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“The secret to harnessing creativity actually lies in the 1st shadow.

In fact, the secret to every Gene Key in this book lies in harnessing and
the energy latent within each of the 64 shadows.”
“The 2nd Siddhi is the original nature of consciousness itself, and it manifests as
a highly beautiful plan unfolding in time and space, swept along by the currents
of evolution. All such mythic journeys echo the journey of the earth and of our
universe, and as they all begin by leaving the warm comfort of the mother and
the home, so they must one day return again to that same embrace. This indeed
is our final destiny as a species — to realise our state of oneness and unity with
all that is. “
“The 3rd Gift teaches us something wonderful about synthesis, which has to do
with an often-overlooked human gift — the gift of play. If you truly want to see the
genius of innovation, you only have to watch a young child at play. When seen
through the eyes of the 3rd Shadow, children appear to create nothing but chaos,
but to the higher eyes of the 3rd Gift, a child is the living expression of genius.“
“The power of this 4th Gene Key is the power to read and solve logical patterns,
and as we shall see in the case of the 4th Gift, this ability leads you to a universal
understanding of the rhythmic patterns and tendencies of all life.“
“Containing all the codes and patterns of life, the 5th Gene Key represents the
great digital library of consciousness in form. These codes lie coiled and
concealed within every single living cell, wound into the famous helical patterns
of your DNA. The 5th Gene Key is also one of those Gene Keys that is found in
all life forms, since it alone maintains the very rhythmical patterns that allow an
organism to stabilise within its particular environment. The 5th Gene Key is a
great mystical chess piece within the genome, since it also unites all these
separate organisms into one great universal rhythm — the pulse of life. “
“The 6th Shadow of Conflict is the single most influential Gene Key in regard to
the issue of human communication. At its highest potential, the 6th Gene Key is
the archetype of peace on earth, whilst at its lowest potential it is the root cause
of all human conflict. This conflict stems from the human emotional system and
our inability to handle the voltage of extreme emotional states…As the 6th Gift
enters into human relationships, the emotional barriers begin to break down
between people.”
“Wherever you recognise another as an authority or guide, the 7th Gene Key is
at play…Most people who are recognised as leaders do not want you to stop
being a victim because they unconsciously fear that it will put them out of
business. In this way, the leader is as much a victim of the 7th Shadow as the
follower…True leadership, like true education, does not impose itself on anyone.
It is the gift of being able to help others find their own way forward in life, rather
than taking away their individual power…At the Gift level of frequency, we see
the move away from fear towards service.”
“One of the deep fears emerging from the 8th Gene Key is the fear of success.
This fear is reinforced through its programming partner, the 14th Shadow of
Compromise. You compromise your dreams not because you fear you will fail,
but because you know that to succeed you will have to rebel against the whole of
society and its expectations of you.”
“Wherever we look into the matrix of this 9th Gene Key, it keeps pointing to the
same truth — that a person without an ideal burning inside them is essentially
destined to remain a follower of the crowd. However, it is important to distinguish
that this is not a Gift of dreaming but of sustained activity and work towards a
single powerful goal.”
“The 10th Gift of Naturalness can dawn only when self-obsession exhausts itself.
The first great revelation that comes from the journey into your own unique
nature is that you cannot be defined by any kind of label. Once you understand
that you are neither your name nor your actions, feelings, thoughts or beliefs, you
realise that human nature is something far greater and wider than you ever
“The 11th Shadow is a veritable minefield of lost dreams, escapist behavior,
denial, guilt and repression. If you could just begin to trust in the images that
come to you in your dreams and allow them to incubate in your imagination, you
would begin to emerge from the false dream that you have placed yourself in. To
awaken out of such a state is a vast experience. It is to step out of the illusion of
the rest of the world and to tread a new kind of path that is at odds with the
majority. It is the step that you must one day take to move from the 11th Shadow
into the 11th Gift. When you finally make this courageous inner leap, the dream
that has been hidden inside you for so long shakes you awake and introduces
you to a new and boundless horizon.“
“If you wish to play with the frequency of the 12th Siddhi, you need only keep
reminding yourself of your own heart. Beneath the layers of karma, ancestral fear
and inevitable childhood conditioning beats an aspect of the great universal
Heart — and its purity can be remembered. Its colour is the white beyond white
for it is the eternal child within you. It is the You that you cannot help but fall in
love with.”
“To be empathic is to have access to the egg out of which all the great myths
have sprung. Empathy alone goes further and deeper than myth because it
reunites the opposites and brings an end to the stories themselves. Empathy is a
state of consciousness outside of time, even though it enfolds time. Again this is
symbolised by the mystery of the number thirteen, which stands for the hub of
the great wheel of twelve, the mystic number of the grail at the centre of the
Round Table, or the Christ encircled by his twelve disciples. It is the number of
Arachne, the spider, the mystical thirteenth sign of the zodiac. She sits at the
heart of the web of creation and through her legs she remains in constant
empathy with all that is.”
”This 14th Gene Key forms a genetic codon group called ‘The Ring of Fire’,
which suggests that genius is a spark that needs to be fanned into action. The
other chemical component of this Ring of Fire is the 1st Gene Key with its Gift of
Freshness. Genius is therefore intimately connected to this idea of freshness and
newness. The greatest damage done to individuals in our world is the continual
programming by the low frequency collective consciousness that forces people to
compromise and give up on their dreams. The spark of genius is there at birth,
and if recognized at an early age, the child can lead a childhood individually
tailored to fan the flames of that particular genius.”
“The programming partner of the 15th Shadow is the 10th Shadow, which is
about self-obsession, and you cannot escape this polarity. You can only
experience it from another frequency. If you can allow the dullness to permeate
your entire being without being stuck in any reaction, it will cease to be dull. You
will experience it as growth and, at even higher levels, as the flowering of
consciousness known as Florescence. This is truly the miracle of the Spectrum
of Consciousness — that every Shadow state conceals a Divine Gift less than a
breath away. It doesn’t take a process to move from the Shadow to the Siddhi. It
is simply a matter of pure acceptance.”
“As long as you are indifferent, you can’t ever be different…As an aspect of the
Codon Ring of Prosperity, the 16th Gene Key is about excellence. To prosper
truly in the world is to find the one thing in life at which you excel above all
others. This is the true destiny of every human being, but to bring this dream to
fruition you must first step out of the shadows and take the risk of being
“This Gift ‘sees’ in a totally new way, understanding the minute mechanics of
life as well as seeing the whole picture. It allows universal knowing to settle
within the logical construct of the left brain, which can then express the
mechanics of oneness in totally new and fascinating ways.”
“To live with Integrity is to take on the whole world — to challenge it to meet the
high standards you are setting. Wherever you see someone living with Integrity,
you are seeing someone using the power of judgement in an objective and
impersonal way.”
“Through the 19th Gene Key you can see how each level of frequency has to
transcend itself entirely. Once humans overcome their co-dependence on outside
agencies, they finally achieve independence. Likewise, once they attain
independence, they then have to take another great leap — they have to give up
their hard-earned independence and trust in the totality itself.”
“The state of Self Assurance is your own greater nature emerging. It is a sign that
more consciousness is being allowed to incarnate into the physical vehicle. What
is occurring at this Gift level is that you are beginning to experiment with
humanity’s future instrument of awareness — the solar plexus system.”
“The relationship between authority and submission is the relationship between
yin and yang, between the male and female energies throughout our universe.
This balancing of the archetypes is a hallmark of the higher frequency of the 21st
Gift. You will find that all relationships play out this same drama — it is the core
relationship between parent and child, husband and wife, employer and
“The subject of the 22nd Gene Key is the true meaning of suffering. As you begin
to contemplate the suffering in your own life, you will perhaps come to see what
an incredible blessing it holds. This simple and sweet realisation can and will
transform your life. Welcome to the embrace of the Great Mother!”
“The Gift level of frequency is a clearing-house for the process of preparing you
to realise siddhic awareness. As such, the 23rd Gift is an ongoing process in
which more and more clutter is gradually removed from your inner and outer life.
As your mind clears, spaciousness opens inside you, allowing you to see things
with great clarity.“
“So what happens in the gap when you do embrace it? The answer is: absolutely
anything. The 24th Gift is truly magical and contains the secret to genius. Genius
is far more than lateral thinking — it is the ability to make quantum leaps. The
24th Gift is a birth canal for originality and surprises itself as much as others.”
“The path of love is the path of acceptance, which is not a technique but more of
a ‘seeing’. In order to accept something about yourself, and especially something
uncomfortable, it first must be recognised. This kind of acceptance takes place
when you build up the courage to look into your own Shadow.”
“The 26th Gene Key has to do with utilising light waves via the medium of the
individual will. In other words, through your willpower you can bend light and turn
it to your advantage. This Gene Key therefore has a great deal to do with the
correct and harmonious use of will.”
“The nature of this pod mind is Altruism, in the sense that if an individual member
the pod is in danger, all members will turn to assist it. Sometimes in mammals,
an older member will even sacrifice itself to save a younger member, thus
ensuring the continuation of the lineage.
In humans, altruism ensures our survival as a species. It ensures a happier,
healthier life, even though it may not always be the life you were expecting.”
“The Gift of Totality means to embrace the whole of your nature and the whole of
life — the pleasure and the pain.To be total in the sense of this Gift also means
to live without allowing your mind to dictate your life. This is life lived for the
moment, in the full knowledge that life purpose can only be found in the present
moment rather than in the distant future.”
“The secret to all commitment lies in the way in which you begin. It is the energy
behind your actions that creates your future rather than the actions themselves.
There is nothing that is worth doing in life unless it is done with absolute
commitment. It doesn’t matter whether you love it or hate it, if you attempt
anything half-heartedly you might as well not attempt it at all.”
“When you surrender to the helplessness of being a normal human being, then
something remarkable occurs — you experience a shift in frequency of your
whole being. You begin to lighten up. The 30th Gift is a new operating
wavelength for humanity, and it really involves an inner surrender that cannot be
forced or faked.”
“The 31st Gift naturally has an affinity with the future and is always expressing
the cutting edge of consciousness in form. Those with the 31st Gift can literally
become the voice of the collective. At the Shadow frequency they become the
voice of our fear, whereas at the Gift level they become the voice of our creativity
as well as the messengers of our future evolution.”
“The 32nd Gift is about keeping things alive. However, it is not about keeping just
anything alive, it is about knowingwhat to keep alive. It is the Gift of grafting,
which is the essence of true Preservation. You have to retain that which is strong
— the rootstock — and then you have to graft the new onto that which is strong.”
“True mindfulness occurs when you become aware that something else is
beginning to look through your eyes, think through your mind and live through
your actions. This something else is the larger reality remembering itself through
“Individual strength is something absolutely natural to all human beings. We are
talking about the ability to act in harmony with natural forces – the real definition
of strength.”
“Adventure is what happens when the human spirit breaks free of the
mind. Adventure is a state of being that comes from the realization of the
oneness of all being.”
“When your struggles with sexuality and emotional turbulence are finally
embraced openly and honestly, a remarkable Gift is born – you finally graduate
as a human being!”
“Through the 37th Gift, humanity will come to see that it is the family that makes
all human beings equal. We will find a new vision of family, both locally and
globally, and we will in time extend this vision to encompass the entire human
“Perseverance is the most essential human attribute of the inner warrior because
the darker forces of human instinct are so deeply embedded in our nature. Over
time, through perseverance, love and trust, you will eventually attain victory and
experience your own divinity.”
“If you do what you truly love you will unleash your creative dynamism, and the
more creative you are the more energy becomes available to you.”
“The 40th Gift is a genetic reminder inside each of us of the great importance of
relaxation in life. Life was never designed to be as hard as we humans
sometimes make it.”
“It is the difference between genius and non-genius. Genius manifests whilst
non-genius dreams.”
“If you are truly detached, you will feel more intensely than others because you
will not have allowed your expectation, positive or negative, to constrict the event
you actually experience.”
“The only way you can experience insight is unexpectedly, so you have to give
up looking for it. It has to be allowed to happen in its own time and in its own
“Humanity has always sensed the existence of the synarchy – it lies in all of our
myths of a past golden age or a future paradise or heaven on earth.”
“It is only through the selfless and unconditional giving away of responsibility and
authority that true power begins to travel through a network or organization. ”
“Delight is the sense of freedom that emerges from an appreciation of the
richness of being alive.”
“We are programmed to continually hit the shores of our limitations and dissolve
into something else.”
“As you learn to trust your not knowing, life resolves itself effortlessly and
beautifully and a natural process of reconditioning takes place inside you. You
begin to realize that you are capable of far more than you ever dreamed
“You cannot attain the siddhic state of consciousness without being totally
reborn. Every human being who has ever arrived at true enlightenment has
experienced such a rebirth.”
“Heterarchy places individual equilibrium before all else. It does this through
encouraging a process of individual creative empowerment where each individual
is given an extraordinary gift – trust.”
“Every time you have the courage to follow your own independent creative juices,
you have stepped through the 51st portal of Initiative.”
“If you begin something from a place of fear, that seed of fear will infect every
aspect of the expansion of that activity. If you begin with the right intention, then
everything will follow, but you must resist the temptation to interfere with the
process out of fear.”
“Life itself knows only expansion. Even when it chooses to contract, it does so
only in order to expand further in a new or different direction.”
“The roots support the branches, twigs and flowers and the fruit fertilizes the
roots. The 54th Gift is aware that all systems in nature are interconnected and
therefore cutting off energy from one area will ultimately deplete your own
resources. The 54th Gift aspires to a higher vision of prosperity.”
“Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances – it is the
freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the
freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.”
“This 56th Gift of Enrichment is a Gift of love, for the more you enrich the lives of
others, the more this Gift pours through your heart.”
“The process of learning again to trust in your intuition is nothing less than the
dismantling of the illusion that you are separate from life.”
“The 58th Gift is an unstoppable force that once set in motion cannot be turned
back. Not only does your life take on a new shape, but a far deeper process
overtakes you – the process of moving into the heart.”
“What we usually don’t realize is that the power of our sexuality, if embraced
fully, will open us to a higher state.”
“The only thing needed for magic to occur is some form of a structure and an
open mind.”
“The process of inspiration is a gradual releasing of your inner breath through the
fabric of your reality and out into the world. By its very nature the Gift of
Inspiration is spiritual because it serves to loosen the hold of your mental
constructs, opening and expanding your capacity for love.”
“Awakening is magical in its ability to bring about a natural balance within your
being. As the Gift of Precision grows stronger, it may seem as though the world
gradually begins to come alive again. As your language becomes purer, you
expose your heart to others and to the world. You are taking the greatest step –
the leap from worship to embodiment.”
“If you inquire deeply enough into anything, you will arrive at the revelation that
you the observer are intricately bound with that which you observe. At higher
levels of frequency, you begin to enter the holistic domain of synthesis in which
all phenomena are increasingly seen to affect each other. At a certain stage, the
Gift of Inquiry must always lead you back into your Self.”
“Those who exemplify the Gift of Imagination understand light and the properties
of Light. Light makes images possible and images are the fuel of imagination. To
imagine is therefore to see and envision. It bridges inner vision with the outer
eye. It allows your life to become a work in progress – a true work of art.”