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Personal Statemen for International Relation Student

Throughout my travels, studies, and experience in the world, I have been able to
attain what I hope to be a worldly and open-minded perspective. In my efforts to
further broaden and improve this perspective, and fully pursue all of my academic
passions, I hope to have the privilege of attending university in the United Kingdom.

It was only within the past year that I have recognized my passion in the subject of
International Relations. I have always had an interest in almost anything the world
has to offer, obsessed with understanding the way the world works, and why it
works that way. But my diversity of interest has not led me astray in finding my
greatest passion; in fact, it has helped me harness it. By studying and exploring a
diverse variety of interests, I found that my true interest lies in understanding and
exploring the way the whole of global society functions, which has led to my passion
in International Relations.

Within academics, I have challenged myself to succeed as much as I have been able,
in efforts to better myself both as a student and as an individual. I have been
awarded my school's Award for Academic Excellence in the Area of Social Studies
for my exemplary work in AP World History, Distinguished Honor Roll for my 4.0+
GPA, and have strived to challenge myself academically to my upmost capacity by
taking 12 Advanced Placement Courses over my high school years, seven of which I
am currently taking this year. The rigor of my academics has also allowed me to
partake in studies that have further enhanced my knowledge and interest in
International Studies: my study of US political relations in AP Government and
Politics and in-depth analysis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in AP
World Literature being areas of study I have particularly enjoyed. This year I was
also elected President of my school's chapter of the US National Honor Society,
which is a program that promotes both academic excellence and community
involvement, which has helped me further hone my skills in both leadership and

Outside of the classroom, I have participated in activities that have lent me a global
perspective. This year, I have been able to join the Model United Nations Club, which
has been an extraordinary experience in learning so closely about an institution that
has such an important and central position in the world of global politics and
relations. In addition, two years ago I was able to journey to Costa Rica, where I was
able to complete a Community Service Program assisting and rebuilding a rural
community. Last summer, I was nominated to attend the National Youth Leadership
Forum on Medicine in Washington DC as well as being accepted as an intern at the
Steve Irwin Australia Zoo. These experiences, though their focuses were broad, have
been key in my development of leadership skills and personal independence, as well
as inciting my passion in the international community.

I have strived to excel not only in academics, but in attaining a perspective and point
of view that will allow me to not only understand the world of International
Relations, but also contribute my own theories and understanding of the subject to
the world. I sincerely hope my pursuits in being a well-rounded and globally
oriented student and individual has allowed me enough qualification to attend your
university, and hope to further broaden my perspective by attending such a high
standing university in an entirely new country.
Personal Statement for Economic Student

The subject of economics, which I seek to study in the coming years, was first
introduced to me through the United States Academic Decathlon, a ten-subject team
competition for high schools. Over the past two years I have devoted hundreds of
hours to independent preparation for this competition. Consequently, I took third
place in my division at the national level for an eloquent performance while
interviewing. However, the greatest benefit has been developing a fascination with
economics. I now see it as an elegant, mathematical approach to studying the
consequences of human nature in action.

Economics is a subject that demands a great deal of focus, ambition and pragmatism
when studied effectively, characteristics instilled in me during my arduous but
fulfilling time on the Decathlon. When I first began studying economics, I was
concurrently attracted to the material introduced in my Honors Calculus class.
There I was encouraged not only to absorb the information presented, but also to
pursue it individually. The allure of the mathematical
tools integral to understanding economics reaffirmed my interest in this field.

Studying economics also appeals to me because it promises the possibility of

leadership. Thus, I have sought to balance my studies with experiences that prepare
me for such possibilities. I have managed the staged productions and finances of a
comedic acting troupe named ALBATROSS. Some of my peers and I founded this
organisation during my freshman year of high school. Running ALBATROSS has
taught me how to direct multiple projects at once, how to motivate people toward a
common goal and how to determine when it is best to delegate work.

Further seeking to gain managerial experience, during the summer of 2009 I

worked for the Chicago Public Schools' Freshman Connection program as a Youth
Leader. I learned to step into a position of authority through both observation and
practice as I assisted in overseeing aspects of the program and aided in teaching
incoming high school freshmen during preparatory courses. There were many
opportunities to refine my communications skills both when lecturing younger
pupils on the importance of self-discipline, and when working to increase efficiency
of exchanges between program administrators.

I have cultivated other interests, as well, during my high school years. In 2008, I
translated Adam Lizakowski's 'Chicago: City of Belief' from Polish into English for a
bilingual edition. Also referred to as 'Chicago: City of Faith', this book of poetry won
an award from the UNESCO Polish Division. As a clarinettist, I have won awards as a
member of large and small ensembles at municipal and state levels. Additionally, I
became a National Merit Semi-Finalist and Illinois Student Assistance Commission
2010-11 State Scholar in 2009. Through my academic and extracurricular
endeavours, I have gained knowledge, discipline and resolve which I will continue to
foster in my university studies.

Ultimately, I seek to pursue a PhD in economics. Because economics is a global

phenomenon, I would find it particularly helpful to study in the United Kingdom. I
believe this relocation would expose me to ways of thought that are currently
unknown to me yet vital in an increasingly interrelated world. I would like to take
part in strengthening the relationships
that are bred globally and fuelled by cross-cultural professions. As economists are
key players in this process, my attempts to join their ranks are enthusiastic and
Personal Statement for Law with business Student

From an early age, Law has always been number one priority in my vision of the
future. Probably because of my father's profession (he is Head of the Regional
Criminal Police), I have always been intrigued by Criminology and the idea of
analyzing and solving tangled cases. To be a Private Investigator was one of my
dreams for a long time. On the other hand, I am completely aware that the world of
criminology is full of risks, sleepless nights and health hazards. That is the reason
why I see Business Law not only as a chance for prosperity, but also of a life devoid
of fears and restlessness. I am confident that the combination of business and legal
studies would enable me to show the best of my intellectual capacity and prosper in
a competitive commercial environment. Having obtained a degree in Business Law, I
will be able to enjoy a successful career in any of the following spheres: banking and
finance, accountancy, local and central government, business and commerce, the
police and prison services etc.
In primary school, Mathematics, Literature and English were always my favourites.
Analytical thinking and problem-solving kept me active and entertained. Later, at
high school, Informatics was my core subject, while my undoubted favorites were
Philosophy, Ethics and Law and Psychology. Thus, along with my Mathematics
classes (over 200 per year) and Informatics, my interest in reading Law at
university grew significantly. Last year, my Geography teacher announced that 25
high school students will have the opportunity to go to Strasbourg, visit the
European Parliament and take part in the Euroscola project. Being interested in the
European institutions, I promised myself to be one of those who get to be there. To
achieve that, I had to take exams in English and European integration. Not only did I
take them, but I ranked 5th among the best 25 students (and 1st of all girls).
Winning that competition gave me more than just a visit at the European
Parliament: I improved my social and teamwork skills, presented in front of a big
audience and enhanced my enthusiasm to work in the sphere of Law. Now, I am
hoping to win a competition which will allow me to visit the Science Parliament in
Aachen in March 2010. Thanks to my participation in the international Comenius
Project "From Sky To Tap" I enjoyed an unforgettable trip to Sicily and developed
my communication skills significantly. Later on I took an apprenticeship at the City
Hall, and for a week I acted as a personal interpreter to councilors from Liverpool
and Indonesia. A number of extracurricular activities have helped me develop
important skills: I can proudly say that my 7-year, successfully accomplished piano
education, contributed greatly to the development of my auditory memory and
helped me improve my confidence in front of a big audience. My long standing
tennis practice is the basis of my competitive spirit. Sport taught me concentration
and determination to win. I hope to continue with my favourite sport, thus keeping
fit and healthy, doing something I enjoy and competing for my university.
I choose the UK as my study destination because British universities are renowned
for their well-balanced academic programmes which offer opportunities for
professional development through teamwork and participation in research projects.
I will have the chance to prove that I am capable of understanding and mastering
complex information and learn to express myself and write with the proper
confidence in English. Working hard on my assignments and meeting deadlines will
prepare me for the real world of Business. A degree course at a British university
will allow me to live for a few years in a country of rich cultural traditions and will
also enhance my career opportunities in the future.
Personal Statement for Dentistry Student

I have always felt that we, as humans, have an inborn desire to want to help others.
Having been raised amongst doctors, this passion has blossomed into a
responsibility I am beginning to understand, through my choice of studies and extra
curricula. I believe dentistry is my permanent source of satisfaction, providing the
best of professional, and personal aspects of life. Today, dentists do more than drill
and fill their patients' teeth; they improve the quality of life of people through
diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral diseases and conditions involving teeth
and surrounding tissues. The statement, 'as long as people will have mouths, people
will need dentists' highlights how a dentist is an imperative necessity of the society
and has convinced me to pursue dentistry as a means of serving the community.

To gain an insight into the real world of dentistry I joined the dental unit in a private
hospital. Here, I observed many procedures including Root Canal Treatment.
Collaboration with staff and interaction with patients proved fascinating. The idea of
how dentists give patients from all walks of life a confident smile, and forge a close
bond with them over time impressed me. Moreover, shadowing inspirational figures
such as my Aunt, who taught me the fine traits of a dentist; a dentist I worked with;
and reading successful dentists' interviews online has enlightened me to the
commitment required, likewise, the challenges which lie ahead. Knowing I am
capable, as reflected by my academic achievements, my fervor to fulfill my ambition
as dentist has intensified - with no trace of doubt in my mind.

I worked in my school canteen as an accountant; I was then promoted to a manager

and was the first student to become one. As manager I had to multitask: train
employees, delegate work, command and monitor my subordinates despite their
seniority, tackle pressure, make quick decisions, accommodate customers and
respond to complaints. Handling canteen matters alongside attending lessons taught
me time management which will help me become an efficient dentist. In addition, I
worked at a preschool with children from a myriad of countries. Among them was a
disabled child. This taught me to be unprejudiced, appreciate diversity and
enhanced my interactive skills, which are essential as dentistry is a social practice. I
also volunteered at a charity art exhibition which aided my communication skills,
and ability to follow orders.
As for extracurricular activities, athletics has played a major role in my life. It has
aided my fitness, stamina, eye to hand co-ordination, reflexes to varied stimuli and
ability to rise up to challenges. Individual activities have promoted my
independence, whereas team sports have enhanced my teamwork and interpersonal
skills. In addition, captainship has boosted my leadership and organisational skills
as well as sense of responsibility and discipline.

To counter the stress from studies, I engage myself in card games which have
developed my strategic thinking. I also listen to music, watch TV, socialise with my
friends, bake and read. Frequent hand stitching and clay modelling have improved
my precision and manual dexterity considerably, which are vital since dentistry
encompasses an artistic flair.

Besides admiring England's education and greenery, completing my studies in the

country where my schooling initially began would be an honour beyond words. Due
to my father's job in Riyadh, I wasn't able to continue; now is my chance. My Irish
nationality has facilitated my annual visits to the UK and familiarity to the country;
hence, moving will be a smooth transition. I believe my dedication to my future
career, coupled with my skills and attributes will help me adapt to university life
and guarantee me success in this demanding profession.
Personal Statement for Architectural Student

My application for your university stems from my desire to study at one of the best
universities in the world and from my internationalist perspective as a world
traveller. It also ensues from my deep passion for art, my appreciation of
architecture, and my yearning to be amongst those who create the changing skylines
that form our cities. Christopher Wren once said, 'Architecture aims at eternity'. I
can think of no better way to achieve eternity than to help create buildings of
tomorrow that preserve the ideas of today. Ultimately, we are judged by what we
leave behind.

Art has always been my true passion, and every forms of art has captivated me since
I was a small child. I sought pleasure, for example, in my surroundings during my
encounters with various forms of art-whether it was a building, a person, or a
photograph capturing a memory.

I have lived in diverse countries, such as Brazil, Taiwan, China, and presently Macau,
which has allowed me to reflect upon extrinsic lifestyles and fully immerse myself in
other languages and cultures. As I move from one country to another, I capture the
images of these cultures and designs through sketches and photographs which I
collect. Time and again these mementos transport me back to distant lands.

This opportunity to combine my love for art and design with a career is once in a
lifetime. Over the last two years, I have worked at two medium-scale architecture
firms across Asia. Through my work experience as an intern, I've come to realize
that architecture is a special overpass between imagination, reality, creativity, and a
world of dreams. I've learned that no successful project emerges from a singular
idea or person. Rather, it requires extensive communication with a team of
engineers, contractors, consultants, and the craftsmen who work on a building to
achieve the greatest possible effect. Learning from the collective expertise of my
team has not only illustrated how each project involves more than simply designing
a building, but it has also demonstrated how creating and managing a construction
project is logical, organized, and defined.

Since childhood, I have been attracted to the distinctive national identity of a

building style. A house, for example, can be indicative of a people, the time it was
built, and the way a particular society functions. From my perspective, a home or
building is a projection of so much more than bricks and mortar; it is the capsule in
which people live, work, and socialise. It is also a record of how we organise and live
our lives. As a designer, I constantly find myself pondering ways to make people's
lives better, both aesthetically and practically.

I enjoy studying languages, and I have found that being multilingual has given me a
certain advantage. On a study holiday, I attended an English language course at
Stafford House, Imperial College, London. Aside from finding the language study
interesting, I explored London and discovered it to be a fascinating city with its
blend of the ancient and modern. Outside my studies, I enjoy drawing and attend
sketch classes every week to refine my perceptive awareness of still-life subjects.

I am disciplined in my approach. I study hard and I am not afraid to take initiative.

In pursuit to enhance my drafting skills using industry-standard software, I have
completed many AutoCAD drafting courses and have become an Autodesk AutoCAD
certified professional. My commitment, work ethic, and self-motivation allow me to
strive for the highest possible

Considering my life experiences abroad and my determination to be the best at what

I do, I believe I have much to offer your university. My ambition is to contribute to
society by introducing a particular sophistication where harmony and beauty
coalesce. Moreover, I am sociable, personable, and a great asset to any team. Please
allow me to move forward and take my education and career to this next exciting
Personal Statement for Biochemistry Student

I wish to read biochemistry at university because I want to discover the answers to

the most profound and fascinating questions about the very essence of life. Some
questions are so important but, paradoxically, can be overlooked by many people,
for example, why are men naturally more predisposed to genetic conditions than
women? My deepening intrest in my A level subjects (and my frustration at the
narrowness of the specifications) confirmed my belief that biochemistry is the
subject I have to carry forward.

I am particularly interested in the origins of phenotypical expressions; how a

mutation in one gene can result in dramatic changes in the body. "Nature and
Genetics" offered me further insight, beyond what I learnt at GCSE, into a prime
example of this occurrence. Huntington's disease results from a mutation in the
Huntingtin gene that codes for the protein Huntingtin, leading to variation in the
length of the trinucleotide repeat. I wish to understand more about the ways the
mutant Huntingtin protein causes a substantial effect on the function of the protein
and eventually leads to the disease symptoms.
Amino acids are captivating bifunctional compounds; their structure directly
contributes to the utility of proteins in our body. Conversely, as technological
advances continue, we are now able to synthesise specific amino acids, and tailor
them to whichever purpose we intend. They surround our daily routine; an obvious
example of this is biological cleaning agents, (Persil) where specific proteins are
developed to break down carbohydrates and lipases on clothing.

On a recent trip to the University of Aberystwyth, I studied the trends of seaweed

species on the west coast of Wales. I focused primarily on the genetic adaptations
they have developed to thrive within their niche; finding that often it was the
simplest changes in an animal's aesthetics which lead to drastic alterations in their
behavioural patterns. This led me to explore further how species become
differentiated from one another; from simpler issues like the mating of Tungara
frogs, to more complex ethical dilemmas such as the speciation of humans. Ethics
are an important element in many aspects of biochemical research, and must be
considered in the way we develop and test new vaccines and drugs. Although the
media seems to be captivated by topics such as animal testing, controversies such as
the lack of testing into the long term effects of drugs (thalidomide a clear example)
are equally significant.
Football plays a fundamental role in my extra-curricular activities. I am an active,
member of the school football team, with whom I have played the last two seasons.
As a monitor, my role within school is vital. Supervising younger students in the
school's library and in the lunch hall has enhanced my familiarity in a leadership
position, and given me the responsibility of others. This year I was selected as a vice
captain of my house; a position that allowed me to take responsibility for decisions
regarding the co-ordination of house activities, including the development of charity
Outside school I am an enthusiastic long distance runner; in April I will be running
the Blackpool marathon. Although initially I chose to run it to test myself, in light of
changing circumstances, it has primarily become an endeavour to raise money for
the Bolton Hospice and Christies. As well as being a sportsman, I enjoy attending
live music events. This has inspired me to teach myself to play the guitar.
At the weekend I work part-time as a sales assistant at Dunelm Mill; equipping me
with skills to deal with problems that are both administrative and customer service
related. It is my duty to ensure customers receive products on time by using the
company ordering, or by communicating with other stores.
I am eager to embark into research and biochemical advancement, I await the
opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to a challenging yet rewarding career.
Personal Statement for Bioengineering Student

"Scientists investigate that which already is. Technologists create that which has
never been." I chose engineering as a life pursuit because I wish to engage in both.
This choice was enhanced by a personal yearning to apply all that I learn; I wanted
to be able to implement my physical and mathematical abilities in real life
situations. I feel higher education would enable me to realise this aim.

Although all aspects of physics and engineering intrigue me, I am particularly

interested in the medical application of these two disciplines. When considering
which field I might enter I realised that the only discipline that appealed to me,
other than engineering, was medicine. Having researched the crossover between
medicine and engineering I decided that bioengineering provided the perfect blend.

In order to improve my grasp of A-level Physics and Mathematics, and develop a

better understanding of the options available to me in Higher Education, I have
made extensive use of the online lectures of the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT). I was particularly receptive to the teaching methods of the
Physics lecturer, Professor Lewin.

Supplementary reading has widened my horizons and encouraged me to examine

elements above and beyond the A-level course. Some of the books I have
encountered include 'A Brief History of Time' by Stephen Hawking and also 'Mr.
Tompkins in Wonderland' by Nobel Prize winner, George Gamow. The latter was
more than simply 'a physics book' to me - the presentation of the physical principals
within a love story proved to be extremely captivating. Following the debate
regarding students' declining abilities and the 'dumbing down' of the A-levels I have
undertaken a study of material from the older, and in my opinion more challenging,
1996 syllabus. Books such as 'Essential Principles of Physics' by Whelan and
Hodgson have been particularly enlightening in this respect.

I feel that theoretical concepts are easier to understand and more easily absorbed
when they are tangible and therefore I have applied to the Year in Industry scheme,
hoping that this will enhance the application of my mathematical and physical skills.
Due to personal issues during the A-level exam period I was unable to achieve my
potential and did not meet all my predicted grades. In order to amend this I have
chosen to retake some modules during my gap year whilst at the same time studying
a new subject and expanding my language skills.
I consider that my multicultural upbringing, including 12 years in Japan, Dubai and
the Sudan have led to me being a well-rounded and colourful person. As a
consequence of this time I benefited by gaining knowledge about different
traditions, an insight into diverse cultures, and a furtherance in my linguistic
abilities. This granted me the ability to adapt to different environments swiftly and
comfortably, which would explain my enthusiasm for meeting new people.
Moreover, the contrast in the living standards in these different environments has
shown me the importance of science and technology in our lives.

Professionals have confirmed for me that bioengineering is an intellectually

challenging field, requiring commitment and motivation. I have always believed in
fully devoting myself to all that I do, and with my particular interests and
experiences, I feel that only an opportunity to study bioengineering at university
will enable me to express my abilities in their entirety.
Personal Statement for Biology Student

Being born in the shadow of Sellafield, and growing up near the home of Unilever
Research & Development, my interest in Science was, in my eyes, inevitable. My
fascination with Biology began to develop at a young age. Having a large number of
family members in the field meant I was constantly surrounded and inspired by
cutting edge research and equipment, and I would often be found in my garden
gazing with awe at the diversity of life, or in my bedroom studying everything from
leaves to dust mites with my light microscope

As my academic studies progressed, Biology started to become my passion. I began

to excel at primary school level, frequently receiving top marks in science exams and
being asked to speak about the subject at various assemblies. This ability carried
through to secondary school, where I would pick up numerous awards for both
effort and attainment within the subject. I represented my school’s science
department at numerous events at universities, including the prestigious “Salters
Festival” at Liverpool University. Biology at A-Level has given me the opportunity to
further extend my studies, allowing me to carry out private and independent work,
something I find immensely interesting. I took this opportunity further study
microbiology and the use of electron microscopes within industry. Through this, I
was granted a placement as a voluntary Lab Assistant at Unilever R&D

During my time at Unilever I was able to put my A Level Biology and Chemistry
theory into action. The staff were immensely impressed with my knowledge of
Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopes, and allowed me to carry out basic
functions required for the use of each, including the preparation of slides for study
and resolution control. My Physical Chemistry skills were required whilst carrying
out titrations, and knowledge of Organic Chemistry was vital in the use of
surfactants. It was biology, however, that played the largest part in my time. I was
required to prove important data for a study upon the effects of certain chemicals
on human hair, which will later be used in a genuine study

Whilst my time at Unilever was primarily based upon Biology and Chemistry, I was
occasionally given the chance to develop my communication skills, a skill I have also
received from ethical debates within Theology. I was asked to present new ideas for
Unilever’s “Go Green” initiative, for which I was commended for my confidence and
ability to work under pressure. This led to a number of individuals stating they
would be very interested in seeing me coming back to Unilever for a future post-
graduate course, most of whom I am still in contact with

These communication skills are also evident in my out of college hobbies, where I
am a published music journalist and acclaimed blogger. My work has been used in
both nationwide and local publications, and on a number of successful music
websites as well as being quoted as official reviews by a number of bands. Through
this, I was asked to take up a role at Q Radio, the radio counterpart to the UK’s
highest selling monthly music magazine. As part of this job I am required to work
alongside other journalists, local bands and prominent event’s organisers within
Merseyside in finding the most exciting underground music and bringing it to the
public’s attention. My blog, on the other hand, sees me acting as a team leader,
setting out tasks for my writers and providing advice and support to ensure their
work is always up to the desired standard. I find my journalistic work ideal as
allows me to continuously enhance my English skills, whilst remaining totally
flexible around any academic studies. Living in a city will allow me to continue this
work throughout university

The idea of being surrounded by likeminded people within a university setting is

something that excites me, and the thought of using my passion to improve the life
of others in a research environment is what motivates me to continue within this
Personal Statement for Animal Science Student

Holding a one day old kitten with a mangled leg is just one of many times when I felt
certain I wanted to devote my life to animals. Through volunteering with animals
and studying sciences at A-level, I realised that I am fascinated by scientific research
and Bioveterinary Science. I find myself continually inspired by discoveries; for
example, veterinarians had been familiar with Alarm Bradycardia for centuries
before cardiologists recently understood it as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy in
My interest in science developed from a young age as I watched science
programmes, played educational games and read magazines such as "21 Wiek"; this
was noticed by my teachers and rewarded with the Prize for Excellence In
Mathematics and Science after GCSEs. My enthusiasm has since grown and I
attended a course at the RIGB which increased my understanding of genetics and
laboratory work. I really enjoyed using professional equipment to compare the
phenotype with the genotype of my DNA for a taste receptor that we share with our
primate ancestors. I find it amazing how differences in the gene encoding a taste
receptor determine whether people can taste PTC or not, and how other mutations
in the DNA, alongside with faults in the suppressor genes, lead to cancer. I
broadened my understanding of cancer through reading "Zoobiquity", which has
been a true inspiration to me; through comparative medicine, new treatments can
be formed for animals, such as Oncept, which uses human DNA to treat canine
melanoma. The animal kingdom never ceases to surprise me with phenomena such
as the Peto's paradox. This has caused speculation as to whether animals such as
whales evolved biological mechanisms that fight cancer; I am enthusiastic about
exploring such curiosities.
In my gap year I want to continue volunteering with animals and show commitment
to increasing the quality of their lives. I have nearly fully recovered from 18 months
of severe anxiety, which, alongside undergoing treatment, has prevented me from
achieving my full academic potential; hence I am retaking some modules. Through
long term volunteering at an RSPCA cattery, kennels and a bird sanctuary, I have
learnt a lot about animal husbandry, behaviour and illness, and received the
'Volunteer of the Year' award. One of the many memorable experiences I gained was
the release of a rook. I also look forward to completing a one-day course in Animal
First Aid. A week at a veterinary clinic has made me more interested in the
prevention and spread of disease; I have learnt more about it in my free time and it
was fascinating to learn that 70% of infectious diseases in humans have their start
in animals.
I'm interested in evolution and I have enriched my understanding of it by reading
many R. Dawkins's books, as well as "The Origin Of Species". A-level Psychology
taught me to thoroughly evaluate studies and concepts such as the Lorenz theory of
aggressive behaviour male animals exhibit as an evolutionary advantage. I found
animal psychology particularly interesting and received an award for my hard work.
During A-level Chemistry I enjoyed working with precision and solving problems;
analysing NMR spectra to identify organic molecules was very satisfying. I also liked
applying my knowledge of Chemistry to topics such as photosynthesis and protein
synthesis in Biology and that's something I would enjoy doing in future. During high
school, I organised large scale fundraising events for the RSPCA in a team, helped as
a library/classroom assistant, and worked with young people with disabilities at
NANSA; this has helped me develop good communication and organisation skills,
and the urge to help others.
Issues such as the ASFV really interest me; there is a desperate need of a treatment
for this virus as it has a mortality rate of 80% and sadly in LEDCs people are forced
to cull livestock to prevent spread. I would love to research such current issues and
very much look forward to further study.
Personal Statement for Biomedical Science

The way in which the human body works and how it’s perfectly adapted to this
world something unmatched in its wonder. The most prestigious gift that we human
beings have been bestowed with is to save and change lives. I am passionate about
Biology and enjoy the intellectual challenge it involves. What fascinates me most
about the human body is how it is constantly overcoming challenges in its battle for
survival. I want to be able to explore the world of human biology and strive to find
out more about our species and how I would be able to use my knowledge and
understanding to help others in need.

Genetics and immunology are other aspects of biology that I find thrilling. Recently,
there had been great excitement in the field of the T cell gene therapy. The HIV was
genetically altered to enable T cells to attack cancerous cells, without the virus
causing disease to the host and cured a young girl from leukaemia. The very fact that
scientists and doctors were able to isolate the particular reason why the virus was
so deadly- its attack on immune cells- and use it instead to save lives, was what
made this particular introduction to medical healthcare so amazing to me.

For my GCEs I have chosen Biology to help me get an in-depth understanding of how
and the human body functions the way it does. I have also chosen Chemistry as it
would help my laboratory and practical skills which are vital in the biomedical field.
I have also taken A Level Physics and Mathematics as I believe this would boost my
logical and problem solving abilities.
Aside from my passion for science I am also a lover of arts and an avid reader and
enjoy reading educational magazines (Natural Geographic for example) as I find
them stimulating and helps me keep up with the dynamic nature of science and the
world around us. Having a flair for creative writing, I have won prizes at school
English Day for my essays. This passion of mine also gave me the privileged to be a
part of the editorial board of ’WIDSOM’, my school’s magazine.

I was a member of the senior debating team for my house. This was an experience
which exposed me to how people view and react to various problems, and allowed
me to develop my communication as well as team-working skills. I have been the
vice captain for my house and also the deputy Head Girl. These privileges and
responsibilities given to me showed that they trusted me to serve our school, by
helping to lead my peers and coach younger students, in addition to maintaining
discipline. These duties helped me hone my leadership skills and ability to work
with those around me, as a part of an efficient team. I was also a member of the
Girls' Association in School and was elected class representative thrice. Through this
I learned to organize events and became acutely aware of what others required of

I have also organised a visit to the King Faisal University Hospital in Riyadh. I expect
to be able to observe the day-to-day experience of medical and biomedical
professionals, how work is conducted in the hospital’s laboratories (including the
pathology laboratories) and how the doctors and lab technicians together work to
provide necessary treatment for their patients. I believe this will give me further
knowledge about biomedicine and a better insight into what exactly the biomedical
field requires of me

I look forward to the opportunity to become part of a university community that

would mould me in the best way possible so that I emerge fit and able to help others
using health care. I am confident I would be able to work well with others work hard
to contribute to a university that chooses me. . As a woman of faith, I hold dear the
following saying from my religion, “Every disease has a cure”. This saying gives me
great hope and determination to help improve the health of mankind.
Personal statement for Plant Biotechnology

I have became fascinated with Science in my early childhood. It came from the first
glance through the microscope at Paramecium. Since that time I have shown a
pertinacity to learn about the world imperceptible by human eyes. As I got older I
have had keen interest in Botany and Genetics. I have read many scientific
publications from BioMed Central Publisher within the scope of my interests. Before
High School I had achieved a title of Laureate of Biology Contest at Voivodeship level
and I got to the final of French Contest. I bought a microscope, due to an award
founded by the president of the city as an 'acknowledgment for outstanding and
prosperous scientific accomplishments', so I have started to conduct observations of
literally everything around me. During High School with an academic profile I took
part in inspiring lectures and laboratories at the Universities of Medical Sciences,
Technology and Life Sciences. They brightened up my aims and in result directed my
focus on Biotechnology, Microbiology and Molecular Sciences. The wide range of
possibilities that these fields can be used in daily life astonishes me every day. Set
together they allow to develop innovative drugs, vaccines and modify plants and
animals in order to increase their productivity. The recent benefit I find curious and
useful is modification of veggies and fruits, what enables to produce more
phytocompounds, the substances necessary in healthy diet. The bioactive food is
used in treatment of diseases of modern society. There is an enormous potential in
callus induction, tissues cultures and intensification of secondary plant metabolism.
These technologies are used in Pharmacy to obtain the chemical compounds from
medicinal plants with a therapeutic significance for human. Even the agriculture
may profit from Biotechnology by cultivation the plant modified in terms of the
resistance to the adverse environmental factors of pathogens. My curiosity led to to
the Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Plant Biotechnology at the University
of Medical Sciences in Poznan, where in October I finished a one-month long
practice. I had an opportunity to assist in planning and conducting the research and
work in the laboratory. The internship enabled me the recognition of student and
professional life. Participating in the research was an invaluable experience that
gave me a motivation to further developing my knowledge and skills. I increased my
ability to analyze and solve biological problems, formulate and consider scientific
theories and critical analyze of research literature. As a person I am ambitious,
organized, solid and inquisitive. During work I think creatively and strive for the
best. The teamwork is the most satisfying and efficient form of cooperation for me. I
like to discuss and compare different points of view. Respecting views of others
makes me suitable for leading the group but also carrying out the tasks assigned
only to me. Studying at university will be a continuation of my life passion. The
progress in Science is continually proceeding and it would be wonderful to take part
in it. After graduation I have considered career in research institute, biotechnology
or microbiology industry developing vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Beyond my
academic interests I am bound up with sport, which has its own place in my daily
agenda. I train long distance running few times a week since I was 12 years old. My
best scores are the proof of my hard training. The workouts in the gym motivate me
to perfecting my body, what gives me physical and mental strength. I am also
interested in languages- I speak English, French and I am learning Russian.
Languages abolish boundaries between people and open myself to the world. These
two sports and fondness for languages strengthen my personality, showing that
with a good attitude, motivation, specified goals and hard work I can achieve my
aims in private, student and professional life.
Personal Statement for Business Management Student

Creativity is what first drove me to pursue business and management. New business
ideas fascinate me. The notion of running a business and the risk involved in
business has excited me for years.
Whilst reading the book "How They Started" by David Lester. I came across a quote
from Peter Kindersley, who founded Dorling Kindersley which stated "If you have
had an idea and everyone says it's mad, that's probably the kind of idea to pursue..."
Dorling Kindersley is a hugely successful publishing company that all started with
one "mad" idea. This further encouraged me to produce a few ideas of my own.
Two ideas in particular have stood out to me; firstly, starting up an ice cream van
business in France. When visiting France I noticed that there is a huge gap in the
market for ice cream vans. Secondly, starting up an assault course in Kent. I visited a
popular assault course in Cheshire called "The Crocky trail" and I had never seen
anything like it in any other part of the country. I exchanged emails with Mr James
Wally, the director of and son of the founder of "The Crocky trail" and he offered to
meet me. He told me what difficulties he had had faced running the Crocky trail and
that health and safety had been a major problem for him to overcome.
In order to help me expand my knowledge and understanding of running a business
I obtained two week's work experience at the Bespoke Kitchen Company. Here I
observed and assisted in various areas of the business. They stressed particularly
the importance of communication, image and advertising. I explained my
enthusiasm for maths and handling data so initially they had me filling out spread
sheets recording the orders that had been placed. I also gave clients tours of the
show rooms to illustrate the quality of the kitchens being produced and to persuade
the clients to buy the product. To advertise the company I assisted with a photo
shoot of a kitchen which was to be put in the local magazine. My decision to study a
degree in business strengthened due to my enjoyment and success in my work
Through studying physics and biology at A level I have gained the ability to interpret
data and successfully draw conclusions from it. Consequently this is an aspect of
Biology and Physics that I particularly enjoy. Although I have always excelled mainly
at science based subjects due to my logical mind I am still a very well rounded
person with skills and knowledge in many fields. This is shown by my eleven A's and
A*'s at GCSE. I believe this is an important trait of a business person as they need to
be able to deal with many different varieties of challenges.
In and out of school I am keen to be involved in extra-curricular activities. I have
learned important speaking and listening skills in debating that help me to portray
my point of view along with the ability to think quickly in high pressure situations.
As well as that I play outside of school for my club rugby team, I have been a
member of the school 1st XV rugby team for two years and I am captain of my house
rugby team. These activities have also strengthened my abilities to lead and
communicate within a team. To play in a top team requires dedication, time
management and teamwork. I possess all of these skills. In school I have been
awarded the position of senior supervisor. In addition to this I have been the house
charity representative for the past year. From these roles I have learned the
importance of trust and dependability which are essential for success in business.
I am truly excited and looking forward to furthering my knowledge of Business and
Management. This degree will act as a foundation for future success in the fast
moving and powerful world of business. I am eager to meet new people, explore a
new environment and above all immerse myself in the study of business.
Personal Statement for Chemical Engineering Student

Creativity is what first drove me to pursue business and management. New business
ideas fascinate me. The notion of running a business and the risk involved in
business has excited me for years.
Whilst reading the book "How They Started" by David Lester. I came across a quote
from Peter Kindersley, who founded Dorling Kindersley which stated "If you have
had an idea and everyone says it's mad, that's probably the kind of idea to pursue..."
Dorling Kindersley is a hugely successful publishing company that all started with
one "mad" idea. This further encouraged me to produce a few ideas of my own.
Two ideas in particular have stood out to me; firstly, starting up an ice cream van
business in France. When visiting France I noticed that there is a huge gap in the
market for ice cream vans. Secondly, starting up an assault course in Kent. I visited a
popular assault course in Cheshire called "The Crocky trail" and I had never seen
anything like it in any other part of the country. I exchanged emails with Mr James
Wally, the director of and son of the founder of "The Crocky trail" and he offered to
meet me. He told me what difficulties he had had faced running the Crocky trail and
that health and safety had been a major problem for him to overcome.
In order to help me expand my knowledge and understanding of running a business
I obtained two week's work experience at the Bespoke Kitchen Company. Here I
observed and assisted in various areas of the business. They stressed particularly
the importance of communication, image and advertising. I explained my
enthusiasm for maths and handling data so initially they had me filling out spread
sheets recording the orders that had been placed. I also gave clients tours of the
show rooms to illustrate the quality of the kitchens being produced and to persuade
the clients to buy the product. To advertise the company I assisted with a photo
shoot of a kitchen which was to be put in the local magazine. My decision to study a
degree in business strengthened due to my enjoyment and success in my work
Through studying physics and biology at A level I have gained the ability to interpret
data and successfully draw conclusions from it. Consequently this is an aspect of
Biology and Physics that I particularly enjoy. Although I have always excelled mainly
at science based subjects due to my logical mind I am still a very well rounded
person with skills and knowledge in many fields. This is shown by my eleven A's and
A*'s at GCSE. I believe this is an important trait of a business person as they need to
be able to deal with many different varieties of challenges.
In and out of school I am keen to be involved in extra-curricular activities. I have
learned important speaking and listening skills in debating that help me to portray
my point of view along with the ability to think quickly in high pressure situations.
As well as that I play outside of school for my club rugby team, I have been a
member of the school 1st XV rugby team for two years and I am captain of my house
rugby team. These activities have also strengthened my abilities to lead and
communicate within a team. To play in a top team requires dedication, time
management and teamwork. I possess all of these skills. In school I have been
awarded the position of senior supervisor. In addition to this I have been the house
charity representative for the past year. From these roles I have learned the
importance of trust and dependability which are essential for success in business.
I am truly excited and looking forward to furthering my knowledge of Business and
Management. This degree will act as a foundation for future success in the fast
moving and powerful world of business. I am eager to meet new people, explore a
new environment and above all immerse myself in the study of business.
Personal Statement for Computer Science

From an early age I’ve always been deeply interested in computing. It was my dad,
introducing me to the computer systems at his work place that first sparked this
interest. I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know just how computers
worked, why they worked and what else they could do.

This interest never left me, only growing more profound and passionate with every
new discovery I made. From communicating with an artificial intelligence to seeing
the wonders of the Internet for the first time, computers have left me fascinated
with just how much power yet mystery they hold.

The A-Levels I chose to study have all helped me to develop both myself and my
understanding of the subject. Physics for example has helped me to understand how
certain parts of a computer function, while Computing has given me a greater
insight into the business aspects of the computer industry.
Chemistry and Physics have both helped to improve my analytical and evaluative
skills. Within maths I have been lucky enough to have a teacher who was very
interested in computer science. He has been especially helpful, lending me books
such as Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. This has given me an insight
into the richness that is computer science.

My interest in computing has not been restricted to the classroom and college life.
Within the last twelve months I’ve used the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past
twelve years together with the help of my family to set up my own computer related
business. This has given me a totally new perspective on how certain things
function, and how business operates. The writing of a business plan was a totally
alien experience for me, but over the course of 9 months I researched and planned,
and finally when the plan was complete I was rewarded with the satisfaction of
knowing that I had completed something that most people would never have the
chance to do especially at my age.
Through the setting up of the company and its subsequent running I have learnt
many things. These include how to balance tasks effectively, how critical teamwork
can be and how to delegate tasks to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

As well as spending time both studying and helping to run the business I understand
the importance of having time to relax. One of my hobbies that I try to make time for
is learning to fly, and gaining my private pilots license. As a child I dreamed of
becoming a pilot and luckily its one dream that I’ve managed to follow. I love the
freedom that flying gives you and the control that you have when in the air. Training
for my private pilots license (PPL) has also involved me taking onboard a lot of
responsibility for the safety of those onboard, and those around the aircraft. From
ensuring that I carry out the pre-flight checks correctly, and knowing what’s around
you both while you’re on the ground and in the air to ensuring that I’m prepared for
any eventuality.
I also enjoy both playing and watching tennis. I’ve played in various competitions
before, and have helped to umpire junior matches at my club. To ensure that I can fit
everything in I’ve had to develop very good time management, prioritising what I
need to do efficiently.

I’m looking forward with great anticipation to the challenges that studying for a
degree in computer science will bring.
Primary School teaching personal statement

I am one of ten, so you may see why I would like to work with children. I wasn’t
always sure as to what profession I would like to join but for the past couple of years
it has became apparent that I want to work with children. This was mainly
influenced by a new addition to my family, my nephew. For the past year I have
helped develop his skills and encouraged him to learn new things. I truly value the
sense of achievement gained in teaching new skills to children and I wish to
continue to do so, and this is therefore one of the main reasons for wanting to join a
teaching course for key stages 1 and 2.

Discovering my love for helping and supporting others I chose to broaden my

knowledge of the teaching experience by completing two work experience
placements within a primary school environment. For two weeks I shadowed
various teaching staff, observing their teaching techniques and the ways in which
they support the children. I found each day a new challenge as new faces, new
personalities were emerging which brought various obstacles my way as different
methods of teaching were needed. The most enjoyable aspect of this work
environment is that no day is ever the same. -New lessons, new people. It was
exciting to know I had the opportunity to assist in someone learning, gaining
satisfaction from seeing the new skill acquired.

This particular experience, working within a primary school environment, allowed

me to acquire a number of skills and also help enhance my weaker ones. I have
always acknowledged the fact that I can be a very good listener and a good
communicator which is an important quality needed. I found that my
communication ability improved as I got to know students which encouraged my
confidence to escalate. I am able to work well independently and can also work very
well as part as a team, which became obvious to me during my stay at my
placement. I have also demonstrated this throughout the majority of my school
experience, for example, when playing team sports, such as Netball, Rounders,
Badminton, Athletics, etc.

During my school experience I have embarked on a number of activities which

exhibit my more positive qualities that I have thoroughly developed within the past
few years. Such activities include helping out at events such as Open Days, Parents.
Evenings, Welcome Club, etc. In doing so, I have shown I am a polite, mature,
organized and committed young adult.

I am currently a School Prefect and buddy, working closely with the years 7, 8 and 9
students. My role is to represent the school in a positive and professional manner. I
believe I do this well as I portray an enthusiastic, responsible and reliable image. In
order for me to have been considered to be a Prefect or a buddy I needed to have the
essential qualities for that particular role. Such qualities needed are congruence,
resilience and assertiveness. These specific qualities, I believe, have been made
evident to my teaching staff as a result of the community work in school I have
taken part in. I have accomplished my British Red Cross basic First Aid certificate
which I completed at school. I have also achieved my Food Hygiene, Business
Dynamics and Junior Sports Leadership Certificates.

I am very much looking forward to expanding my practical and theoretical

knowledge by attending university. In pursuing a degree in teaching, I seek to
advance my knowledge of educational studies and improve my personal skills. I ask
you to give me the opportunity to further my education as I know I have the
commitment, the patience and the persistence to succeed.
Engineering personal statement

The art of engineering is applying scientific theories to design. The fundamental

principles that are applied to products and structures are paramount and by
studying engineering I am hoping to learn how engineers use these principles and
then integrate them into designs. A design that has inspired me is the Falkirk wheel
boat lift as it shows how solutions to engineering problems can be imaginative and

Engineering will allow me to see how principles are applied to design. This was
highlighted in a lecture I attended on the mechanics of roller coasters. I was
fascinated to learn about some of the design constraints which were applied to
balance speed with safety. For example if a bend is too tight then excessive g-force
would cause participants to blackout. I then applied the idea of using maths in order
to ensure the safety of Formula 1 drivers. I used this to assist in preparing and
delivering of a number of workshops run at my school for local primary school
children, one of which involved the design of Formula 1 cars and calculating the
speed at which they can be safely driven and the chance of them crashing.

Attending a Headstart course at Swansea University showed me how the theory that
is learnt in the lecture theatres can be easily transferred to a practical application in
the labs. A particular highlight was the civil engineering task where we designed and
built an inflatable structure with a team. This is an area of engineering that I am
looking forward to studying as there were many different solutions suggested to
solve the same problem. This course was a useful experience as it allowed me to see
the different teaching styles at university by attending lectures and doing lab work. I
found this enjoyable because of its hands on nature.

I have already started to further my knowledge by reading "How Things Work: The
Physics of Everyday Life" by Louis A. Bloomfield, and I have enjoyed learning the
basic theory behind wings creating lift by creating a difference in pressure. I am
very much looking forward to studying this area in greater detail. I have also read
"Invention by Design: How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing" by Henry Petroski
which has shown me that to an engineer, every design can be improved upon and it
is this potential to improve and progress things via engineering which strongly
appeals to me.
Outside the classroom I have taken part in the UKMT individual maths challenges
where I have achieved 3 gold awards, twice scoring highest in my year. This resulted
in me representing my school in a team maths challenge. Additionally I have
attended events run by the Gifted and Talented Program including a week long
summer school and lectures to help further my maths knowledge.

My main hobby is mountain biking and I have been riding regularly for 4 years.
During this time I have had to carry out a lot of maintenance on my bike which has
led to my interest in how they work and all the aspects of bike development. For
example carbon fibre is replacing aluminum as the material of choice for most
components due to its ability to improve strength while reducing weight. This
interest has led me to taking a course on advanced mountain bike maintenance in

I have taken part in many activities that have helped to build my teamwork,
leadership and time management skills. I finished the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze
Award where strong teamwork is essential in order to succeed, especially at the
expedition. I have also represented my year on the school council where I had to
demonstrate good time management and organisation skills which I used when I
helped to organize an event to help other schools improve their councils. I have
played cricket for my school and local team which has taught me to cope well with

I believe that I have the academic ability, interest and personal attributes that are
well suited to studying engineering at university and to pursue a career in this field.
Geography personal statement

My enthusiasm for Geography was initially fostered when, in a series of art lessons,
we were given 'National Geographic' magazine to use. Drawn in by the stunning
photographs, I began to read the fascinating articles that they accompanied. This
was the spark that lit my enthusiasm for the subject.

Over time, my interest in the subject has developed further; I subscribe to both
'National Geographic' and the less US-centric 'Geographical'; and when they arrive
each month, I am genuinely excited by the prospect of widening my knowledge of
subjects such as the culture of Mongolians living in a remote province of China, the
exploration of previously uncharted caves in the Netherlands or yet more influences
of climate change upon the environment and human life.

I am intrigued by the way a single subject can encompass so many strands of life; the
relationship between humans and the natural environment has immense effects on
issues as diverse as poverty, transport systems, migration and globalisation. This
symbiotic relationship is fundamental to all our lives. I am keen to further my
knowledge of issues that can affect important political policy and increase
environmental awareness, thereby helping predict (and protect) future impact on
the planet and coming generations.

All my AS subjects have been beneficial in providing a wide range of skills and
insights which will support my study of Geography at degree level. Media
encouraged me to undertake independent research and enhanced my awareness of
contemporary global issues. English strengthened my appreciation of reading a
broad variety of texts. By contrast, Biology enabled me to develop scientific
research, in depth fieldwork skills and analytical skills, pertinent to the nature of

In studying AS Geography my appreciation of the interconnections between

traditional humanities subjects was heightened. This, coupled with my interest in
societal development and general determination and dedication in regards to my
studies, has prompted me to take up the exciting challenge of completing both AS
and A2 History in my upper sixth year. The importance of understanding the past
events that have shaped the world we live in- and study- today prompted this
Geography can have great political impact. It has influenced my involvement in the
anti-war movement. I am an active member of the international Stop The War
Coalition and a founding member and convenor of Liverpool branch of School
Students Against War. In this capacity I work with both peers and the wider
community. In my role as convenor I have organised regular local meetings, national
conferences and steering committees, actions including marches, lobbies and
petitions as well as fundraising events such as gigs.

I have been fortunate in having the opportunity of fairly extensive travel. I enjoy
seeing life from alternative perspectives. Travel allows me to explore geographical
theory in a living setting, whether it be seeing, first-hand, the realities of life under a
socialist system in Cuba or discovering landforms created by glaciation whilst
camping in North Wales.

For my work experience placement, I spent a fortnight working at COMTECHSA, a

community architects in central Liverpool. This gave me experience of being in a
‘real’ workplace- writing report, liaising with the public and contributing to
meetings. It linked strongly to my Geography studies as I learnt a great deal about
town planning, sustainable building policy and environmental impact in
architectural design.

I would love to study Geography to degree level, as the prospect of furthering my

knowledge of a subject about which I am passionate is amazing. I would greatly
enjoy studying- and hopefully contributing to- the ever-growing knowledge of
Geography, or, as it has been put more succinctly, learning more about 'the why of
Geology Personal Statement

Throughout my life I have possessed a keen interest in geography. I am in awe of the

natural power of our world. When I was young, I was mystified and enthralled by
the sheer size of the oceans and the mountains. During my school years I studied
geography, building up a foundation of knowledge. On top of this, my personal study
has given me a deeper understanding, and engaged me with a desire to learn more.
Through talking to my Uncle, a practicing Geologist, I became particularly fascinated
with the makeup of the earth. To further my understanding I now wish to read

At Bolton School I studied Geography, Physics and Systems & Control Technology to
A level. This diversity in subject has given me a scientific approach to problem
solving, an understanding of the physical systems at play within geology, a
technological grasp of systems and instrumentation and a more in depth
understanding of geography. While I studied both the physical and human side to
geography, it was the physical side that sustained my interest. I believe the
analytical skills I have developed will further aid my study. Alongside my school
academic life I went on several field trips. These included one to investigate beach
erosion in Bournemouth and another detailing land usage in and around Bolton. For
my GCSE Geography, I conducted a detailed study including field work, into the
relationship between the velocity of water in relation to the depth and erosion
levels of a stretch of river. I have found field research to be invaluable, and have
gained an appreciation of how theoretical systems translate into the real world.

My favourite extracurricular activity is music. Following the completion of my A-

Levels I chose to take a double gap year, to pursue my musical interest. This evolved
into reading a 2 year course in Music Performance and Technology. I have emerged
with a strengthened work ethic, a more mature approach to time management and
an even greater drive to take my studies forward to university. Last year I helped to
organise my college open day, which allowed me to apply my managerial skills
through the organisation of promotion, event planning and delegation. The day
proved extremely successful. I have achieved a pass with distinction and merit,
respectively, of Grade Five Exams in Drums and Cornet, and I expect to receive a
merit on completion of my Music Performance and Technology HND.
During my first gap year I took a part-time job at Starbucks to help fund my higher
education. I gained promotion rapidly, ahead of many long-standing employees, to
Supervisor and 'Coffee Master' status. I relished being given the opportunity to
demonstrate and improve my skills, which I believe to be working confidently and
making decisions under pressure, my communication skills and my intuitive and
qualitative analysis. A love of the outdoors and the landscape led me to enjoy
outdoor pursuits, which in turn led me to take up rock climbing as a serious hobby.
In my AS year, two friends and I applied for a grant from a School Trust, enabling us
to travel to Spain for a week. The purpose of the trip was to further pursue the sport,
as well as my personal interest in the geography of the landscape. We documented
the experience and presented a written report of our accomplishments.

Throughout my varied educational and vocational background; studying Geology

has always been my eventual aim, and I feel that the wide knowledge and
experience I have gained has improved all my personal attributes which I believe
will play an integral part in my studies of Geology. Looking beyond university, I
want to pursue a career as a Geologist, eventually furthering our human
Masters in Public health personal statement

Full-time application. Masters in Public health .

Like many medical students, I was unsure of which specialty I would venture into
after medical school. I had very broad clinical interests.
Majoring in public health was not one of my choices until I moved to Kilifi District
hospital after an extensive one year internship period at the regional hospital (Coast
Provincial General Hospital).
My practical experience at the district hospital taught me first hand the necessity of
public health. In the monthly maternal mortality meetings conducted in the hospital,
we realized the bulk of the maternal deaths were mainly attributed to delays in
seeking medical care in relation to the onset of the presenting complains .A small
percentage was due to delays at the facilities in provision of emergency care.
Kilifi district is unique, aside being one of the poorest district in the Kenya with high
illiteracy level, it ‘s endowed with the deep rooted social cultural belief of
massage (external cephalic version) , a crude way to align the baby which in most
cases resulted in silent rupture of the uterus ,use of herbal therapy to augment
labour and tendency to deliver at home with assistance from traditional birth
attendants whom are not prepared to handle obstetric emergency.it;s maternal
mortality as per the recent Kenya demographic survey was 440/1000,000
compared to the country maternal mortality of 414/100,000 .sadly many causes are
Danida, a Danish organization working in the district was very much troubled by the
high maternal mortality. The organization decided to put up radio calls in the
remote facilities and the district hospital to assist in improving the referral system
and minimize delays. in addition, they renovated the old maternity block which later
became the maternal shelter after putting up a modern maternity wing in the
district hospital. The maternal shelter was to house high risk women and those
pregnant women coming from far to reach areas who were willing to stay near the
hospital awaiting delivery at no fee. Despite the above intervention, the maternal
deaths in the hospital were still frightening.
During one of my calls, I saw a 26 year old Para 3+0 at term, with one living child.
She had two previous caesarian sections done secondary to a borderline pelvis. Her
current presenting complaint was vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and history of
massage by the traditional birth attendant in an effort to relieve the pain and
aligning the baby.
On examination, I found the patient to be in shock. Examination of the abdomen
revealed palpable fetal parts. I made a clinical diagnosis of a ruptured uterus. She
was rushed into the operation room where I found that she had ruptured both her
uterus and bladder. The baby was alive, but gasping. I performed a subtotal
hysterectomy and repair of the bladder. The mother did well post operatively and
she was discharged home with her daughter.
The case was extreme but not unique. This experience gave me a desire to work
beyond the hospital and address the underlying issues of the maternal deaths at a
community level. My colleagues and I developed a proposal to evaluate reasons for
the low utilization of a maternal shelter, which was put up to house ‘high risk
mothers' from out-lying areas. Its utilization prior to the study was at 25%.
The survey was conducted in all the facilities in Kilifi district. the study population
comprised of health workers who were directly involved in attending to pregnant
women, Antenatal mothers visiting health facilities in the district and in-depth
interview to mothers who had previously used the maternal waiting home .the
survey was to help us understand the knowledge, practice and attitude of health
workers on maternal waiting home. while for the pregnant women, was to get their
views as to whether they perceived pregnancy and delivery as a risk. And also their
knowledge of the maternal shelter.

Our study came up with a set of recommendations which included extensive

community mobilization, improving male involvement, setting up a clear referral
networks and feedback system and introduction of skills training to retired
/unemployed midwives .these were taken very positively by the hospital and
stakeholders. We have now seen not only an increase in the utilization of the
structure but also a reduction in the maternal mortality. I realized that the issue was
not affecting Kilifi district alone but the whole province at large.
Like many developing countries, Kenya is mainly focusing on curative health and
partly neglecting the much more important arm of promotive and preventive health.
I join a non governmental organization to be able to work more with the community
in strengthening the linkages and referral system between the community and the
health facilities, training both health staffs and domiciliary midwives at the
community on safe motherhood,
On community facility linkage, I support forums where community elders meet with
health facility staffs and discuss how best they can assist each other on advocating
for safe deliveries by qualified skilled attendants, empowering an d training
community health workers on key messages related to maternal and child health,
HIV and AIDS ,environmental and sanitation and linking them to health facilities to
improve referral network.
For the health facilities, we have supported the facilities to cope up with the raising
demand of services from the community to be able to provide quality care through
training on various interventional areas ranging from emergency obstetric care,
focused antennal care post partum care and child health, family planning, HIV and
AIDS and attitude change. We have also been able to support procurements of
equipments for facilities.
I'm proud to have been part of the team that helped to improve the linkages
between the facility and community in coast province through empowerment of the
community and setting up a clear referral network. I'm confident the next
demographic survey will give us promising results as far as the maternal mortality
is concerned.
I'm certain that the knowledge and skills learnt in your prestigious public health
school will prepare me to work best with the community and subsequently create a
sustainable link between the community and the health facilities. I thus believe that
with this training I shall be able to focus more on this important arm and help avert
preventable health issues.
History and Politics personal statement

History and politics have had a profound impact on my outlook. From childhood, the
tangible history I found in castles, museums and family photographs appealed
uniquely to my imagination. As I grew up my interest in the past introduced me to
the political traditions and ideas of my community, and the study of politics became
equally absorbing. Both subjects retain their fascination for me, the extent of their
interrelation making them a perfect platform for a more complete understanding of
our world and its future.

My A level studies have confirmed my commitment to history and politics, and

encouraged me to challenge and expand upon my perceptions of the subjects. The
diversity of historical opinion I have discovered, in Kershaw’s historiographical
surveys for instance, has particularly interested me, and led me to explore texts on
historical theory including Carr’s ‘What is History?’ Peter Clarke’s ‘Hope and Glory’
drew my attention to the historical roots of contemporary political problems, as
well as the timeless themes of politics. The more explicitly human aspect of the
disciplines similarly enthuses me, and I have enjoyed reading biographies such as
Strachey’s ‘Queen Victoria’ and Paul Routledge’s ‘Mandy’, finding them insightful, as
well as enjoyable. University lecture days, talks from local politicians, and visits to
Westminster and the Welsh Assembly have all been valuable and stimulating
experiences, allowing me to engage in my proposed area of study guided by my
growing curiosity.

My greater involvement in the school community has been a rewarding aspect of

sixth form life. As well as being a prefect, I have been active in the year 12 charity
committee and have participated in the ‘Toe-by-Toe’ reading scheme. For the past
year I have been editor of the school newspaper, requiring of me the ability to work
in a team and to deal with pressures of time. This role, along with my position as
secretary of the school council, has seen me develop greater flexibility in my written
style. I have particularly enjoyed competing for my school’s debating team at local
and regional levels, which has taught me to research, structure and maintain a line
of argument.

A highlight of the past year has been participating in a French exchange programme,
developing my linguistic and communicative skills. I find experiencing different
ways of life through travel fascinating, and hope to organise an independent trip to
Paris with my French class later in the year. Outside school, my interests in art and
literature are a helpful balance to my academic work. I have also been a member of
Circus Eruption, a group working with able-bodied and disabled young people
through the medium of circus skills, for six years.

I have a real passion for current affairs and it is my long term ambition to go into
journalism; a career in which the unique insight into society provided by the
combination of history and politics would be invaluable. I have already completed a
week of work experience at a local newspaper, during which I had two
independently researched articles published, and which I hope to follow-up with
further placements during a gap year. This break would allow me to travel more
widely, consolidate my skills in French, learn a further European language or work
abroad, and would equip me with skills and experiences that could only enrich my
time at university.
Hotel Management personal statement

Being thanked by someone for making their day after working a long, hard and
stressful shift is the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced. I want to spend
my life creating a place for people to escape and made to feel special.
For a hotel brand to succeed there needs to be a strong focus on marketing, which is
one of my main interests. I studied Advertising and Media at University and
although I realised that I didn't want to enter the marketing industry for my career, I
did know that I would want it to be an important aspect of my future work. I have
some experience working with small business' and also my local council discovering
how they use marketing and media to their advantage. I have volunteered at a
family run farm during the launch of their catering leg of the business where I was
involved heavily in the research of existing products on the market, pricing,
packaging and designing promotional tools. I was also lucky enough to be offered a
placement with Coventry City Council assisting with the relaunch of their city
magazine, CityVision where I wrote a detailed report of my findings from market
research, created an ideas board for the layout and graphics of the magazine and
also learnt how to write press releases.
I left University after one year and enrolled in a course in a Professional Cookery
NVQ in the hope that I could work my way around the different areas of the hotel
operation and eventually work my way up into hotel management. I have worked as
a chef in numerous establishments and have an excellent knowledge of food hygiene
and safety standards as well as supervisory experience. I have also worked in
several other roles relevant to Hotel Management; waiting tables, bar tending, house
keeping and as a Wedding and B&B Assistant.
I worked as a chef for a season for a reputable activity holidays company.
Supervising four members of staff meant that I was expected to lead, motivate and
train as well as being under immense pressure to cook for up to two hundred and
forty people alone. I was responsible for ensuring the completion of kitchen admin
and that food hygiene and safety standards were adhered to at all times. During my
time supervising I learnt a lot about professional boundaries, motivating a team,
gaining respect, working to individuals strengths, understanding competency levels
and responding well to pressure. Working in a leadership position was what
affected my final decision to study Hotel Management.
My passion for hospitality is not limited to my working life. I am an avid reader of
T+L, marketing and branding and hotel management books. During my spare time I
enjoy disappearing for weekends with friends or exploring different places to eat. I
love traveling and have recently spent three months traveling around Thailand and
Vietnam where I first began considering a Hotel Management Degree after staying in
a diverse range of accommodation. Being a regular consumer myself reinforces the
importance of excellent customer care and thus standing out from competitors.
When I left higher education my plan wasn't to return but my passion and
enthusiasm for the subject lead me to explore my options once again. The Hotel
School concept is one I am extremely excited about. It would give me the
opportunity to study and put my knowledge into practice immediately, making my
studies more relevant and memorable. I hope to obtain a place with The Edge Hotel
School to achieve a recognised qualification from a quality partnership in order for
my CV to stand out from other applicants when applying for graduate schemes with
luxury hotel brands.
My goal is to spend time working with top class hotel brands improving and
developing my skills and knowledge until I feel prepared enough to open my own
family run hotel in Vietnam.
I am confident that with the help of the practitioners on the course I will be able to
develop my existing skills and knowledge to an exceptional standard, ready for the
world of management.
Arabic and Islamic Studies personal statement

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world" - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Even as a young child languages have been important to me. I used to try to sing
along with hit tunes on the radio and watched movies without subtitles from an
early age, all to improve my English skills. I used to converse in English with my
mother at the breakfast table and drag my little sister into it as well, and she hated
me for it. I understood that the knowledge of a language other than your own
expands the boundaries of life and gives you the possibility to experience more of
the world in a greater scale. I even took the time to learn some Turkish, by myself at
the age of 16, and to this day I still remember a few words. Language is a barrier
that can be overcome. English was my first step towards broadening my horizon and
I plan to make Arabic my next.

I enrolled in a basic Arabic course for one semester outside my normal studies, at
Folkuniversitetet in Gothenburg to try to learn the basics of the language and learn a
few helpful phrases to expand the vocabulary I already had. This January I am
leaving for Cairo, Egypt to enroll at a language institute where I will be taking a
beginners course expanding over three and a half month in Egyptian spoken Arabic
and Modern written Arabic.

I think that my admiration for the Middle-East started when I was very young. I saw
a movie which contained images of these amazing large, dome-shaped buildings and
the vast orange desert horizons. Aladdin might not be the most accurate in
describing today's Middle-East but it sure got my attention back then. I remember
watching that movie over and over again and dreaming of the street markets and
princess Jasmines' pet tiger Rajah.

When I got the opportunity to move to the "real" Middle-East, to the United Arab
Emirates and work, I didn't hesitate a bit. I organized my flight and left only a few
months after I was offered the job. Travelling through the desert each morning to
my office was an amazing start of the day. My fascination for the Middle-East really
came to grow into love. My two year stay in Ras Al Khaimah offered a lot of
possibilities: Not only work-related but on a more personal level as well. I met a
wide variety of people from so many regions of the world, many of them from the
war struck countries in the area. I heard many stories from friends from Palestine,
telling me about having to sleep on floors in refugee camps; being frightened of
missiles and the military. Whilst hearing others growing up in Lebanon worried
about cluster bombs and landmines when walking to school. You get very humble
and realise how fortuned you are and at the same time you understand that you
need to get involved somehow, try to take your own luck in life and to pass it on to
someone else. This is what made me to take the decision to move back home to
finish my pre-university studies to have the possibility to enter University and finish
my degree.

I hope to work within the UN or a related organisation based in these countries,

specifically working with women and youth. When I got back to Sweden the first
thing I did was to get in contact with 'Doctor without Borders' and 'Ship to Gaza' to
see if there was some way for me to be of assistance, even if it was just financial.

What is going on in the countries of the Arabic part of the world is not something
that only involves the Middle-East, it also affects us. Politics is something that affect
everyone. Call it the butterfly effect, but that' how it is. With the latest reports from
the IAEA and the so called "Arabic spring" I feel more compelled than ever to get
involved. There is only so much I can read about and teach myself and I am hoping
for the opportunity to enter a classroom with tutors and study groups who share my
passion for humanity and the possibility to make a difference.
Law personal statement

The subject of law fascinates me extensively. I am intrigued by developments in the

law and the way that it adapts to an ever-changing society. I feel I would be suited to
a law degree as I am at my best when challenged, relish the opportunity of lateral
thinking and enjoy evaluating the microcosm of human relations.

I have improved my understanding of the law by spending 8 weeks in a Solicitors

Office. I benefited from this vastly, as I was able to attend both Basingstoke's County
and Magistrates Courts on frequent occasions, to take notes and observe cases that
my employer was accountable for. The experience was enthralling as I learnt about
the work undertaken at a small high-street firm, the ambience of a courtroom, and
more about the officials that occupy it.

Recently, I attended Winchester Crown Court to gain first-hand experience of a

complex and serious murder case. The defendant used the partial defence of
provocation on the grounds of an affair, which was later dismissed. I had strong
feelings about the handling and outcome of the case, which confirmed my thoughts
of law as a career. I am looking forward to attending a conference in London next
month where Chris Clarkson is lecturing.

At my secondary school I had the privilege of becoming Head Boy. As part of this
role I gave many speeches to my contemporaries from different schools, as well as
parents and professionals. I also chaired the Student Council where I had an active
input into my school's welfare, delegated workloads and took expeditions with
teachers representing the school as an ambassador. I also helped with the bid for my
school's conversion to 'Technology College Status'. And was awarded the 'Harriet
Costello Award' for achieving the highest
GCSE results in the academic year 2001-2002.

I enjoy English because I am able to express myself creatively through essays and
discussion. I am reading Dickens' 'Great Expectations' as part of my English
Literature course, and have found the depiction of the Victorian legal system of
particular interest.

Outside of my compulsory activities, I have taken part in Karate for 10 years;

achieving the highest standard of black belt. This experience has taught me about
dedication and focus. I am an avid reader, and enjoyed reading G. Williams'
'Learning the Law' which addresses many issues facing a law student. Helena
Kennedy's 'Eve was
Framed' opened my eyes to the problems facing women encountering the legal
system, and I am currently reading J.A.G Griffiths' 'The Politics of the Judiciary'. I
keep abreast of legal issues by doing background research and reading The Times'
weekly legal supplement.

I was Managing Director of my Young Enterprise's (YE) Company entitled 'Starz'. YE

is a national charity which educates young people through enterprise and business
simulation. As Director, I wrote a report which consequently won 'Best Company
Report 2001'. I was also the Managing Director of my school's team at the Business
2000. Having copious amounts of practice in managerial positions has helped boost
my confidence, and improve my time-management skills.

From my experiences thus far, I feel that I would be greatly suited to university life. I
am confident the social and academic lifestyle at university would allow me to
develop as a person. I would like to become a solicitor and believe that a law degree
will significantly aid me to achieve this goal.
Linguistics personal statement

I feel the reason I have such an affinity for linguistics is because I am bilingual. I
often find myself compelled by the relationship between English and Lithuanian, the
two languages I speak fluently. They are surprisingly similar and yet incredibly
different, at times being translatable word for word, and other times, a word or
phrase can be impossible to convey in English. This desire for an understanding of
languages leads me to different fields within linguistics, the way a language has
evolved from its ancestor, how a language such as Sanskrit, spoken thousands of
miles away in India can be similar to Lithuanian. This is another of the many reasons
why the subject is so interesting, it is an extensive field which is artistic, scientific
and philosophical. The way humans and even animals can communicate by forming
complicated sounds where stress and tone can change meaning, as in African and
South-East Asian tonal languages, is remarkable.
I often encounter the subject of accents as I have acquired a native and localised
English accent. This surprises the people I meet, especially when I explain that I
moved to the United Kingdom at the age of nine. Linguistics holds the answer to
these questions of accent, origin and acquisition and is something I have never had
the chance to study but it is something that has always interested me, stemming
from my experiences with English and Lithuanian. I have long thought about how a
word in Lithuanian, or any other language, may be found due to the existence of the
concept and how this shapes the thought of a certain culture or ethnicity. This has
brought me to the theories of Sapir and Whorf. Regardless, I believe that a concept
can be explained even when it can not be named and therefore exists.
I have furthered my linguistic knowledge and understanding when helping my
mother translate texts, such as case summaries, witness statements and letters,
from Lithuanian to English and vice versa. What I sometimes come across is the
need to use two or three words to describe one concept clearly. Loan words have
permeated the Lithuanian language, as any other, nonetheless, a simple example
would be the word "idle", which does not have a direct counterpart and if someone
was labelled idle, it would translate as "neturintis darbo", translating back as
"without (a) job". Through translation, I have gained invaluable knowledge of syntax
and relationships between languages of different language families as well as
change through extensive language contact.
My interests are wide ranging and I enjoy literature, music, sport, politics and
science. I love to read and absorb the extensive knowledge passed down in books
through generations. I also strive to keep fit, with basketball and football being my
two favourite sports. I play football every Sunday with a group of Lithuanians and
enjoy following the trials and tribulations of my national team. The topic of politics
is something I have grown to love. Having an understanding of the world around
you helps to understand why the world is the way it is and I follow political
developments keenly. Language is often a political issue, where linguistic theory
applies. The Belgian conflict of Dutch versus French has been raging for years and
the nation is teetering on the brink of break-up. The way the two ethnic groups
identify each other using language is a particular example of political linguistics and
its impact on daily life.
I believe that university is the perfect place to nurture this passion for a subject
which intrigues and captivates me. I enjoy working with people and love to analyse
the thoughts and ideas of my counterparts, sharing my own knowledge and
experiences with them and learning from theirs. Linguistics is a topic that has had a
significant impact on my life and I yearn to know much more about it. My experience
and devotion to this subject will greatly assist me in any future linguistic
Mathematics personal statement

I have always been fascinated by my mathematical studies and, having a flair for the
subject, there was never any doubt that I would choose mathematics as a degree. It
is a pivotal subject on which so many others depend (such as physics and
chemistry). I relish the challenge of problem solving that mathematics provides. For
me, it is an endlessly intriguing subject, as the discipline appears limitless, allowing
so much scope for further study and research.

Having studied all four branches of the syllabus, I believe I am a well-rounded

mathematician. Pure mathematics is my personal favourite because of its focus on
thought processes and problem solving techniques. As I am the sole candidate for
further mathematics in my year group, I am studying it without support from school.
Having no lessons has meant that I have had to develop an independent, self-reliant
approach to mathematics, which I believe is invaluable, especially when faced with a
system of learning where the emphasis is placed on the student rather than the
tutor. Due to clashes in my sixth form's timetable, I studied AS physics at a college in
Leeds city centre. Although this meant travelling several times a week during school
hours, I still thoroughly enjoyed the subject, as it allowed me to apply mathematics
to different situations, and I am continuing to study it for A2.

Last year, I qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad, run by the UKMT, which
I hope to qualify for again this year. I also enjoy reading books of a mathematical
nature, allowing me to extend my mathematical knowledge beyond the content of
my A-level courses. I recently represented the school in a national debating
competition, arguing the case against the right to privacy for public figures. I also
work for the sixth form paper. I have participated in several school concerts and
productions as a member of the choir and as a violinist, at which I am Grade 5. Last
year, I also captained three form groups in the Year Nine Music Festival. This
entailed organising a choir, an ensemble (which I conducted) and several soloists,
rehearsing for several months at breaks and lunchtimes and finally performing in
the competition.

I have worked voluntarily in a primary school as an assistant to the Year Four class
teacher. While I was working at the school, it underwent an OfSTED inspection, as
did the teacher of the class I was designated to. During one of the class inspections, I
was entrusted with groups of students, teaching them how to use the data logging
equipment, for which I was favourably mentioned in the report. For the past year, I
have been working part-time in the busy restaurant of a large department store in
Leeds. Although not being particularly high on mathematical content, it has
provided me with an opportunity to improve my ability to cope under pressure and
my recent performance review has quoted me as a "hard-working, trusted and well-
liked member of staff". However, I have now finished this job in order to concentrate
on my A2 studies. I would love to pursue a career in the field of mathematics and I
believe my choice of institutions matches my capabilities as well as my aspirations
to become a successful mathematician.
Midwifery personal statement

Midwifery became my passion at the age of 10, when my step-mother became

pregnant. This sparked off my fascination with all aspects of pregnancy, insisting
that I attended every antenatal appointment that I could. From this I discovered
what a vital role midwives play in caring for mother and baby in the months leading
up to the birth, the labour and the postnatal period.
After having this interest for quite some time, I feel my aim now is to prosper in this
subject by attending a university course; this will enable me to gain a greater
understanding of the medical and practical side of midwifery. As two of my core
qualities is to care and nurture, I feel I possess two of the vital attributes to pursue a
career within the Health and My aspiration for a career in midwifery is reflected in
my A-level choices, where good time keeping, self-motivated study skills and ability
to cope under pressure and stress are essential. From studying Biology I have
gained further knowledge of human biology, learning more about how our major
body organs function and genes and genetic engineering. I found this particularly
interesting as it is linked to reproduction. Since studying Psychology, I have gained a
better understanding of people and how their minds perform. I can apply this
knowledge to the way I interact and understand people in certain situations as my
interpersonal skills have been expanded. Both of these subjects tested my ability to
recall large volumes of knowledge, which has given me practice for similar
situations that I will face whilst studying for a degree. Studying modules in Health
and Social Care such as communication and values, and positive care environments
has given me a greater awareness of how to communication verbally and physically
to people, and how this is interpreted by them. Investigating disease has made me
conscious of how easily diseases are spread, their effects and ways of preventing
them. This is particularly important when working in a hospital environment, and
being around pregnant women and young babies, as they are highly susceptible to
infections. I am currently working on an Extended Project Qualification, my title is
'What are the risks associated with teenage pregnancy and what are the roles of
their midwives?' Whilst carrying out this project I have learnt more about the
challenges midwives face, and how they overcome them. It has also given me an
insight into a specialist area of midwifery, caring for young people.
Outside my academic studies, I volunteer at my local hospital. My role is to hand out
beverages to the patients, and talk to them. This is important as it boosts their
morale. I regularly volunteer on the maternity and gynaecology ward, and have
experience on many other wards. This has given me an insight into the roles of
different health professionals, and witness part of the process of midwifery. From
this I have become more confident and comfortable in a hospital setting, and have a
greater awareness of current NHS practices. This experience has also expanded my
interpersonal and communication skills, I feel it also represents the committed and
caring attitude of my personality. I have a part-time job in a clothes shop. From
working in a retail environment and coming into contact with members of the public
I have learnt how to work under pressure. It has also improved my organisational
and time keeping skills and demonstrated the hardworking side of my character.
I am excited by the prospect of having a high level of responsibility and
independence that corresponds with university life. I am aware of the demands and
challenges that I will face during my studies and within in a medical career, but my
commitment and desire to become a midwife has been strengthened by my life and
work experiences and the job satisfaction that I will gain from it.
Natural Sciences Personal Statement

My perception of the sciences has changed over time as my understanding of them

has developed. Subjects that once appeared isolated and independent now merge
into one coherent field, each interacting with another. How the same laws can apply
from the quark scale to galaxies astounds me and it is the on-going search for
patterns to explain these links that I find particularly fascinating. This notion has
driven my pursuit of studying scientific and mathematical subjects at A Level.
Indeed the ability to discover the reasoning behind these concepts through the
process of doubt and investigation is what truly motivates me to study Natural
Science at university.

Throughout my studies I have enjoyed reading; the manner in which this informs
and broadens my understanding has been a key factor in my academic success.
Charles Seife's book 'Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea' discusses in detail
concepts like the creation, banishment and abuse of zero and its counterpart
infinity. I was strongly drawn to how the theories and conclusions made, could again
be applied to other branches of science. As a result of reading this text; I felt
compelled to give a presentation based on its ideas to my fellow Scholars during a
recent Symposium. This helped develop my skills of mathematical analysis,
especially in the fields of Complex Numbers and Projectiles. My decision to study
Natural Sciences is driven as much by an appreciation of scientific method, as by
content. I have recently read 'Elegant Solutions' by Philip Ball, and 'The Curious
History of Relativity' by Jean Eisenstaedt, both awarded to me for excellence in
Chemistry and Physics. These books have furthered my knowledge of the
fundamental experiments that have allowed science to develop over time. However
of even greater curiosity to me were the new theories identified that have shaped
experimentation in the last century, such as the destruction of the long-held belief
that the noble gases cannot form compounds with other elements. As with all
scientific disciplines, the process of challenging hypotheses enables the field to learn
and improve, and it is this problem based approach to learning that excites me
further to pursue my chosen degree course.

My fascination with the sciences is not restricted to my own understanding; I enjoy

sharing my knowledge and seeing other people reach the same epiphanies I have. To
this end, I initiated a lunchtime help club for Mathematics and Science, for students
aged 11 through to 18. I enjoy the challenge of conveying complex ideas to younger
students, and find this process helps forge my own knowledge and opinions. To
further my applied knowledge of the sciences I have secured a week long work
placement with Nu Instruments, a company specialising in scientific equipment.
Here I will gain first-hand experience of the technology required to further
experimentation and am especially motivated by the prospect of working with a
mass spectrometer.

I have been entrusted with a number of positions of responsibility during Upper

Sixth, demonstrating the work ethic and reliability I strive for. I hold the positions of
Prefect and Head of House, giving me responsibility to organise competitions and
weekly assemblies for a range of age groups. I have also been appointed Captain of
the Senior Mathematics Team Challenge, and furthermore I have been chosen as
Captain of Clay Shooting for the last two years. I have now been part of this team for
3 years, during which we have won the National Championships twice and
individually I am within the top 20 in Great Britain.

I truly aspire to be a student of Natural Science. Whilst I have a strong interest in

each individual subject, it is the connections between these disciplines that fascinate
me most greatly. I strongly believe that it is the people who can connect theories
with practical solutions that establish themselves as the great scientists, and it is
these people I seek to emulate.
Nursing Personal Statement

I found it quite hard to find personal statements so I thought I would donate mine!!
Hope it's useful

Nursing is a very challenging and demanding career, however I feel the rewards
would be great
and that I am ready to embark on this career. I am eager to pursue a career in which
I am able
to help and care for people, becoming a nurse would allow me to fulfil this ambition.
is a career for dedicated, reliable, trusting people who are able to develop
with patients quickly. I have these skills and I genuinely want to make a difference
people, to assist them and their families through difficult times when they are at
their most
vulnerable. The role of nursing is changing as nurses are far more involved in the
welfare of
patients and this is placing more responsibility on nurses. I am confident of
embracing this
challenge and to take advantage of these changes and opportunities and use them to
further my

At school I am involved in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and have completed

bronze and silver
levels. Aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh involved working as part of a group, this
has helped
me become an effective team player which I believe will be useful in the nursing
as it will be necessary to use this strength to communicate successfully with other
professionals to determine what level of care is best for a patient. I am also involved
in the
music department as part of two choirs and a guitar group. I perform learning
support once a
week with a girl with additional support needs. This involves undertaking activities
with her
and supporting her to communicate difficulties when she is finding things
challenging. This is
very rewarding as I can see what a difference it makes for her to have someone who
is willing
to listen, and has made me realise how important this skill is when caring for
people. Another
activity I find rewarding is performing in-class support with a second year science

I am a young leader at Aberlady Rainbows and Guides and this is very valuable to
me as I
interact with the girls and participate in activities with them. It has greatly
increased my
confidence as I often have to talk to the girls in a group setting and this has
developed my
interpersonal skills. I am also involved in the peer education scheme '4' which
involves going
to different Guiding units and raising awareness of issues through activities and
games. This
has been incredibly beneficial for my confidence and my planning and
organisational skills.
These skills have been developed as I have to co-ordinate the sessions as well as
talking to a
group of people that I am not familiar with. As one of only two in4mers in East
Lothian this
role is very demanding.

I have been employed as a waitress for three years in the local hotel. This has been
for my interpersonal skills as it involves talking to people I am not familiar with. A
that will be transferable to nursing. I have also undertaken work experience,
through school,
at Harlawhill Day Care Centre. This gave me a useful insight into the caring
profession and
has increased my motivation to work within it. I organised my own work experience
at the
Edington Cottage Hospital and this gave me an idea of what working in a hospital
setting will
be like. Both experiences served to fuel my desire to gain entry to the nursing
profession. I
also plan to work as a nursing auxiliary through the nurse bank next summer.

In the future I may wish to pursue a career in Paediatric nursing and I feel that an
nursing degree will be the first step in giving me this opportunity. I am deeply
about nursing and I am already looking forward to a long and fulfilling career in this

I am the first person in my family to pursue further education.

Pharmacy personal statement

I have become attracted to Pharmacy as it combines Maths and Science together and
shows how these subjects affect lives every day in a positive way. A Pharmacists
role is very vital to ensure the right medicines are supplied in an effective way hence
it will allow me to work with a range of patients to achieve a lifelong career as a
I have gained valuable knowledge studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths which will
be beneficial for the Pharmacy course. In Chemistry, I have done a series of
experiments which require analytical and evaluative skills such as accurate reading
when using burettes. I find the organic Chemistry module rather interesting as I
enjoy studying the different reactions of aldehydes and ketones and how these
reactions and organic products differ due to the different functional groups present
in each compound. Another aspect of chemistry I enjoy is the purification of organic
compounds. I understand in the purification process the organic compound has to
be distilled, recrystallized and dried. Similarly in industry, when this is done on a
larger scale, it has to be ensured that these steps are done with caution to make sure
that impurities are not left behind, as these impurities can cause certain side effects
in medicines.
In my biology course I have really enjoyed learning about the functions of antibiotics
and how they stop bacteria growing, and how horizontal and vertical bacterial
resistance can form in the different and same species of bacteria. This is a very
important aspect that will influence new antibiotic drug development to stop the
specific bacteria from multiplying once again.
As a pharmacist, many mathematical skills are also required. Using maths, I can
investigate and solve different problems that I may have with things such as
supplying the right amount of dosage of a drug and also to calculate the right
amount that is needed for a patient in accordance to his/her problem.
My week of work experience at the local Pharmacy was really inspiring; shadowing
the Pharmacist and dealing with the different prescriptions given, was set to be
really challenging and showed me how difficult the Pharmacists job can be,
including giving advice to the patients and staff management. Other priorities at the
Pharmacy included customer service and watching the Pharmacist carefully
dispense medicines which I also saw as being valuable. I will be doing more work
experience in the October holidays to really get an insight on the Pharmacists role in
the Pharmacy.
I have also volunteered at my local mosque. This has given me the opportunity to
communicate with all age groups including talking to the elders and getting involved
with teaching the younger children. I have also taken part in work experience at the
charity shop Oxfam. My main role at the Charity shop was to work in the eBay
department where I had to take pictures of clothes and list them on eBay and to help
in the warehouse, where I had to organise the packaging to make sure they were
sent to right buyer. From this, my ICT skills have improved as I have learnt how to
create spreadsheets in excel. Furthermore, I have also taken part in voluntary work
at the British Heart Foundation charity shop where my main responsibility was to
move heavy furniture and household goods around the store and to attend to
customer queries.
In my spare time, I have a great interest in sports including cricket and badminton
which provide me with a healthy lifestyle. I also like socialising and having a good
time with family and friends and also like meeting different people with different
backgrounds to me. I am also very interested in cars.
I feel with the different experiences and motivations I have had in life, it has
changed me into a very confident, hard-working and a determined candidate to
succeed in my ultimate goal to become a professional Pharmacist.
Politics and international relations personal statement

Politics can be seen as essentially a convention inextricably linked to the birth of

diversityand conflict,but it can also be seen as a willingness to co-operate and act
collectively.Mypassion to study politics further is unrelenting.The current lack of
political participationin modern society intrigues me.I am certain that over time,
political participation hasdeteriorated due to society simply losing
interest,therefore it is my desire to examinesociety closely and calculate why
general political participation by the mass hascrumbled,most importantly,who the
fault lies with.This is one of many reasons that I feelpolitics and international
relations would be an excellent combination to study.

Studying Politics and International relations will enable me to combine a subjects

which I have loved since being first introduced to Nigerian politics through my uncle
who was a senator,conversations with him increased my interest for politics.As an
enthusiastic and highly motivated student I would love to experience and face the
challenges which such a prestigious course would offer me.Studying Government
and Politics at A Level reinforced myappreciation for these subjects.I understand
that the disciplines are interlinked with oneanother,particularly when concerned
with the welfare of our society.Politics deals with thedistribution and the exercise of
power while International Relations examine the relationship between countries
and policies that are formulated.What I intend to study is not just how the policies
are formed but the moral and the principles behind them and why they are
successful or unsuccessful in society.Studying sociology at A level has enabled me to
look at thesociological perspective of international relations and also compare any
theories and political ideologies.My study of Media Studies at A Level has enabled
me to develop the analytical skills required to fully understand complex texts and
has provided me with theknowledge of the influence of media in politics and the
importance for politicians of having the media on their side.

My passion for these subjects extends beyond an academic aspect;I have a passion
for the field.I enjoy reading books such as The Globalization of World Politics,this
will enable me to have a broad knowledge of international relations and to what
extent its effects are seen in modern society.I often attend public debates held at
parliament,particularly House of Commons,these have expanded my knowledge on
topics ranging from political ideologies international policies,all of which I have
found extremely useful.Being a part of"Think Outside"debating group,I represented
my school on a range of debating topics,with successful results.Last year I travelled
to South Africa where I had an insight into the culture and tradition of the
indigenous people,this deepened my political and cultural knowledge and als
emphasised the importance of family structure,education and socialisation in
visited various countries and learning about their policies and how they are made
and to what extent it benefits their society has inspired me to pursue a career in
international relations and politics.

It is a passion of mine to learn new political and international approaches and

analysis which will give me the proper foundations and broaden my knowledge.The
aforementioned reasons drive my will to study politics and international relations;I
believe it will give me the confidence that will make me better able to deal with the
high demands of this course.Being a part of school council also head prefect
ultimately inspired my drive for debating in which I
represented my debating group at national competitions.At the age of 15 I was
elected as my local youth mayor in which I served for 1 year this enabled me to
experience the political life in a micro scale.Ultimately,I am proud of my ability to
balance both study and a school life successfully
Psychology Personal Statement

Earlier this year I was involved in a car accident, and as I sat among the wreckage I
was shocked to see not one person stopped to help me. Didn’t anyone care enough
to help? If it weren’t for the science of Psychology, this and so many other questions
about human behaviour would go unanswered. I find the insights Psychology gives
into human behaviour very exciting, and have been fascinated by it for a long time.
Working in the Child Protection Unit of Cumbria Social Services has further fuelled
my interest; every day I see aspects of human behaviour that could have come
straight from a Psychology textbook. It is Psychology brought to life, and has made
me realise more than ever how much I want to move my interest in Psychology from
my hobby to my career.

I believe that combined with my enthusiasm for the subject, the skills I have learned
through my past work experience and part time study will make me an ideal
candidate for studying Psychology. My employment has taught me many
transferable skills, including excellent levels of concentration and great
organisational skills. I also feel my experience of dealing with the public and
colleagues will prove invaluable in a people centred discipline such as Psychology.

Over the past few years whilst working during the day I have also studied at evening
classes for A Levels. Studying part time has taught me excellent study skills, as much
of my study has been self-directed. It was very challenging to study part-time,
however I was utterly determined to complete each A Level, and I would apply this
same determination to completing a degree to the very best of my ability.

When I am not filling my spare time with studying, I enjoy taking advantage of the
benefits of living in the Lake District, going fell walking, and keeping fit in the gym. I
also love to entertain, and recently held a highly successful ‘superheroes and
villains’ themed fancy dress party; as well as being fun it was fascinating to watch
how people’s behaviour changes when they have a mask on!

Since deciding to apply to University I have started to undertake further study to

prepare me for undergraduate study; I am currently halfway through an Open
University ‘Openings’ Course, and have enrolled for an Access to Higher Education
Course in Social Sciences, my tutors for which have assured me that due to my
previous A Level studies I will be able to complete successfully without a problem.
I feel that I would be able to make a valuable contribution during my degree, and
perhaps even more importantly, as I have worked so hard to get to this point, I
would remain committed to studying because it means so much to me.

After my degree I would like to go on to do further study and perhaps undertake

training to become a Psychologist. I am passionate about studying Psychology, and
looking forward to extending my knowledge in this exciting discipline, and
contributing to it in the future.
Sociology & Anthropology personal statement

The study of Sociology and Anthropology is appealing to me because of the diversity

of topics they cover and their relevance to our world today. In an increasingly
globalised world, it is important to have a deep understanding of the economic and
political institutions that govern, and the cultural backgrounds and values of its

After leaving sixth form, I worked in retail and catering, undertook voluntary work
in Scotland and have since been travelling Australia via the HelpX network,
volunteering in exchange for my board. As well as improving my independence and
work ethic, this has given me many valuable experiences living with different
families and intentional communities. The quiet life of self-discovery and meditation
in a Satyananda ashram was starkly contrasted by the warmth and unified thought
of The Twelve Tribes community. I was very interested in the individual
backgrounds and experiences that motivated each member to abandon their old
lives and join a commune. This enhanced my curiosity in the complex relationships
within our society, the many forces that can unite people and those that cause
society to splinter.

My A-level studies developed my skills in interpretation and analysis, as well as in

constructing reasoned arguments, especially in history when evaluating the
'functionalism versus intentionalism' argument with regards to the Holocaust.
Classical civilisations enhanced my love of past cultures and I greatly enjoyed
learning the values and political structures of ancient Greece and Rome. I am
fascinated by Aboriginal history; the 'dreamtime' creation stories and the
importance of ancestral land to their culture. I have recently read 'Follow the
Rabbit-Proof Fence' by Doris Pilkington, which highlights the devastating affects of
white settlement on the heritage and self-identity of the native people. I am
interested in how the concept of 'social Darwinism' was used to justify such
atrocities, not only in Australia but also by policies in Nazi Germany. My Religious
Studies AS level introduced me to many ethical theories, such as utilitarianism and
Finnis' natural law theory, and the different perspectives and considerations when it
comes to their application in society.

My travels also enlightened me to the environmental concerns facing our planet,

highlighted when I met a woman from Argentina whose home village was
devastated by the exploits of a gold-mining corporation. I think raising awareness of
issues, including the actions of some multi-national companies, is important to
preserving our people and planet in an increasingly wealth-driven era. While
volunteering for an organisation in Scotland, I was inspired by how they used
artistic activities to encourage the community to reflect on local concerns, as well as
global social, economic and political issues.

As a scuba diver, I have often marveled at the lengths that people go for discovery
and adventure, and I believe it is an important part of what makes us human. I am a
BSAC Assistant Diving Instructor and Sports Diver, and I am working towards my
full Instructor qualification. I would be keen to share my passion within a university
diving club.

Travelling has broadened my mind to the issues facing our world, and inspired me
to investigate further into our origins and the workings of society. After my studies,
I hope to work in social welfare and make a meaningful contribution to improving
the lives of others and society. I have always enjoyed and felt confident in academia
and in experiencing the world outside of the classroom I have been able to confirm
my aspirations in life, making me a very motivated, enthusiastic and committed
Sports Science Personal Statement

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed engaging in Physical Education and

would like to pursue my career in the field of sports science. I have always had a
keen interest and have felt very passionately when it comes to the practical and
theoretical work concerning Physical Education. I am very aware of the importance
of exercise and the related issues of diet and fitness on the prevention of injury in
the human body

I am currently studying A2 Physical Education, A2 Psychology, and AS Biology.

These subjects have appealed to me because of the variety of topics that they
covered. The aspects of Biology I find particularly interesting are about health and
nutrition and how the body is affected by exercise and nutrition. In Psychology, I am
very interested in what makes people unique and how the psychological or mental
conscience could affect an individuals thinking. During my time studying Physical
Education, I have undertaken research assignments in a variety of topics such as
motivation, reinforcement, and local provisions. Completing these assignments has
always been a challenge and it gives me a chance to work hard and improve my
knowledge in Physical Education

I have been awarded my 'Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA)'. As part of

this course I was required to complete a number of hours of voluntary work putting
my skills into practice. My voluntary work included helping to organise an indoor
sports competition, taking P.E lessons for a primary school, and assisting with
badminton sessions at my local leisure centre. I have also achieved a 'First Aid'
qualification which has enabled me to acquire the knowledge when dealing with
dangerous or life threatening injuries. I am now fully qualified to work with children
of all ages participating in sporting activities

I am an active person with a wide variety of interest outside college

I have a keen interest in sports and have represented my school and college cricket
teams as well as representing my local club. Other sporting interests include playing
Badminton, Squash, Football, Hockey, and Volleyball. I enjoy going to the gym, and
like to travel around the U.K during my holidays

Studying Sports Science will require commitment and hard work, and I am
determined to use my time and dedication in this field as I hope to achieve my
career aspirations by studying sports science, which would hopefully lead me to the
direction of becoming a successful sports therapist.
Veterinary Medicine personal statement

I have always wanted to be a vet and love animals. I am studying biology which I
find particularly fascinating, chemistry, maths, history and animal related diplomas.
I am looking at the link between euthanasia and lameness in horses as an Extended
During my 2 weeks at a small animal practice I watched spays, castrations, dentistry
and vaccinations. The sensitivity demonstrated when pets had to be euthanized I
found most impressive. During my work experience at mixed, small animal and
exotics practices, I observed the handling of emergencies, allergic reactions in
animals and the issue of cost versus best course of treatment as well as performing
dogs' dentals and attending a CPD lecture on anaesthetics. Vetquest, Vetcam and
Future Doctors' clinical course helped to convince me to study veterinary science.
Through farm work experience, which has included milking, lambing and calving, I
developed my farm animal husbandry skills. I was placed in charge of the orphaned
and weaker animals, feeding and medicating them and giving electrolytes via gastric
tubes. Having helped tag calves and record details on the farm's computer; I was
amazed at the importance of technology in farming. I spent a day with a market vet
and 2 weeks at cat adoption centre learning about different elements of veterinary
medicine. During my 2 weeks at
a zoo/animal college, I learnt about the skills required to look after a vast array of
animals, from alpacas to tarantulas. I also presented animals to the public and
fielded questions. I learnt about maintaining fish tanks during my placement at a pet
shop. I spent 2 weeks caring for partridges. Currently I am involved in corn snake
and bearded dragon breeding programs and have bred from my own dogs. I am a
licensed microchipper. I booked work experience at an abattoir.
During work experience on a neonatology ward I saw the huge difference in cost
spent on human life compared to animals. I am keen to do research and spent 3
months collaborating on a project to evaluate the average sizes of human foetuses at
different gestation and another project determining if Vecuronium influenced
outcomes of infants (paper pending). Both projects illustrated to me the importance
of accurate data collection as did the week I spent
at a laboratory exploring cardiac hypertrophy in a mouse model. I assisted in a
research project in Ireland, taking calves' blood samples to test the effect of a
My free time is dedicated to reading and horse riding. While spending 6 months
working at a mixed horseracing yard, I learnt how to ride racehorses and the high
level of care they need. The experience inspired me into researching the retirement
of racehorses and motivated me to raise money for the charity ROR. I have a
chestnut thoroughbred mare, whom I compete at affiliated dressage, show jumping,
showing and Le Trec. I have trained police horses, worked
at riding schools, taught others to ride, dressage writing, show jump judging and
showing judging. At one of my placements I was given the responsibility of running
the livery yard.
As Biology and Chemistry editor for the school magazine, I was responsible for
writing articles and delegating others to write. In school I have performed
presentations on topics from Charles Darwin to the effect of music on racehorses. I
have done my community sports leadership award, ECDL and bronze D of E. For the
last 3 years I helped to run a badminton club and a history GCSE revision club. I have
mentored younger pupils, helping them in their
transition to secondary school. I volunteer three times a week looking after elderly
and disabled adults and special needs children, and participate in a residential
volunteer holiday scheme looking after disabled teenagers.
I would give anything in the world to be able to prevent animals' suffering. I am a
dedicated determined pupil and feel that given the opportunity to study veterinary
science I could achieve so much in the long term.
Medicine personal statement

The complex structure of the human body is a unique beauty. However, when
witnessing my uncle deteriorating due to cancer it showed that complexity
inescapably meant that problems arise. I realised the effects such illness can have on
the patient and their families and appreciate how fulfilling being a doctor would be
in such circumstances.

I have experienced first-hand how diverse a doctor’s job can be; not just prescribing
drugs or performing surgery but also empathy and compassion being key to
delivering an effective care. This fact was highlighted during a period of shadowing
a Professorial unit at a Department of Psychiatry. Here, I realised the importance of
treating patients in a holistic manner; doctors need to be skilful enough to deal with
the health implications of both physical and psychological complaints. I was able to
observe doctors communicating in difficult situations such as witnessing the
emotional despair of a patient suffering from profound depression, where key skills
such as empathy, patience and compassion are essential to enhance the doctor-
patient relationship. Having observed clinical multidisciplinary team meetings, I am
able to appreciate the input various teams have in providing effective care and
ensuring a better outcome overall for the patient and their families.

Having worked in a care home, I was able to work closely with elderly patients. This
made me aware of their specific healthcare needs and challenges in relation to their
care. Healthcare needs are influenced by various other factors including gender,
ethnicity and social class. Doctors need to demonstrate the capability of recognising
these specific healthcare needs and addressing them appropriately. Many patients
were in a poor state of health and usually in terminal phases of their illness. This
environment exemplified how healthcare staffs are often faced with emotionally
stressing situations. My experience of shadowing a GP and the attached community
staff exemplified how modern primary care in partnership with secondary care is
central to an effective NHS.
Furthermore, I understand the research aspect of medicine providing an evidence
base for modern medicine as well as the need for clinicians to undertake lifelong
learning for the benefit of their patients.

Having attended a medical summer school, I had the opportunity to speak to

medical professionals and students; Speaking to them made me aware of the
challenges associated with a career as a doctor such as the proactive balance
between work with long hour shifts with social and family life.

I have completed my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards, which enabled
me to develop my interpersonal and speaking skills whilst teaching a range of
children with different abilities. I am the founder member of my school’s debating
club from which I have learnt methods of critical thinking and respectful discourse
which may benefit my career in multidisciplinary meetings and case conferences.
Within my role as a science prefect, I have been proactively involved in organising
open days. Being chair of Doncaster Interfaith has enabled me to discuss and
develop my views on ethical and moral issues. Involving me delivering lectures to
the public, furthering my skills in public speaking and leadership. I have started the
Crest award to independently explore science alongside my A levels. Biology and
chemistry allowed me to develop analytical skills and Physics and Maths have
developed my deduction skills in following logical processes to infer results. I love
reading as a hobby to increase my knowledge and as entertainment.

The medical world is full of intellectual, ethical, physical and emotional challenges
which doctors face on a daily basis, but yet this creates a dynamic profession which
is one of the most rewarding. My aspiration for excellence and to succeed within the
medical profession will no doubt help make a difference to the lives of the future.