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New Life Program Graduate

TOMMY CARGILL graduated from the New Life Program

on Sunday, December 2, 2007 in a ceremony held at
Revolution Church.
Sharing his testimony with those in attendance Tommy
stated, “It’s not about me, to count the cost. I must be willing
to sacrifice everything I want to do or be. God created me for
His purpose. Only my creator can reveal why I am here,
what my purpose is. It doesn’t start with me, it starts with
God. Focusing on God is the only way to discover my
purpose; everything else is a dead end.
The Beacon
Life is about letting God use me for His purposes, not me using Him. Being successful
and fulfilling my life’s purpose are, not at all the same issue. No matter how much
success I have, if I am not fulfilling my life’s purpose, it is all pointless. Self-help is no
help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way to finding yourself, your true self. The Bible is our
‘owner’s manual’. It explains why I am alive, how life works, what to avoid, and what
to expect in the future. I want to bring out my best. God wants to bring out His best in
If I want to discover my life’s purpose, I must turn to God’s word, not the world’s
Voice of the Salina Rescue Mission

wisdom. I discover my identity and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
God’s purpose for my life predates my conception. He planned my life before I existed,
‘without my input’. I can choose many aspects of my life, but I cannot choose my
purpose. My life is part of a much larger, cosmic purpose He has designed me for
eternity. Without God, Life makes no sense. This is where I am: learning to let God,
through Jesus Christ, use me for His purpose.”
Please remember Tommy in your prayers as he continues to walk in HIS STEPS!
February, 2008

Life After Graduation
HERMAN STEWART graduated from our New
Life Program on October 23, 2003 and has been
employed as a “blaster operator” at Geoprobe
Systems, Salina for the last 3 1/2 years.
Nearly five years ago he came to the mission
because he was homeless. Herman received the
gentle and loving compassionate care of the staff
and, in his own words he received - “A NEW
Through accepting Jesus as Lord, Herman began to face the reality of life and the
consequences of his choices. As he attended program classes, individual and group
therapy sessions, coupled with all the components of the New Life Program, Herman
began to change from inside out - Praise the Lord!
Allen Paradis, his supervisor at Geoprobe says that Herman “is a joy to watch and
develop as a person, and he is one the hardest workers in the shop. Herman is an asset
to our Lord and to Geoprobe”.
Herman also takes seriously his involvement with his local church. He is a member
of “Living Word of Christ Christian Center” serving as a deacon, usher and parking lot
security person. Herman also enjoys riding his bike and bowling. Every third Tuesday
of the month, he and men from his church conduct a chapel service at the Salina
Rescue Mission. Herman encourages the men of the shelter to get right with God and
“Offering the join the New Life Program.
Please pray for Herman and the men currently on the NLP. Contact Mr. Scott
Promise of a McDaniel, NLP Director, 785-823-2610 if you would like more information on how
bright future.” you may assist. Finally, “thank you” for your gifts of prayer, time and talents in
helping Herman discover a “new life”.
Christmas Eve Celebration!!

The Beacon Special Thanks

A publication from the St. John’s Military School for providing the building.
Salina Rescue Mission,
published four times a year. First Church of the Nazarene
for providing another delicious meal!!
SRM provides a Christian
ministry to persons in need Ms. Rebecca Covert & Ms. Sandy Shields
of food, shelter, clothing, or for organizing the Country Store.
other basic needs, and to
rehabilitate through the Scott McDaniel & Family & Friends for a
teaching of the Gospel of wonderful factual presentation of the Birth of Christ.
Jesus Christ.
Vol. 14/Iss. No. 1
Prayer & Praise
Praise for Answered Prayers:
Successful Dr. Temple Food Drive in November.
Easter Lily Sale Staff person with a very successful move to a home.
Friday - February 29 Hiring of a new supervisor to join the SRM staff.
Premium Lilies from Stutzman Substantial donations were given for the 3rd floor
Greenhouse, Hutchinson. project.
Orders may be picked up at
Completion of the first Crown Ministries ‘Financial
the Mission on Friday, March 14.
Matters’ class by the shelter guests and the NLP.
God’s strength and guidance was present through the
Flower Sale
Christmas holiday season and through the winter
Wed. - Sat. storms.
April 16-19
New Life Program graduation in December. The
Purchase Stutzman annuals, perennials,
graduate recently completed G.E.D. classes, and is
vegetables & potted plants for your now a college student at Brown Mackie College in
spring & summer gardens! Salina.

Mulligan Stew Golf Tournament Prayer Requests:

Friday - May 23 Finding the right person for Food Service Manager
Come join us for our annual golf tournament! position.
Successful implementation of new inventory system.
Thank you Stutzmans for the premium Health of staff and guests.
quality plants you provide for the All upcoming activities of the new year.
Salina Rescue Mission!
Hospitalized shelter guests, including a seriously ill
Our nation in this election year: the right person be
elected to the presidency, that a godly congress be
elected, that all state and local offices would be filled
with godly men and women, who would lead our
nation down righteous paths.

YES! I want to help SRM provide food, shelter and also offer the Promise of a bright future for the homeless and
needy. My gift is:
$100 $75 $50 $25 $10 $__________ For your convenience, you can now
make a donation with your credit card:
I would like more information on the Ambassador Clubs.
I want to volunteer! Please call me at _____________________ Card: MC VISA DISC AMEX
(Circle One)
Name: _________________________________________________ Card No.: _________________________
Address: _______________________________________________ Expires: __________________________
City, State Zip: ___________________________________________
Donation Amount: $_________
Return in the envelope provided. Signature: ________________________
All gifts are tax-deductible and acknowledged with a receipt.
Another Second Chance
Problems with drugs and alcohol for years made it easy for him to make bad choices.
Leaving Louisiana with the plan of reaching Las Vegas, MARLON GREEN and two
acquaintances were involved in the theft of items here in Salina with Marlon signing off
for this merchandise at a pawnshop. The group got to their destination and parted company.
When a warrant check on him in Las Vegas revealed his involvement in the crime, he was
extradited back to Salina to face the charges. He did not deny his role in the crime, pled
guilty to all charges and accepted his sentencing.

After Marlon’s release from jail he was unsure of where to go. The police suggested he
come to the Salina Rescue Mission. Marlon told me, “I had a close relationship with God at one point in my life, but I went
astray.” He confessed that he has struggled with alcohol and drugs for years. There have been times of sobriety but also a
return to these destructive substances. Marlon said, “I can think of a couple of different times that I cried out to God asking
God for help.”

Since arriving at the Salina Rescue Mission, Marlon has gotten a state ID, become gainfully employed, and is now doing
his community service. Moved to tears, Marlon told me how faithful God was in giving him a second change...again. He
is full of gratitude for the help he has received from the Mission, and has hope for a brighter future. “I know I’m safe here
at the Mission, but I’m scared because I know that drugs and alcohol are still out there. I don’t want to mess up again.”
Getting closer to Jesus, but acknowledging he still has much work to do including growing in the Lord, Marlon hopes one
day he will be able to give back to the Mission all the help the Mission has given him.

Please pray for Marlon, as he continues his journey.

SRM Needs
4 Deodorants, foot powder, toothbrushes Work boots in sizes 10-12
Disposable razors, shaving Cream Adult size shower shoes
Antihistamines, cough syrup, Socks - white
Cough drops/throat lozenges Boxers & briefs
Antacids 55 gallon trash bags
Tylenol/Advil, etc. AA Batteries
Triple antibiotic cream Push lawn mower
Empty, clean shampoo bottles -any personal size
USDA stamped & approved dairy products (i.e., milk, cheese)
USDA approved eggs
Pocket combs
Sneakers in sizes 9-11

A tremendous THANK YOU to the community for

already helping us with many items of great need!

For more information, go on-line to www.salinarescuemission.com

This helps to feed and care for the hungry and homeless, it also stretches our general fund dollars farther.
Please help; donations can be dropped off anytime at the Salina Rescue Mission at 1716 Summers Road
in Salina or call us at 785-823-2610.
The Annual
Salina Rescue Mission
Easter Lily Sale
Premium fresh Easter Lilies
from Stutzman Greenhouse in
6” pot with cover - $11.00
8” pot with cover - $18.00

Orders must be received by the

Mission no later than 2:00 PM on
Friday, February 29, 2008. Clip
and mail the coupon below or call
785 823-2610 and ask for Donald.

Orders may be picked up at the

Mission, 1716 Summers Rd., on
Friday, March 14, 2008. Loading
assistance is available.
Thank you for helping to feed the
poor, hungry and homeless!

Clip and mail this coupon to the Salina Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 1667,
Salina, Kansas 67401 by Feb. 29, 2008

My order is: ____ 6” Easter Lilies at $11.00 each. Total Cost: $ _______
____ 8” Easter Lilies at $18.00 each. Total Cost: $ _______

My order total: $ _______

Name: _________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.

Come and see the place where he lay. Matthew
28:6 NIV
Salina Rescue Mission Organization
1716 Summers Road U.S. Postage Paid
P.O. Box 1667 Salina, Kansas 67401
Salina, Kansas 67402-1667 Permit No. 417
785 823-2610 (Fax No. 785 452-9121)

Rev. Stephen Kmetz

Executive Director


Extra! Extra!
Would you like to receive less mail from the
mission and save the mission money in printing
and postage, yet receive a personal thank you letter
from Steve every month and you can still give a
monthly gift?

We have several donors that have enrolled in our monthly giving

club. I invite you to prayerfully consider this great opportunity.
Please note on the response insert and return with your gift and
we will send you all the information.

A Final Thought . . .
Last summer, while on vacation I purchased some bait and fished from the end of the houseboat that we were
staying on. I was not fishing for anything in particular when one of the other houseboat owners said, “you
know, my grandson used pieces of hotdog and was catching catfish weighing between 3-6 pounds each”. So, I
purchased hotdogs and cut them into smaller pieces (this package was cheaper than the worms) and was
determined to catch catfish.

You know what happened... in about 30 minutes I caught a catfish that weighed about 2 pounds. And, over the
course of the next few days, I was able to catch about 20 pounds of catfish. Go figure!

This reminds me of my spiritual life. I can recall a time that I wanted to present a new program to a friend of
the mission and I did everything that I knew to do - I purchased the best ‘bait’ possible and nothing occurred.
Then, in the course of a normal conversation with the same person over a cup of coffee I was able to share my

I think that a lesson learned is better to have the One that made the “bait” than have the best “bait”. As you
seek avenues of sharing your faith, maybe you will be able to discuss the many different uses of hotdogs. May
our Lord Bless and Keep YOU!

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