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Operation Procedure for 9-5/8” Hydraulic Set Single Trip Whipstock System

1. Whipstock System

The whipstock system comprises from bottom up, a Permanent Packer, Hinge
Connector, Whipstock Slide, Shear Bolt, Milling Assembly, Running Tool, and
separated by a Flex Joint (5” HWDP).

The milling assembly is flexibly attached to the whipstock slide by means of a shear
block mounted on the face of the whipstock. The milling assembly is hydraulically
linked to the packer, and is isolated from communication to annulus internally until
the packer is set and circulation is required.

2. Before running the Whipstock System

Perform a gauge and scraper run where the whipstock will be set.

Recommended Gauge/Scraper Assembly:

Item Qty Description Connection

1 1 8.1/2" OD Drift Mill 4.1/2" REG Pin
2 1 6.1/4" OD Crossover Sub 4.1/2" Reg Box x 4.1/2" IF Box
3 1 8.1/2" OD String Mill 4.1/2" IF Pin x Box
4 1 6.1/2" OD Drill Collar
5 1 8.1/2" OD Stabilizer
6 1 6.1/4" OD Crossover Sub 4.1/2" IF Pin x 4.1/2” Reg Pin
7 1 9.5/8” casing scraper 4.1/2" Reg Box x Pin
8 1 6.1/4" OD Crossover Sub 4.1/2" Reg Box x 4.1/2" IF Box
9 as req’d 6.1/2" Drill collar
10 as req’d 5” Drill Pipe (To surface )
11 1 Kelly or Top Drive 4.1/2" IF Pin

The stiffness of this assembly will serve to identify any problem doglegs or
restrictions in the hole that may hamper running of the whipstock assembly.
3. Setting depth of the Whipstock

The whipstock can be set at any depth. It is set hydraulically, therefore there is no
requirement to interact with a cement plug or bridge plug to set the whipstock. As
with any whipstock sidetrack, it is recommended that the whipstock should be set
between 2 casing collars. This is to ensure integrity between the anchoring packer
and the milling and drilling assemblies.

It is recommended that the setting depth be pre-determined by either accurate

casing tally or a CCL log. If a CCL is not run, a correlation between wire line depth
and pipe depth should be taken.

4. MUD

It is therefore necessary to confirm the mud characteristics and rig pump capacity to
correctly set up the hydraulic parameters for the system operation prior to running
the whipstock assembly in hole.

5. Other Requirements

Install magnets on the mud lines.

6. Running Procedure

6.1 Make up following assembly:

Item Qty Description Connection

1 1 9.5/8” Whipstock Assembly 50,000lb Shear Bolt
8.1/2" OD Mill assembly c/w 4.1/2" NKK DSTJ Box
2 1
running tool
Flex Joint 5” HWDP or 5" S-135 4.1/2" IF Pin x Box
3 1
Drill Pipe
4 as req’d 6.1/2" OD Drill Collar 4.1/2" IF Pin x Box
5 as req’d 5" OD HWDP 4.1/2" IF Box x Pin
6 as req’d 5" Drill Pipe (to surface) 4.1/2" IF Pin x Box
7 1 Kelly or Top Drive 4.1/2" IF Pin

6.2 Check that the correct quantity of setting shear screws is installed in the packer.

6.3 Pick up the Whipstock from the catwalk. Secure Whip in the rotary table (rams
6.4 Bolt the Mill Assembly to the Whipstock:
Connect the Whipstock to the Mill Assembly with the Shear Bolt. Attach the
Hydraulic Line to the connection on the bottom of the Milling Assembly and back of

6.5 Fill Whipstock and Mill Assembly / Running Tool with Hydraulic oil, allow air to
bleed out, fit piston ensuring the top of piston is below the top running tool box

6.6 Make up flex joint to Running Tool above Mill Assembly. Run the Whipstock &
Mill Assembly below the rotary table to the top of Flex joint.

6.7 Pick up BHA and run in hole:

Pick up BHA and run in hole slowly (3 minutes slack off time for 1 stand). Refer to
dogleg checklist for doglegs greater than 4 degrees. Watch the weight indicator
carefully and record up-weights regularly.

Monitor trip-tank for proper fill up.

Position the bottom of the whipstock assembly at ± 4 ft. above a casing collar. Note
up and down weights.

6.8 Set whipstock:

Once at setting depth, monitor string weights. Pressure up to set packer at +/- 1500
psi increase pressure to 2000 psi and hold for 10 min. Pressure up to 3000 psi and
shear burst disk in mill.
Slack off +/-22.000 lbs and over pull +/-22.000 lbs to prove packer is set.

6.9 Shear Bolt:

Pick-up +/-50,000 lbs over pull and shear bolt, work the bolt as required to initiate
the shear.


BHA weight: +/- 33,000 lbs.

Recommended Weight-on-Mill: 1,000 -22,000 lbs.
Recommended Rotary RPM: 80 - 100 RPM
Recommended Flow Rate 400 – 530 GPM.

Determine Free-Rotating Torque, check string weights up and down.

Begin rotation and lower assembly until torque is observed. Mill the window and
some Feet of rathole. Back ream and dress window as necessary. After torque has
dissipated, pick up milling assembly above window, and turn off pumps. Lower mill
assembly back to TD to ensure window is full gauge throughout.

7.13 POOH with Milling Assembly:

7.14 Make up Drilling Assembly:

Avoid rotating stabilizers, Bits, etc. across face of Whipstock.