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28 Cuesta Vista Dr. | Monterey, CA. 93940 | (916) 712-5015 | APhillips@SCU.edu

While in college to obtain various work experiences across Industry leading companies that will enable full
time employment upon graduation. I am specifically interested in the fields of human resource & business
management, talent acquisition, and workforce digitization.


August 2017 – December 2017 National College of Physicians San Jose, CA.
Selected as a paid “Fall Intern” for the National College of Physicians (NCP) where I focused in the areas of
marketing, research and content digitization.
 Led the development of content for the newly developed website of the National College of
Physicians, as well as unique journal content they produce for their members
 Performed Healthcare industry research for members based on business needs, government and
regulatory changes
 Supported web site evolution and enhancements based on user experience and market needs
 Delivered recommendations for NCP product expansion and additional revenue opportunities
 Expanded the network of leading healthcare and delivery organizations to generate future revenue

June 2017 – September 2017 J. Lawrence Khakis of Carmel Carmel, CA.

Selected as the single summer “Sales Consultant” for the largest high end clothing retailer on the Monterey
 Set store record for all summer associates relative to sales targets with average sales in excess of
$40,000 per month
 Led new customer retention initiatives through a variety of traditional and digital means
 Oversaw monthly inventory to ensure that most in demand luxury menswear was available on
 Delivered recommendations to J. Lawrence Khakis for increased revenue opportunities through on-
line retail expansion
 Served as on-line model for all new fashion lines being displayed throughout the website and store

October 2016 – February 2017 UNIQLO Milpitas, CA.

Served as a “Sales Associate” for this leading global clothing retailer. During my tenure I was responsible for
the following:
 Inventory and restock for the departments assigned
 Sales and fashion consultant for select menswear departments
 Cashier, collections and store closing
 Average over 32 hours per week while maintaining full class load

 Served as Lead Student Ambassador for Stevenson School for 3 consecutive years. Oversaw the touring
of prospective families, coordinating open houses, and training new student ambassadors
 Volunteered to become a certified Tableau user by Cisco Systems, Inc.


 Served in multiple positions where I was tasked with selling “ideas to clothes”
 Created business cases with appropriate plans to increase sales volumes, margins and profitability
 Developed approaches to enhancing customer engagement and interaction that would ultimately tie to
increased sales


 Appointed as Varsity Basketball Captain for Stevenson School that advanced to the CIF state
tournament for two consecutive years
 Led multiple clubs and associations that increased engagement for all types of students regardless of
experiences and backgrounds


General Education with Honors May, 2016

The Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, CA

Bachelors of Science, Business Administration Target December, 2019

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA.
Major: Business Management