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International Atomic Energy Agency

Sponsors: DPRK, PRC, Russia

Signatories: Germany, India, Israel, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nepal, Iran

Topic: Comprehensive measures to tackle nuclear proliferation in North Korea


Noting the previous sanctions of the United Nations (UN) with the support of United States
of America (USA) and its allies,

Realizing the impoverishment of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the
starvation of its economy,

Reaffirming the support of the Member States in maintaining world peace,

Recognising the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula,

Noting that emergency aid needs to be combined with long terms developmental assistance
in order to stabilize the DPRK,

Welcoming recent developments as a means to establish a permanent solution,

1. Suggests reduction of number of conferences, discussions and committees should be

held about North Korean nuclear issue in order to allow to North Korea more time to
consider the requests of the United Nations, which North Korea thinks are difficult to
agree with and avoid more conflicts and threats between the countries;
2. Urges the UN to reduce sanctions on the DPRK, seeing the humanitarian conditions
and in return DPRK can be more open to negotiations;
3. Calls upon the UN member nations, UN specialized agencies and other non-
governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide humanitarian assistance, food aid
support and agricultural rehabilitation to alleviate humanitarian consequences of the
economic crises in the DPRK;

4. Urges the United Nations and other countries to focus more on giving aid to the
citizens by informing the Health committee of starvation that is common in DPRK and
which is still considered as one of the main problems there;
5. Further urges the USA to refrain from threatening the DPRK and put an end to its
aggressive behaviour;

6. Assures that the money sent for the provision of aid will be utilized for the mentioned
purpose only, provided that the USA, UK (and its other allies) stop the aggressive
policies and threats made to the DPRK, sanctions be reduced and assure the DPRK of
non-intervention in the internal affairs of DPRK and PRC;

7. Strongly recommends that the DPRK and ROK continue to participate in an active
cultural exchange through ways to promote the national unity in the Korean peninsula,
such as, but not limited to:
a) Reunions
b) Sporting events
c) Development of tourism industries such as but not limited to:
I. ecotourism
Cultural tourism
d) Media
e) Education
8. Requests all Member States to help DPRK rebuild its economic stature through a
stringent recovery policy, similar to the one adopted by the PRC in 1976;
9. Recommends UN to permit DPRK to conduct safe nuclear tests beyond inhabited
waters or land;
10.Requests the United Nations to look upon the issue of the joint military exercises
between the USA and the ROK, since the DPRK considers it as act of violation of its
sovereignty and a preparation of an invasion of the DPRK in the case of a war;

11.Reminding that DPRK declared that they can use nuclear energy for self-defense

a) DPRK considers the US as intimidators of peace because these countries are

constantly telling North Korea to stop their nuclear program,

b) DPRK feels their sovereignty is violated by the hostile financial sanctions against