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Taylor Hultman

3814 Northeast 50th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64119 | 912.432.0342 | taylorhultman@gmail.com

07 February 2018

University of Kansas Health System – Kansas City Hospital

4000 Cambridge Street
Kansas City, KS 66160

Dear Adam Olberding:

I was notified that the position for Internal Clinical Nurse Entry was available for the Emergency
Department through the career portal of the University of Kansas Health System website. I am currently enrolled in
the nursing program at the University of Saint Mary where I will complete the requirements necessary for this
position. Along with the experiences of several clinical rotations at a variety of hospitals, I am also currently
employed as an Emergency Medical Technician with the Emergency Department at the University of Kansas
Medical Center for the past 3 years. Upon my completion of the nursing program in May 2018, I hope to continue
my medical career with the University of Kansas Hospital in the emergency department as a bachelor's prepared
registered nurse.

I believe that my previous military experiences prepared me adequately to work as a nurse in the
emergency department. During my time as a Team Leader in the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout, I
experienced a multitude of tasks and missions that resulted in successful outcomes due to my dedication and
ability to lead and work as a team. As a part of the team, I learned how to support my soldiers with positive
encouragement and constructive criticism. I believe that teamwork is a crucial key for success, especially in an
emergency setting. It takes a group of highly skilled nurses working toward a common goal to provide the best
patient centered care. My experiences of multiple combat deployments helped me to refine my teamwork skills.
These have proved already useful in my job as an Emergency Medical Technician in the ED and during my clinical
rotations in the nursing program.

My persistence to succeed while in the military has also been reflected in my work ethic. I learned that with
determination and endurance, I can achieve goals that I have set out for myself and the groups that I participate in.
During my time in clinical rotations and at work, I have witnessed that it is easier for a self-confident nurse to
advocate for and empower their patients. I believe that I will be able to utilize the confidence I have gained from
my military leadership experiences to better advocate for my future patients within the inter-professional team.

I believe that working as a nurse at the University of Kansas Hospital will allow me to fully practice the
skills that I have acquired during my collegiate education and military experiences. I would be honored to continue
my employment with the emergency team and work to deliver world-class care as a new graduate nurse.


Taylor M. Hultman