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Release Date: September, 2001 Model(s) Affected: Aligners equipped with Pro32
including: EEWA101A, EEWA103A,
Priority Status: Next Service Call
EEWA106A, EEWA107A, WA-1006
(JBC), EEWA127B8 (SUN), V5, V8,
V9, V3D (Pro32 only).
Loading the Okidata 10E Printer Status Monitor

GENERAL OVERVIEW: __________________________________________________________

It has been determined that several printer issues that occur in the field can be easily identified by the software
provided by the printer manufacturer. The Status Monitor program is located on the factory-supplied installation
CD. When installed, this program can be used to pinpoint such printer irregularities as low toner, a paper jam, or
being out of paper. This bulletin will instruct the field technician how to install the Status Monitor for the 10E

PARTS LIST: __________________________________________________________________

The program driver information outlined in this document is located on the CD that is provided by the
manufacturer with the installation of a new printer.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: _________________________________________________________


Motherboard BIOS Setup:

1. Enter the CMOS setup by pressing, <DELETE> while the system is booting up.
2. Select “Integrated Peripherals” from the main menu.
3. Select “Parallel Port Mode” by scrolling toward the bottom.
4. Using the Page up and Page down keys set the mode to EPP (this will allow for bi-directional communication
between the printer and the computer which is needed for this program).
5. Save settings and Exit CMOS.
6. Allow the machine to reboot into Windows.

Copyright  2001 EquiServ

WA-1006 Page 2 of 2 09/27/2001

Software Installation, Okidata 10E:

1. At the desktop, remove the existing printer driver by selecting <START>, <SETTINGS>, <PRINTERS> and
deleting all existing printer drivers.
2. Insert the “OKIPAGE 10E” Installation Disk into the CDROM drive.

3. Select <START> then <RUN> and type '?,QVWDOOH[H

(or$?,QVWDOOH[H if installing from Floppy download).
4. Press <OK> to begin the installation process.
5. Once inside the installation program, select the <Printer Software> icon.
6. Answer all questions about the printer setup and allow Adobe Acrobat Reader to install.
7. Press <Finish> and answer <Yes> to exit the setup.

Using the Status Monitor:

To check the status monitor, select <START>, <Programs>, <Okipage 10E> then <Status Monitor>. However,
during normal alignment use, the Status Monitor will automatically display a detected problem within a popup

BILLING INSTRUCTIONS:________________________________________________________
No Special Billing Instructions are needed for this Service Procedure.

Code the time and material used for this action as the situation warrants.

Copyright  2001 EquiServ