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The Decentralized

Digital Hyperpower
Whitepaper Version 1.1
Authored by Woanjen Tang

The Final Frontier
Orioncoin (ORC) is the next-generation multi-tiered loyalty and
marketing platform which delivers on its promises by harnessing the
power of the blockchain to turbocharge merchandising revenue in
ways that traditional models cannot. By providing unique incentives
to all system participants, Orioncoin’s blockchain platform rewards
members of the system in a secure and reliable manner.
Through a unique combination of ideas made popular in the
cryptocurrency world and the age-old ideas found in traditional multi-
tier marketing, Orioncoin is able to build a new platform to engage
affiliates and the market at large in ways that have never been possible.
The difference between Orioncoin and similar implementations is the
scale of the existing business infrastructure which backs Orioncoin.
By being tied to a myriad of established international businesses, the
Orioncoin cryptocurrency simultaneously works to provide value to
ORC customers and affiliates.

T able of C ontents
The Final Frontier.............................................................................2 Cashback Worldwide Partnership.........................20
Introduction...........................................................................................4 ORC Platform......................................................................................21
The Team...................................................................................................5 Buyback Function
Masterplan: ORConomy..........................................................6 Cash Request Function
Phase 1: Establishing a Presence Debit/Credit Card Application Function
Phase 2: Building a Technologically Advanced Society Orioncoin Distribution............................................................22
Phase 3: Becoming Globally Prevalent The Crowdsale..................................................................................24
Phase 4: Serving our Solar System Mechanisms
Phase 5: Reaching Orion Security
Phase 6: Galactic Sprawl Refunds
Industries in Six Generation ORConomy...........8 ORC Rate & Hard Caps
Case Studies.........................................................................................10 Disclaimer
Air Miles Reward Miles Use of Crowdfunding..............................................................26
Herbalife Multi-Level Marketing Model Roadmap...............................................................................................28
Conventional vs Orioncoin Comparison Social Media Links.......................................................................30
Orioncoin.................................................................................................14 Legal Disclaimer..............................................................................31
Blockchain Specification References..............................................................................................31
Customer Benefits
Purchase Flow Chart

Astronomy compels the soul to look The history of astronomy is a history
upwards and leads us from this world of receding horizons.
to another.
— Edwin Powell Hubble
— Plato

The probability of success is difficult Space exploration is a force of nature

to estimate; but if we never search unto itself that no other force in soci-
the chance of success is zero. ety can rival.

— Giuseppe Cocconi — Neil deGrasse Tyson

O ur V ision O ur M ission

In this document, we The blockchain data structure presents benefits in terms of value transfer,
describe a system that asset ownership, and trust management through system transparency. Multi-
is the result of the com- level marketing businesses can be hugely successful, but often suffer from
bination of a traditional shortcomings in these exact areas of their offering. By combining a multi-tiered
business model and a product marketing strategy with the unique ways in which blockchain-based
set of new approaches architectures handle data, we are able to build a new type of organization that
learned in the decentral- inspires trust where previous organization of the same class have long been
ized blockchain sphere. viewed as deceitful and unsustainable.

While bringing legitimacy to a business model that suffers from the lack thereof
is where Orioncoin will begin, it’s far from the end goal. Our MLM-first strategy is
intended for maximum dispersion of Orioncoin. After achieving our target level
of market penetration and consumer awareness, the ORC economy will be ready
to integrate with additional markets, all outlined in the ORConomy Master Plan.

Drue Steele Tang Woanjen Harun Shaheri
Mining Advisor CEO CBDO

With extensive experience utlizing and mining At the forefront of Orioncoin is Jen, ensuring that the Bringing in new investors while designing and
blockchain cryptocurrencies, Drue controls team maximizes value and provides investors and us- implementing better business processes, Harun
the blockchain mining network operations for ers with the best product, services, and returns possible. brings to the Orioncoin team the ability to drive
Orioncoin. His knowledge provides the guidance prospects and facilitate future development.
necessary for ensuring a smooth mining operation.

The Team
Ronald Chan In order to bring the idea Alex Sheluchin
CIO of Orioncoin to fruition, we CTO

Ronald manages the information and computer

needed to assemble a team Running the Technological department with a
systems necessary to run Orioncoin. Through of experienced developers, focus on innovation and research is Alex. With
reporting, analyzing, and adapting, he is able to engineers, and advisors. the ability to strategize and develop, Alex
support and secure enterprise goals while reducing is a key player when it comes to facilitating
expenditures and gaining competitive advantages. operations and enhancing products and services.

Carleigh Zangrando Joel Podrebarac Clement Tang Wooi Chon

Marketing Director Front End Engineer CFO

Carleigh manages branding, communications, and In an ever changing environment, Joel is constantly Working as both an advisor and financial planner,
promotions with a focus on client needs and services. working to develop his skills and practices in order Clement manages risk and reporting for the Orioncoin
An in depth knowledge of marketing and product to stay ahead of the curve. With careful planning and team. Clement has expanded his role and is an
development help to bring Orioncoin to life visually. calculated execution, Joel is able to consistently deliver active part of shaping the strategy of Orioncoin.
high performance, and visually appealing websites. 5
Masterplan: ORConomy

Phase One Phase Two Phase Three


The first generation of Orioncoin consists of After the introduction and growth of
integrating our cryptocurrency with a variety of After reaching maturity in Phase 1, ORC will Orioncoin in the initial two phases, phase
essential products and services and achieving continue to diversify its ecosystem to include three is where ORC becomes a globally
a significant level of customer engagement elements necessary to progress towards a recognized force of commerce and transaction.
within the verticals those services fall within. high level of technological enlightenment.
In order to fulfill our truly ambitious plans, we
By targeting carefully chosen market While the first generation forms strategic need to garner the support of the international
segments through our strategic partnerships, partnerships with the goal of engaging business community and consumers alike. Once
Orioncoin will become a part of everyday life affiliates and consumers at all ends of the achieved, and with the force of the market
for a significant portion of the population sales process, the second generation aims to behind us, Orioncoin will create a dedicated
in our initial geographic markets. ORC will engage critical infrastructure and high-society. fund for the objective of reaching new heights.
become the web that interconnects seemingly By adding these elements to the Orioncoin
disparate market silos. Our decentralized ecosystem, we enable the creation of a diverse
infrastructure will result in a more stable and set of services and products which have
secure system, and by presenting the the option to leverage the other offerings
public with an opportunity to mine our already created on the Orioncoin platform.
contract-backed ORC, we add income-
earning opportunities to the digital economy.
Phase Four Phase Five Phase Six



Once Orioncoin reaches maximum Once Orioncoin is positioned as With the Orion constellation becoming the first distant-space settlement,
global capacity by serving every the primary transaction interface powered by ORC, Orioncoin sets its sights on a new objective:
corner of the globe, the next within our solar system, our sights comprehensive galactic propagation. The ORC mission does not end with
frontier is our greater solar system. shift beyond the immediate, all Orion; that is where it first begins to take form. With Orion as the new base
On our roadmap, we indicate plans the way to the Orion constellation. of operations, we will settle neighboring constellations, beginning with
to deploy a number of nodes Orioncoin recognizes the need for Gemeni and Taurus, and continuing to Eridanus, Lepus, and Monoceros.
into space, thereby facilitating vision and bravery surpassing that of One by one, Orioncoin will move from one to the next, improving our
transactions at the furthest points of any contemporary endeavor. We are innovative proposal with the knowledge and know-how obtained at each
human exploration. Not only will this choosing to use our platform to write previous mission. Ultimately, ORC will be a transformative, self-sustaining,
effort assist in creating a machine- the history of human exploration. constantly evolving, autonomous unification platform for economies
to-machine economy in space, but Becoming the main economic throughout the entire universe. ORC will be the medium of exchange
will also make space tourism a more force within our solar system, as and participation as far as the eye can see in the night’s sky, and beyond.
pleasant and familiar experience. described in Phase 4, is only a
stepping stone to our objective of Our journey begins as a simple decentralized system for facilitating
reaching the Orion constellation exchange in today’s marketplace, and leads to the ORC cryptocurrency
and working to develop a human eventually being used for transactions by all living beings the
settlement at that destination. world over and beyond. We move from a global economy, to one
that allows fluid resource-sharing throughout the whole universe.
Industries in Six Generation ORConomy
1st Generation ORConomy 2nd Generation ORConomy

Real Products
Estate Resource Energy
Real MLM
Estate Products
Hotel Space Com-
Logistics Merchants munities

ORConomy Communica-

Users Logistics


Finance Charities
Education Entertain-
Mining ment


3rd Generation ORConomy 4th Generation ORConomy


Earth Solar
Economy Planet

5th Generation ORConomy 6th Generation ORConomy

Space Galaxies
Space E.T
Exploration Economy

ORConomy Galaxies Galaxies

Earth Solar
Economy Planet
Economy In the future, similar to Star
Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy,
and Star Wars, both good and
evil will be using ORCs. For
Orion Galaxies
example, there could be a 1000
Milestone ORC bounty on your head.

The Problem
customers spend 67% less than a returning one.1 So how can
a business capitalize on the customers they already have and
provide a loyalty program that is fast, reliable, and user friendly?
As of 2015, the United States had a consumer loyalty industry By implementing a program that runs on blockchain technology.
with over 3.3 billion memberships, an increase of over 26%
from 2013. The problem with the industry is that only about In today’s fast paced society, if it isn’t instantaneous, it isn’t
40% of these memberships are actually active.1 Why is it that useful. The most visible problem with current loyalty programs
with consumers proving year over year that there is an ever is the wait time between transaction and reward. Common
growing demand for loyalty programs that so many end up disclaimers cite wait times between five and thirty business
as useless, untouched cards in their wallet? The potential days, some can even take years.9 Blockchain technology can
rewards for companies who offer beneficial loyalty programs revolutionize this industry by depositing coin into your wallet
are staggering, not only can it cost a business five to ten times almost in real time. Imagine the following situation:
more to acquire a new customer, but even when they do, new
“While flying, the customer will receive his rewards points at the
gate where his boarding pass is scanned. He will have reward
Air Miles Reward Miles
Air Miles is one of the top loyalty programs in for years. As long time program members continued to bank them.6 Not only was Air
Canada, with over ten million members, despite rushed to cash in their rewards before they Miles facing millions of angry customers, the
issues it has been riddled with for almost a lost them, several red flags started appearing policy cancellation had cost the company an
decade. To begin with, the program itself is not for customers. Better rewards started estimated $300 million.7 A few months later,
very straightforward for the consumer. There disappearing,4 new offers were hidden in customers started to notice that their points
is no standard criteria for earning a reward fine print,5 customer service representatives weren’t getting them as much as they used to.
mile, most commonly, one air mile is earned couldn’t be reached, it was getting harder to One customer had saved $11,000 worth of Air
for every $20 spent. However, this exchange redeem points, meaning that Air Miles was Miles in order to book a trip, when she went
is by no means regulated. The reward system getting closer to taking millions of points out to book, they were only valued at $9,000, a
is calculated on a merchant to merchant basis, of circulation. Members weren’t about to let depreciation of around 20%.7 In the case of Air
and even then, reward values can change over that happen and filed a class action lawsuit Miles, devaluing reward points was the easiest
time due to several factors.2 against LoyaltyOne, the company who owns way to make up for the loss the company
and operates Air Miles. Cited from CBC News: faced, but again, unhappy consumers were left
The most notable controversy Air Miles holding the bag.
encountered was based around the expiration “The lawsuit’s statement of claim alleges that
of points that was announced in late 2011. At Air Miles “engaged in unfair practices” that What has Air Miles done since? In March of
this time, the company announced that any include introducing an expiry policy without this year, they announced that their program
points collected before 2012 would expire as of adequate notice and making it “increasingly Air Miles Cash had serious security issues.
January 1, 2017.3 Previously, Air Miles customers difficult” for members to redeem miles that Although no personal information had been
were able to collect points without any start expiring on Jan. 1.”6 compromised, thieves were able to steal cash
stipulations on expiration, some customers had miles from members.8 It’s important to note
been saving up their points for over 20 years. Even though Air Miles cancelled its expiration that even though no information was stolen
Why so long? The accumulation of points in this policy after the filing, members didn’t drop in this circumstance, administrators of loyalty
loyalty program is a slow process, in order to the suit. After the policy was dropped, programs that request and store data such as
get any kind of substantial reward, consumers customers were even angrier that they had name, address, and emails are putting their
10 would need to bank their points for years. As wasted their points when they could have members are risk.
points credited to his account even before he boards the plane. this kind of uncontrolled point accumulation can have a
This will allow the customer to use those points on the airplane.” serious effect on their balance sheet. In 2013, Alaska Airlines
was looking at a statement of liability that had a $192-million
impact on the company’s annual earnings.11 There are a few
Not only does this system provide immediate satisfaction to the ways that a company can deal with the kind of financial impact
consumer, but the simplicity of the exchange is also executed their loyalty program may accumulate. One way, as addressed
in a radical way. Rewards from multiple vendors are all available in the Air Miles Case Study, is to devalue points. However, by

to you in a single implementing a buyback guarantee, customers can be sure that
wallet, with simple regardless of how much the value of a coin drops, they always
to understand terms, have the ability to sell for a predetermined value. Another way an
by implementing a buyback and no need to issuing company can mitigate these problems is by diversifying
guarantee, customers can fuss over exchange liability across multiple partner. The issue with this route is that
be sure that regardless of rates.11 Customers adding partners into the mix isn’t always an easy undertaking.
how much the value of a coin and businesses can Blockchain can make it much easier to decentralize liability by
drops, they always have the

also gain a newfound applying it to a larger network of companies. Intermediaries are
ability to sell for comfort in their no longer necessary, reducing processing times and allowing
a predetermined value loyalty programs due
to the transparency
of blockchain
technology. To see
how this transparency benefits both parties, we will breakdown
one aspect of the today’s loyalty market. Currently, there are
more than $48 billion worth of outstanding loyalty points “While flying, the
in circulation.12 What does this mean for consumers? Say customer will receive his
you wanted to cash out all of your loyalty points, but so did rewards points at the gate
thousands of other people, how do you know that companies where his boarding pass
actually have the ability to fulfill these points? Loyalty is scanned. He will have
points are essentially created out of nothing, with no cap on reward points credited to
point creation and no guarantee of value. When it comes to his account even before
redemption, almost all companies who make use of a loyalty he boards the plane. This
program include a disclaimer similar to the following, provided will allow the customer to
by Air Miles, “We may restrict the Rewards available upon the use those points on the
redemption of miles from any particular Collector Account.”13 airplane.” 10
To answer our initial question, even after putting in the time,
effort, and money to collect points, your ability to redeem them
is always controlled by the issuing company. If everyone wanted
to cash out their points and the business didn’t have the equity
to fulfill them, they can simply enforce this disclaimer and refuse
redemption requests. From the perspective of businesses,
separate businesses to join the same loyalty network easily.14

Now let’s address the consumer’s issue with redemption

disclaimers. The blockchain, in conjunction with Smart Contracts,
can create a completely transparent system of transaction and
reward. At a high level, an interaction will not be able to occur
if the issuing company does not have the liquidity to back
up the amount of points that it is issuing, the contract is not
fulfilled, and therefore it cannot be executed.14 Not only does
this prevent the company from refusing redemption requests
due to a lack of funds, but it clearly illustrates to a customer that
the company is unable to fulfill the contract.

Another important, but not as common, problem with

Smart Contracts
traditional, centralized loyalty programs is the ability to hack
into the system. Take the case of an IT employee in London who
knew the ins and outs of a reward system and thus was able to not possible when using the trustless kind of environment
create over $10 million in fraudulent purchases before cashing created by blockchain technology. Through the use of rewards,
out nearly $13,000 in rewards.12 This kind of activity is simply incentives and punishment, the blockchain provides a self
regulated system, removing the need for supervision and
auditors. Additionally, by utilizing a hashed, public key, there is
no need for anyone to have your personal information in order
to interact with you. This kind of initiative is truly revolutionary.
Everything from filling out a prize ballot to purchasing a home
requires some kind of storage of personal information. The
problem is that not everyone who collects your information

is properly and safely storing it. Security on the blockchain is
unparalleled and absolutely unrivaled in traditional systems of
any kind.
Through the use of rewards,
incentives and punishment, Although controversial, when the concept of multi-level
the blockchain provides a self marketing is put into blockchain technology, many of these risks
regulated system, removing can be eliminated, leaving only the benefits of MLM campaigns.

the need for supervision and In a blockchain system, there are no monthly fees and the
auditors. investment decisions are entirely up to you. Investors choose
how much they want to spend in a crowdfunding campaign,
limiting their risk. The reward can also be greater, even if you
only have one coin, the value increases as more people invest.
Our Herbalife Case Study shows how the same kind of return is
Conventional Orioncoin
not true for those recruiting others into an MLM business. In that
situation, a recruiter’s profit caps quickly and is much harder to
grow. Quite possibly the best benefit blockchain technology can Merchants Affiliates or Partners
offer is the fungibility that is provided by the exchange network.
Investors can hold their coins, watch their value increase, cash Decentralized Database
them out for a discount at network affiliates, or exchange them
Use Points Anywhere
on the open market. By removing the need to pay back higher
level backers with new recruits, investors can benefit from the Transferable to Cash
increased opportunity to gain visibility that MLM businesses
provide. This is especially true in a blockchain setting, where Minimum Guaranteed Value
the environment is intrinsically transparent and smart contracts
can remove the underlying pyramid scheme business model. Real Time Updates

Finite Supply for Value Control

The examples explored here merely scratch the surface of
the disruptive nature of blockchain technology in the loyalty Expiry of Points
program industry. However, it’s easy for one to come to the
conclusion that creating your company’s reward system on the System Transparency
blockchain can reap massive rewards for both your company,
and your customers. Fraud Protection

Herbalife Multi-Level Marketing Model

Traditionally, multi-level marketing investments, but they can also continue that you gain a percentage of the recruit’s
businesses bring forth feelings of distrust on a month to month, minimum charge income. Unfortunately, in traditional MLM
and uncertainty. On the surface, Los Angeles basis. Herbalife is infamous for targeting businesses, that is where the profit ends for
based nutritional company Herbalife looks low income, Latino communities, taking most members. Unless you own a share of
like a successful business, operating since large initial investments and then charging the company, increased memberships do
1980 and signing up almost 600,000 monthly fees that quickly get recruits into not affect your bottom line.
members.15 Yet upon closer inspection, substantial debt. After putting so much
the company has faced pyramid scheme money into these programs, investors find Ultimately, multi-level marketing business
allegations 16 and an FTC investigation it hard to walk away, sometimes losing their models are inherently doomed to fail as there
looking to stop harmful conduct towards home or life savings in the process.18 is a cap on the ability to gain new members
consumers.17 equivalent to a finite amount of people to
In general, the business model of multi- recruit. Herbalife depends on a recruitment
Some major concerns for investors level marketing companies depends on model where the highest income does
and consumers when it comes to MLM recruitment, people often speculate how not come from product sales, but instead
businesses are the fees. These are present this is essentially creating more competitors from the initial investment required by new
not only upon start up through high, initial in your industry. The counter argument is recruits.19
Users who collect ORC have the opportunity to spend them within the Orioncoin economy,
but furthermore, Orioncoins represent a share of that economy as a whole and their utility
is bound only by the liquidity of the open ORC market. As additional affiliates join the
ecosystem, the Orioncoins will appreciate in not only value, but also utility. During ORC’s
infancy, the cryptocurrency is simply used to create a supercharged loyalty points
program; as ORC matures, the coins will also be used to facilitate a more fluid method
of asset ownership and investment.

Modified Bitcoin Clone Block Reward: 36
Algorithm: X11 Block Target Per Day: 960
Type: Pure PoW Halving Rate: 1,888,889
Coin Name: Orioncoin 8MB Maximum Block Size
Abbreviation: ORC Coins Per Day: 34,560
Decimals: 7 Time to Mine a Block: 90 seconds


Testnet Electrum Wallet Block Explorer IPv6 Support


Total: 10,101,073,636 Minable: 136,000,008

Premine (with buyback guarantee): Yes
Decentralization DECENTRALIZED
A Self Regulating, Open Source Solution
Orioncoin is a decentralized platform, immune to problems found in centralized models. By
openly distributing the ORC ledger and creating incentives for users from all over the globe to
participate in the verification and confirmation of all ledger entries, we augment the traditional
double-entry accounting system into a triple-entry, cryptographically secured system.

As with double-entry accounting, there will always be a linked record showing how each
transaction affects the balance of both the sending and receiving address, and further, each
entry will be cryptographically signed. The third entry of each record, the signature, acts a sort
of voucher for the transaction, certifying the details of each transaction in a particular window
of time, defined as the block period. Those system participants that create vouchers for sets of
transactions are in turn rewarded by the system for their help. The exact size of each reward is
determined through an equation similar to what Bitcoin uses, taking into account the total supply
of ORC and the total number of times that a reward has been given since the ORC Genesis Block.

In direct contrast to centralized models, where a particular entity acts as the certifier of each
transaction, and must be trusted to do so accurately and fairly, our system eliminates the need
for that trust. Each miner who cryptographically seals a block does so in a transparent way that
leaves no room for the possibility of inaccuracy or unfairness. The cryptographic guarantees
by which each block is certified not only remove the need for a trusted central entity, but also
remove the need for a single entity that has the potential to become a single point of failure for
the entire system.

Robustness and posterity are obvious benefits of our distributed design, but there are still other
benefits: the open invitation for anyone at all to participate in enforcing the ORC Protocol works
as an economic stimulator and a marketing tactic at once. Mining ORC becomes a new way to
earn wages irrespective of geographic location, presenting an opportunity for those in areas with
suffering local economies to obtain a means of employment. Obtaining ORC rewards, in turn,
helps to disseminate the presence and utility of the ORConomy. The more people in possession
of ORC, the more awareness there is in the benefits and possibilities of the Orioncoin ecosystem.


The Orc Wallet
The ORC wallet is a cross-platform client for storing ORC and interacting with the ORC ecosystem. Our
initial release will include a feature-rich, Electrum-based ORC wallet that will work on most major platforms.
The wallet will be equipped with a set of features designed to provide security, flexibility, and usability.
Orioncoin will maintain this wallet as the reference implementation.

In the true spirit of decentralization, the ORC wallet will be entirely self-hosted, without any plans to provide
custodial wallets. The users will be in charge of their keys at all times. Furthermore, users will be able to use
the advanced features of the wallet to provide additional security. Wallet addresses will be securable with
a scheme that requires multiple signatures in order to send a transaction, allowing users to reduce their risk
through physical separation of the controlling keys of the holding address. Furthermore, a number of backup
options will be available, allowing users to decide how they want to store and handle their keys.

The basic functionality of the ORC Wallet includes:

Unlimited address generation Auto-suggested transaction fee
Visibility of past transactions Configurable fee amounts, per transaction
Visibility of pending transactions, including number QR code support for sending and receving ORC
of confirmations Payment request generation

F eatures
Initial Future
Cold Storage - Paper Wallet Hardware Wallet
Multisig iOS App
Decentralization Shapeshift.io Integration
Mnemonic Passphrase for Recovery Smart Contracts
Android, Web, Windows, OSX, Linux
Open Source
Supported Cryptocurrencies
Orioncoin (ORC). Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC)

Royale Signature Hotel Tea Hut

Tea Hut is a popular Taiwanese bubble tea cafe in

Royale Signature Hotel will implement loy-
ROYALE Hamilton, Ontario. In business for over 16 years, Tea
alty rewards by using Orioncoin, a decen-
SIGNATURE Hut is now partnering with Orioncoin to accept ORC
tralized blockchain system, instead of con-
as one of the payment option for all menu items.
ventional centralized infinity-points systems.

Kannika Homestay Cashback Worldwide

Located in Udon Thani, a Northeastern Cashback Worldwide is a recently registered Hong

part of Thailand, Kannika Homestay has 7 Kong-based payment system services company.
rooms available for monthly rental. Tenants They are currently working towards the goal of
of the Homestay receive ORC as a reward. making ORC their exclusive cryptocurrency, linked
with their branded debit card which will work at
ATMs worldwide. Backed by the deflationary Ori-
oncoin cryptocurrency, Cashback Worldwide cards
will see their balance appreciate in value over time.
Their slogan for the card: Spend The Limitless $

C ustomer B enefits
Although the Orioncoin platform is a general exchange and economics facilitation system, the initial market exposure will
be through our innovative multi-tier marketing program. When end users purchase any of the products or services in our
ecosystem, they will receive some ORC as sign of our appreciation of their business. The ORC has value beyond symbolism:
any purchases made within our ecosystem can be fully paid for with ORC. The benefit of such a scheme is multifold in that
it creates an incentive for customers to return to ORConomy businesses, gives businesses a reason to disseminate ORC,
thereby promoting our platform, and introduces more people to the concept of cryptocurrency in general.

Purchase Flowchart
Market Rate
at Time of

ORC Covers
Partial or Customer Pays
Entire Cost with ORC

Customer Buys
Customer’s Orc Balance Sell at Market
Reduced Rate

Rate Guaranteed
Yes Through Funded
Smart Contract

Customer Buys
Affiliate Sends Customer Selling on
Product or Holding? Customer Sells
ORC to Cus- Returns No No Exchange? No
Services ORC Via Buyback


Buyback Guarantee
Orioncoin begins as a large pre-mine, and we recognize that some cryptocurrencies that have launched before us, and have
chosen a similar distribution model, have garnered mistrust from the community. How can ORC have any value if there exists a
large ORC reserve that can be added to circulation to manipulate supply at any time? This is not something we’ve ignored, and
we want our users to feel secure when participating in our system. As such, we’ve designed a program to provide users with
confidence in the system.

Creating a Trustworthy Environment in Three Steps

2 3
Exchange into Exchange into Base Price

1 National

If you are looking to sell your

Exchange your Orioncoin into Orioncoin can also be exchanged
cryptocurrency, Orioncoin’s price
several national currencies, such for various cryptocurrencies such
guarantee ensures that you get a
as USD, EUR, and JPY. as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple.
minimum, predetermined price.

While the common uses for a cryptocurrency are available to those who possess ORC, we are launching a new type of platform,
specifically aiming to reign in the usual volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. Our Buyback Platform provides a guaranteed
way for ORC holders to exchange their ORC into several national currencies, as well as a number of different cryptocurrencies.
The exact workings of this mechanism will be revealed in future publications, but essentially, after all the Orioncoin crowdfunding
periods are completed, we will set a base price at which we will always be willing to purchase ORC from anyone that is willing to
sell. Once a buyback guarantee rate is set, it can never decrease, however, it will continue to trail the market rate in an upward

Cashback Worldwide Partnership
Debit Card

Planet Solar
500 Orc 2,500 Orc

Galaxy Universe
5,000 Orc 10,000 Orc

Orioncoin debit cards will be linked to an internal Cashback Worldwide system that is linked to the blockchain ledger address.
In addition to there being no limit to the amount of cards a cardholder can have, there is also the ability to have a customizable
card once a deposit of over 50,000 ORC is reached. Similar to the TenX and Monaco debit cards, cardholders will be able to do
ATM withdrawals, merchandise transactions, and online bookings on affiliate websites or platforms. The Orioncoin debit card
will be available for order through the ORC Platform in July of 2018 with an expected delivery date within 21 days of ordering.

Credit Card
Currently, the Orioncoin credit card is in the research and development phase. Eventually our goal is to provide
conventional credit card functions and target communities who are not eligible or ignored in the mainstream market. We
also plan to target conventional credit card holders by entering into competition with businesses like Visa, Mastercard,
and Amex. Not only will we provide traditional credit card services, but Orioncoin will also be able to benefit from
using cryptocurrencies that will increase in value per unit due to their deflationary model, as opposed to traditional
fiat. Make sure to stay up to date with new developments by signing up to our newsletter and checking our website.

ORC Platform
The first generation ORC platform consists of three main functions to serve ORC users; a Buyback Guarantee Function, a Worldwide Cash
Request Function, and a Debit and Credit Card Application Function. The major purpose of this platform is to guarantee the value of
ORC and provide high liquidity to Orioncoin. At the end of the day, we are making the ORC crypto more feasible, applicable, practical and
sustainable when compared to other crypto coins and tokens.

F unction 1 F unction 2 F unction 3

The ORC platform will offer the option to exchange ORC into local The ORC Platform will
Buyback base price currency in over 195 countries, roughly matching the breadth of Western provide the mechanisms
will be set in July 2018 Union.* The rate will be determined by a weighted-average calculation, and form to apply for the
with the ORC Platform provided by a site like CoinMarketCap. A small processing fee will also desired card type. This
Launch. The base price be required, varying slightly, depending on the country. While a limit per new initiative expands
guarantee value will only request will be applied in accordance the with laws and regulations of the the usability of ORC.
increase and can never request’s nation of origin, the number of requests will not be limited. Simply by having the
fall below the set base Debit Card, a user can
price value. *The final list of supported countries will be listed on the Orioncoin website once the draw local fiat anywhere,
ORC platform is launched. at any time.

Request for Details Page ORC Generated Email Sent with Go to any Business Confirmation Email
Cash/Fiat in that Will Ask Public QR Money Transfer affiliates’ outlet and Sent to Notify
Participating for Simple Created to Execution cash out local fiat That the Cash Out
Countries Information Complete Number Within with the MTEN (46 and Transaction
Request 30 Minutes hour expiry) and Na- Process is
tional Identification Completed
ORC Number
Request for
Local Cash/
Fiat into Any Details Page Transfer Done Email
Local A/C in that Will Ask Within Three Confirmation
Confirmation on
Participating for Simple Hours in Any on Transaction
Countries Information Time Zone Complete

To summarize, Orioncoin allows users to cash out at any time, worldwide, without the use of exchanges, or the need to convert into a
different, major coin such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Essentially, we are able to eliminate the difficulty of the fiat cashing process. By having
the value determined by the market fluctuating rate programmed into the Cash Request and Debit/Credit Card Function, Orioncoin users
can enjoy the benefits of converting ORC into fiat cash anytime. Our Buyback Guarantee Function also further strengthens the value of
Orioncoin Distribution
Business Market

Mining Supply

Founders’ Reserve Orioncoin Foundation

20% 5%

Early Investors &

Business Affiliates
Orioncoin Computing Crowdfunding

Total Orioncoin Distribution

Business Market Expansion
A fund for expanding
Available to the public during our 10% 1,010,107,363.60 48.65% 4,914,172,323.91
Orioncoin’s business
two month crowdfunding period
Mining Supply
Early Investors/Business Affiliates
Available to any miners helping
Early partners, investors, and 10% 1,010,107,363.60 1.35% 136,364,494.09
to secure the Orioncoin
Orioncoin Foundation
Orioncoin Computing Corporation
A charity foundation to
Parent company of the Orioncoin 5% 505,053,681.80 5% 505,053,681.80
support causes aligned with
Orioncoin’s mission
Founders’ Reserve
To be used at the founders’ 20% 2,020,214,727.20 Total 100% 10,101,073,636.00

Mining Supply Projection
Reward Number of Rewards In Remaining
Date Reward/Block End % of Limit
Era Blocks Period Mineable
1 0 2018-01-01 36 68000004 68,000,004.00 0.5
2 1,888,889 2023-05-22 18 34000002 34,000,002.00 0.75
3 3,777,778 2028-10-10 9 17000001 17,000,001.00 0.875
4 5,666,667 2034-02-28 4.5 8500000.5 8,500,000.50 0.9375
5 7,555,556 2039-07-20 2.25 4250000.25 4,250,000.25 0.96875
6 9,444,445 2044-12-07 1.125 2125000.125 2,125,000.13 0.984375
7 11,333,334 2050-04-28 0.5625 1062500.063 1,062,500.06 0.9921875
8 13,222,223 2055-09-17 0.28125 531250.0313 531,250.03 0.99609375
9 15,111,112 2061-02-04 0.140625 265625.0156 265,625.02 0.998046875
10 17,000,001 2066-06-26 0.0703125 132812.5078 132,812.51 0.9990234375
11 18,888,890 2071-11-14 0.03515625 66406.25391 66,406.25 0.9995117188
12 20,777,779 2077-04-04 0.01757813 33203.12695 33,203.13 0.9997558594
13 22,666,668 2082-08-24 0.00878906 16601.56348 16,601.56 0.9998779297
14 24,555,557 2088-01-12 0.00439453 8300.781738 8,300.78 0.9999389648
15 26,444,446 2093-06-02 0.00219727 4150.390869 4,150.39 0.9999694824
16 28,333,335 2098-10-21 0.00109863 2075.195435 2,075.20 0.9999847412
17 30,222,224 2104-03-12 0.00054932 1037.597717 1,037.60 0.9999923706
18 32,111,113 2109-08-01 0.00027466 518.7988586 518.7988586 0.9999961853
19 34,000,002 2114-12-20 0.00013733 259.3994293 259.3994293 0.9999980927
20 35,888,891 2120-05-10 0.00006866 129.6997147 129.6997147 0.9999990463
21 37,777,780 2125-09-28 0.00003433 64.84985733 64.84985733 0.9999995232
22 39,666,669 2131-02-17 0.00001717 32.42492867 32.42492867 0.9999997616
23 41,555,558 2136-07-08 0.00000858 16.21246433 16.21246433 0.9999998808
24 43,444,447 2141-11-26 0.00000429 8.106232166 8.10623217 0.9999999404
25 45,333,336 2147-04-17 0.00000215 4.053116083 4.05311608 0.9999999702
26 47,222,225 2152-09-04 0.00000107 2.026558042 2.02655804 0.9999999851
27 49,111,114 2158-01-24 0.00000054 1.013279021 1.01327902 0.9999999925
28 51,000,003 2163-06-15 0.00000027 0.5066395104 0.50663951 0.9999999963
29 52,888,892 2168-11-02 0.00000013 0.2533197552 0.25331976 0.9999999981
30 54,777,781 2174-03-24 0.00000007 0.1266598776 0.12665988 0.9999999991
31 56,666,670 2179-08-12 0.00000003 0.0633299388 0.06332994 0.9999999995
32 58,555,559 2184-12-31 0.00000002 0.0316649694 0.03166497 0.9999999998
33 60,444,448 2190-05-21 0.00000001 0.0158324847 0.01583248 0.9999999999
34 62,333,337 2195-10-10 0 0.0079162423 0.00791624 0.9999999999
During the crowdfunding period, ORC can be acquired in exchange for:

Bitcoin Qtum Dash Litecoin Ethereum Bitcoin Cash

Crowdfunding Mechanism
The crowdsale for Orioncoin will begin on December 18th, 2017 and end on March 18th, 2018. The cryptocurrencies
that will be accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and Qtum. During the crowdsale,
all participants will receive ERC20 based Orioncoin Token (ORCT) as a voucher to redeem Orioncoin at a
later date. We will issue 65 million ORCT based on an ERC20 token for the purpose of crowdsale only, all unsold
ORCT will be burned. Orioncoin (ORC) will only be available for swap with Orioncoin token (ORCT) when the
Orioncoin blockchain is launched, which has an estimated date of July 31st, 2018. Since ORCT is an ERC20 token,
it can be traded on Ether Delta. Note that ORCT will swap with Orioncoin at a rate of 1 to 1 regardless of the price
of ORCT traded on the market at any time. The Orioncoin (ORC) balance from the crowdfunding will be reserved by
Orioncoin Computing Corporation for business market expansion. Simultaneously, the Orioncoin team will apply and
finalize listings with several leading cryptoexchanges to list Orioncoin by August, 2018. The reason that we are issuing
the ERC20 based token ORCT to participants is to prevent anyone from mining before the crowdsale event ends.

Option Participation Mechanism

The option to participate means that the participant may contribute 20% of the total desired participation amount in
order to lock in a better rate. The participants will have the advantage of time to study and learn more about the potential
of the ORC Project before the full contribution commitment. Once a participant chooses to contribute to the OPM, they will
then have a 7 day window to contribute the remaining 80% of the participation amount. If the participant fails to comply, and
for any reason fails to fulfill the OPM in the 7 day period, the participant’s 20% will still be valued at the initial, locked in price.
Therefore no amount will be forfeited in this OP Mechanism. Also note that within the 7 day period, the participant will have
the privilege to buy and fulfill their desired Orioncoin amount at the discount price initially locked in for the quota (participation
amount). Once the period has expired, the remaining quota at the discount rate will be burned and nullified. If the same
participant wants to buy more after his/her locked in period expires, the participant will then have to buy at the rate at the time he/
she wants to purchase. No crypto will be refunded once the participant has entered into the participation process.

Security Considerations
Secure, industry-standard hardware wallets will be used to store funds collected during the crowdfunding
period. Cutting-edge security measures will be implemented on the crowdfunding site: 100% SSL protection with
Extended Validation, DNSSEC-secured DNS records, multi-factor participant authentication, and cryptographic
proof of ownership for every crypto address participants see. We want to learn from mistakes our predecessors
made and not to repeat them. ORC itself will have security features comparable to most other cryptocurrencies.

The issuance of all ORC is final and irreversible. There is no option to exchange issued ORC for a full refund at any time.
But there will be a buyback guarantee once the ORC Platform launches on July 31st, 2018. The starting price for Orioncoin
is $1.00. The rate of Orioncoin will increase by 1 cent for every $800,000 raised and will cap at $1.67 per Orioncoin or $
54,400,000 raised.

Cumulative Dollars Raised Price Per Orioncoin

$ 800,000 $ 1.00
$ 1,600,000 $ 1.01
$ 2,400,000 $ 1.02
$ 3,200,000 $ 1.03
$ 54,400,000 $ 1.67
$ 55,200,000 $ 1.67
$ 56,000,000 $ 1.67

Participation in the Orioncoin crowdfunding means the participants are sponsoring or donating the development of the
Orioncoin project. Orioncoin Computing Corporation does not and cannot promise any guaranteed returns for crowdfunding
participants. Orioncoin is not a security since it does not reflect ownership of Orioncoin Computing Corporation, a legal
entity. Information and analysis in this document should not be considered investment advice under any circumstances.
The investor needs to understand and accept all the risks of participating in cryptocurrency sales. Crowdfunding date is
to be determined, look to the newsletter and website for more information.

Use of Crowdfunding
Product Development Community Expansion
Ideas in the cryptocurrency space, and even more so, the In order to truly cultivate the Orioncoin economy, we know that
creative applications of blockchain technology are all very new. we need to effectively engage the system participants. The end
It is without a doubt that new ideas will continue to emerge at a users and affiliates all bring a tremendous amount of value to
rapid rate, revealing both opportunities and threats to the those our offering, and their feedback is of utmost importance and
already involved. value. By hiring a dedicated technology evangelist (TE) to
Orioncoin plans to continue to remain on the cutting edge of help garner support for Orioncoin, we establish a community
blockchain development. We will constantly survey the latest outreach role within our organization. Our TE will be tasked with
literature for ways to leverage blockchain in order to provide promoting Orioncoin by bridging the gap between the technical
more privacy, security, and utility to all of our valued participants. details behind ORC and the practical benefits of it brings to its
Continued development of the project in such a way will not participants. The medium for these communications will strictly
come without a cost. We will have a full-time development team include platforms where end users and affiliates can be provided
working to bring improvements by way of new features and with constant feedback:
keeping the system secure by patching security concerns as • Speaking at blockchain, technology, and loyalty-centric
they are inevitably discovered (See Bug Bounties). conferences
• Publishing articles
• Hosting periodic Q&A sessions
Marketing • Organizing and attending training seminars
• Directing existing affiliates on how to extract maximum
We recognize that there is more to a successful product than value from their participation
just a good idea. A good idea needs to be heard in order for it
to become a successful product. As such, we have decided to
aggressively pursue growth in Orioncoin’s mind share during the Bug Bounties
earliest stages of the product lifecycle.
In order to protect our system and its users from vulnerabilities
The marketing expenses for which we are pre-allocating a that may be discovered in our project, we are going to host
portion of the funds raised during the crowdfunding period a bug bounty program in perpetuity. The community will be
include, but are not limited to, the following: provided with instructions on how they may responsibly disclose
• Attending, hosting, and sponsoring cryptocurrency vulnerabilities to us, and be rewarded for doing so. The size of
conferences the reward will vary, depending on the severity and scope of the
• Employing traditional advertising tools: disclosure. There will also be a page on our website outlining a
- online advertising detailed vulnerability response plan, which will make use of our
- press releases bug bounty program, and will prescribe the steps we will take in
- focus groups order to address issues of all levels of severity.
• Airdropping ORC to carefully selected addresses which
match our target demographics, in order to spread awareness
• Hiring a marketing director to maximize the effectiveness of
these costs.

Security Audits
In addition to engaging the community to help us deal with security-related issues, a portion of the funds raised in the crowdfunding
period will be allotted to pay for periodic, third-party security audits of all of our systems. We are allocating a budget for this, and plan to
establish a relationship with a top security firm very early in our roadmap.

Initial Orc Mining Investment



Orioncoin Development Marketing

70% 10%


Blockchain Security
Orioncoin Development: ORC Platform, infrastructures and commitments.
Initial ORC Mining Investment: 5% or a minimum 500,000 USD to have a healthy and secured hash network to prevent 51% network
attack until such time that the mining hash network is well distributed around the globe.
Marketing: Community expansion, social media campaign, educational videos on Orioncoin, website, search engine marketing, reports,
advertisements on Facebook, coin market cap, and YouTube, conferences and events.
Blockchain Security: Research and development on ORC blockchain and improvements, community reward campaign for individual
engagement such as a bug bounty reward, ORC blockchain security audit.
Legal: Lawyer fees, working with regulators to make ORC better than bitcoins in terms of acceptance in countries.
Administrative Overhead: Team and HR expansion.

The more funds we raise, the faster the infrastructure and commitments become available to the public. If the crowdfunding results are
below expectations, the success of the project is still inevitable because of Orioncoin’s ability to leverage existing private equity.


Website Launched Multilingual Crowdfunding Major Exchange

September 2017 Whitepaper Participation Closed Listing
Published February 2018 Announcement
November 2017 April 2018

1st Gen Source Crowdfunding Orioncion

Codes & Wallet Participation Distribution for
Ready Launched Crowdfunding
October 2017 December2017 Participants
March 2018

Orioncoin Platform Orioncoin Full Future Expansion
Introduced & Progress Business Steps to Be
Launched Report Available for Announced
July 2018 Download April 2019
December 2018

New Engineering and Expansion of Engineers, Orioncoin 1st

Development Team for Architects & Software Gen Hard Wallet
2nd Gen Android/iOS Developers for ORC Introduced for Order
Wallet & Hard Wallet Smart Contracts February 2019
Announcement Announcement
May 2018 September 2018

How To Locate Orioncoin
@orioncoinorc orioncoin

@orioncoinorc https://medium.com/@orioncoinorc

https://t.me/Orioncoin https://discord.gg/cDAQPWH orioncoin

@orioncoinorc https://github.com/orioncoin

@orioncoin https://www.reddit.com/user/orioncoin

Legal Disclaimer
Crowdfunding participations is considered as a project contribution.
• No information provided on Orioncoin’s platform or website should be interpreted as investment advice. It does not constitute
an offer or invitation by Orioncoin to any User to buy or to sell coins or make any investment.
• User guarantees that he is a legally capable person of a majority age and complies with legal rules and applicable laws of the
jurisdiction where the User lives.
• By participating in the crowdfunding User confirms that he has read, understood and agrees to comply with all restrictions set
forth above.

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