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Nama : Hasti Amalia

Kelas : XII IPA 5

Discussion Text

Text 1
Nuclear power is generated by using uranium, which is a metal mined in various parts of the
world. The first large-scale nuclear power station was opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria,
England, in 1956.

Some military ships and submarines have nuclear power plant for engines. Nuclear power
produces around 11% of the world’s energy needed, and produces huge amounts of energy. It
causes no pollution as you’d get when burning fossil fuels.
The advantages of nuclear is as follows:
(1) It costs about the same as coal, so it’s not expensive to make.
(2) It doesn’t produce smoke or carbon dioxide, so it doesn’t contribute to the greenhouse
(3) It produces huge amounts of energy from small amount uranium.
(4) It produces small amounts of waste.
(5) It is reliable.

On the other hand, nuclear power is very, very dangerous. It must be sealed up and buried
for many years to allow the radioactivity to die away. Furthermore, although it is reliable, a
lot of money has to be spent on safety because if it does go wrong, a nuclear accident can be
a major disaster.

People are increasingly concerned about this. In the 1990’s nuclear power was the fastest
growing source of power in many parts of the world. In 2005, it was the 2nd slowest-

1. The text discusses …

A. nuclear in general
B. nuclear biggest station
C. the danger of radioactive
D. the disadvantages of nuclear power
E. the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power

2. The generic structure of the text above are?

A. orientation, complication, resolution.
B. issue, argument, conclusion.
C. event, background even, sources.
D. goal, material, steps
E. identification, description

3. The opposite of dangerous is … (Paragraph 4)

A. vile
B. dull
C. tiny
D. calm
E. safe

4. Why is nuclear power very dangerous?

Because …
A. its radioactivity lasts long
B. uranium is renewable
C. it is reliable
D. it is cheap
E. it is safe

5. Which statement is TRUE about nuclear?

A. It is reliable.
B. It is costly to make.
C. It causes air pollution.
D. It affects the greenhouse.
E. It produces small amount of energy

Text 2
Gift card Bring Advantages and Disadvantages
Gift cards become more popular during recent years. For example, in one holiday season,
sales can reach USD19 billion in united Stated and it is seen to grow more in the following
season due to their convenience in the side of consumers and retailers.

In retailer?s side, gift cards bring them some benefits. Selling gift cards is simply selling
product. When the cards are sold, they will get benefit. Gift cards tend to be a matter of
image and trend, which means it is not strictly influenced by the functionality. Since sending
gift cards is a trend, the sales will increase significantly.

However, there are potential disadvantages in the side of consumers. For example, iTune gift
cards apply process in the way of completing the shopping. They need to do one step to
another step in processing the shopping. Likely, most of the steps need time and date of
validity or expiration. When certain step loses that validating date, the gift cards may be in
risk. The card can be rejected to redeem. Again, in retailers side, producing card it self is
costly. It means that there is additional cost which retailers have to pay.

In whatever thing, we need to be wise, if we can use that gift.

1. How do gift cards bring some benefits to retailers?

A. by influencing customers to merchant
B. by adding some costs producing them
C. by completing the shopping process
D. by applying purchasing process
E. by selling the products

2. Paragraph 3 of the text is mainly about ……

A. the trend of gift cards
B. popularity of gift cards
C. benefit obtained by the retailer
D. the convenience of using gift cards
E. disadvantages in side of consumers

3. We know from the text that if the gift cards are rejected, the retailers ……
A. will be wise
B. will get lose
C. will get profit
D. will be in risk
E. will return

4. The generic structure of the text above are?

A. orientation, complication, resolution.
B. issue, argument, conclusion.
C. event, background even, sources.
D. goal, material, steps
E. identification, description
5. The type of the text is ….
A. report
B. discussion
C. news item
D. Hortatory exposition
E. Explanation
News Item

New search begins for missing Sewol passengers

 Yeo Jun-seok

Korea Herald/ANN

Seoul | Mon, April 3, 2017 | 05:50 pm

In this photo provided by South Korean ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, relatives of the missing victims watch
the sunken ferry Sewol sitting on a semi-submersible transport vessel while they attending religious services on
a boat, in waters off Jindo, South Korea, on March 28, 2017. (Via AP/South Korean Ministry of Oceans and

As engineers proceeded Sunday with preparations to move the ill-fated ferry ashore, currently
loaded on a semisubmersible transport vessel at Mokpo Port, South Korea's Ministry of
Oceans and Fisheries announced a plan to resume an underwater search of the wreck site.
Starting from Sunday night, 50 divers were to begin work in rotation to search the seabed
area of about 32,000 square meters, where the sunken Sewol lay for nearly three years until it
was lifted out of the water last week.

In order to prevent the victims’ bodies from being lost during the lifting process, salvage
engineers installed an underwater steel fence 200 meters long, 160 meters wide and 3 meters
high. The area inside the fence was divided into 40 sections for detailed search.

“The maritime search operation inside the fence should begin tonight,” said Lee Cheol-jo, an
official from the Oceans Ministry who oversees the salvage and search operation.

But the official cautioned that strong tide in the area might prevent active searching by divers.
“We have strong tides today and may face difficulty diving,” Lee added.
Sewol sank nearly three years ago in the nation’s worst peace-time maritime disaster, leaving
over 300 dead, mostly high school students on a field trip. Nine passengers are still
unaccounted for. The search for those missing has been on hold since November 2014, when
the government decided to salvage the ship without cutting it into pieces.

On Sunday, some belongings of Sewol passengers were found as engineers worked to remove
mud from the recovered ferry, which was transported to Mokpo Port on Friday. The ship is
expected to be moved to a dry dock Thursday.

Among objects found were handbags, cards and pens, which presumably belonged to the
victims, as well as the passport of the ship’s captain Lee Jun-seok, who is in prison on a life
sentence for abandoning the ship and its passengers.

The search team also found fragments of animal bones on the ferry’s deck Sunday, where the
team had found pieces of animal bone last week. The authorities had initially thought the
pieces came from victims until the forensic experts said otherwise.

The government began the work of bringing the Sewol ashore by sending the first batch of
transporters to pull the wreckage out of the transport vessel carrying it. The whole package of
transporters is expected to arrive Thursday.

About 80 workers will be deployed to remove the mud and the whole process will be
conducted manually, the ministry said, citing concerns that remains of the victims or their
belongings, if any, could be damaged during the search operation.

“We are going to proceed cautiously and slowly,” said Lee. “It is not something that requires
high-level expertise. What’s more important is how we handle (the situation), when we come
across bodies.”

1. What may impede the searching process of the Sewol ?

 The strong tide may prevent active searching by divers

2. Who is the majority of the victims of this accident ?

 High School Students are the majority of victims in this accident

3. What purpose does the semisubmersible transport vessel serve ?

 That vessel is used to load the ferry ashore

4. Why should the engineers install an underwater steel fence ?

 The fence is installed in order to prevent the victims from being lost

5. How is condition of the captain now ?

 He is currently serving a life term prison sentence