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Fig Fumb: Kliptonite: Warp Drive: Trashy Blonde:

Fuzz with noise gate Dual OD / Fuzz High gain drive with Amp in a box / clean
noise gate boost

Syncopy: Tremotron:
Analogue Delay pedal Analogue tremolo
with digital control and pedal with digital
128 presets control and
128 presets
SD50: 50 Watt Analogue valve amplifier with
digital control and 128 presets Stone Deaf Effects and Amplification LTD
35 Pennine Vale
Shaw, Oldham
United Kingdom
SD30: 30 Watt Analogue valve amplifier with
digital control and 128 presets
SD8: 8 Watt Analogue valve amplifier with
digital control and 64 presets
info@stonedeaffx.com MANUAL
The latest incarnation of our very first design, the Gain Knob: controls
• Parametric EQ with adjustable distortion gain
parametric distortion filter – otherwise known as the PDF-2 Height Knob: the amount of gain in
• Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz. (For Bass & Guitar)
- is the infamous sibling of our very own PDF-1. controls how much the circuit. To achiev • Adjustable Gain allowing you to increase or deacrease the
cut or boost by + / - the original PDF-1 gain. (For PDF-1 gain you need to roll back the gain knob
20dB. At 12 o’clock gain set to minimum. to about 7 or 8 o’clock to achieve this.
The PDF-2 has more gain on tap than it’s popular its at unity gain. • Lower noise floor than the PDF-1 (as per customer request)
predecessor, an added expression pedal input and dual (Quieter than PDF-1)
channel operation, the PDF-2 has garnered a fearsome Freq Knob:
allows you to set
• Frequency sweep control via expression pedal: Wah Wah
reputation as a versatile beast in its own right. the frequency function via expression using boost in thin setting, Phaser
that you want function via expression using cut in thin setting, Tone con-
With a reduced noise floor, adjustable gain knob and dual to boost or cut. trol function via expression using medium to fat bandwidth
footswitch for clean and dirty channels, the PDF-2 delivers Ranges from setting.
35Hz to 6Khz. • 9v Power supply centre negative 2.1mm Boss Style (use
unmatched versatility, having been used on instruments
including piano, bass, drums, synths, and both electric and 5 position Band- isolated power supply to reduce noise) Current Draw is
width: sets the Q 35mA
acoustic guitars, it also boasts an expression pedal input of the boost or cut. • Footswitchable Dual Channel, Clean and Dirty parametric
control* feature for wah, phaser and manual tonal shifts. From thin (needle EQ channel
point) to fat (stand- • Hand Built in Manchester, United Kingdom
Offering an effective EQ and a bombproof enclosure, this ard pedal response).
drive pedal is considered to be one of the most formidable Clean Dirty: On / Off: turns Please note if you are trying to match volume to other pedals
switches the the pedal on
on the market for even the hardest touring musician. and off.
you need to experiment with the bandwidth Q, Height (Boost
distortion circuit / Cut) and Frequency as this all works in conjunction with the
in or out for clean
* Features compatible with the Stone Deaf EP-1 Expression pedals overall volume. There is an overall volume compensation
boost or distort-
Pedal only. ed boost. circuit built into the height function of the pedal.