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Parking Management Services of America Transitions Towards Ticketless Valet


It's out with the old and in with the new. After successfully pilot testing ticketless valet parking
operations throughout multiple venues, Parking Management Services of America (PMSA) plans to
roll out the digital platform to all of its clients in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Los Angeles, CA, February 28, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Clients of PMSA will soon have the option to
digitally check in their vehicles whenever they choose to valet park. Under this new platform, the client
will be given an option to receive a virtual valet ticket sent to their mobile phone, after which they can
request for it to be brought back through that device. This new technology replaces the current
hand-to-hand ticket practice that most valet parking companies still use today.

Additional benefits of the new platform will include clients also having the option to pay for their parking
fee through their mobile phone using a credit card, thus eliminating the need to pay in cash.

End users of the campaign including the contracted businesses of PMSA will also appreciate the new
platform. Upon each and every exit, a satisfaction survey can be sent to the clients, allowing for their
immediate feedback about their valet parking experience. "This new platform is an industry game
changer," says PMSA CEO, Eric Vargas. "There are so many businesses out there that have no clue how
their customers are responding to their contracted valet parking services. With these exit surveys, both the
business and the parking operator will be on the same page."

Eric Vargas was recognized in 2015 by the National Parking Association as "One of the parking
industry's best and brightest young professionals representing the future of the parking industry." Having
been with PMSA since 2001, Eric has helped the private parking company grow into one of today's most
reputable parking management operators throughout the Los Angeles market.

For more information about PMSA and their ticketless valet parking solutions, visit

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