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Release Date: March, 2001 Model(s) Affected: V3D DOS and Pro32™
Priority Status:When Subject Exists Alignment Machines

V3D Cold Weather Settings

GENERAL OVERVIEW: _________________________________________________________

In cold climates it may be necessary to change some internal settings of the V3D due to thermal mirage. Thermal
mirage occurs when warm air from a heat source (heater) first blows into colder air in the shop. The warm air is less
dense than the cold air and the cameras actually see the varying density, causing the targets to appear to move.
When this phenomenon occurs, some processes in the aligner may slow down or become unstable. Changing the
settings listed below addresses this issue without adversely affecting machine accuracy.

Thermal mirage may occur in either DOS or Pro32™/Windows machines. Settings may be done in the same manner
on both DOS and Pro32™ machines.

A Cold Weather V3D solution has been developed for use with Pro32™ V3D alignment systems. This is available at for those who have Internet Access to the Technical
Support web site. This is a downloadable, self-extracting zipped file that may be used to correct Cold Weather V3D
thermal mirage issues.
An installation procedure for this program may also be downloaded from the same site. See for the downloadable instructions.

For those who do NOT have Internet Access, the following procedure may be substituted. When modifying settings
manually, care must be taken to follow the instructions precisely.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN:_________________________________________________________

NOTE: Prior to starting any edit procedure on the HMAIN.CMD file, make a backup copy of that file. This may
be done from the DOS prompt by typing copy hmain.cmd hmain.old then
pressing ¬. A backup copy of the HMAIN.CMD file will be stored on the hard drive under the name
HMAIN.OLD. This provides insurance should an error be made when editing the HMAIN.CMD file.

DOS File Access Procedure:

1. Turn unit OFF and then back ON.
2. From the blue START screen, select “exit to operating system”. A password is required, type iaexit
3. Directory c:\ias\prog> should be displayed. If the correct directory is NOT displayed, type
cd\ias\prog and press ¬. With the correct directory displayed, type edit and press ¬.
Windows 95/98 File Access Procedure:
1. Exit Pro32™. Exit Windows 95/98 by clicking the START button, then Shut Down. Check the Restart in
MS-DOS mode radio button, then click OK.
2. The C:\Windows> directory will be displayed. Change the directory by typing cd\ias\prog then
pressing ¬.
3. With the correct directory displayed, type edit and press ¬.

Copyright  2001 EquiServ

V3D Cold Weather Settings Page 2 of 2 03/15/2001

DOS and Windows 95/98 Command File Edit Procedure:
4. The DOS edit utility screen will open. Press <Esc> then <Alt-F> to open the file dialog box. Press O to
access the file open command line, or press the Down Arrow to highlight Open… then press ¬.
5. Type Hmain.CMD. The command file will open. Press <Alt-F> to open the file dialog box, then a
to save the file under another name. Type the new file name, This will be used when
switching from cold to hot weather parameters.
6. Again, press <Alt-F> to open the file dialog box, then o to open a file. Type Hmain.CMD. The
command file will open. Scroll down to the settings listed below, change the values as shown, then press
<Alt-F> to open the file dialog box, then S to save the file. Press <Alt-F> then x to exit the DOSEDIT
nPositioning = 10 (default = 5)
nCasterSwing = 7 (default = 5)
measStabilityTol = .20 (default = .10)
measStabilityTolTheta = .40 (default = .05)
runWobbleTol = .15 (default = .10: NEVER exceed 0.15!)
Smoothing factor (Kalman filter) = .9 (default = 0.5)

CAUTION: Arrow down until the listed file appears. Under NO circumstances change any settings other than
the ones listed or by more than the amounts shown or accuracy will be compromised!
.bat files may be written to allow the customer to switch from “hot weather” to “cold weather” parameters easily. A .bat
file can be written and dropped on the desktop of a Windows unit, or may be written and left in the root directory of the
hard drive on a DOS machine, together with instructions regarding how to activate the patch accessed using the .bat
To create a cold weather parameter .bat file, go to the DOS prompt (for either Windows or DOS machines) and
type the following sequence:
Copy con cold.bat ¬
Cd\ias\prog ¬
Rename hmain.cmd ¬
Rename hmain.cld hmain.cmd ¬
(for Windows) exit ¬
(for DOS) start ¬
(press and hold the ctrl key and type Z. This will show on the screen as indicated) ^Z ¬

Create a Hot Weather parameter .bat file:

Copy con hot.bat ¬

Cd\ias\prog ¬
Rename hmain.cmd hmain.cld ¬
Rename hmain.cmd ¬
(for Windows) exit ¬
(for DOS) start ¬
^Z ¬

BILLING INSTRUCTIONS: _______________________________________________________

Code the time and material used for this action as:



In the Comments Section of the Work Order write: ‘Reference ECN#01J0103’.

Copyright  2001 EquiServ