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ECD 350L Summative Evaluation Form

Student Teacher: Amber Date: June 20,2017

University Supervisor: Mariah Shumway

Evaluation Criteria:
U (0 pts) = Unsatisfactory (Skills not evident yet)
O (2.6) = Observing (You are not attempting to use the skills independent of high support and structure)
E (3 pts) = Emerging (Your skills are emerging, however you still need improvement in this area)
D (3.4 pts) = Developing (Your skills are developing, however you continue to need improvement)
A (4 pts) = Applying (You are applying the skills you have learned competently)
Observation Focus Rating Comments
Classroom and Playground Procedures You did well moving around the room today. You
I practice classroom awareness and position myself to see the interacted with a variety of toddlers. You positioned
classroom from the centers. I practice playground awareness and
yourself in the flop and drop area with Tana to see the
position myself to see the entire playground. I follow the health
procedures outlined in the handbook (i.e. diapering, accident reports,
whole classroom. You took the lead when situations
fire drills etc.). I keep the routine of the class on schedule. I lead the arrived. You got the bins down on time.
routines of the classroom independently and confidently.
Free Play Engagement of Students You helped Tana transition into the room with ease. You
Interacts at toddler level; Models respect with toddlers; Promotes took the time to contact Tana's mom and let her know what
independence in toddlers; Sets expectations, explains and follows to expect with Tana. You insured Tana's mom that it would
through on expectations appropriately; Uses a variety of methods to be better if you dropped him off at the door. This is great.
engage children and support them in their activities. You put sunglasses on at the dramatic play and helped
Anberlyn and Sally put sunglasses on at the "beach". You
used self talk and parallel talk with Sally and Anberlyn as
they played in the dramatic play. You worked on Clara's goal
by naming the colors of the stacking cups. You set up
4 expectations with Enzo at
Large Group Engagement of Students You set up great expectations as you explained not to climb
Introduces each activity appropriately; Gives simple, appropriate on the parachute. The children were still crowded on the
instructions for child involvement and models how to participate in the parachute. Overall your large group went smooth. You set up
activity; Hands out and collects props in an organized manner; expectations with the dinosaur song. You used great
Transitions appropriately between activities; Manages children’s expression in your voice as you did the dinosaur song. I could
behaviors individually and in large group efficiently. hear you very clearly. You used appropriate language. You
caught yourself so you did not say can you. You transitioned
between activities quickly. Handing out props and collecting
props could go smoother but overall this was a great large
group for the first time doing three in a row.

Teacher Presence You looked very professional today. You asked lot of
Is professional in appearance and demeanor; Is enthusiastic in attitude; yes and no questions instead of using open ended
Uses appropriate grammar and syntax; Uses appropriate tone and
questions. " Are you going up the stairs?". "Clara do
volume of voice; Is confident interacting with children one-on-one and
in presenting music activities to large groups; makes eye contact with
you have the stacking cups?" You used appropriate
children during large group. tone and volume of voice as you instructed large group
4 and as you interacted with the children.
Professional Commitment and Responsibility You set up on time and had everything ready to go
Is punctual arriving to lab on lead day or other set-up times. Is before pre-conference. You had all your take home
prepared for lead day with materials and plans for support teachers. Is
activities ready to go a week in advance. You accepted
courteous in interactions with parents. Leads pre and post lab
conferences with direction, confidence, and following agenda. Accepts
guidance from peers and you were willing to change
guidance and suggestion from supervisor and peers. Communicates and be adaptable.
with peers in a professional manner. 4

ECD 350L Summative Evaluation Form

Lead Observation Focus Today was a great day. You have been a great example
of a leader to your peers. You are always prepared and
OVERALL SCORE 3.9 put great effort into Toddler Lab. Large group went
Percentage = 99% really well today. Through out the semester you have
Score (100 pts) = 99 grown to be a professional in the classroom. You go
above and beyond to make sure the students are
having a smooth transition from home into the
classroom. Great work.