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Good afternoon tutor and companions.

Delivery contribution on the execution c.

Thank you.
Practice: Each participant will select ONE practical exercise that is
different from the topic he/she explained before in order to develop the
answers in the forum

Exercise 1. From the picture of the refrigerator. Write 5 complete positive

sentences, three negative sentences and two interrogative sentences
using THERE + BE

 There are many vegetables inside the refrigerator.
 There are several bottles on the refrigerator door.
 There is a broccoli next to the aubergine.
 There are strawberry strawberries on top of green and fresh lettuce.

 The peppers are not with the tomato.
 The refrigerator is not closed.
 There is not water in the refrigerator.

 Is there meat in the refrigerator?

 There are vegetables on top of the milk?

Good afternoon tutor and companions.

Delivery contribution on exercise 2.
Thank you.

Exercise 2: write corresponding sentences to the images in Present

simple tense. Use The subject according to the pictures


The man bathes every day with hot water.

He dresses to go to work.
she goes to bed early every night.
The woman gets up early to go to college.
She goes to school every day.
He has cereals every day.
she bathes her face in the sink.
the man brushes three times a day.
the student writes in her notebook.
Mr. looks at his television program every afternoon.