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Natural Extracts for


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Scutellaria It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.
Baicalensis Root Several chemical compounds have been isolated from the root; baicalein,
Extract (Baikal baicalin, wogonin, norwogonin, oroxylin A and β-sitosterol are the major
skullcap) ones

Gardenia Florida Gardenia fruit has been traditionally used as a folk medicine for centuries
Fruit Extract in Asian countries. Used primarily for its scent, natural gardenia is one of
the most prized in a cosmetic product. The extract of the fruit has strong

Houttuynia Cordate Houttuynia cordata is also used in folk medicine for diuresis and
Extract (Chameleon detoxification and herbal medicine for its antiviral, antibacterial and
plant) antileukemic activities. Recently it has been suggested that it might have
anti-obesity properties

Eriobotrya Japonica In Japan, loquat leaves are dried to make a mild beverage known as biwa
Leaf Extract cha by brewing them using the traditional Japanese senjiru method. Biwa
(Loquat) cha is held to beautify skin and heal inflammatory skin conditions such as
psoriasis and eczema and to heal chronic respiratory conditions such as
Nelumbo Nucifera The entire lotus plant has been used in Chinese medicine for treating
Leaf Extract (Lotus) everything from diarrhea to bleeding ulcers. Lotus leaves were also highly
regarded as a weight-loss cure, as the plant is a diuretic.
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Rubus Coreanus Rubus coreanus (Korean Black Raspberry) is a dark berry; it has a high
Root Extract levels of anthocyanins of the Cyanidin type, and other tannin structures
(Korean black that underlie its antioxidant and proerectile properties

Curcuma Longa The active compound curcumin is believed to have a wide range of
Root Extract biological effects including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumour,
(Turmeric) antibacterial, and antiviral activities, which indicate potential in clinical

Artemisia Capillaris It helps the anti-atopic healing and helps relieve inflammation that reduces
Leaf Extract the immune cell infiltration phenomenon.
(mugwort )

Chrysanthemum Inhibit the activity of harmful foreign substances on the skin or improving
Zawadskii Extract skin resistance from harmful substances so it helps to maintain healthy
(siberian- skin.

Portulaca Olreracea Moisturizing and seems to act as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial,

Extract (purslane) skin aging prevention, incense fungal effect.
It soothes skin irritation and allergic reactions to prevent dry skin.

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Aloe Barbadensis It contains plenty of moisture involved in maintaining skin moisture and
Leaf Juice helps cultivate bright and clear skin. Further, it soothes skin made sensitive
by external stimuli.

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Phyllostachis Extracts of bamboo leaves have been found to contain antioxidant
Bambusoides properties and Bambusae caulis has been used as an anti-inflammatory
Rhizome Extract remedy in Asia.

Neolitsea aciculata Neolitsea aciculata essential oil inhibits drug-resistant skin pathogen growth
Stem Extract and Propionibacterium acnes-induced inflammatory effects of human
monocyte leukemia.

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Glycyrrhiza Helps smooth skin and provide anti-bacterial function.
Uralensis Root It has excellent whitening effect as the natural bleaching material and less
Extract side effects on the skin. Blocking the activity of tyrosinase helps to inhibit
(Licorice) melanin synthesis.

Morus Alba Stem Certified raw material of the functional whitening extract inhibits the activity
Extract of tyrosinase, it helps to make transparent white skin by inhibiting melanin
(Silkworm Mulberry) production.

Broussonetia To prevent the deposition of melanin pigment in the skin blemishes, plays a
Kazinoki Bark role in inhibiting freckles to create and cultivate bright skin tone.
Extract (Paper

Sophora Flavescens To inhibit the activity of the elastase, an enzyme that inhibits whitening and
Root Extract skin elasticity so it helps preventing skin aging.

Peucedanum Contains ingredients that inhibit melanin synthesis component and

Japonicum Extract represents the antioxidant activity that is effective in whitening.

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Platycodon Helps to brighten skin tone and to maintain healthy skin by interfering with
Grandiflorum Root the activity of harmful foreign substances on the skin and reduce skin
Extract hypersensitivity reactions caused by the presence of hazardous substances.
(balloonflower )

Morus Alba Bark Works on melasma, freckles, hyperpigmentation so make the skin tone
Extract bright. Also works to vitalize and protect the skin.
(White mulberry)
Base water (mixture available)

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Camellia Sinensis anti- Green tea containing polyphenol-containing vitamins
Leaf Water oxidation, improves skin tone and strengthen the moisture barrier .
(Green tea leaf) anti- Particularly it has excellent soothing effect to improve skin
inflammation, troubles and sensitive skin
Aloe Barbadensis Moisturizing, Has excellent dehydration effect to provide moisture to the
Leaf Water anti- skin and make the skin smooth.
(Aloe vera) oxidation,
Melaleuca anti- Helps to improve sensitive skin and oily skin and provide
Alternifolia Leaf oxidation moisture to the skin. Refreshing texture helps to manage
Water and clean and moist skin and controls sebum.
(Tea Tree) antimicrobial

Opuntia anti- Promoting ceramide synthesis and production of natural

Coccinellifera inflammation, moisturizing factor of the skin
Extract anti-
(indian-pricklypear ) oxidation

Propolis Extract anti- Contains more than 20 different flavonoids serves to protect
oxidation, the skin from free radicals, and also contain a variety of
anti-wrinkle, organic and inorganic acts to soothe sensitive skin.
Base water (mixture available)

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Acanthopanax Antipaging, By providing nutrition and conditioning to the skin, it helps
Senticosus anti-oxidation to improve vitality of the skin condition.
(russian ginseng)

Pueraria Lobata anti-oxidation, Contains vitamins, proteins, sugars, iron, fiber, etc. The
Root Extract anti-bacterial, main ingredient is flavonoids that is responsible for
(Pueraria) anti- managing healthy skin.

Diospyros Kaki Leaf anti-allergy, Whiten the skin with vitamin C and tannin and also has
Extra anti- disinfectant action.
(Persimmon leaf) inflammation, It helps to recover acne and stimulated skin.
Aspalathus Linearis anti-oxidation, Protects the skin from free radicals that cause skin aging
Leaf Extract when exposed to UV light. By preventing oxidative
(Rooibos) damage to the skin, it helps to improve wrinkles.

Perilla Ocymoides anti-oxidation, Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect seems to delay skin

Leaf Extract anti-bacterial, aging. It is effective in improving various skin diseases and
anti- allergies and by activating blood circulation, it is effective
inflammation in improving freckles.
Base water (mixture available)

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Eugenia anti-bacterial, Involved in eliminating harmful foreign substances on the
Caryophyllus anti- skin and helps the management of problematic skin. It also
Flower Extract inflammation serves to give a natural fragrance in cosmetics.

Bambusa Textilis anti- IWorks as skin conditioning and helps to manage healthy
Stem Extract oxidation skin.

Platycodon anti- Helps to brighten skin tone and to maintain healthy skin by
Grandiflorum Root oxidation, interfering with the activity of harmful foreign substances on
Extract anti-bacterial, the skin and reduce skin hypersensitivity reactions caused
(balloonflower ) anti- by the presence of hazardous substances.
Polygonum anti- Supplying energy and elasticity to the skin and regulate
Multiflorum Root inflammation, immune system.
Extract anti-toxic Nourishing the hair and helps to maintain healthy hair.
(chinese-knotweed )

SCUTELLARIA anti- Excellent for use as a skin moisturizer and preservatives.

BAICALENSIS oxidation In particular, it helps to improve oily problem skin and has
ROOT EXTRACT anti-bacterial soothing and antioxidant properties.
(chinese-skullcap ) anti-
Base water (mixture available)

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GLYCINE SOJA anti- Has a treatment effect that strengthens the hair and gives it
SEED EXTRACT oxidation, new life. Also, known for reduction of skin redness after
(Black beans) moisturizing UV irradiation, increase in skin smoothness, improvement
of skin elasticity, increase in skin firmness and reduction of
wrinkle depth.
ANGELICA whitening, Has long been used in Asian herbal medicine since it
ACUTILOBA ROOT moisturizing, stimulates blood circulation and enhances Chi/Qi. It is used
EXTRACT anti- in cosmetics mainly for its anti-inflammatory properties. It
(Angelica gigas) inflammation, may also be effective anti-oxidation and anti-acne agent.
MENTHA ARVENSIS anti- The Mint leaves can work as blood cleanser with their
LEAF EXTRACT inflammation, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The oil extraction of
(field-mint ) anti-bacterial, these plants cures various skin problems like acne, ulcer
moisturizing, and boils.
ORYZA SATIVA anti- The extract stimulates the synthesis of filaggrin, a protein
EXTRACT oxidation, involved in the structural integrity of the stratum corneum,
(Rice) anti-bacterial, therefore reinforcing the barrier function of skin, promoting
whitening collagen synthesis and increasing skin suppleness and
Pinus Densiflora anti-bacterial, Pine leaf extract contains vitamins A, C, K, as well as beta -
Leaf Extrct anti-oxidation, carotene, flavonoids, tannins that have a smooth skin
(Pine tree leaf) whitening absorption and protect the delicate skin from activity of
harmful foreign substances.
Base water (mixture available)

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ASTRAGALUS anti-viral, Astragalus membranaceus has been researched for its
MEMBRANACEUS anti-oxidation cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, and longevity effects.
ROOT EXTRACT membranaceus is a candidate for use in skin protection
(milkvetch ) from UVB-induced skin inflammation and photoageing

PHASEOLUS anti-oxidation, Garden beans contain 20% protein that is good for skin,
VULGARIS SEED whitening, and improve elasticity of the skin from aging.
EXTRACT Anti-wrinkle

LYCIUM CHINENESE anti-oxidation, The extract of the fruit commonly known as goji, goji berry,
FRUIT EXTRCT anti- or wolfberry. This fruit extract is an antioxidant and also
(Chinese matrimony mutagenic works as a skin-conditioning agent.
vine) It contains ingredients rich in betaine is good for skin and
inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase helps manage blemishes
such as spots and freckles.
SCHIZANDRA anti-oxidation, Contains plenty of organic acids such as tartaric acid
CHINENSIS FRUIT anti- component that provides the skin with conditioning effect
EXTRACT wrinkle ,anti- and helps to maintain skin pH homeostasis.
(Korean schizandra) bacterial,
CINNAMOMUM anti-oxidation, Inhibits the growth and activation of microorganisms so it
CASSIA BARK anti-bacterial, helps to prevent cosmetic alteration of decay.
(cinnamon) inflammation
Base water (mixture available)

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Opuntia Ficus-Indica anti-oxidation, Protect the tender skin, and helps maintain healthy skin
Extract anti- and helps to make the skin smooth by removing the old
(Cactus) inflammation dead skin cells.

Coffea Arabica Seed anti-oxidation Especially contained in original coffee bean, Chlorogenic
Extract acid, inhibits the activity of hydroxyl radicals known as the
(Coffee) most harmful free radicals and it blocks as well as the
adsorption of the harmful free radicals to help prevent
Vitis Vinifera Fruit anti-microbial, Grapes are rich in Malic Acid, vitamin, and organic acid
ExtraCt anti-oxidation, that protect the skin from free radicals causing skin aging
(Grape) and prevent the oxidative stress of the skin. Also helps to
maintain healthy skin by inhibiting the activity of harmful
foreign substances to the skin, and improving skin
resistance from harmful substances.
CITRULLUS Gives a refreshment and vitality to the skin and often used
VULGARIS FRUIT as skin conditioning agent.

Citrus Aurantifolia anti-oxidation, Lime has abundant vitamin C that protects the skin and
Fruit Extract anti-bacterial, helps to manage the skin with vivacity and vitality
(Lime) whitening,
Base water (mixture available)

Photo INCI Effect Description

Fragaria Vesca Fruit anti- Strawberries containing flavonoid provide conditioning and
Extract inflammation, vitality to the skin and prevent oxidative stress of the skin
(Strawberry) anti-oxidation, from free radicals that cause skin aging.

Solanum anti-oxidation Tomato contains lycopene protects the skin from being
Lycopersicum oxidized, and the fruit acid contained takes care of skin
Fruit/Leaf/Stem keratinocytes.
Prunus Armeniaca anti-oxidation, The apricot extract containing malic acid and citric acid
Fluit Extract anti- makes dull skin white and gloss
(Apricot) inflammation,
Brassica Oleracea anti-oxidation Not just Broccoli has plenty of antioxidant like beta-
Italica Extract carotene, routine, ascorbic acid, selenium, quercetin, and
(broccoli ) glutathione but also it has nutrition like Calcium and vitamin
C, folic acid. Therefore, it works on increasing collagen
synthesis so it helps to manage elastic skin.
CUCUMIS MELO anti-oxidation Contain large amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C and is
FRUIT EXTRACT excellent for skin elasticity, skin soothing and astringent
(MELON) effect.
Base water (mixture available)

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Citrus Junos Fruit anti-wrinkle, Vitamin C is a key component of fruit and contained three
Extract moisturizing times more than lemon. It also contains ingredients such as
(Junos orange ) organic, nutritious and vitamin B that manage and improve
the complexion and brighten skin tone.

Coix Lacryma-Jobi whitening, The amino acid constituting a protein, leucine (leucine),
(Job's Tears Seed anti-oxidation, glutamic acid (glutamic acid), Val (valine), tyrosine (tyrosine)
Extract) anti- and the like are naturally rich and also contains nutritional
inflammation ingredients like carbohydrate, protein, fat, calcium, iron,
vitamin B.
TRITICUM VULGARE anti-oxidation, Helps to calm sensitive skin and eliminate a defensive
STARCH anti- irritability caused by skin damage.
(WHEAT) inflammation

RUBUS IDAEUS Moisturizing, Contains polyphenols, anthocyanins, vitamin, and omega-3

FLUIT EXTRACT) anti-oxidation that help to cultivate healthy skin, to prevent oxidative skin
(RASPBERRY) sagging and to moisturize the skin

OENOTHERA anti- Works similar to SOD(Superoxide dismutase enzyme

BIENNIS FLOWER inflammation, changing the excess oxygen and oxide ions with hydrogen
EXTRACT Anti-allergy peroxide), inhibiting the action of free radicals that cause
(EVENING skin aging. To engage in reducing the activity of tyrosinase
PRIMROSE) helps to inhibit melanin synthesis to create a dark skin tone
and blemishes. -
Base water (mixture available)

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Centella Asiatica anti- Madagascar originated Centella asiatica has been widely
Extract inflammation, used for private health and beauty and it prevents dry
(asiatic-pennywort) anti-aging, anti- skin, irritation and improve elasticity and the pores.

Anthemis Nobilis Anti-dandruff, Conditioning the skin and help to cultivate healthy and
Flower Extract moisturizer moist skin by blocking the evaporation of moisture in the
(camomile) skin. Calming the sensitive skin and controlling the
excessive sebum secretion will help to cultivate oily skin
with a clean skin.
Lavandula anti-bacterial, Activates the circulation of the skin and give it the flavor of
Angustifolia Extract natural cosmetics.

Rosmarinus Moisturizing, Rosemary contains 0.3 ~ 2% of borneol that helps skin

officinalis anti-oxidation care and prevents the oxidation by free radicals.
Leaf Extract

Zanthoxylum anti-bacterial, Contains a large amount of vitamin C and tocopherol

Piperitum Fruit anti-oxidation protecting the skin from the external environment and
Extract (Japanese often used as a natural plant product stabilizer in cosmetic
Pepper) applications that do not use chemical preservatives.
Base water (mixture available)

Photo INCI Effect Description

Nelumbo Nucifera anti-oxidation, Helps to defend the skin oxidative stress by helping to
Flower Extract whitening, inhibit the peroxidation of skin that cause skin aging
(Lotus) moisturizing,

Citrus Limon Fruit anti-oxidation, Lemon contains plenty of citric acid and vitamin C and
Extract anti-bacterial, maintain moisturized skin by preventing dryness from
(Lemon) whitening, skin evaporation of the moisture so keep the skin moist.
Vaccinium anti-oxidation, The blueberry contains phyto chemicals such as
Angustifolium Fruit moisturizing anthocyanins, phenols, flavonoids and other ingredients
Extract (Blueberry) and they give the energy of youth to tired skin due to aging.
Also, protection against free radicals that cause skin aging
is preventing oxidative damage to the skin
Rosmarinus Anti-hair loss Rosemary contains 0.3 ~ 2% of borneol that helps skin
Officinalis Extract care and prevents the oxidation by free radicals.

Oryza Sativa Leaf / anti- Protect from the oxidative stress of the skin caused by skin
Stem Extract melanogenic aging (free-radical), and promote circulation and helps to
(Rice) improve sebum secretion.
Base water (mixture available)

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Ginkgo Biloba Leaf anti-oxidation, Abundant flavonoid helps to cultivate healthy skin, to
Extract anti-bacterial, protect dry skin and to provide conditioning.
(Ginko) anti-

Chamomilla Recutita anti- Inhibits or remove the activity of harmful substances on the
Extract inflammation skin and involved in protecting the skin and helps to
(Matricaria) manage problematic skin and rough skin texture.

Cnidium Officinale whitening Phenolic substances contained gives vitality to the skin by
Root Extract protecting the skin from free radicals, and help to cultivate
a bright skin tone involved in managing freckles, spots,
and blemishes .

Melissa Officinalis whitening, skin Polyphenol and tannin contained protects the skin, and
Leaf Extract (lemon brightening, provide conditioning to enhance skin vitality.
balm) anti-bacterinal

Opuntia anti-oxidation, Promoting ceramide synthesis and production of natural

Coccinellifera Fruit anti-bacterial, moisturizing factor help to cultivate a healthy skin.
Extract anti-
(prickly pear) inflammation
Base water (mixture available)

Photo INCI Effect Description

Royal Jelly Extract Whitening, Royal Jelly Extract is one of the richest sources of protein
Moisturizing and vitamins. Containing 17 amino acids, abundant levels
of B vitamins and minerals, it is one of the most powerful
nutrients in the fight against aging skin and inflammatory
skin conditions, where it stimulates cellular renewal and the
promotion and synthesis of collagen and elastin for firm,
more toned skin and a smooth appearance.
Cynanchum Wilfordii anti-oxidation Helps smooth blood circulation and especially works on
Root Extract scalp very well so it is good for the people who have grey
(Cynanchi wilfordii hair and thin hair.