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1. Report to the Test Site before 7:00 AM. Due to pre-administration security procedures, you
have to be inside the testing room as early as 7:15 AM. Likewise, there are post administration
security procedures. This will extend your stay in the testing room for around fifteen (15)
minutes after the time limit for each part of the test has been called. Thus, you may be
dismissed from the testing room at around 11:15 AM for the Part I test and at around 3:45 PM
for the Part 2 test.

2. Only applicants who are properly registered with the CEM will be admitted at the test site.

3. Bring the following when you report at the test site:

For graduating students and second year students of the UP INTARMED program:

 NMAT Identification Form duly signed by the School Head

 Valid ID (e.g., Official School ID, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)
 Examination Permit

For college graduates:

 NMAT Identification Form

 Valid ID (e.g., Official School ID, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)
 Photocopy of Transcript of Records
 Examination Permit

Other materials:

 Pencils (No. 2 or HB)

 Erasers
 Watch (optional)

Pens, pencils with colored or liquid lead, books, dictionaries, calculators, photographic
devices, cellular phones, transmitters and notes are not allowed in the testing room.

4. On the day of the test, you will read a set of general instructions before you begin the
examination. Each section of the test also has specific directions, including sample questions.
You should become familiar with the specific directions before you take the test. This will make
it possible for you to spend less time reading instructions and more time answering questions on
the actual test.

5. Each part of the test has a time limit. The examiner will tell you when to start and when to
stop. Try to work fast but observe care and accuracy.

6. Some of the questions in the test are harder than the others, but try to answer all of them.
Begin with the easy questions and go to the more difficult ones later. Your score will be based
on the number of correct answers made. There is no deduction for a wrong response. You are,
therefore, encouraged to answer all the test questions.
7. You should not use note papers or write anything on your test booklet. Do not make
unnecessary marks on your answer sheet. You will receive credit only for correct answers
marked in the proper places on the sheet.

8. In case the NMAT cannot be administered on the date announced because of a major
weather disturbance or some unavoidable circumstance, a postponement will be necessary and
a new schedule will be announced a week later.

9. Cheating in any form, will automatically invalidate the test result. An examinee found
cheating will be dismissed from the testing room. His/her answer sheet will not be processed
and the test fee will be totally forfeited. He/She is disqualified to take another NMAT.

10. An examinee who is found to be in possession of illegally obtained NMAT booklet will be
dealt with accordingly. He/She is likewise disqualified to take another NMAT.

11. NMAT consists of two parts – Part I is given in the morning and Part II in the afternoon. An
examinee must sit for both parts of the test. If an examinee will not or cannot sit for Part II in the
afternoon, he/she must inform the examiner in his/her room and accomplish a waiver wherein
he/she waives the reporting and release of his/her NMAT scores. His/her answer sheet will not
be processed and no official NMAT results will be released or received by the examinee.

12. Dress comfortably and be prepared for varying room temperatures. You may find the
testing room colder or warmer than you expected as energy-saving practices vary widely among
testing centers.

Rules to Follow While Inside the Testing Room

1. Cellular phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.

2. You will place all your things in front of the room, except your pencils and eraser.

3. If you have to attend to your personal needs, you will be allowed to go out of the room one at
a time. You will be accompanied by the proctor. However, you will not be given extra time to
answer the test.

4. No one is allowed to leave the room earlier than the rest.