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Collection of SAP - Basis Questions

This is created from my notebook - the questions I have collected during my

preparation for SAP basis certifications. I have passed the certification with
flying colours and feel that practising mock tests using different questions greatly
help passing any exam. Especially you prepare a group and discuss.

I have prepared infact keyed in the questions along with the hints(in lot of cases)
and created this pdf. I also had created a small mock test software, which also
came in of great use. May be I will be sharing the same in future ....

Will be happy on your comments about it in my blog......

Dont forget to visit my blog at wordpress ( ) as I

am sharing my experiences there as a Basis and Database Admin.
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Phase (A set of 25 Questions) - 2

26 . Spool request is created by which processes/


Option Correct?

a. BTC processes Y

b. DIA processes Y

c. ENQ processes N

d. DIS processes N

e. IGS prcesses N

27 . You need to implement password policy so that locked user do

not unlock automatically in your landscape where the
production system has one Central Instance and five dialogue
instance. How do you establish the same.
Hint: Best way to do is to give the same effect to all dialogue instances using it in
default profile. Name of the parameter is ogin/failed_user_auto_unlock and the
value must be 0.

Option Correct?

a. login/failed_user_auto_unlock value to be changed in instance N


b. login/failed_user_auto_lock value to be changed in start profile N

c. login/failed_user_auto_unlock value to be changed in instance N

profile of all the dialogue instance and central instance

d. login/failed_user_auto_unlock value to be inserted with proper Y

value in default profile.

e. rdisp/user_unlock_auto required to be changed in default profole. N

28 . In ABAP + JAVA installation, ICM connects to the JAVA

dispatcher using which protocol?
Hint: Check the following link for better understanding, actually in my my opinion this is
a must.
Actually this is a separate protocol, which ICF uses is an http request along with
additional information like length of the request and the type of request whether it

Option Correct?
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f. Memory pipes Y

29 . What are the work processes types available on an SAP Web

Application server?
Hint: All of them are processes but Message server and ICM are not defined as work

Option Correct?

a. Dialogue work processes Y

b. Message server work process N

c. Update work process Y

d. ICM work process N

e. Background work process Y

f. Enqueue work process Y

g. Spool work process Y

30 . Task handlers task is to …


Option Correct?

a. Co-ordinate between presentation tier and application tier. N

b. Co-ordinate between DIA and BTC N

c. Co-ordinate between dispatcher and message server. N

d. Translate openSQL to dtatabase specific native SQL. N

e. Co-ordinating between the activities inside processes . Y
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31 . Although any RDBMS transaction has it own locking
mechanism and based on ACID principle, SAP also maintain its
own locking mechanism which also based on ACID principle.
Why so?
Hint: Because SAP ensures ACID principle for business transaction. One business
transaction can consists of one or more database transactions.

Option Correct?

a. An SAP transaction is based on several database transaction which Y

together only using a process cycle defined completely and

b. Due to multiplexing facility, one dialogue transaction is catered my N

many different work processes, which subsequently raises many
database transactions.

c. Locking mechanism on the application layer enhances the N

performance, reduces the memory and CPU requirement in the

d. SAP kept this option in the architecture forseeing any possible bugs N
in the underlying database technology, thus enhancing consistency of
the data accumulated.

32 . Find out the statements which are not true considering SAP
development environments.

Option Correct?

a. ABAPer releas his/her own task and team lead release the entire N
change request

b. The task is released by team lead. Y

c. It is the ABAPer who is responsible to copy the config change Y

across clients within a single system using SCC1.

d. ABAP workbench has the change transport tool inbuilt in it. Y

33 . SAPCCMSR agent is created using following step/s?


Option Correct?

a. Create RFC connection to self using nomen cleature <SID>CCMSR N

b. Create CSMREG User. Y

c. Register CSMRADM user in Java Server N

d. Create CSMCONF file Y
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e. Agent registration in visual administrator. Y

34 . Which of the following traces can be started without restarting

the SAP system?

Option Correct?

a. Authorization trace N

b. Database trace N

c. Buffer traces Y

d. background traces. N

d. SQL trace. Y

e. Syslog trace N

35 . Who first connects database behind SAP.


Option Correct?

a. V1 Update process. N

b. V2 update process N

c. Dispatcher N

d. Message server N

e. Gateway Y

f. Dispatcher N


36 . Chose the correct sequence of buffer allocation for a dialogue

work process?

Option Correct?

a. Rollfirst, Extended memory till quota exhausted, Remaining Roll N

Area, Exteded Memory.

b. Rollfirst, Extended memory till quota exhausted, Remaining Roll Y

Area, Heap Memory.

c. Rollfirst, Heap Memory, Extended memory till quota exhausted, N

Remaining Roll Area.
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d. Rollfirst, Extended Memory, Heap memeory, Remaining Roll Area. N

37 . What is true related to IGS?

Hint: Read SAP Note 454042 for detail information on IGS.

Option Correct?

a. This is a component of SAP since release 3.0 and above N

b. This is a component only available with Netweaver Java installation N

c. This is a fixed component for both ABAP and Java installation since Y

d. Standalone version IGS was available with SAP Web AS 6.2 Y

38 . IGS Consists of only the following parts….

Hint: Read SAP Note 454042 for detail information on IGS.

Option Correct?

a. Interpretor and Multiplexor N

b. Plugins ABAP, Plugin JAVA, Interpretor and IGS Admin N

c. Multiplexor, Port Watcher and GRAPHICS_IGS_ADMIN N

d. Multiplexor, Port Watcher and Interpretor Y

39 . SAP netweaver Java cluster consists of


Option Correct?

a. All the services of a SAP java installation on a cluster service N

created with Tivoli.

b. All the services of a SAP java installation on a cluster service N

created with Veritas Clusterware.

c. All the services of a SAP java installation on a cluster service N

created with native OS cluster facility.

d. Central Service, Java instance, Database Y

40 . Starting of SAP instance in an Unix/Linux environment consists

of following sequences…

Option Correct?
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SAPOSCOL, DB, instance Y

SAPOSCOL, DB, instance, Message server, Diapatcher, Work Y


SAPOSCOL, instance, DB N

SAPOSCOL, instance, DB, Message server, Diapatcher, Work N


41 . Select the correct options related with trace files associated with
the work processes
Hint: dev_w<m> (m is the work process number): Developer trace for the work
processes which should not be 0. dev_disp and dev_rd related to dispatcher and
gateway which are processes but not the work processes and nothing is known as

Option Correct?

b. sterror0 N

c. dev_rd N

d. dev_w0 N

e. dev_w2 Y

f. dev_jcontrol N

42 . Choose correct statement/s related to Visual Adnministrator

and Configtool.

Option Correct?

a. Both Visual administrator and Configtool can be used to change N

parameters only when instance is up and running.

b. Visual admin can dynamiacally change system parameters but N

Configtool can not.

c. Both configtool and visual admin require same user authentication N

on startup.

d. Virtual machine related parameter can not be changed by Visual Y


e. Virtual machine related parameter can be changed by Configtools Y

43 . Transaction RZ20 offers the fo owing options: Choose the

correct answer(s).

Option Correct?
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a. Central monitoring of several SAP systems. Y

b. Simple definition of system-specific threshold values Y

c. Links to many standard administration functions Y

d. Definition of automatic reactions to specific system statuses. Y

e. Simple restarts of entire SAP systems or individual instances N

44 . Which is true related to data structture of SAP system?


Option Correct?

a. Client specific data, Cross client cutomising, Repository Y

b. Application database, Client specific customisation and Repository N

c. Client-specific data and cross-client Customising N

d. Database, application and SAP Gui. N

45 . ALE (Application Link Enabling) is used for exchachange data..

Hint: ALE is used to exchange data across system boundaries following an agreed
protocol and technology.

Option Correct?

a. Between SAP systems, as long as they have the same release N


b. Across system boundaries, but only for SAP applications N

c. Between collaborating enterprises, using certain formats and Y


d. Using the XMLformat and the HTTPS protocol Y

e. None of the abobe N

46 . What are true considering ITS?


Option Correct?

a. The WGate communicates directly with dialog work processes. N

b. The AGate communicates with SAP system application servers Y

c. Automatically converts protocols from HTTP to DIAG/RFC and back Y

d. Automatically generates SAP screens as HTMLpages Y
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e. Uses IACs to implement predefined internet scenarios Y

f. Sends Idocs N

47 . Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI) used for

Hint: BAPIs are used to access business processes in an SAP system and to request
and transfer data between systems. GUI functions cannot be transferred to third-
party products.

Option Correct?

a. Send data to an SAP system Y

b. Transfer SAP screen images to a third party applications N

c. Access business processes in SAP systems. Y

d. Reuqest data from an SAP system. Y

48 . The technology mySAP , but is not limited to….

Hint: .All the objects named above are elements of mySAP Technology, with the sole
exception of the Linux operating system.

Option Correct?

a. Linux Operating system - open source N


c. Web Application Server Y

d. ITS Y

e. SAP Business Connector Y

49 . Identify statements accurately describe a client in an SAP

Hint: The data for all clients of a SAP system stored within a single common database.
This data (Clent specific) is divided by client so that different companies can be
administered and controlled in different clients. Within a SAP system only a client
can be a customer.

Option Correct?

a. Client represents a completely independent business entity. Y

b. Client has its own database N

c. Client corresponds to a customer N

d. Client may represent an entire company Y
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