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ICCET 2018

S.No Journal Name Indexing
1 International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Scopus
2 International Journal of Supply Chain Management Scopus
3 International Journal of Mechanical and Production Scopus
Engineering Research and Development
4 Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences Scopus
5 International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE) Scopus
6 Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics A1/SCIE
7 International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy Scopus
8 Dynamic Systems and Applications A1/SCIE
9 Biomedical Research - Tokyo A1/SCIE
10 Cluster Computing Scopus/A1/SCIE
11 Wireless Personal Communications Scopus/Springer/A1/SCIE
12 Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal (BPJ) Scopus
13 Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Scopus
14 International Journal of Information Technology Project ESCI
Management (IJITPM)
15 International Journal of Pharma Research and Health Sciences UGC Approved Journal
16 Accnt Journal of Economics Ecology & Engineering UGC Approved Journal
17 International Journal of Innovation in Engineering Research & UGC Approved Journal
18 Journal of Supercomputing Scopus/SCI/SCIE/A1
19 Multimedia Tools and Applications Springer/Scopus/SCIE/A1
20 Computers and Electrical Engineering Scopus/SCIE/A1
21 Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics Scopus/SCIE/A1
22 Cognition, Technology and Work Springer/Scopus/SCIE/A1
23 International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems Scopus/SCIE/A1
24 Intelligent Data Analysis Scopus/SCIE/A1
25 Journal of Web Engineering Scopus/SCIE/A1
26 International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning Scopus/Inderscience
27 International Journal of Public Sector Performance Scopus/Inderscience