fim hâi Hi. s;ylfu wàt-dee
Goodbye. ]kdjvo lah gòrn
When will it be ready? &tgliH&g}Ævwi jà sèt mêu·a-rai Good night. ik^iul;ylfç rah-đree sà-wàt
I need a … film ^hv'dkiab]N} … đôrng gahn fim … Mr okp nai
for this camera. lesiy[d]hv'o² săm-ràp glôrng née Mrs/Ms ok' nahng
APS gvrugvUl air-pee-ét Miss ok'lk; nahng sŏw
B&W *k;fe kŏw dam How are you?
colour lu sĕe l[kpfuws} sà-bai dee măi
slide lw]fN sà-lai Fine. And you?
(200) speed }u%;k}w; mee kwahm wai l[kpfu%iy[!%jt sà-bai dee kráp/kâ
Zlv'ihvpX (sŏrng róy) c]h;%=I]jt láa·ou kun lâ m/f
What’s your name?
toiletries %=I(Ævvtwi kun chêu à-rai
My name is …
conditioner pko;fz} yah nôo·at pŏm z}!fbCyo(Æv … pŏm/dì-chăn chêu … m/f
condoms $='pk'vok}yp tŭng yahng à-nah-mai I’m pleased to meet you.

m eet i n g peo ple –

deodorant yah dàp glìn đoo·a pbofumÅwfhi)h&yd yin-dee têe dâi róo jàk
insect repellent pkdyoc}]' yah gan má-laang
moisturiser oμkpk[ei=' nám yah bam-rung This is my … oÅ%nv … *v'z}!fbCyo nêe keu … kŏrng pŏm/dì-chăn m/f
%;k}(³o kwahm chéun brother (older) rÅ(kp pêe chai
THA I – s ho p pi n g

razor blades B[}ufFdo bai mêet gohn brother (younger) ohv'(kp nórng chai
sanitary napkins zhkvok}yp pâh à-nah-mai
daughter ])dlk; lôok sŏw
shampoo oμkpklitz} nám yah sà pŏm
father [bfk!rjv bì-dah/pôr pol/inf
shaving cream %iu}Fdoso;f kreem gohn nòo·at
friend grÆvo pêu·an
husband zy; pŏo·a
soap l[)j sà-bòo mother }kifk!c}j mahn-dah/mâa pol/inf
sunscreen %iu}dyocff kreem gan dàat partner (intimate) cao faan
tampons cm}rvo taam-porn sister (older) rÅlk; pêe sŏw
toilet paper ditdkKshv'oμk grà-dàht hôrng nám ohv'lk;

sister (younger) nórng sŏw
toothbrush cxi'luayo Ъraang sĕe fan son ])d(kp lôok chai
toothpaste pkluayo yah sĕe fan wife g}up mee·a
180 181
Here’s my … oÅ%nv … *v'z}!fbCyo nêe keu … kŏrng pŏm/dì-chăn m/f age
What’s your …? … *v'%=I%nvvtwi … kŏrng kun keu à-ra
address mÅvp)j têe yòo How old …? … vkp=gmjkwi … ah-yú tôw-rai
email address mÅvp)jvug}] têe yòo ee-men are you %=I kun
mobile number g[viN}nv$nv beu meu tĕu is your daughter ])dlk;*v'%=I lôok sŏw kŏrng kun
phone number g[viN beu is your son ])d(kp*v'%=I lôok chai kŏrng kun

occupations I’m … years old. Cyovkp= … xu chăn ah-yú … Ъee

He/She is … years old. g*kvkp … xu kŏw ah-yú … Ъee
What’s your %=I}uvk(urvtwi kun mee ah-chêep à-rai
I’m a/an … CyogxHo … chăn Ъen … I’m (not) … z}!fbCyoZw}jX… pŏm/dì-chăn (mâi) … m/f
nurse [=i=Krpk[k]! bù-rùt pá-yah-bahn/ Are you …? %=I … ws} kun … măi
ok'rpk[k] nahng pá-yah-bahn m/f cold sok; nŏw
office worker royd'koleoyd'ko pá-nák ngahn săm-nák ngahn happy fuB& dee jai
student oydL@dKk nák sèuk-săh hot ihvo rórn
teacher %i) kroo hungry sb; hĕw
tradesperson (jk' châhng sad gLihk sôw
writer oydg*upo nák kĕe·an thirsty sb;oμk hĕw nám

background entertainment
THA I – me eti ng p eo ple

Where are you from? %=I}k&kdwso kun mah jàhk năi


e nter ta in me nt –
I’m from … z}!fbCyo}k&kd pŏm/dì-chăn mah
xitgmL … jàhk Ъrà-têt … m/f
Where’s the … beach? (kpskf … vp)jmÅwso chai hàht … yòo têe năi
Australia vvlg^ig]up or-sà-đrair-lee·a
best mÅfumÅl=f têe dee têe sùt
Canada c%okfk kaa-nah-dah nearest mÅBd]hmÅl=f têe glâi têe sùt
England vy'd+K ang-grìt public lkTkiIt săh-tah-rá-ná
Ireland wviNc]ofN ai-laan
New Zealand ob;:uc]ofN new see-laan How much for a chair/an umbrella?
the USA lsiy{vg}ibdk sà-hà-rát à-mair-rí-gah gdhkv²!ij}gmjkwi gôw-êe/rôm tôw-rai
Is it safe to swim/dive here?
Are you married? %=Ic^j''kosinvpy' kun đàang ngahn rĕu yang
mÅo²;jkp!ditFff têe née wâi/grà-dòht
z}!fbCyo … oμkx]vf#ypws} nám Ъlòrt pai măi

I’m … pŏm/dì-chăn … m/f
married c^j''koc]h; đàang ngahn láa·ou What time is high/low tide?
single gxHoFlfvp)j Ъen sòht yòo oμk*¯o!]'dÅF}' nám kêun/long gèe mohng
182 183
water sports interests
Can I book a lesson? Do you like …? (v[ … ws} chôrp … măi
&v'g;]kgiupowfhws} jorng wair-lah ree·an dâi măi I (don’t) like … z}!fbCyoZw}jX(v[ … pŏm/dì-chăn (mâi) chôrp … m/f
Can I hire (a) …? g(jk… wfhws} chôw … dâi măi
art Lb]xt sĭn-lá-Ъà
canoe ginv%o) reu·a ká-noo
cooking mevkski tam ah-hăhn
diving equipment v=xdiINfeoμk ùp-Ъà-gorn dam nám
drawing g*upo#kr kĕe·an pâhp
guide wdfN gai
movies f)soy' doo năng
life jacket gl³v()(ur sêu·a choo chêep
nightclubs womN%]y[ nai kláp
motorboat ginv^bfg%iÆv' reu·a đìt krêu·ang
photography $jkp#kr tài pâhp
sailboard ditfkoF^h]} grà-dahn đôh lom
reading vjkosoy'lnv àhn năng-sĕu
sailing boat ginvB[ reu·a bai
sport du>k gee-lah
snorkelling v=xdiINfeoμkB(h ùp-Ъà-gorn dam
surfing the Internet g]jovbog^viNgo^ lên in-đeu-nét
gear mjvskpB& nám chái tôr hăi jai
swimming ;jkpoμk wâi nám
surfboard ditfkoF^h%]Æo grà-dahn đôh klêun
travelling dkimjv'gmÅp; tôrng têe·o
watching TV f)FmimyLoN doo toh-rá-tát
Are there any …? }u… ws} mee … măi Do you …? %=I … ws} kun … măi
reefs sboFlF%id hĭn sŏh-krôhk dance g^hoie đên ram
rips ditclB^hoμk grà-săa đâi nám go to concerts wxf)dkiclf' Ъai doo gahn sà-daang
water hazards vyo^ikpBooμk an-đà-rai nai nám listen to music ay'fo^iu fang don-đree

going out
food & drink
&tsk… wfhmÅwso
THA I – en ter ta in me nt

Where can I find …? jà hăh … dâi têe năi

clubs womN%]y[ nai kláp
l$ko[yogmb' finding a place to eat

food & drink –

gay venues sà-tăhn ban-teung
lesiy[%ogdpN săm-ràp kon gair
pubs zy[ pàp Can you cotoe … wfhws} náa-nam … dâi măi
recommend a …?
I feel like going z}!fbCyoi)hl@d pŏm/dì-chăn róo-sèuk bar [kiN bah
to a/the … vpkd&twx … yàhk jà Ъai … m/f café ihkodkca ráhn gah-faa
concert f)dkiclf' doo gahn sà-daang restaurant ihkovkski ráhn ah-hăhn
folk opera ]bgd lí-gair
full-moon party 'koxkiN^²rit&y ngahn Ъah-đêe I’d like …, please. *v … sojvp kŏr … nòy
omiNg^H}f;' prá jan đem doo·ang a table for (five) F^Utlesiy[ZshkX%o đó săm-ràp (hâh) kon
%kikFvgdt the nonsmoking mÅg*^shk}l)[[=siÅ têe kèt hâhm sòop bù-rèe

karaoke bar kah-rah-oh-gé
movies f)soy' doo năng section
performance f)'koclf' doo ngahn sà-daang the smoking section mÅg*^l)[[=siÅwfh têe kèt sòop bù-rèe dâi
184 185
ordering food in the bar
breakfast vkskig(hk ah-hăhn chów I'll have … gvk … ow …
lunch vkskid]k';yo ah-hăhn glahng wan I’ll buy you a drink. Cyo&t:³v*v'fÆ}Bsh%=I chăn jà séu kŏrng dèum hâi kun
dinner vkskigpHo ah-hăhn yen What would you like? &tiy[vtwi jà ráp à-rai
snack vkski;jk' ah-hăhn wâhng Cheers! w(Fp chai-yoh
bowl (k} chahm herbal liquor gs]hkpkfv' lôw yah dorng
chopsticks ^tgdup[ đà-gèe·ap jungle liquor gs]hkg$Ævo lôw tèu·an
cloth zhk pâh Mekong whisky ;blduc}jF*' wít-sà-gee mâa kŏhng
cup $h;p tôo·ay
fork lhv} sôrm a jug of (beer) Zg[upiNXgspnvdsoÃ' (bee·a) yèu·ak nèung
glass cdh; gâa·ou a glass of (beer) Zg[upiNXcdh;soÃ' (bee·a) gâa·ou nèung
knife }uf mêet a shot of (whisky) Z;blduX(HvfsoÃ' (wít-sà-gee) chórt nèung
plate &ko jahn
a (bottle) of … wine w;oN … Z*;fsoÃ'X wai … (kòo·at nèung)
spoon (hvo chórn
red cf' daang
teaspoon (hvo(k chórn chah
sparkling gs]hkv'=jolxkiN%]Ä' lôw à-ngùn sà-Ъah-klîng
I’d like the …, please. *v … sojvp kŏr … nòy white *k; kŏw
bill [b]]N bin
drink list ikpdkig%iÆv'fÆ} rai gahn krêu·ang dèum
menu ikpdkivkski rai gahn ah-hăhn
What would you recommend? What’s the local speciality?
%=Icotoevtwi[hk' kun náa-nam à-rai bâhng vkskiilgfHfq*v'c$; ah-hăhn rót dèt dèt kŏrng
I’ll have that. o²%nvvtwi tăa·ou née keu à-rai
gvkvyoo´oot ow an nán ná What’s that?
THAI – food & drink


food & drink –

nân keu à-rai
drinks How much is (a kilo of) …?
… ZdbF]soÃ'Xgmjkwi … (gì-loh nèung) tôw-rai
(cup of) coffee … dkcaZ$h;psoÃ'X… gah-faa (tôo·ay nèung) …
(cup of) tea … (kZ$h;psoÃ'X… chah (tôo·ay nèung) … I’d like … ^hv'dki … đôrng gahn …
with milk Bljo} sài nom (200) grams Zlv'ihvpXdiy} (sŏrng róy) gram
without sugar w}jBljoμk^k] mâi sài nám-đahn (two) kilos Zlv'XdbF] (sŏrng) gì-loh
(three) pieces Zlk}X(±o (săhm) chín
boiled water oμk^h} nám đôm (six) slices ZsdX(±o (hòk) chín
orange juice oμklh}%´o nám sôm kán
oμkvyf]} Enough. rvc]h; por láa·ou

soft drink nám àt lom
sparkling mineral water oμkcijvyf]} nám râa àt lom A bit more. vudsojvp èek nòy
still mineral water oμkcijTii}fk nám râa tam-má-dah Less. ohvp]' nóy long
186 187
special diets & allergies menu reader
Is there a vegetarian restaurant near here? Ъah-tôrng-gŏh xkmjv'FdJ fried wheat pastry
}uihkovkskig& mee ráhn ah-hăhn jair
vp)jc$;qo²ws} yòo tăa·ou tăa·ou née măi bà-mèe hâang [ts}Åcsh' noodles with meat, seafood or vegetables
Do you have vegetarian food? Ъèt đŭn gxHf^=Jo steamed duck soup with soy sauce & spices
}uvkskig&ws} mee ah-hăhn jair măi
Ъlah dàat dee·o x]kcffgfup; fried fish served with a spicy mango salad
Could you prepare mevkskiw}j tam ah-hăhn mâi Ъlah mèuk Ъîng x]ks}@dx±' dried squid roasted over hot coals
a meal without …? Blj … wfhws} sài … dâi măi
butter gop neu·i Ъlah nêung x]koÃ' freshwater fish steamed with vegetables
eggs w*j kài Ъlah pŏw x]kgzk fish in foil roasted over hot coals
fish x]k Ъlah
meat go³vcf' néu·a daang Ъlah tôrt x]kmvf fried fish
meat stock :=xdhvogo³v súp gôrn néu·a Ъor-Ъée·a sòt xvgx§ptlf fresh spring rolls
MSG ()il choo-rót
pork go³vs}) néu·a mŏo Ъor-Ъée·a tôrt xvgx§ptmvf fried spring rolls
poultry go³vwdj néu·a gài đà-gôh ^tFdh steamed sweet made from tapioca flour,
coconut milk & seaweed
đôm yam gûng ^h}ped=h' hot shrimp salad with lime, chilli & herbs
đôw hôo g^hks)h tofu (soybean curd)
gaang kĕe·o wăhn cd'g*up;s;ko green curry

I’m allergic to … z}!fbCyocrh … pŏm/dì-chăn páa … m/f gaang pèt cd'gzHf red curry
THAI – food & drink

chilli ribd prík cd'g]up'

m en u read er –
gaang lee·ang spicy soup of cauliflower, greens & chicken,
dairy produce vkski&er;do} ah-hăhn jam-pôo·ak nom shrimp or pork
eggs w*j kài
gaang lĕu·ang cd'gs]nv' spicy fish curry with green beans
fish sauce oμkx]k nám Ъlah
gelatine ;=ho wún gaang râht kôw cd'ikf*hk; curry with rice
gluten cxh' Ъâang
gài đŭn wdj^=Jo chicken soup with soy sauce
honey oμkz¯' nám pêung
MSG ()il choo-rót gài tôrt wdjmvf fried chicken
nuts $É; tòo·a
gée·o gd§p; won ton (pork or fish in dough)
seafood vkskimtg] ah-hăhn tá-lair
svp d]h;p[;((u

shellfish hŏy glôo·ay bòo·at chee banana chunks in coconut milk

For other allergies see health, page 194. glôo·ay tôrt d]h;pmvf fried battered banana

188 189
gŏo·ay đĕe·o nám dJ;pg^Ùp;oμk rice noodles with meat & pickled cabbage emergencies
hŏy tôrt svpmvf oysters fried with beaten eggs, mung bean
sprouts & spring onions
jóhk mŏo F&Uds}) thick rice soup with pork meatballs
kài yát sâi w*jpyfBlh omelette with pork, tomatoes & chillies Help! (j;pfh;p chôo·ay dôo·ay
kà-nŏm krók *o}%id mixture of coconut milk & rice flour Stop! sp=f yùt
Go away! wxBshrho Ъai hâi pón
kôw đôm *hk;^h} boiled rice soup Thief! *F}p kà-moy
kôw đôm gà-tí *hk;^h}dtmb sticky rice & coconut in a banana leaf Fire! waws}h fai mâi

kôw lăhm *hk;s]k} steamed sticky rice & coconut Call an ambulance!
^k}i$rpk[k] đahm rót pá-yah-bahn
kôw mŏo daang *hk;s})cf' red pork with rice
Call a doctor!
kôw nĕe·o *hk;gsoup; sweet made of mangoes giupds}vsojvp rêe·ak mŏr nòy
má-môo·ang }t}j;' Call the police!
kôw gaang *hk;cd' curry over rice giupd^ei;&sojvp rêe·ak đam-ròo·at nòy
It’s an emergency!
nám Ъlah oμkx]k fish sauce made of fermented anchovies
gxHogs^=C=dgCbo Ъen hèt chùk-chĕun
nám prík đah daang oμkribd^kcf' very dry & hot chilli dip There’s been an accident.
néu·a đŭn go³v^=Jo beef soup with soy sauce & spices }uv=[y^bgs^= mee ù-bàt-đì-hèt
Could you help me, please?
prík Ъòn ribdxjo dried red chilli, flaked or ground
(j;pwfhws} chôo·ay dâi măi
roh-đee Fi^u fried, round flat wheat bread Can I use your phone?
THA I – me nu re ad er

Fi^ucd' B(hFmiLyrmN*v'%=Iwfhws} chái toh-rá-sàp kŏrng kun dâi măi

eme rge n ci es –
roh-đee gaang flat bread dipped in a curry sauce
I’m lost.
roh-đee glôo·ay Fi^ud]h;p flat bread stuffed with banana chunks
z}!fbCyos]'mk' pŏm/dì-chăn lŏng tahng m/f
sà-đé ltg^Ut barbecued meat with a spicy peanut sauce Where are the toilets?
sah-lah-Ъow :k]kgxk steamed buns filled with stewed pork or shv'oμkvp)jmÅwso hôrng nám yòo têe năi
sweet bean paste
săng-kà-yăh ly'*pk custard
see-éw dam :uv±;fe ‘black soy’ – heavy, dark soy sauce Where’s the police station?
:uv±;*k; l$kou^ei;&vp)jmÅwso sà-tăh-nee đam-ròo·at yòo têe năi

see-éw kŏw ‘white soy’ – light soy sauce
I want to report an offence.
yam pe hot salad with lime, chilli & herbs z}!fbCyovpkd&tc&h'%;k} pŏm/dì-chăn yàhk jà jâang kwahm m/f
190 191
I’ve been … z}!fbCyoFfo … pŏm/dì-chăn dohn … m/f I need a doctor (who speaks English).
assaulted meihkpijk'dkp tam rái râhng gai z}!fbCyo^hv'dkis}v pŏm/dì-chăn đôrng gahn mŏr
raped *j}*no kòm kĕun ZmÅr)f#kKkvy'd+KwfhX (têe pôot pah-săh ang-grìt dâi) m/f
robbed x]ho Ъlôn Could I see a female doctor?
r[dy[%=Is}vz)hsPb'wfhws} póp gàp kun mŏr pôo yĭng dâi măi
I’ve lost my … z}!fbCyome … pŏm/dì-chăn tam …
I’ve run out of my medication.
skpc]h; hăi láa·ou m/f
pk*v'z}!fbCyos}fc]h; yah kŏrng pŏm/dì-chăn mòt láa·ou m/f
My … was/were … *v'z}!fbCyo … kŏrng pŏm/dì-chăn
stolen. $)d*F}p tòok kà-moy m/f
backpack gxh Ъâir
bags ditgxJ k grà-Ъŏw
credit card [y^ig%ifb^ bàt krair-dìt
handbag ditgxJ ks±; grà-Ъŏw hêw
jewellery gr(ir]vp pét ploy
money g'bo ngeun
passport soy'lnvgfbomk' năng-sĕu deun tahng symptoms, conditions & allergies
travellers cheques g(H%gfbomk' chék deun tahng
wallet ditgxJ kg'bo grà-Ъŏw ngeun I’m sick. z}!fbCyoxj ;p pŏm/dì-chăn Ъòo·ay m/f
I want to contact my embassy. It hurts here. g&H[^i'o² jèp đrong née
z}!fbCyovpkd&t^bf^jvl$kom)f pŏm/dì-chăn yàhk jà đìt đòr sà-tăhn tôot m/f ankle *hvgmhk kôr tów
I want to contact my consulate. arm c*o kăan
z}!fbCyovpkd&t^bf^jvd'L=] pŏm/dì-chăn yàhk jà đìt đòr gong-sŭn m/f back s]y' lăng
I have insurance. chest sohkvd nâh òk
z}!fbCyo}uxitdyovp)j pŏm/dì-chăn mee Ъrà-gan yòo m/f ear s) hŏo
eye ^k đah
finger o±; néw
health foot gmhk tów
hand }nv meu
head sy; hŏo·a
T HAI – he al th

medical needs heart sy;B& hŏo·a jai

healt h –
leg *k kăh
Where’s the … mÅBd]hg%up' … têe glâi kee·ang mouth xkd Ъàhk
nearest …? vp)jmÅwso yòo têe năi neck %v kor
dentist s}vayo mŏr fan nose &})d jà-mòok
doctor s}v mŏr skin zb;soy' pĕw năng
Fi'rpk[k] stomach mhv' tórng

hospital rohng pá-yah-bahn
(night) ihko*kppk ráhn kăi yah teeth ayo fan
pharmacist Zd]k'%noX (glahng keun) throat %vsvp kor hŏy
192 193
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I have (a/an) … z}!fbCyo … pŏm/dì-chăn … m/f
asthma gxHoFi%snf Ъen rôhk hèut
bronchitis gxHoFi%s] Ъen rôhk lòrt
vf]}vydgl[ lom àk-sèp
constipation mhv'z)d tórng pòok
cough gxHowv Ъen ai
diarrhoea gxHomhv'ij;' Ъen tórng rôo·ang
fever gxHow*h Ъen kâi
headache x;fsy; Ъòo·at hŏo·a
heart condition gxHoFi%sy;B& Ъen rôhk hŏo·a ja
heat stroke crhcff páa dàat
nausea %]ÆoBlh klêun sâi
pain x;f Ъòo·at
sore throat g&H[%v jèp kor
toothache x;fayo Ъòo·at fan
antifungal cream pkSjkg(³vik yah kâh chéu·a rah
antimalarial medication pkxhv'dyo}kg]giup yah Ъôrng gan mah-lair-ree·a
antiseptic pkSjkg(³v yah kâh chéu·a
bandage zhkryocz] pâh pan plăa
Band-Aid x]klg^viN Ъlah-sà-đeu
contraceptives pk%=}degobf yah kum gam-nèut
diarrhoea medicine pkit'y[vkdki yah rá-ngáp ah-gahn
mhv'ij;' tórng rôo·ang
insect repellent pkdyoc}]' yah gan má-laang
laxatives pkit[kp yah rá-bai
painkillers pkcdhx;f yah gâa Ъòo·at
rehydration salts gd]nvcij gleu·a râa
sleeping tablets pkovos]y[ yah norn làp
z}!fbCyocrh …
T HAI – he al th

I’m allergic to … pŏm/dì-chăn páa … m/f

antibiotics pkxDb(u;ot yah Ъà-đì-chee-wá-ná
anti-inflammatories pkcdhvydgl[ yah gâa àk-sèp
aspirin pkcvlwribo yah àat-sà-pai-rin
bees ^y;z¯' đoo·a pêung
penicillin pkgroob:b]]bo yah pen-ní-sin-lin
sulphur-based pkmÅxitdv[N yah têe Ъrà-gòrp
drugs fh;p:y]gavi dôo·ay san-feu
See special diets & allergies, page 188, for food-related allergies.
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The symbols ⓝ, ⓐ and ⓥ (indicating noun, adjective and verb) have been added for clarity where an
English term could be either. For food terms see the menu reader, page 189.

A beautiful l;p sŏo·ay

bed g^up' đee·ang
accident v=[y^bgs^= ù-bàt-đì-hèt beer g[upiN bee·a
accommodation mÅryd têe pák before djvo gòrn
adaptor s}hvcx]' môr Ъlaang behind *hk's]y' kâhng lăng
address ⓝ mÅvp)j têe yòo bicycle i$&ydipko rót jàk-gà-yahn
after s]y' lăng big BsPj yài
air-conditioned xiy[vkdkL Ъràp ah-gàht bill [b]]N bin
airplane g%iÆv'[bo krêu·ang bin black lufe sĕe dam
airport lok}[bo sà-năhm bin blanket zhksj} pâh hòm
alcohol gs]hk lôw blood g]nvf lêu·at
all m´'s}f táng mòt blood group d]=j}g]nvf glum lêu·at
allergy dkicrh gahn páa blue luahk sĕe fáh
ambulance i$rpk[k] rót pá-yah-bahn book (make a reservation) ⓥ &v' jorng
and c]t láa both m´'lv' táng sŏrng
ankle *hvgmhk kôr tów bottle *;f kòo·at
arm c*o kăan bottle opener g%iÆv'gxbf*;f
automated teller machine (ATM) ^)hgvmugvH} krêu·ang Ъèut kòo·at
đôo air tee em boy (child/teen) gfHd(kp !so=j} dèk chai/nùm
breakfast vkskig(hk ah-hăhn chów
broken sydc]h; hàk láa·ou
B bus i$g}]N rót mair
back (body) s]y' lăng business T=idb& tú-rá-gìt
backpack gxh Ъâir bus stop xhkpi$g}]N Ъâi rót mair
baby mkid tah-rók but c^j;jk đàa wâh
bad g]; le·ou

e ngl i sh– th ai
buy :³v séu
bag ditgxJ k grà-Ъŏw
baggage claim mÅiy[ditgxJ k têe ráp grà-Ъŏw
bank ⓝ Tok%ki tá-nah-kahn
bank account [yP(u Tok%ki café ihkodkca ráhn gah-faa
ban-chee tá-nah-kahn camera d]hv'$jkpi)x glôrng tài rôop
bar ⓝ [kiN bah camp site mÅxydg^HomN têe Ъàk đén
bathroom shv'oμk hôrng nám cancel pdg]bd yók lêuk
battery $jkowaCkp tàhn fai chăi can opener g%iÆv'gxbfditxJ v'
beach (kpskf chai hàht krêu·ang Ъèut grà-Ъŏrng

car i$po^N rót yon diaper zhkvhv} pâh ôrm have }u mee
cash ⓝ g'bolf ngeun sòt diarrhoea mhv'glup tórng sĕe·a F head sy; hŏo·a
cash (a cheque) ⓥ c]d lâak dictionary r&oko=di} pót-jà-nah-nú-grom face (body) B[sohk bai nâh headache x;fsy; Ъòo·at hŏo·a
cell phone FmiLyrmN}nv$nv toh-rá-sàp meu tĕu dinner vkski}³vgpHo ah-hăhn méu yen far wd] glai heart sy;B& hŏo·a jai
centre L)opNd]k' sŏon glahng direct mk'^i' tahng đrong fast giH; re·ou heart condition Fi%sy;B& rôhk hŏo·a jai
change (money) ⓥ c]dgx]Åpo lâak Ъlèe·an dirty ldxid sòk-gà-Ъròk father rjv pôr heat ⓝ %;k}ihvo kwahm rórn
cheap $)d tòok disabled (person) rbdki pí-gahn faulty [drijv' bok prôrng heavy soyd nàk
check (bill) [b]]N bin discount ik%klj;o]f rah-kah sòo·an lót fever w*h kâi help ⓝ %;k}(j;pgs]nv kwahm chôo·ay lĕu·a
D check-in ⓝ g(H%vbo chék in
cheque (bank) ⓝ g(H% chék
doctor s}v mŏr
double bed g^up'%)j đee·ang kôo
film (camera) ab]N} fim
finger o±; néw
help ⓥ (j;p chôo·ay
here mÅo² têe née
chest (body) sohkvd nâh òk double room shv'%)j hôrng kôo first mÅsoÃ' têe nèung high l)' sŏong
child gfHd dèk down ]' long first-aid kit (=fx{}rpk[k] highway mk's];' tahng lŏo·ang
cigarette [=siÅ bù-rèe drink ⓝ g%iÆv'fÆ} krêu·ang dèum chút Ъà-tŏm pá-yah-bahn hike ⓥ gfboxj k deun Ъàh
clean ⓐ ltvkf sà-àht drive ⓥ *y[ kàp first-class (ticket) ⓐ (´osoÃ' chán nèung homosexual %oiydij;}grL kon rák rôo·am pêt
closed xbfc]h; Ъìt láa·ou drivers licence B[*y[*Å bai kàp kèe fish x]k Ъlah hospital Fi'rpk[k] rohng pá-yaa-bahn
coffee dkca gah-faa drugs (illicit) pkglr^bf yah sèp đìt flashlight (torch) waCkp fai chăi hot ihvo rórn
coins gsiupP rĕe·an dummy (pacifier) sy;o}gmup} fly (a plane) ⓥ [bo bin hotel Fi'ci} rohng raam
cold ⓐ gpHo yen hŏo·a nom tee·am food vkski ah-hăhn hungry sb; hĕw
cold (illness) ⓝ s;yf wàt foot gmhk tów husband zy; pŏo·a
collect call FmigdH[x]kpmk' E fork lhv} sôrm
free (of charge) aiu free
toh gèp Ъlai tahng
come }k mah ear s) hŏo friend grÆvo pêu·an I
compass g*H}mbL kĕm tít east mbL^t;yovvd tít đà-wan òrk fruit z]w}h pŏn-lá-mái identification (card) s]yd{kolj;o^y;
computer %v}rb;g^viN korm-pew-đeu eat mko tahn full g^H} đem làk tăhn sòo·an đoo·a
condoms $='pk'vok}yp tŭng yahng à- economy class (´oxitspyf chán Ъrà-yàt funny ^]d đà-lòk ill xj ;p Ъòo·ay
nah-mai electricity waahk fai fáh important le%yP săm-kan
elevator ]ba^N líp
contact lenses g]olNly}zyl len săm-pàt
cook ⓥ mevkski tam ah-hăhn email vug}] ee-men G included i;}fh;p roo·am dôo·ay
injury mÅ[kfg&H[ têe bàht jèp
cost ⓝ }uik%k mee rah-kah embassy l$kom)^ sà-tăhn tôot gift *v'*;yP kŏrng kwăn insurance dkixitdyo gahn Ъrà-gan
credit card [y^ig%ifb^ bàt crair-dìt emergency gs^=C=dgCbo hèt chùk-chĕun girl (child/teen) gfHdsPb'!lk; dèk yĭng/sŏw Internet vbog^viNgo^ in-đeu-nét
currency exchange dkic]dg'bo empty ⓐ ;jk' wâhng glass (drinking) cdh; gâa·ou interpreter ]jk} lâhm
gahn lâak ngeun English vy'd+K ang-grìt glasses c;jo^k wâan đah
customs (immigration) L=]dkdi enough rv por go wx Ъai
entrance mk'g*hk tahng kôw good fu dee J

en gli sh – t h ai

evening ^vogpHo đorn yen green lug*up; sĕe kĕe·o jewellery g%iÆv'gr(ir]vp krêu·ang pét ploy
exchange (money) ⓥ c]dgx]Åpo lâak Ъlèe·an guide ⓝ wdfN gai
D exchange rate vy^ikdkic]dgx]Åpo
job 'ko ngahn

dangerous vyo^ikp an-đà-rai

date (time) ⓝ ;yomÅ wan têe
àt-đrah gahn lâak Ъlèe·an
exit ⓝ mk'vvd tahng òrk
day ;yo wan expensive cr' paang half ⓐ %iÃ' krêung key ])dd=Pc& lôok gun-jaa
delay ⓝ dkiglupg;]k gahn sĕe·a wair-lah express mail wxiKIupNfj;o hand }nv meu kilogram dbF]diy} gì-loh-gram
dentist s}vayo mŏr fan Ъrai-sà-nee dòo·an handbag ditgxJ krkp grà-Ъŏw pai kitchen %iy; kroo·a
departure *kvvd kăh òrk eye ^k đah happy fuB& dee jai knife }uf mêet

196 197
motorway mk’fj;o tahng dòo·an passport soy'lnvgfbomk' năng-sĕu deun tahng sea mtg] tá-lair
L mountain #)g*k poo kŏw pay &jkp jài seat mÅoÉ' têe nâng
late (hk cháh mouth xkd Ъàhk pen xkddk pàhk-gah send lj' sòng
laundry (place) mÅ:ydzhk têe sák pâh music fo^iu don-đree petrol g[o:bo ben-sin service station x¬}oμk}yo Ъám nám-man
lawyer mtokp%;k} tá-nai kwahm pharmacy ihko*kppk ráhn kăi yah sex dkiij;}grL gahn rôo·am pêt
left-luggage office shv'iy[/kdditgxJ k phonecard [y^iFmiLyrmN bàt toh-rá-sàp shaving cream %iu}Fdoso;f
hôrng ráp fàhk grà-Ъŏw N photo #kr$jkp pâhp tài kreem gohn nòo·at
leg *k kăh name (Æv chêu plate &ko jahn sheet (bed) zhkx)ovo pâh Ъoo norn
shirt gl³vg(±^ sêu·a chéut
L lesbian g]Hlg[upo lét-bee·an
less ohvpd;jk nóy gwàh
nappy zhkvhv} pâh ôrm
nausea %]Æowlh klêun sâi
police ^ei;& đam-ròo·at
postcard wxiKIup[y^i Ъrai-sà-nee-yá-bàt shoes iv'gmhk rorng tów Q
letter &fs}kp jòt-măi near Bd]h glâi post office mÅmedkiwxiKIupN shop ⓝ ihko ráhn
lift (elevator) ]ba^N líp têe tam gahn Ъrai-sà-nee short l´o sân
neck %v kor
light ⓝ wa fai pregnant ^´'%ii#N đâng kan shower ⓝ /yd[y; fàk boo·a
new Bs}j mài
price ik%k rah-kah single room shv'gfÅp; hôrng dèe·o
like ⓥ (v[ chôrp news *jk; kòw
size (general) *okf kà-nàht
lock ⓝ d=Pc& gun-jaa newspaper soy'lnvrb}rN năng-sĕu pim
long pk; yow
lost skp hăi
next sohk nâh
night %no keun
Q skin zb;soy' pĕw năng
skirt ditFxi' grà-Ъrohng
lost property office mÅc&h'*v'skp no w}j mâi
quiet g'up[ ngêe·ap sleep ⓥ ovo norn
slowly vpjk'(hk q yàhng cháh cháh
têe jâang kŏrng hăi noisy glup'fy' sĕe·ang dang
love ⓥ iyd rák
luggage ditgxJ k grà-Ъŏw
nonsmoking w}jl)[[=siÅ mâi sòop bù-rèe R small g]Hd lék
smoke ⓥ %;yo kwan
north mbLgsonv tít nĕu·a rain ⓝ /o fŏn soap l[)j sà-bòo
lunch vkskid]k';yo ah-hăhn glahng wan nose &})d jà-mòok razor }ufFdo mêet gohn soon giH; q o² re·ou re·ou née
now gfÙp;o² dĕe·o née receipt B[gliH& bai sèt south mbLB^h tít đâi
M number s}kpg]* măi lêk red lucf' sĕe daang
refund ⓝ g'bo%no ngeun keun
souvenir shop ihko*kp*v'mÅit]@d
ráhn kăi kŏrng têe rá-léuk
mail &fs}kp jòt-măi
man z)h(kp pôo chai O registered mail wxiKIupN]'mtg[upo
Ъrai-sà-nee long tá-bee·an
speak r)f pôot
spoon (hvo chórn
map czomÅ păan têe oil (engine) oμk}yog%iÆv' nám man krêu·ang rent ⓥ g(jk chôw stamp ⓝ cl^U}xN sà-đáam
market ^]kf đà-làht old (person) cdj gàa repair :jv} sôrm stand-by ticket ^Ü;cl^ofN[kp
matches w}h*ufwa mái kèet fai old (thing) gdjk gòw reservation dki&v' gahn jorng đŏo·a sà-đáan-bai
meat go³v néu·a on [o bon restaurant ihkovkski ráhn ah-hăhn station (train) l$kou sà-tăh-nee
medication pk yah one-way (ticket) gmÅp;gfup; têe·o dee·o return ⓥ d]y[ glàp stomach mhv' tórng
menu ikpdkivkski rai gahn ah-hăhn open ⓐ&ⓥ gxbf Ъèut return ticket ^Ü;wxd]y[ đŏo·a Ъai glàp stomachache g&H[mhv' jèp tórng
message *hv%;k}/kd kôr kwahm fàhk other vÆo èun right (correct) $)d tòok stop ⓥ sp=f yùt

en gli sh – t h ai

milk oμko} nám nom outside *hk'ovd kâhng nôrk right (direction) *;k kwăh stop (bus) xhkp Ъâi
minute okmu nah-tee road $oo tà-nŏn street $oo tà-nŏn
mobile phone FmiLyrmN}nv$nv
toh-rá-sàp meu tĕu P room shv' hôrng
rope g(nvd chêu·ak
student oydL@dKk nák sèuk-săh
sun ritvkmb^pN prá ah-tít
money g'bo ngeun package sjv hòr sunblock %iu}dyocff kreem gan dàat
month gfnvo deu·an pain %;k}x;f kwahm Ъòo·at supermarket :)gxviN}kiNgdH^ soo-Ъeu-mah-gèt
morning ^vog(hk đorn chów painkillers pkcdhx;f yah gâa Ъòo·at S surname ok}ld=] nahm sà-gun
mother c}j mâa paper ditfkK grà-dàht safe ⓐ x]vf#yp Ъlòrt pai sweet ⓐ s;ko wăhn
motorcycle i$}vg^viNw:%N rót mor-đeu-sai park (car) ⓥ &vf jòrt sanitary napkins zhkvok}yp pâh à-nah-mai swim ⓥ ;jkpoμk wâi nám

198 199
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up *¯o kêun
T urgent fj;o dòo·an
taxi i$cmHd:Å rót táak-sêe
teeth ayo fan
telephone ⓥ Fmi toh
television FmimyLoN toh-rá-tát vacant ;jk' wâhng
temperature (weather) v=Is#)}b un-hà-poom vacation gmÅp;rydzjvo têe·o pák pòrn
tent g^HomN đén vegetable zyd pàk
vegetarian ⓝ %odbog& kon gin jair
T that ⓐ o´o nán
thirsty sb;oμk hĕw nám vegetarian ⓐ g& jair
this ⓐ o² née visa ;u:jk wee-sâh
throat %vsvp kor hŏy
ticket ^Ü; đŏo·a
time ⓝ g;]k wair-lah
waiter %ogfboF^Ut kon deun đó
tired gsoÆvp nèu·ay walk ⓥ gfbo deun
tissues ditfkKmb(()j grà-dàht tít-chôo wallet ditgxJ kg'bo grà-Ъŏw ngeun
today ;yoo² wan née
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west mbL^t;yo^d tít đà-wan đòk
toothpaste pkluayo yah sĕe fan wheelchair i$g*Ho %orbdki
torch (flashlight) waCkp fai chăi rót kĕn kon pí-gahn
tour ⓝ my;iN too·a when g}Ævwi mêu·a rai
tourist oydmjv'gmÅp; nák tôrng têe·o where mÅwso têe năi
tourist office leoyd'komjv'gmÅp; white lu*k; sĕe kŏw
săm-nák ngahn tôrng têe·o who B%i krai
towel zhkg(Hf^y; pâh chét đoo·a why mew} tam mai
town g}nv' meu·ang wife g}up mee·a
train i$wa rót fai window sohk^jk' nâh đàhng
translate cx] Ъlaa wine gs]hkw;oN lôw wai
travel agency [ibKymmjv'gmÅp; with dy[ gàp

bor-rí-sàt tôrng têe·o without w}j}u mâi mee

travellers cheque g(H%gfbomk' chék deun tahng woman z)hsPb' pôo yĭng
trousers dk'gd' gahng-geng write g*upo kĕe·an
twin beds lv'g^up' sŏrng đee·ang
tyre pk'i$ yahng rót
yellow lugs]nv' sĕe lĕu·ang
U yes B(j châi
underwear dk’gd’Bo gahng-geng nai yesterday g}Æv;ko mêu·a wahn