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Lalor Secondary College


Semester 1 2016
Year: 9 Subject: Italian
WEEK Topic Learning Intention Lesson Content Resources ASSESSMENT
(ICT highlighted)
Review and To be able to identify what Brainstorm as a class any words of phrases
overview we know about Italy and we remember.
Italian also, what we need to
revise. Quiz about Italy Pg 2 Formula Italiano 1

Review of alphabet, numbers, verb Pages from Formual

conjugations. Italian 1 AB
Students will continue to
practice their verbs skills and Review avere, essere and the three verb Pg 18 Ecco
build their vocabulary. conjugations.
Revision booklet in their
Write up the technical words of a verb on the folder.
1-2 board and ask students if they know the
BLUE meanings. Handouts from Volare 1
GREEN & 2 to help.
Subject pronoun, infinitive, conjugation, regular
verb, auxiliary, stem
Verb booklet – in
Students to conjugate essere, avere, and grammar resource
three each of the -are, -ere and -ire verbs. folder

Review the definite article, M/F endings, and

possessive adjectives.

Give out order for their orals during the

Each lesson students will talk for two minutes
about a topic, I will give them a new topic
every term.

Term 1 – Themselves and family.

Part of their oral assessment.

Italian Students will be introduced to Every lesson students to complete some Pg 114-118 Volare CB
Immigration the topic of migration verb work for 10 minutes. & AB
Class discussion on ‘Migration’.
o What is it? Pg 120- 123
o What examples can we talk
To learn about the history of about?
Italians and other cultures o Who has migrated, who knows
who have migrated to anyone that has migrated,
Australia. what was their journey like?

. Students to interview a migrant on their

Reading Aloud:

Pg 114 – 115 – class to then complete activity

Italians in Australia fact sheet on
3-4 computer (for updated stats.)
BLUE http://museumvictoria.c
5.10 pg 116 Volare om.au/immigrationmuse
GREEN 5.11 – Italians in Aus – discuss answers as a um/education/education
class. -kits/avventura/
(stories of Italian
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGJGEdCF migrants to victoria)
video on Italian migration.

Application – Activity 5.38 http://museumvictoria.c

Questions from this activity to be written on the om.au/immigrationmuse
board. Students needs to refer to pg 114 of um/education/education
CB -kits/avventura/
Activity 5.39 AB

Questions to be put up on PowerPoint for

students to read.
Student’s will further
investigate the journey of an Comprehension in Italian.
Italian Migrant L’intervista con grazia pg 116
Read aloud as a class then students to answer
questions from AB pg 5.40 pg 121

Web Quest about Italian migrants

Learning Task:
Students to have a diverse way of knowing
about Migrants to Australia.

Students to research a Migrant group of their

choice and how they migrated to Australia.

Students to also start writing revision notes for

their Cultural test and comprehension task.
Next Week.
Love’s Student’s will watch Love’s Pre movie discussions questions Love’s Brother & Cultural Test – Italian
Brother Brother to understand the resource questions Migration
concept of migrant life in Movie and discussion
Australia Comprehension
Post movie discussion questions. reading task.
BLUE To visualise the life of proxy

Migration & To consolidate knowledge on Tutorial Verbo essere: Revision questions Cultural test on
Love’s migration and link to Love’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhiiNcEOJ sheet Love’s Brother
Brother Brother uw

Verbo Avere:

Regular verbs present tense:

Casa dolce To learn the vocabulary of please watch the video: Ecco 2 Text book
Casa the house whilst https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0G6ZszBf
consolidating previous 50 Ecco 2 CD
7 ‘Home sweet knowledge of verbs.
BLUE home’ Then take the test: Coloured paper.
Refer to _article_determinative/quiz2401.html
Casa dolce Please follow the link to your test: ECCO 2 TB
8 Casa . http://goo.gl/forms/8vkZ61xCDK ECCO 2 WB
Objects in To apply our prior knowledge your homework for this week is to complete INTERNET RESEARH
the home of the definite article.
your Power Point on families. It must contain all
the slides required with picture, text and audio
components. ECCO 2 TB

Seven slides are needed.

1. Introduce and describe a family

2. introduce and describe yourself
3. Introduce and describe your mother
The Italian To understand the
4. introduce and describe your father
flag importance of the Italian flag
5. introduce and describe one
6. introduce and describe an uncle/aunt
7. introduce your house+ say how you
get to school+ say what time you leave
to go to school+say what time you
come back from school.

It is due by the end of this week and must be

submitted uploading the file into the shared
folder accessible from this link.

As a resource, you can use the video I showed

in class

Moreover, you are encouraged to practice with

the activities accessible from the following link


Ordinal We will understand the Firstly, I need to ask all the students who All the related activities Vocabulary Test
numbers ordinal numbers in Italian haven't submitted their Power Point on families can be accessed
to send it to me to the following email address through the following
not later than the end of this week. links:
alesci.alessandro.a@edumail.vic.gov. http://www.verbs-
au online.com/italian-
Make sure you included pictures, text and verbs/italian-verbs.htm
We will know how to use audio. The instructions about that can be found http://www.softschools.c
ordinal numbers in Italian. in the previous lesson plans I uploaded for you om/quizzes/italian/the_a
and accessible through the tab resources in rticle_determinative/qui
the Italian class section. z2401.html
Secondly, In order for you not to forget what om/quizzes/italian/
Numbers we have done so far, I encourage you to keep http://www.education.vi
1000- 1 We will learn how to say and practicing revising all the topics we have c.gov.au/languagesonli
WEEK 1 million write those long historical ne/italian/topic10/no_02
covered in class:
dates in Italian Regular verbs, verb essere, verb avere, /no_02.htm
10 definite articles, indefinite articles..

GREEN All the related video tutorials can be accessed

through the following links:
Tutorial Verbo essere:
Verbo Avere:
Regular verbs present tense:
Definite and indefinite articles
Finally, I would like you to practice
with duolingo. If you haven't got an account
yet, follow the link and create one, then start a
new course.
6 June 2016 Dear colleague,
Thanks for taking this class.

Students have been learning a poem of their

choice by heart.

Play the recordings of the poems first. You can

find the Audio files under the section resources
of this class. I will also leave a USB with a
copy of the files.

Week 11 Ask a volunteer to recite his/her poem in front

of the class, then allow the rest of the class to
practice in pairs.
2 Tell them that this will be their last chance to
learn the poem and next time they will be
BLUE assessed on it.

As an extra activity, you can ask students to

copy the cartoon story, frame by frame, on
page 19 -Mi piace-. They can draw the
characters and background and copy the
speech bubbles from the book. Make sure they
leave a blank box at the bottom of each frame
where they will be writing the translation.


Alessandro Alesci
Advertising Students will present their Prezi, PowerPoint, Speaking & Writing
advertisements to the class. Voice recorders. Assessment

ICT assessment

WEEK ECCO 2 TB Student’s present Ad.

Students will discuss ECCO 2 WB
3 In Citta’ different places around town
and how to get there.

Prezi, PowerPoint, Speaking & Writing

Voice recorders. Assessment
In citta – Students will learn the use of
articulate articulated prepositioins Students present ad’s

13 ECCO 2 TB




2 Ex 2.43 /44 pg 68

WEEK Al Telefono
14 Students will identify and As an assessment task, students have to
practice how to begin polite memorize a poem of their choice in Italian from
5 telephone conversation when a provided list. Most of them have been given
asking to speak to someone. handouts. If you need more copies you can
GREEN find the pdf at this link:

Please allow them to hear the audio recordings

of the four poems first and then allow time for
them to practice reading one line each in pairs.

Finally, they start reading and repeating with

the goal of memorization.

As homework, students work on their textbook

on the ALL TALK questions on page 14 related
to the cartoon story we have previously
completed. They have to answer the questions
from 1 to 8 following the structure I previously

Students will be introduced to

modal verbs and practice
using potere in the first
person singular.

WEEK Modal verbs Students will continue to

develop their telephone Villa Romana:
6 conversation knowledge and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EymFlMv
skills through practice. Vy4

Students will build their Students will be sitting their Written Suggested video
WEEK Possessive grammatical skills by Assessment Task on Thursday. It will run for tutorials are:
Adjectives understanding the use of the the whole period and they will be allowed to Tutorial Verbo essere:
7 possessive adjective. use dictionaries. https://www.youtube.co
Please allow them to use laptops to practice w
GREEN with online materials in order to revise and Verbo Avere:
practice for the Assignment. https://www.youtube.co
Tell them they need to revise every topic we OA
have covered so far included: Regular verbs present
 verb endings of regular (verbs with m/watch?v=TSX4qFLC
infinitives ending in -are, -ere, -ire) and Kig
irregular verbs ( essere, avere, fare..). Definite and indefinite
 masculine and feminine definite https://www.youtube.co
articles (il, lo, la) and indefinite articles m/watch?v=h0G6ZszBf
(un, un', uno, una). 50
 vocabulary of topics covered so far (la m/watch?v=FEUEzOfX
casa, la famiglia, greetings, likes and o-4
dislikes, colors, animals, musical
instruments, countries and
nationalities, modes of transport) Suggested websites
 Watch youtube videos if you like using
keywords for your searches, om/quizzes/italian/the_it
e.g. Italian vocabulary la casa alian_articols/quiz2365.
Romans: Questions: z2401.html
1/ http://www.verbs-
Questions: verbs/italian-
verbs.htm (both regular
Poems: and irregular verbs)
Italian audio dictionary: http://www.sporcle.com/
http://www.vocabolaudio.com/ games/bubblegumkitty/i


Verbs Students will build their verb POWERPOINT Quizlet.com Speaking / Listening
Venire knowledge of irregular verbs Venire pg 27 -5 assessment
by understanding the Students to copy out notes and conjugations
conjugation of venire. Practice writing sentences. Speaking pg 42
Complete Ex G part 3 pg 21 WB tutti al
cinema Listening assessment
1 pg 40 TRAK
WEEK Complete Ex I Vuoi Venire pg 22 WB – ECCO 2 TB WB
17 Listening task

ICT – as GKR
BLUE Clothing/ Introduction to clothing. Using page 30 – 31 SNAP. Working with
Fashion words and word wise students are to create a
quizlet on fashion items.

Read through working with words page 32 to

assist .

Add to Lavoriamo con le parole pg 16 WB.

Young Students will identify and use Begin using the verbs “indossare” and Languages Online
people the verbs to be used with “portare” to talk about the use of clothes in a website.
shopping fashion. real-life context. http://www.education.vi
fashion c.gov.au/languagesonli
WEEK Review with the conjugate these ARE verbs in ne/italian/italian.htm
18 the Present tense. Do this through a
collaborative exercise on the board.

GREEN Students will revise the Students will review the use of the definite and
definite and indefinite article. indefinite article through languages online

Listening & Reading assessments next couple

of weeks.
Review and Consolidation of Students to complete Exercises as revision Languages Onlne Reading assessment
what we have learned. K – pg 24 WB – cothing items. worksheets. R – Trak pg 47
Ex L pg 24 WB – prices.
Ex J – pg 23 WB – review of venire. http://www.education.vi
Young Ex N pg 26- non portiamo la divisa. c.gov.au/languagesonli
people ne/italian/italian.htm
Ex M – review of the possessive adjective.
La Moda Ex J – Review of venire Hard copy in folder.
EX O - listening activity
Ex P – Listening activity
Ex Q – Reading activity
Ex R – Reading & Writing activity

19 Worksheets from languages online
Students will familiarise 1. Describing outfits
themselves with the habits of 2. Create outfits from the descriptions.
shopping of young Italians to
prepare them for their OR
BLUE cultural task. Make it pg 40 TB


Lucia, Fioralba, Danada fanno shopping. Pg

34 TB

Complete all talk pg 35.

Read on pg 37 TB – as a class, in Italian

discussion of what is happening.

Students will build their Hand out the cultural assessment due next You tube clip. Missoni Listening assessment
WEEK Cultural cultural knowledge of Italian term, this will count towards their cultural mark
20 La Moda ways of life. for semester two not one. https://www.youtube.co L – Trak pg 41
Italiana m/watch?v=MUbW77Xh
Read – Here in Italy pg 38 , Students to sAA
11 complete Moving between cultures pg 39 Differentiated Cultural
missoni factory tour. assessment – due
GREEN week 2 sem 2.
Watch Missoni video to introduce them to
famous Italian designers – this will assist with
their cultural task.