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Level: Intermediate 2 Schedule………………………………………………………

Date: April Teacher

Instruction: Use only pen to solve the exam SCORE

I.-Write the root each word and classified in all time 10 points________

Appeared (root=appear) Doing (root=do) Discovered Disturbing

(root=discover) (root=disturb)
*You appear *I do *I discover. *We disturb
(Present Simple) (Present Simple) (Present Simple) (Present Simple)
*I am appearing *You are doing *You are discovering *You are disturbing
( Present Simple ( Present Simple ( Present Simple ( Present Simple
Continuous) Continuous) Continuous) Continuous)
*She appeared * It did *It discovered *They disturbed
(Past Simple) (Past Simple) (Past Simple) (Past Simple)
*We were appearing. *He was doing *We were discovering *He was disturbing
(Past Continuous) (Past Continuous) (Past Continuous) (Past Continuous)
* You will appear. * We will do * You will discover * You will disturb
(Future Simple ) (Future Simple ) (Future Simple ) (Future Simple )
* You have appeared * You have done
* They have discovered * You have disturbed
(Present Perfect (Present Perfect
(Present Perfect (Present Perfect
Simple) Simple)
Simple) Simple)
* They have been doing
*They have been appearing. *She has been *They have been disturbing
(Present Perfect
(Present Perfect discovering. (Present Perfect
Continuous) (Present Perfect Continuous)
* We had done
* We had appeared. Continuous) * I had disturbed
(Past Perfect Simple)
(Past Perfect Simple) * We had discovered (Past Perfect Simple)
* I had been doing.
*I had been appearing. (Past Perfect (Past Perfect Simple) *You had been disturbing
(Past Perfect Continuous) *You had been (Past Perfect
Continuous) * You will have done discovering Continuous)
* We will have appeared. (Future Perfect) (Past Perfect * It will have disturbed
(Future Perfect) Continuous) (Future Perfect)
* We would do.
*I would appear. (Conditional ) * They will have * You would disturb
(Conditional ) *We would have done. discovered (Conditional )
*You would have appeared (Conditional Perfect ) (Future Perfect) *He would have disturbed
(Conditional Perfect ) * You would discover (Conditional Perfect )
(Conditional )
* It would have
(Conditional Perfect )
II.-Complete the chart with the missing nouns and adjectives 2 ½__________

Noun Adjective
creation Creative
intelligence intelligent
brillance brilliant
popularity popular
logician logical

III.-Put each phrasal verb in the space next to it´s definition 2 ½__________

1. To raise our parents educate and care for child until grown

2. - Stay at I decide to living in a place with intention of staying there

3. - Get by I have enough money to buy the things I need but no more

4. - Grow up I develop from being a child to being an adult

5. - Work out you come to the end of a difficult or unpleasant

IV .-Read the extract from a brochure giving information about English language exams. The verbs in
brackets are all in the active form. Decide which to change to passive forms and which tenses they
should be

1.-The certificate in English for Bussiness Communication(1) has been offered 5

(has offered) since june 1995.

2.-A new revised version of the examination(2) was introduced (introduce) in june

3.-The examination can (3) be taken (take) in over 200 centres in 40 countries
throughout the world.

4.-In order (4) to be accepted (accept) as an Examination Centre, Institutions must (5)
_be completed (complete) a Centre registration form.

5.-The four papers(6)_are texted by (text) the students ´communication kills in listening,
speaking, reading and writing.

6.- It is not necessary for the paper (7) to be taken (take) in any particular order.

7.-Each paper (8) _lasts (lasts) approximately ninety minutes.

8.-Monolingual dictionaries can(9) _be used (use) for the reading and writing papers.

9.-Results(10)_will be sent out (will send out ) to candidates approximately eight weeks
after the last examination.

10.-A number of changes to the examination(11)_is being introduced_(introduce) in the

near future.
A full list of changes (12)_will be supplied (will supply) on request