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Eric Tarkalson

561 Geertson Cr. Rd. Salmon, Id. 83467 208-351-3363 eric.tarkalson@salmon291.org

March 1, 2018

Salmon School District 291

Mr. Chris Born

907 Sharkey St.

Salmon, Id. 83467

Dear Mr. Born,

It is with great excitement that I’m seeking a full-time position within your school district. I believe that
my hard work ethic and my astute instructional abilities would highly benefit your educational program
and your students’ academic goals.

I believe that the students of this generation can do great things when given a good education. I feel
that we as educators need to stretch and elevate our abilities, staying ahead of the student’s ambitions.
Holding myself accountable as an effective teacher is equally as important as the accountability that I
demand from my students. My goal is to prepare students to be successful, ambitious, and productive
members to society. To accomplish this, it will be my responsibility to create a classroom environment
that is exciting, interactive, and encouraging. The students need to see, feel, and recognize their full
potential within my classroom. They are the future!

In my current position as Dean of Students, I have observed that students learn and respond best to
interactive lessons, lessons where they are challenged with real world scenarios. This style of teaching
keeps the student’s attention, while allowing them to learn through hands on applications to the real
world and allows the teacher to facilitate the lesson. Each subject and every class period will require
adaptation to meet the desired goals. The goal is to prepare each student with the abilities to conquer
the workplace with confidence and knowing they are capable.

It is my goal to assist you and your current staff members, in educating the future leaders of the world.
It requires unity as leaders and educators. We must work as a team, like well-oiled machine assisting
each student towards a successful education. I hope to be a part of your success at the Salmon High
School inspiring all who enter.

Please contact me at your convenience, to go over in greater detail my qualifications as an educator in

your school. I would enjoy hearing from you and learn more from you concerning your school and it’s
needs. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Eric Tarkalson