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avenue W [1 | Piano/Conductor THE AVENUE Q THEME [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ ard TERE MARX Orchesiated by STEPHEN OREMUS Guys: = a oe Cn Loot s8-302-2003 Piano/Conductor ase dite vous yy Lusi = UNers rearwes Ce) auts sun is shin-ingYivs love = ly day, mor-ning fof & kid to play, oa youve got lois ~of ‘What can you do? e K21XyI01 ) & ot real low And ev - ty“ hour goes Oh, so slow, And |" work ra ne ps GIRLS: STEP WAnhs ; Stn at the end of the day there's no ~ where 10 £0, ~ en-ve QL Guys: : i Piano/Conductor Ine Avenue Y bneme -[Xev. 120103) You| tive on Vave + en-ue QL_| Your} friends do to0!__ a a aR 2 fen ; twen-ty= two, And you | live on Yay = ty mp v You | live on Av = en-ue Qt ee gO Soa ‘Segue as one to “OPENING” Avenue Q [2 | Piano/Conductor OPENING (What Do You Do With a B.A. In English/ It Sucks To Be Me) (Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPE? tnd SEP MARX Orchestrated by ‘STEPHEN OREMUS (37 14t 108) Rubato, lightly swung Poco rit. A Tempo Poco rit. = =— = a ———— os | Q a — | a BF ‘Losiss-802-2008, 7 pening - |Rev. 1728103) Piano/Conductor PRINCETON: 3 A Tempo 2188) What do you do, going 10 be? Four years of col - Vege, knowledge J L Kz) t a eamed me Piano/Conductor -3- pening - ev, 1120103) = a ¥ cant poy the bills____yet, cause 1 have no skills yet. The world isa ig (Cis) Poco rit. A Tempo, but relaxed 2 2 u Rit. feel - ing might 3 Allegro; Swing 8ths 0 fn 2 2216s) AN, af Prano/Conductor -4- peng = xe¥. 11200091 KATE: "What? "INo, it sounds stupid" Faster &] VAMP =; BRIAN: fa A KATE: it = de st BRIAN: Al o sa _ (RATE lags) late night Piano/Conductor =e vpening -[Kev. 201v95 Spy “ 2 s iF is: = SS SS ES SS But now Tm thirsty = two and as you ean see Vm not K2{Xy Hh ? Tt sucks__ to. be Openung - [Kev. 1120/09) Piano/Conductor 1 sucks__ to be ts 2 pare ae a K2iXyo ey] nf “or rp: 4 ¢ if Insucks__ to be um = ing thir = Iroke and un = em ployed and 218s) * Your problems arent so bad rata. ee vm kind = pret = and pret = ty damn smart aaa: —— S555 211 Piano/Conductor penny = yRev. 120108) » things Tike K21GlookPzn Stes) Puck! It sucks J K2yGiock] Piano/Conductor -8- pening - [Xev. 128103) me! Kt sucks to be Brian... and Kate! To not have a jab! To nol__ have a date! It sucks___ to be KaIGoeky/® eee ar > Fox2161008) e a c 7 7 RACarvet Prano/Conauctor = goth ot a ~ vise Rape NS We've been the best of bud-ies ng ROD: los of ways to ++K2{Marimiba] NICKY: se aloh Sts Come on, that’s an ex = ag = ger - a straig hs Piano/Conductor -10- You leave your clothes out You do such = an = al things, Tike 14 pening = [Kev. 1120/09} NICKY: put your feet_— on my chai. Oh yeah? partment we share. E pbs 13 NICK’ that’s why I'm z z z [19] . [39] NICK’ to 1s _ BRIAN: Te MW sucks__ to be mel KATE: It sucks__ 10 be kaisigs) ere it does = n't Ke sucks 10 1s Piano/Conductor -12- Opening - [Rev. 728103] 1 —_== They Dance) KATE: NICKY: da da da da t BRIAN: da da da da sf sump fo J E HoDida oe do as a ICKY: da dada da t BRIAN: da da da da a a Kap] Iss ROD:da_da da da CHRISTMAS EVE YELLS} ++K21Stg8) Wi 4 3 ICKY: dade fe aha = 3 CUE to go on: (CHRISTMAS EVE: * Your lives suck? I heating you correctly? a!™ 21S) @ndX only) 1 se CE: 1 com-ing to this count = ry for op = por tun - i = ties = — . : — Jap = a-nese i But with hard work Team two Master's De grees In ba a K2IKow} 0 cial work! ‘apTiem Sig) ee jy | ‘And 1 have an uun-em-ployed fi - an-coe! ‘And we have Es eo Piano/Conductor -15- Opening - (Rev. srasusy A ‘Tempo 1% Rall sb mp 7 wo Suck-a-suck-a-suck-a-suck-a = suck-a-suck-a-suck-a-suck-a - Kaiciseyr suck - a= suck + a = suck = FranuyLonuuewur swe peng = Users Heures @) [axl sub. p (as) im PRINCETON: “Oh, look!” PRINCETON: "Oh my God, its GARY COLEMAN!"(cut-off) IGARY enters with a plunger} (inthe clear) GARY: "T'm comin’, I'm comin GARY: "Yes Iam" eT Straight 8ths 3 @, a 6. Fka1OrayGu tm Ga - Cole - man K2ICas} 20 Piano/Conductor -17- Opening - [Kev. 1128/09] 216 by my folkst ev = ‘ry one's jokes, a "The superintendent!” We sucks be Ato $3 a) Piano/Conductor -18- pening -[Kev. 1/2803} fing Sths Swing Sths .TE: = BRIAN: “fest bevernow!” GaRYs me Pa You win! you! 1 sucks. 10 Alto Sax GARY: "Whatchu talkin) about Willis? I gets old!” mt em 2 pu x peo - ple stop ~ ping Ato Sox ALL (exeept GARY): weG Piano/Conductor ~19- Tis page is intentional left blank for page turns 23 Opening - (Rev. 7/28/03) Piano/Conductor -20- Opening - (Rev. 7/28103] Be unis: Rall, fA 29 0 Sucks to be ~__ Kid's TLV. Theme Tempo Here! on A SRL sone) cle > ts Kid's TLV. Theme Tempo, 4 rianorLonaucwor man a e We| liveon A - ven-ue Qt Our| trends do a Ssxxciext} dreams come tne, = dim. poco a poco zs PC RICKY: “You'e gonna loveit” Gay yr | tive ona 3 +K2(Geck] S, Ss SF Poco rt. af 29 ALL: Wel ~ come Avenue Q 2 A Piano/Conductor INTO ROD AND NICKy'S Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and EFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS BRIAN: "Tl got right on it!” 148.802.2008 26 Avenue Q Piano/Conductor [2] IF YOU WERE GAY [Rev. 7/28/03] CUE: ROD: "This converstaion is over!... OVER!" 2 BEAT Moderato; Swing Sths REP vamp NICKY: "Well." * Just so you know." 4 Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEBF MARX Orehesrated by STEPHEN OREMUS (roca LAST 8) sick: — = - = TP ae i yt ms SS == Ee 3 aa an: ae oe i i i Gy 6 2 & == = = == oe Se : ss Wald be hay. 1 mean, cuz = = z = | SSS SS SS ’ 10 2 — ——— SSS SSS . hey, Te like you an y way. Be - cause you —S ——— =F — — = oS BTS a a a = == = t = t = - = < a 022003 aa ze ayy woe uae viano/Conductor te 0, pay! (But [i] RODEN: lee! Pm ingore 2 poate (No BaswK2tTubaly (woe 500) ROD: VAMP. (out any phrase) NICKY: What? If you were “2 Tuba) av Piano/Conductor -3- If-You Were Gay - [Kev, 1/28/03) ROI "Aw, Nicky!" ROD: "Nicky!" MP Tino er) ROD: "Nicky, I'm trying to read this book." x 2 0 ROD: Nicky: ”, be + cause youre dear “Hey, guess what? Piano/Conductor -4- Ly You Were Gay - [Kev. 1/28/03) © . gay!” (But tm not gay!) ap = py_—_——————_just_ being a High Button Shoes, Pat Joey. what should it mat = ter to “ Rall. ROD: "Nicky, that's gross!" st you with guys?! 40 mlanurConuucir Slower ss, 6 But 1 would-nt get in your way. You can count on ee 3) If You Were Gay - [Rev. 7/28/03] Piano/Conductor Faster; A Tempo o al - ways -$K2{AceH Bano o born that way And as they say: M's in your D-N = A youre @ s : ROD:"IMNOTGAY!!" gy e ” z Segue o “AFTER ‘GAY 290 PianoContbctor [24 | AFTER "GAY" 2 Rev. 7/28/03] ‘Music and Lyrics by. eObER LOBES a "er Sean Orchestated by STEPHEN OREMUS Gree 130) Swing he, ce Re Sasa: j= ] $4355 == 4 eS == = 33 Avenue Q Piano/Conductor PURPOSE [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ ard EFF MARX cue Orchestrated by VIDEO: “I want a purpose! ‘STEPHEN OREMUS Freely y (2) prxceros: ; Ws tha lit - Me fame that Tights a solo [Grand & Elec 2) un - der your ass = ing strong with a full tank of sis8-802-2001, a4 riano/Conauctor pene - UNer rosy Rit, vom By-ty-one else has a par= pose ‘So what's mine? Hm. on, o 35° Piano/Conductor -4- Purpose - [Rev. 7/28/03] ‘Tempo di "Huey Lewis" (Shuffle) ie ipa eee eee +Gu/DasK2| Pad} “Alto Sx ™F (Rok Pag doo = doo = doo - — don't know Half-time Feel Got = ta find out MP +K21Padj Don't wan-na Got to make sure that. my Purpose -[Kev, #/28/03] Piano/Conductor 7 Whoa, 00 whoa. Gon = na find his pur- pose— Piano/Lonauctor SiS &) could be near Could. take a woek, or smok- in’ grass Smo-kin’ grass, class would be cool, Purpose - [Rev. 7/28/03] Piano/Conductor 3 Yes it could! — Some thin's com Whoa, oh, ob Tkaflicte Bell) Po f a Tm gonna my—— pur pose, yeah! Gonna find your pur = pose! Piano/Conductor a find your pur - pose) What will it be? Purpose - [Rev. 1/28/03} Gonna find your pur - pose! purpose. in life isa Gotta Fine “Gor sta find Gortia find nd A105 gon-na find. Tasty Sax Solo Ga - ta find Piano/Conductor -u- Purpose - {Rev. 7/2805] T got-ta find met Got-ta find! we Applause Segue to "PURPOSE PLAYOFF” uy Avenue Q |4a_ | Piano/Conductor PURPOSE PLAYOFF ee (Rev. 7/28/03] ROBERT LOPEZ ah (erie i) sroPhis OkeMus 1 Shuffle (Bok Poo} af fiove 1L06148.-802-2003 44 oe [4s | KATE'S PURPOSE [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPE? and JEFF MARX, orchesvated by PRINCETON: “Aw, come on! STEPHEN OREMUS KATE: "Okey Tinkly , 2 . Hass rl ® a = getter P [Celeste (sounds 8va) === - ===: — ‘unot48-802-2003 Avenue Q Piano/Conductor EVERYONE'S A LITTLE BIT RACIST [Rev. 7/28/03] KATE: "No, we dont want a oie Fi Pea eae (KATE gasps) eI Orchestaxed by STEPHEN OREMUS Moderato (Swing 8ths) (GOON) ae K2iCatest} Fe + 7 mH [] pmscerox re PRINCETON: 4 = — x =e = + ————— SSS SS SS SS ee Youre a lit + te bit ra cist. Youre a it~ tle bit, too. 1 guess were 1Lost4s-s02-2003 ud Piano/Conductor io PRINCETON: b = tween me and you—— I think thing to do, But 1 ves it's Ev-'y-one’s a little bit K2[Celese) PRINCETON: eee ¥ 7 Does-nit mean we go a-round com - mitt «ing 4s Piano/Conductor -3- SUSIOL = [REY tranny Look a+ round and you will a No one's real - color - blind May = be ifs a ah shook tage Kacey 1 oid y= one makes judg - ments {au page here) uq PRINCETON: "Not big nzens ke Who to hie or tehove buy eewspape ot” Kates Nor KEINGETON: "No, jst it udemens like thinking that FI Nsr sho soul fea fo spent soddarn Engh” & 3X8 KATE: "Rh" By-‘ry-one's a Jit-tle bit ma cist PRINCETON: ao ev-"rysone’s a lit-tle bit Bin nie jokes might be un = couth,— But you laugh be cause they're based on truth — Piano/Conductor aoe 0, 4 mf cist - [MeV 1200005 Dont take them — as KaIxylol g a8 a . . GARY: "You were telling a BLACK joke!” PRINCETON: “All right, stop me if you've heard PRINCETON: "Well, sure, Gary, bil lols of people tell black jakes.." this one. This plane is going down and there'sonly GARY: “I don't” ‘one parachute, and there's a rabbi, a priest." (CUTOFF) inthe clear: KATE: "anda BLACK gy!” PRINCETON: "Of course you don't You're BLACK! But you tell Polack jokes. ight?” GARY: "Sure Ido, Hahal Those stupid Polacks! fn a ‘SK2{Tiem Sis} Piano/Conductor -6- Racist - [Rev. T28US} IN: "Now don't you thin _ pre PRINCETON: "Now dont you think GRY: “Well damn I guess you'e right. > Ge oa ‘Att Sx —= ra - cist youre a tit =e bit 0 GARY: a ala lit = tle bit think that T would have to a - gree with you glad you dol W'S sad_ ut true, one's @ it-tle bit ra = cist all right, K2[Celest} — eee * KATE: PRINCETON:,, GARY: to GARY: fi All sight. All right all ight! Bi-go-try bas ne-ver been ex - clu sive = ly rf: fF o2 2 ALL: just ad mit Hite bit Maybe it would +K2tMarinba et ie "fine upstanding lack man.” PRINCETON: "Who? jut Gary, Jesus was white!” PRINCETON: fo, Jess was black." PRINCETON: “ fee " rs 10, Jesus was white!" juys—Jesus was Jewish! hrs ofc good” Ere was a.” im res ess was black!" (he) lug) 6 a Fx ‘2/Masimta Piano/Conductor ART wiley) 8e\hd oC ARTS Coosinl THE VOPR “Hey, what are you guys laughing about? 2[Marimna} -8- Racist -[Rev. 7/28/03] ICHRISTMAS EVE enters] CHRISTMAS EVE: "BLIAN! You come backee here! You ake out lecycuraburs!” PRINCETON: "What's that mean?” BRIAN? "Ugh. Recyclables” everyone laughs) CUT-OFF BRIAN: "Dont laugh a her! Hoow many languages do you speak?” KATE: “Oh, come off i, 0 Ev-'ty-ones a K2[Ceteste) Inde bit 1a = cist How ma-ny Or-i-en = tal wives have cu BRIAN: sy, “Karem Sigs) PRINCETON: you got?) WHAT? BLI-AN! prt Piano/Conductor mye eny- ier trams a PRINCETON: is Asian Am 1 kwow you are in = ten-ding to KaCetewe) ty ‘i cor = ng me of = fen-sive to ® ‘K2{Celeste FI (tu page here) os Piano/Conductor =10- Racist - [Rev. 7/28/03] “Tr msoryy honey. Hove you." [5] CE: "Trav you." . z 3Xs "Bul you're racist wo, cs ns 136 [Celeste Jews have all the whites. have = +KaIKote) PRINCETON: "Me too!" z GARY: "I can't even GET o taxi! Rall, ve Piano/Conductor -H- is page 1s intentionally] left blank for page turns o7 Racist - (Rev. 7/28/03] Piano/Conductor -12- agist- Kev. 20709) 1] Broader 10 ALL: Ev-ty-one's a lit-tle bit | ra - cist F i +k2{Dyn Big-Band)” as? Slight pull back , <_—_———Si# everyone is just a-bout as | ma - cist 7 Slight pull back * ® Kick Line Tempo a | linede bit Kick Line Tempo bal p @ : &: ¢ 4 $ Piano/Conductor -15~ aust ~ Faster Accel. M9, fone stopped ‘Tempo is Ev-‘y-one's a rit-ter bit | la ~ cist! y Fast Segue to "RACIST PLAYOFF" oF Avenue Q / | 5a, | Piano/Conductor RACIST PLAYOFF (Rev. 7/28/03] ee ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Oxchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS (sriue 10) Swing It! Avenue Q Piano/Conductor NOT QUITE. [Rev. 7/28/03] cue: VIDEO: "Birthday Party Clown’ PRINCETON: "Closer—but sill no FF sae Loot 4s-s02-2003 é} [55 | Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchesrated by STEPHEN OREMUS Avenue Q 5 Piano/Conductor THE BAD IDEA BEARS [Rev. 7/28/03] eet ROBERT LOPEZ ad JEFF MARX rohit ORES cue: PRINCETON: “t's right here in the comer of my mind. My purpose. It's..." ITHE BEARS Appear} (downward stroke) A Bat “See you around, Princeton!” INi "See you around, guys" 00148. 802.2003 62 Avenue Q Piano/Conductor [bo| KATE'S PHONE CALL cue: PRINCETON: “Best interes! t hear” (53) Moderato; Swing st BQ lerato; Swing Sths econ geet = [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS CUTOFF at end of ring | Frac ah {L06148.802-2003 63 Avenue Q Lé | Piano/Conductor THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ nd 7 . JEFF MARX KATE MONSTEI iy. (Go) Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS Measures 1-24 IPNO} up to Ds THARDSH E83 ad hove | ao teach an enti lesson by sel, (60) Prissy Sonata a rs f a2 ,f 2 <2 _ : = ic mp tmp - fee ae | (laps ps eT ee | ae E SS SSS SS SS as — ". something relevent, something modem... "The Internet!" A Hi ‘TREKKIE: @ SS = == aS z ins trent rely neal ty gt For pom! ' bare eee eee Kf —#& # £ & $$ 3 3 rete - 1 es aa a == 4 vp : a or | ee | aS SSS = z Ne Poe b5. sauur vnunet a pv suet saa ye nnte wnt oan TREKKIE: 1 is ot a fast con-nec-tion, sof dont have to ab Sf Er ACK Pro} # fr: KATE: al - ways some new site, For pom! 1 browse all day and night. For porn! I's EXG) Evel Rao RS B Faster; Bass Heavy, Groovy (Swing 8ths) 2 n u in = ter not is for Ato Sax ¥ Faster; Bass Heavy, Groovy (S' Era, od i Ww be Piano/Conductor = ‘The Internet Is For Porn - [Rev. 7/2805} 2» x au Why you think — the +K2{05) Aw sx P ere (inthe clear) a SAFE, wen tyouwousse ——TREKIHE! “Okey okey @ iiss bing gu fa oot ; sea STR ror \ Gon Straight 8ths sNAMP, YN KATE: sey K2[Gioeky i. Be. Straight 8ths ry Prissy Sonata 2 8 TM: sy bag glad we have this new tech no» Io - gy. For pom, Which K2(Gloeh) Prissy Sonata Fo Lf [raer Poo} La “+ROIBLATIVGtiBs Piano/Conductor Ue Internet 1s For Forn - [Kev. 1/28/03) ny 2 = ao KATE: us un = told op = por = w - St — — —— [rAck Pro} a own desk - top. For. search, browse, Ai youve fad —€ - nough and you're read-y to stop! xaos br viano/Lonauctor - 2 Faster; Bass Heavy, Groovy (Swing 8ths) n+ Wer-net__ is for pom. ‘The in - ter-net__ is for porn. sgh ten seri hs Alo SxtGur > rs Faster; Bass Heavy, Groovy (Swing 8ths) ton Poo} ® eS a z (in the clear) TREKKIE: KATE: ross! You are a pervert!" "Alin sick and stones, Rate Monte” "TREKKTE: "You have "No, really. You're a pervert. Normal ole don't sit foane ides. Domes any nde pomntheinemetCETOR) (Gln of age) on » Straight Sths VAMP ae Porn! Alto SG Straight 8ths sleazy sub. Pp 64 {he internet 1s For Korn - [Kev. 1/28/09] Guys: Piano/Conductor BRIAN: GARY: The Aho SuGe Read - y! me hear itt Read - y! 2 2 z PRINCETON: [GUYS: ,, PRINCETON: in = ter-net_— is for porn. Sor-ry, Kate. The in = ter net is for 1 rmas-tur-bate! — Jo Piano/Conductor he Internet 1s ror Hom - [KeY. 1120495 Rod, check your portfolio. aud wae stock online” son umavon com’ KATE: "Hold on a second! Now, :OD: “That's correct.” Baeathings on pos hn rset ie" oy ay lr KATE: "Ard Gay. aoa %, a x fioe @ cep sling your postesions on Bay!” ‘TREKKIE: "But Kate eee sent me that sweet online what you think he do AFTER?” # "And Princeton, vou birthday card. (PRINCETON nods) — PRINCETON: “Tre KATE: var q wt te a +4Cym. choke & 7 rianorLonaucior (CUE: KATE: "Ewwwww") tp Guys: sve uncle gs PUL Eun = [REY 17401001 KATE: "Gross!" “ The in = ferme is for Me Alta Sox rssh At wate 1 "Thate pom* ag GUYS! on Grab your dick and doub - Te click for Porn? Pom! or = = ‘Ato Sx" nf KATE: "Tm leaving KATES "hate the internet!” _BPocomt 3. MM: Poon! B: Poor! ce ad RSP: Paso! R&P: Pooor! : Lee . Peo oe SBRIANIGARY: 4, as #RODPRINCETO: In = erent is for In = terenet_ is for vate! 5 Segue to PORN PLAYOFF q2 a [ba] PORN PLAYOFF [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lysies by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF Mal Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS Temp di yur les) Tempe di SQ" (ss a ad ify mR fps op fs = t f :! ee i eS? =e] ir oy SS a L rack Pno} iA ool _ | Z = = = : —— ro S 42 Avenue Q [7 | Piano/Conductor Rev. 7/28/03] ‘Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and TEFF MARX cue: CHRISTMAS EVE: "Bye now." Orehestted by ROD: Shit STEPHEN’ OREMUS (stvee ses) ‘Tempo di GAY (Swing 8ths) it. a K2{Glock] 2 Beat Pecpa Moderato (Straight 8ths) fi ° KATE: K21Gioek) 3 Smelin * TPao/F Pro] "34° ? Fie 1 think he 61 48-802.2003 qa Fiano/Conductor Aun save {Rew veo But does he like = me-like - K2IGIock] — we be (or some thing (doorbett) {it's PRINCETON} Ws Piano/Conductor -4- A Mix ‘Tape - [Rev. 1/2805} cue: PRINCETON: “Actually, do you mind if use your bathroom?” KATE: "Ob, sure. Go nigitabead.” VAMP [PRINCETON exits} ATE: 5 7 KATE: K2{GIoek) wow Joy K2(Gioekd thin king of me, ‘which shows he Some-times when a z #K21Stgs/Ac Gtr thas a crush on theyll make you # Piano/Conductor ALMA Lape - [ner seow) "Lets see." 2, (0 give you a 7 = = = 2 “You've Got A Friend". “The Theme from ‘Friends, “That's What Friends Are For” 7 "Oh, but ook!" Whole New World," "Kiss The Girt ag "Ava Princeton.” "He does ike me!” Reictsessig) Piano/Conductor -6- A Min ‘ape -|Rev. 1/2803} 1 Am The Wal - “Fat Bot-tommed Girl "Yel_Cl pats) re Piano/Conductor -3- Special -[Kev. s1z0vu5) ent — 0 1 = ——- 6 z ==—- =a you an feel ike some-bo- dy, With me, = = = as a? a a = : a 5 , s i SSS es oe honge rll) — | Lem Er pag EDR? Ef t z x > 3 l = = === * F r oT s - as LUCY: "Yeah, they're real.” I ss Rvs opi Dnt chido) gt nf Bh? ATSB, | cod ving re? eS a VS. 7 ppeeral - [Kev 120702) Piano/Conductor 4G uf Ha? ptg1D LS NF UE were to = geth-er the earth ‘And the stars will fall 6 ba-by, Let down, +k 2{Dya Big Band 3 eee! Fo ae 3 7 io 7 ae TF 3 7 be cm, oy Piano/Conductor Special UKeV. sHewsvoy Rit, %6 SS yo When your date's in the bath-room, 1) stip. you_my eard Tecan tell just by look-ing that a ‘Spectal - [kev. 128105] Piano/Conductor a A ‘Tempo R210} Bi Band iAb Goi J pebasich Ft By # a ss j A _Ditateo . hon be SS -_* 3 = ———— _ wee =| — f wt for met tell just. by lookin’ that you are es peel - ly = — SSS ¥ veuna Avenue Q 4 A Piano/Conductor as SPECIAL PLAYOFF [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyries by ROBERT LOPEZ. and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS CUE: LUCY: "And I sure do hope you enjoyed my set" (erie 143) 7 é 5. | _ I 3 =| z ze Losi a8-802-2003 QQ) 4B Avenue Q Piano/Conductor THE BEARS, AGAIN [Rev. 7/28/03] JEFF MARX, Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS ‘CUE: KATE: "It could mean a big career boost [THE BEARS Appear] 1, Bell Tree (down-ward stroke) fe 42 1L06148-802-2008 Avenue Q Ie Piano/Conductor LUCY'S MUSIC [Rev. 7/28/03] ‘Muse and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by cue: STEPHEN OREMUS BEAR: "Look who's coming!" Hit cue: TUCY: "But when youre realy fora teal woman, you know where to find me" (SHE mums) 1L06148-802.2003, 43 Fe Co tact [10 | LOUD AS THE HELL YoU WANT [Rev. 7/1/03] Music and Lyrics b ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by cuE: STEPHEN OREMUS BEARS: "More Drinks! More Fun! Yay!" Nstapt covet “29,4! BoA Cus Funky Ass Groove CBr OSS RN - moa eam ES =e Ba ee EE fo infer Zz : |? _| 4 + aH = ae Se SS = ; = Zz “hig be gs z z L06148-802-2003 aC Lod As The Hell You Want - Rev. 7/103), clpur rove eivece tHere!” cary: 2 Piano/ Conductor cont. on PRInecTe ig] yD aed Peince ten i 7 || Fito sax mf u SS ee Youd a5 the bell you want When you'te mak in! love AD IDEA BEAR 1 (fae BAD IDEA BEAR? (Female): ‘When Jou're mak - in’ love 7 When you're mak - in! the hell you want ean! You can be as When youre mak - in! Jove! Piano/ Conductor = Loud As The Hell You Want [ex 7/03) 2 2 ra When you're makin’ love. You can be as When youre mak I [Pmivceronare: TU! Abbght CUE: VAMP. BEARS: "Louder! GARY: -+K2[Ong, 2 ib Fis ay Piano/ Conductor -4- Lovd As The Hell You Want - Rev. 7/1/03] Bl — Bg at a SS = : = s a a 7 73 Towed to be loud at yhe ebay Atthe a mucse-um or at a play 98% Bat when = = = = = _ ook 0 hos: br s as Ns SSS SS] Ss = i — Se Se = Lage + : . ——— aa! : —— SSS = ae zee Semen a mes] * oe oe be ue 6 = es = ——= 6 ae SSS ae you and your pa - ner edo = have ike youre at the bale |r te 3 ae at the bal - let. You can be as = i St SSS ee SS oF Nout as the hell you want When you're mak in! love evo! Loud! “Loud! KATE Piano/ Conductor Loud As The Hell You Want - fe. 7/10 = E == SS SSS == : You can be a loud as the hell you want When ye makin Ro RNa oe = SS SS ——— oly iy Tt rypora Malin’ sweet, swest love! on Heo Hoo Hoo Hoo oe FABER voce , . #: ==. i v let the neigh-bors stop you eae ee o o Td Trt st ppT = Lod as de het Loud a5 the ell you want Ooh pooh 5 ££ E ££; 3 ge ¥ = =< = 7 = $ s—— Sees E = St a +K2[Org] yb | Bs Po = ee — - ws : ; o ; = SS i a Pasig fi hey hare Steen coe) a me ea ‘ wa Saas SSS Ses op pt VF eal eS Ca — : vewely Piano! Conductor 0 GAR! the hell you — want the hell you want the hell you want ——_——— Un HUN HUH UBT ——————t UH HUH «HUH HUH! ‘Loud A The Hel] You Want (Rev. 7103] when you're mak - iat when you're mak - int Jove! ACHRISTMASEVE: | yeate when you're mak « BRIAN: entocrTon GARY oa lib the joo Piano/ Conductor Loud As The Hell Vou Want Rev. 1/105) 5, gp GARY ad i, Faster, Prince-ton Bli-an, | slow down! This not a racet Oh YEAH! Who's your Dad -dy! Jol Piano/ Conductor -8- Lok. As The Hel You Wan - [Rev 7/03) @ yeah a Ao Sa by z be § Smack it and lick it and rub it and suck itt —. {02 Piano/ Conductor ou) As The Hell You Want - (Rev. 703) « WORK YOUR MA MA! a ALL: KATE: — Oh yeah, thats ie Loud as the heli you Ps Ho-lyCow! Jo3 Piano/ Conductor -10- Low Ashe Hell [Rev 7103] fe) 7 You got - ta — rate | Loud asthe hell you Loud asthe bell___you 2[0rg) asieosd = e 7 You got ~ ta be loud, cee = a, Loud as the ell you Loud as the hell you Loud as the bell you Piano/ Conductor lie [Loud As The Hell You Want - Re. 71103} ™ GARY: "Now that’s what I'm talkin’ about!” want! pi iRien/sono, Avenue Q LiL | Piano/Conductor FANTASIES COME TRUE Music and Lyris by [Rev. 7/28/03] ROBERT LOPEZ and asd las, have you been Orchestrated by Hus cme: STEPHEN OREMUS = = — x Z —==—= | \ ao | | = = =| = # + = = SSS = SS . - . * Eb 7 + t ss, SS === === pe P —_— —— ee v a e te: = 2 = = i Ea —. 9 aa == SS SS SS aes ¥ wt 2 * 106148-602.2003 amasies Gauie sie = [RW (120103) vrano/Conductor B |All those years 1 missed_—— the signs_— couldnt read be-tween— - a K2SipIS the lines have thought 1 would see. the day where Pd hear cree, poco «poe? [5] Stighty Faster y= fc Whar was _— Slightly Faster peapet Foy in your mind Prano/Conductor = Pauasies Caine sue = ver 1 % Al Fan - ta-sies__ come was meant 10 be__ Fun - ta-sies___ come 104 rrantasies Lome 1mue - Uev. 11200091 Piano/Conductor x, K2{Sig] == ay 2183) ba Ato Se io Piano/Conductor =e amasies Cue sue aes lived in fan [ere ao Fees” Rzicise) +2IChe) ® rancerox: [$] time that we've spent _ eee want you 1 know kucts} hid rianorLonauctor 0 Gash 1 dont Know what How such Seam _—— i a ed F to Se pe Tm really glad you feel that afraid that 1 like, you more than Tye ev = liked any Piano/Conductor =o Fantasies Come True - (Rev. 7/28/03) is pages intentionally] left blank for page tums. 13 yiano/Lonauctor _ jove. tm geteting what I've al = ways beer drea-ming of — love Vm geteting what__ I've al + ways been drea-ming of — So are you. Fan = ta-sies_. come tue 3 # swear that Piano/Conductor -9- Pallusies Guwe Lue = Nee sews 95, = gon = na be right — there and make your fan * 103, Poco rit. Colla Voce 3 yoy ROD: ss yy =10- rumuayies Lume sue = [NEW 1740101 Piano/Conductor We A Tempo EO ~ tye, K2{Geek) “It sounded like a nice dream 390dnight, Nicky." Molto rit. hoes 2S} > }16 Avenue Q Ih Piano/Conductor FANTASIES PLAYOFF [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN’ OREMUS CUE: PRINCETON: "Then come with me." (oree 292) nye” Sweetly Beceneenrnene - Rit, ATempo ¥ ‘Segue to "THE WEDDING" “i 1Los1e8-t02-2003 JI Avenue Q Piano/Conductor THE WEDDING [Rev. 7/28/03] ‘Tempo di Marriage 61 48-802.2003 1) lp Masic and Lyries by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN’ OREMUS Piano/Conductor K21Gospel Org) [Dress ghts up} Cl 1149 Subito Majestic srall g Poco Rit. Pinar ondctor [We PARTY MUSIC “cose (Rev. 7/28/03] ROBERT LOPES and MEF MARX, Orchestated by STEPHEN OREMUS TMAS BVE: "LChaim'™ ‘Mazel Tos!” Qe) cone A 4 _—— : : = (—s — 1 : — = 6 ee | alle ae 7 — | ___ EMvenn Ls ais te a bad BEE == = SS Ramee ae Peace a i : a . Fs ‘ S Pa ee a =} es 4 6 a ASS cr $F | oF a | aSaESs5 gd yg | a a ¢ “a7 et 7? a a al a a “so es oa conten Sonia = SS St it = e er] FS eS oF | d my ca | = J]: Cl | 1 | iz a = -f——4- 5= sje 3 Uy oF era ae wert u 48-802: 2008 Avenue Q 12 Piano/Conductor MY GIRLFRIEND, WHO LIVES IN CANADA “cu [Rev. 7/28/03] Orehestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS ROD: "Sure Ido. For example: I..." Rob: [2] Frantic Beer Hatt (in rp Li] Frantic Beer Hall (in 1) ‘ fowol 4 } 5 2 oi pS Sa + = + —— SSS SS my tt re PPT PE | ores | St =] = SS sK2Temay Ae Bs is . t a ; tt A — oo oe - whe ye ee il-ftiend who fives in Can-arda She could-nt be Hi wish You could EG SS z R= 6 — i = z 2 =] meet her, my gitl-friend who tives in. Can-acdat_—_— == ase SSS £ SSS SSS SSS Z 106148.802-2003 Piano/Conductor lives in Van = cou ver. She ber ev-ery-thing’s 0 = kay. 2s cooks like my ‘My Girlfriend In Canada - [Rev. 7/28/03] mo ther, and ev-ery sin = gle D _ A “ Kas SSS SS SS Se pis ty the ives so far A oe a )22 Piano/Conductor -3- My nritrend in Canaga - [xeV, 1/2/01 fo a 4, week she was here but she soaaaaad, My Girlfriend In Canada - [Rev. 1/2805] Piano/Conductor ST Te] ___ Slightly Faster * wish you could meet but you cant, be -eause she is miss Hen 1 can't wait to S —— a 124 Piano/Conductor aoe My Girlfriend in Canada - (Rev. 1120/03) 96 J mean, Van - cou - ver! a Shit! Her NAME is Al - ber - ta, she LIVES im Van ~ cou-ver.. She's Bil = fiendt__ My wonder = ful gist friendt__ c ROD: “And I can't wa ) og _10 eat her pussy again! itl - friend who lives Avenue Q 12 Le& Piano/Conductor [Rev. 7/28/03] Music ang Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and "EFF MARX Orchestated by STEPHEN OREMUS NICKY: Mint make Bim snd op PURPOSE” {Marimba} > > ae > iH . \ i 3 eat = afb wpe t S as Teymehake y — y | Ez + 1L06148-802-2003 226 Avenue Q Piano/Conductor [/2s| PRINCETON'S NIGHTMARE CUE: [Meo changes from "PURPOSE" to "PROPOSE”} Creepy and Nightmarish [Haunted Pao/Choir) “os (Gad) © tim ‘hoe: [Ss [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS Benen ‘K2TinibeliP oo] : == +K2Tiem Sis/DmvBVGIr . no pedal {Wanted Pao} | é + f= oii veut “Alto Sx (melody) re £. ie ce : ——: = = =SS5 =e +}wah te (melody) 1 vo 1.n6148.802-2008 wu ve vay val ‘ai veul} Avenue Q [13 | Piano/Conductor THERE'S A FINE, FINE LINE [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Laie by KATE: "Unlss you have another deintion for ‘Get oof re poe ae IPRINCETON exits) = STAT wilee He3 ip Sr Moderate Folk Rock KATE: SS There's & == = 7 a BE Pm — 1ny Piano/Conductor -3- There's A Fine, Fine Line - [Rev. 7/28/03} know ill you reach, worth the up = hill climb, —— a= be = tween love, J29 here's A Hine, Hine Line - [Kev, //28/03] Piano/Conductor 2 meme Be-tween a fairytale “FAC BS (arco) And there's a Be - tween “Youre 13¢ Piano/Conductor - here's A tne, tne Line -[KeV. 1re0tv9y isent sucha And a waste of your. ea 13] Prano/Conductor -o- And 1 dont have the time. 1 dont think — looking for that you neres 9 pine, Pune Lae = [REY. 12000) K2ISte5) simile know what you're Pjano/Conductor ‘There's A Fine, Fine Line - (Rev. 7/28/03] . Be-tween to - ge-ther and not And there's a {4% = [Rev. 128/03] Piano/Conductor ‘and what you 20 ter the things. you want. while youre stl Rit, 134 me Line - [kev. 11291034 Piano/Conductor [PR] Broader Poco rit. fine ine, 1%, Rit. Burret on BLAcKooT Avenue Q (3a Piano/Conductor ENTR' A CTE | 3a| Rey. 7/28/03} Out Lolz cue: ev. 7/281 ROBERT LOPEE tnd Cue light goes of U TEFP MAR} “asar Orctestedby a caste STEPHEN OREMUS- (stew 230)Bright and Cheery; Swing 8ths _ 1 Rage SAX > Fou ee) aes acne en anal 2{Cise] ac es. s992008 er ; 136 Avenue Q l3e Piano/Conductor THE BEARS, YET AGAIN [Rev. 7/28/03} Music and Lyries by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS CUE: PRINCETON: “Cut it out. Who's doing that?” ITHE BEARS Appear) ree ae cue: BEARS: "Well leave the rope, justin ease. Hahaha...” (THEY exit) [THE BEARS disappear} Lost4s. 502-2003 137 Life Quside Your Apgrment =e 2848) ATHERE IS LIFE GOTSIDE Your —— i APARTMENT. a ) 4 Bright 2 Feel BRIAN: *Whon say everson Tat cles YOU!” De VAMP. -¥CUK2{Ctrinet} = rent But there's life = as atc # ? \3e Piano/Conductor -3- ‘Life Outside Your Aputment- (Key. 12802) 2 But you've Piano/Conductor - if Outside Your Apartment - [Rev. 7/2803] ane vane ce got k2tAes) car life oo “TREKKIENICKY: ee ft - side 4 ' veus ALL (EXCEPT PRINCETON): ee ee ewes ener cee K2Pi22 Sus} == Piano/Conductor &] ALL EXCEPT PRINCETON: ptt = eo = = == o a aa life cout ~ side Life Ouside Your Apartment - (Rev. 7/2843) your a pat ment There's a _p_8&bye Big at ; . pow), yt, sine Fpetet = < aw? 2) 8 Ps 7 — a <7 # a 4 ot 1 ee SSS == = 3 So = #3 ' 5 v9 « ven “4 4 the street! Eww! There's a girl _pas- sing by. sp ALLEXCEPT PRINCETON: hhome - less buy some thing to yay Piano/Conductor -6- Life Ouse Your Apartment - Rev. 72803] Aue EXCEPT PRINCETON: Cran moves ee els > TREKKIE: o help you fo the aot Pickup seyvk2{Celeste ee 2 i BRIAN: x0 We could — smno-King pot! ALL EXCEPT ¢F RVECE Fo (Train stop) sy. PRINCETON: out side s fscream) __“E Gunshot? 142 Piano/Conductor Life Quisde Vou Apatiment- Rev. tus) 8 uw 6 (sound of jackhammer) out - side. @&R There is life outside OFFSTAGE: BOYS + JEN: o* 0 Tm gon-na jump ‘ + kay! Life Ouside Your Aganment [Rev 7/2808] OFFSTAGE: "Get outa the way, asshole!” wt Piano/Conductor = ee ee eet eee GIRLS + STEPH: There is cool shit’ «todo, but it cant come to you. Ka d Ato Sax ee 7 eS PRINCETON: "Fuck you!” fae vel jue GIRLS + STEPH 5 a On, YA OYS + GARY: a{Stes) $ Piano/Conductor Life Untsde Your apartment Rey 2849) 120 my, ma make 2 Reng i a somo ke 2 friend! = — K21Stg/Glock] — | 4 ata] GARY/NICKY/TREKKIBERIAN: ny La sR20%yI0} fe Outside Your Aparment- (Rev. 7728051 Piano/Conductor Sf = 3 2 Half Tempo Swing e_WCYe Do you wan-na feel Voi yeu cI a cia can se that you seamen can wake you fe spe-cial__ 1 ee even well can mike ou fel Tanne BOYS+GARY: Spe-cial! ‘Ooh, cob, ooh WOW! +e Tai mo “Alto Sax mp Spe dial! Piano/Conductor oe sre ute Your AparumEa (neW. sav, Double Timet PRINCETON: BOYS+GARY: uy a Where's your pad? Not 00 far! «== We could call, = you a ere) yout! Double Time! > wy = ia PRINCETON: Well be fine! Thank you! “See ya! Hope you don't get gon = or = the - a! i uuey: ‘There is life outside But now it's cout-side_____your But now its There is ces B32 oF Piano/Conductor ie se use vor aparument - nev Ta] Rock where me = ros a om could make you feet cout ~ side. Piano/Conductor -13- aie aie vewr Apanmpent- Rev n2su24 = 3 ne bi 3 e home! a4 Fasr Segue _ Avenue Q Piano/Conductor HA “LIFE OUTSIDE" PLAYOFF [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and Bear 2 Bags Ia TEMPS EFF MARX niu ‘ HEN OREMUS fstiee 230) Bright 2 Feel ea 3 © Drm fi we Cttt CEES }Crerr Po 1 PRINCETON: And now CEAIEN: “GARY: : 1L06148-802-21 148-802-2003 a “Life Outside Plavoft" - (Rev. 7/14/03] Piano/Conductor Rock it! home! ‘TREKKIE: go - ing Ws time. that’s where me gon = na = ment! Piano/Conductor 2st) “Life Outside Playoff” - [Rev. 7/14/03) uw 1 20 home now, that's where ome gon - na ce TEN: Avenue Q Ag Piano/Conductor LUCY'S MUSIC (REPRISE) [Rev. 7/28/03] Orehesirated by STEPHEN. OREMUS Lost4s-02-2003 ps4 Avenue Q Piano/Conductor THE MORE YOU RUV SOMEONE KATE: "Why can' people get along and love cach other, Christmas Eve™™ (sv)Lu 230) (Rev. 7/28/03] Freely; a Ja Judy Garland on CBS ‘Right where you hating most, Kate Monster.” opt Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchesiated by STEPHEN’ OREMUS CURISTMAS EVE: a Rit a @ oe e £ — =p ——— 4 ry some-one, the more you want 10 Cours Voce kir-rem The more you 2k2ICieyCym ~ uv some-one, the more he make you oy ——— = oe 7 7 ~ e sore mp Da — = — —— Loste.2.2003 15S ‘The More You Ruy Someone - (Rev. 7/28/03) 9 Piano/Conductor - ly ‘Though you are tly for muk--ing peace with them and ruv- ing, ‘That's why you a s0 strong you ike to make him A Tempo (More flowing) uy some-one, the more you wish-ing him g ry some-one, the more he make you cla-7y ‘The more you Drums “str the sou a "PRE Gi (v8) uf, alk Poco rit. ATempo 3 Some-time you rook at him and on-ry see fat and wanting Poco rit. Piano/Conductor -3- ‘The More You Ruv Someone - (Rev. 71/0} a Poco rt, [i] ATempo (Slightly Faster) 3 for hitting him on his ead! ats) — oo odd | e i Aaa to Peco A Tempo (Sighty Faster) 3 : ca ‘They rike two bloth-ers. m4, 3 3 ag Molto rit, fone of them goes, oth-er one You in-vit-ing raw | He ar-so bling-ing Piano/Conductor sol-lows The more you riy someone, the more you want to kir-rem. ‘The More You Ruv Someone - [Rev. 7/28/03] enw! soit thee AA —s ¥ = Hand in glove == “ Piano/Conductor A Tempo some-one you are want-ing so to et him, kir- rem, ‘The More You Ruy Someone - (Kev. iol Rit, ue You go. and find him Ka1Ctste) Cause chan - ces good be Sx2ISu85) App. Avse éeave Avenue Q {154 Piano/Conductor F "RUV SOMEONE" PRAYOF Ceieeea bese ABE a JEFF MARX Orchesrated by STEPHEN OREMUS Con Schmaltz (sree 230) en nee KATE: "Dear Princeton. 1 tm SS ,fss3iss..s $e ‘ oat és abit Le See pp greta SE a aa ae {P00} zd | sK2{Stes/Bsteym rot ¥ ave cet i —— © S| 3 = 3 = “otnerwiss1 guess se you ther!" Rit. ee ee eee ea Lote E 1) = oS = 4 fi Tg AcBs ~ = ~ : *.-Nours, Kate Monster Molto rit. ATempo pi sarc ay ye 4 7 ql ao me - oa = = = ee ‘Al a a —— zeal ; r Faceus tio np F A | ez ey _ = == Se = Renee S. - eg oess-802-2003 oe [is] LUCY DESTROYS THE NOTE [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics b ROBERT LOPEZ and IARX, Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS CUE: LUCY: "He doesst need to be messing with some monster." 653 ‘Tempo di “Lucy”; Swing 2 Allo Sax ——= = int _ ££ = = === j 7 | . |rmecPoot . gq Looiss.s02 2008 i ay Avenue Q 16 Piano/Conductor [Rev. 7/1/03] ‘Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX cue: Orchestrated by ‘GARY: "know from living in the dumps, but look on the bright side.” STEPHEN OREMUS a NICKY: “What” a : GARY: (vb throughout) Right now you ae down. _ feel-ing real a when I see. how sad cones 162 Piano/Conductor = Sehadenieude- Rev. 7.03] Dreamgirls Tempo NICKY: “Happy?” oH No-thing 1 can do. Scha = den-frev - de! that Pm not NICKY: “That's not very nice, Gary!” GARY!" pIOd/T sA¥ IT was mice, pur EVERLERDY voEs ATL” Piano/Conductor -4- etiececte Set ev-er clap when a wait = ress falls and —— f 5 hops a ny of plas - ses? Don't oe a a = SS = ya fel all warm and co 4— y4 = 164 Piano/Conductor -5- Sehadeafiende - Rev. 71003] 3s, Borne » watch in! peo - ple out inthe rain? ——. ‘+2Ibye Big Band) NICKY: "Schadenfreude? Whats that, some kinda Nazi word?" GARY: "Yop! e's German for “Happiness al the misfortune of others! 2 s a )6r Schadenfee- Res. 7/1/03) Piano/Conductor -6- NICKY: “Happiness at the misfortune of others That is German” ok ee a ; é a ea = % . “ icy: — ee _—_ : + aS = + — ae : 4 = a ce ace wht ep tls ck__ nt Being on ou (Ss PG = e | pe SESS == = —4 i 3 : — —— oe Poa tory ttt not + ft = z GSS es va + tor when Hold the door"_____ Nott! Scha = den-frew - : ite me a aw by i St St E = —== hi Piano/Conductor ie Schafenfende- [Rev 20705 a eet. Sq rhythmically wih a sre ul yoy] NVC er 1 este = === SS Se Sef ad § — : = = SHANI sTo9- Cot wernt “B'S! et 5 cerry 6. tT. 9's! pot . —— = = a ie & ~ a _ i a ~ - yeh e = — > ° NICKY: cary oa NICKY: , - 2 2 SS (ae === St Se : Wik ~186 pooh =mes FR THER SAPS! WATCH ING TEATS REID MUAAS Feor- enn FLASHERS GETTING THK - LEO! Piano/Conductor -8 Schadenieude - (Rev. 7/103] a f ai Scha = den-freu ice Scha = den-freu- — de!_____ world needs pea-plelike you and me who've been Knocked around... by fate when peo-ple see us they don’t want to be us and that makes them_ feet great SS 2 TrTt TrTT Tt To lee Piano/Conductor oe gener rm tate fn enN Oe a OO ee a RE (etter eS +f SS SS We powies weve wed eeot ton and — 25) pipe RAT = fort: Free a aS = ao = = Be se | ae J Speco Teh pep tee j 4 —} BSS fe = Mak-ing the worll__ abet = ter place SS ps be 2 os dd TTA) ped rmak-ing the world, a bet imak-ing the world abet -- ter place__ Piano/Conductor -10- ‘Schadenfieude - (Rev. 711031 ny, Avenue Q | 164 Piano/Conductor EMPIRE STATE CROSSOVERS {Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ‘cue: {[Spoiligt on KATE] Cue light goes out) Slow and Plaintive acne ft WIE (coed Tor 2 hands) ‘Slutty; Swing ths ums te the soup 1» a L614. 802-2003 Piano/Conductor (in the clear) KATE: "Somehow, I dant feel any better" (Go) Slutty; Swing 8ths Drums tr he soup some more 34 Empire State Crossovers - [Rev. 7/28/03] PRINCETON: "Tihink T heard a compliment in there somewhere" ERATE, quecndtinztandy {Cot on im BATES scream) cuTcee on mars 50 SPECIAL, eos THis PLACET™ a Avenue Q [162 Piano/Conductor PRINCETON AND KATE (Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS It was perfectly articulate. | really do have to go. weet Hold unl eve ae Poco rit. Tigh goes of Pypce E foe , & ae : , P ot TE Pao} | 3 = = Wie. | Ppp Ee fe SSS — = Lao 48.802-2003 )74 Avenue Q [17 | Piano/Conductor I WISH I COULD GO BACK TO COLLEGE [Rev. 7/28/03] Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX Orehesirated by CUE: CHRISTMAS EVE: "Rod you special. Rod you safe." STEPHEN OREMUS Moderato EI sarery KATE: 7“ (ocal lasts) —— SS wish T could po back 0 eal tee. Life was so sim ple back then, £ = ———— SS = go buck and tive, ma dom with a meal plana gain! IIS Piano/Conductor -2 ‘To College - (Rev. 728/03] KATEINICKY: z SS ; Fa Te 1 wish 1 could go back tocol vege — : — ==: = = aS g a oS 7 nf - e ea — i ‘a0 i SS} 1 _ = us 2 — & ——— et SSS = = Ncah- lege you tnow who you we You sit in the qua, and thin 4 a — oo ae — 2 == oe Z oi oe 22058) ————$——=— : = SS TT qe is = ——_» SS : SI tal = ly gon - na go. far _—_— eee =aPPra Pl de i ti : —_| 1 dont know, seg 0055 who Tam a-ny-more!____ PRINCETON: SSS who Lam a-ny-more! How do 1 go__back to col lege? 1 don't know. ou Piano/Conductor =3= Back To College - [Rev. 7/2803] — ———— wan-na go back to my room and find a mes-sage in dry Whos 1 wish 1. could just__ drop a class or get in - to a play, PRINCI x: J TT Seas z 7 . Baye ———_ x 2 =: Se a SSS sor_10 point the way! B ee ee 2 : sort poi. the Back To College - (Rev. 7/28/03] Piano/Conductor 3 sitting in the com-pu - four-A.-M. be-fore a fi- nal sitting inthe Tour-A.-M, be-fore a fi- eal / / : sy sf Ss » pa-per is due, cursing the world cause + ont star soo + ner, and paper is due cor-sing the world eause 1 did = nen and Ato Sx Us of the class. there PRINCETON:, see-ing the rest of the class. Piano/Conductor -5- Back To College - (Rev. 7/28/08] How do 1 go. back to col - wish I could go. hack to col ——— 1 go back t col - Ako Sx it NICKY: st Rit. 2 kenmore pic ,74 Piano/Conductor -6- Back To College - [Rev. 7/28/03] S A Tempo Rit, ss 6 | were to go_—back t0 col think what a lo ser Td be Vd walk 2185} Slower Rall, Colla Voce < kids are so much younger than ah, hese a Sow my won, these kids are so much youn-ger than = through the quad, And think, a ‘, pila Vooe > eee ae [18 | THE MONEY SONG [Rev. 7/28/03] Musi and Lytes by ROBERT LOPEZ and TERE MARX Orchestated by STEPHEN. OREMUS "Maybe you should try helping someone else out fora change. Like me. C'mon, Princeton.” Isr 70) {574% 27°) cous Voce Straight 8th) 1 NICKY: | cass yas that swing 8th. Loses. 802-2003 1%) Piano/Conductor -2- ‘The Money Song - [Rev. 7/28/03] [7] Moderate 2 Feet; Swing 8ths PRINCETON: "I dost have any change.” 8 as 16. give me a quar ~ +K21Xylo} v. .. o PRINCETON: PRINCETON: fy "That's not what I meant.” "Are you kidding?” ue 1 20 give me a dol - Ian, Give me a fivet__ cc Canned )F2 Piano/Conductor -3- Phe Money Song - (Kev. 1/28/03} 2 2 a3 v ‘more you give the more you ge, ‘That's be-ing a + live! Rep Pe saraigh ths, __ oP *+2{Celeste} — Christ would — do, — Why dont ICKY: PRINCTEON: (HE puts money in NICKY's hat) “Thanks.” "Take exe." NICKY: "Whats the matter?” 2 8 ue a H -#k2|Celesteeymbs a Piano/Conductor -4- ‘The Money Song - [Rev. 7/28/03] PRINCETON: "I feel generous.” Go) Straight 8ths +2tTem Sis] xs ee _—_—_—_——_.. = ee oh ag e mF Karis 06 PRINCETON: “Helping other people out makes you fel fantastic." [NICKY: "That's what Iwas trying to tell you. Rit, 3 = 2 a fe 2 ae 2 toms FEBS NICKY: "Mer" PRINCETON: "No, Kate! 1'm going to raise the money to PRINCETON: “All his time ot Fre beer unning atund + and where has 1m gonea do bid th ste Monger choo think sbost me, mer me ie gottenme? something for she's always fakin abou” ab Se |e & NICKY: "What?!" NICKY: "I need ito cat!” PRINCETON: fe a Give me your mon ey. need it for Kate $ $a oF Kairos Ses Piano/Conductor -5- ‘The Money Song - [Rev. 7/2803} 3, NICKY: (aside) "So would a burger!” Come on Nick - y, ve rake you feel great! 21% “ 8 SSS When her dream comes tru, it - ‘Mall be part = ly thanks to you So cE NICKY: "14 tke to, but leant” NICKYs “Td tke to but Ineedit* qi rar oa Z re SSS SS ESS give me your mon ey Give me your mon = ey —— ) SSS 4 1 * Lean‘, I need it 'm homeless, Tean', I noed it, I'm homeless, Tean', Ineed it, Tem homeless—" , rt eo Bie by . Piano/Conductor = ‘The Money Song - [Rev. 7/28/03] NICKY: "OK, Here you go." (pause) Ss SLower Ano Deeamy,. tg _NICKY: ao K2[GioekSigst Ka1Glock) Sap ae no} AtvemPo 20 clos-er 10 God I's time to stop begg - ing W's time to start giv - fi "Something he'll ike so much he'll ake me back...1 know! I'l find him a boyfriend" )re Piano/Conductor This page i intentionally Jeft blank for page turns ‘The Money Song - (Rev. 7/28/03] ‘The Money Song - [Rey. 7/28/03] Piano/Conductor PRINCETON: “That's the pitt!" Slightly Slower; Rock Tempo sal help - ing your-self When you help Alo Sx SS help help - ing your= sel ee GARY: “Hey, boys. What’ the hat for?” "ETON: "I's for Kate. We'e raising money to help build her dream school.” Fast z wy RIXyiE) a rr 2 a Piano/Conductor ca] ‘The Money Song - (Rev. 7/28/03] NICKY: GARY (sung $b): % PRINCETO? Give us your mon - ey Youll be glad that you did, ‘That’ just__ what my K2(XyloAlo Sax FK21Dyn. Big Band) Shi.." so great! And 1 bet it would-n't hurt your chan ces with Kate PRINCETON: “Wel, that too, [ pxivceron: 15 GARY: 6 five you a dot fgen-tle-man and a scho - lar! K2IE Poovey s Saeeeeeree eeeere Seer neEEaES Fiano/Conductor -1u- Ine Money song - kev. 1/28/03] [BRIAN and CHRISTMAS EVE enter] CE "We so happy! We just retur all your wedding gifts for cash! BRIAN: "It came (o almost wo thousand dollars!” CEs "We rich! 10 Tm] Slower GARY doco: 5 Give us your Goddamned mon-e NICKY: Give us your mon-ey! 3 © 3 PRINCETON: Give iis your mon-ey! ev Slower +$K21MarimbayGtr > g 82IStes) [Peo \ 19D Piano/Conductor -i- The Money Song - [Rev. 7/28/03] 1% ——3-—— 2 bass drum 8 [eee ee ‘ y ed o Bl A Tempo 7. rai = sing mon-ey for a school, but we've gota ways__ to got. ri - sing mon-ey for a ‘ve gol a ways. (0 gol, 2[Marimta| i 2 a = A Teneo ra Sounds like you've mo - ney to bam, 's like mo-ney that you a ya) ‘The Money Song - [Rev. 7/28/03] 3X8 Piano/Conductor Ms fans: cue CB "Every lite bit help!” NICKY: "Looks like we're gonna have to ask MORE people!™ (turn out to audience) Ss > VAMP CUR ASI] }42 scert/ae ist — —— x > ass = alent a ALL: Give us your mon ] AIL hat you've got! Just GARY: == = a = or some up = pets will get shot! PRINCETON: ALL: Is time to pass the hat, And there's | no - thing you can do ‘bout that! | MEN: SS SS SESS = # i 193 Piano/Conductor The Money Song Ike. 28103] WOMEN Gwe us your mon = ey Give us your mon =o SSS ——<————= SSS —S—F ~ ae TF * ive us your mon - ey! Give us your mon - ey! = + at a 7 ee ma ia ae 8 oh I = eee 7 33 4 7; 32 3 Driving Rock __crerusnag ruler | Give us your mon = ey! Driving Rock help helping your When you help oth Piano/Conductor -15- Lhe Money Song - Key. 128705) [ae Ey - vy time you SSS —_ [e See 1 ss = =e ee Youre rey helping yourstt_—f— When you give to a | = + SSS SS SS Piano/Conductor -16- ‘The Money Song - {Rev. 7/26/03] 5 (GARY rif) ts, (GARY rif) =a a rom fit Avenue Q Piano/Conductor THE MONEY SONG (REPRISE) (Rev. 7/28/03] CUE: ‘TREKKIE MONSTER: “School...for monsters? [Grunt]" (Prep) {TILL 270) wmf] "Me never hear of that! Slow and Dreamlike [16a Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX eit =e ‘moa - sers! oe g0-ing_ to school, School for lonely it-tle When me little — = = Se = fT. SS 7 a atte. xsi) atetes think me not coo! ling at me Lootss. 802.2003 Piano/Conductor ‘The Money Song (Keprise) - (Kev. 1728/03) - Rall. 20s fur Now me have the - rapist, And work on this with her. But ies =) Vivo Accel. Rall. monst - er school a re = a 2 z = g = z = Eos TM.:"Tgive you tn million dollars.” PRINCETON: "Where did you get all that mone (TRERMIE OR OPS ‘TM. "In volatile market, only stable investment is porn." a mene) (Go, Rock Tempo b > SS be Bs When you help ain | - cant help help -ing_ yourself 198 Piano/Conductor ‘he Money Song (Reprise) - [Rev. 7/28/03) 2 help help- ing your-seft Ev = ty time you 144 riano/Lonauctor -4- tne money gong iceprise)- [xeV. 1128109) 2 Pl a You're al -so. ser ~ ving your own needs, 7 romeo 0 Avenue Q [14 | Piano/Conductor THERE'S A FINE, FINE LINE (REPRISE) [Rev. 7/28/03] LOPEZ. and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by STEPHEN OREMUS PRINCETON: "You said you couldn't make your dreams come true by yourself, so I shot forthe stars.” - PRINCETON: Onn , Rit. + ‘ a ie — = SS = = = 6 = St SS eee You pt = a pe tf = = ep == 3 = . 7 f = 7 # « ete ef a : = — Ser _ ~ Vs. 20} Los Piano/Conductor ine, Fine Line (Kepnse) - (Kev. 1/28/03} Faster while youre sill, in your prime... = flor the things. KATE: A Tempo Ss 7 ea = 1 cone, ee eee ut ou” (ee Avenue Q [9a Piano/Conductor B.A. IN ENGLISH (REPRISE) [Rev. 7728003} ‘Music and Lyries by ROBERT LOPEZ. and JEFF MARX Orchestrated by . STEPHEN OREMUS TILL 272) Slightly Swung ‘po ~ 2 3 es _. Ps ee — = SSS ei - = SSeS == Hitt /Ac Bs | ae EE => = gS Nee 7 St ea f +— j | pspe tee td Lk de at _ z 4 A \ 7 WF f 7 ~ — we Lootss-s02.2003 203 viano/Lonauctor BoA. UN Engin usepise [NEW 1120009) cul GARY: "That's why I'm here!" 2 BS Finger ym NEW KID: “V2 Lise to Thus To tou AGOUT THE APARTHEAT FoR RENT. PRINCETON: “Wait a minute!" Slowh => yor 4 RU P +210 igang] Valu K2(Tee Stgs/GWBeym oll PRINCETON: "...Putit in a show!” * butts noe* 7 Rit, v 7 — — 2 ao oe a 7 SBN comER: “Fuck yo! Ess) FOR NOW PRINCETON: "Why does everything have tobe so han!” (Rev, 72803) Boppy and swung (Slower than OPENING") (cicela 70) Pees rjeamae 1, goer oy, ae as mp SEG Ac Bs —_ PRINCETON: "But then 1 doit know why Tm even alive!” KATE MONSTER: “Who does? as = rn a “Gan : t “ 2 S hy 2 CRAG Ey = ‘ry-one’s_ By = ty-one____ goes round a lit-tle em = ply in - side, K2{Gtock) For now. Piano/ Conductor se * hte, B8IAH, GARY, CEL? 2 FOr Now - pkey. 4.01094 Cs] nicey: ag ROD: ay NICKY: No - thing lasts, Life goes on, Full of a as ' a Youll be faced with pro blems all shapes 2 a RISTMAS EVE: You're going to few com - pro = mi Gu. # ++X21Pexc Ore) 207 For Now - [Rev. 7/28/05] Piano/ Conductor no 7 pS Wee wo ALL: Weiace ten ly for K2{Gtoek) — aa or.cz. GARY (For now), 7 t prowl nly for row n= yor RATE, 6H, BRIAN K2Glock) 20% Piano! Conductor For Now - [Rev. 7/2803] at ConTiave AFTERI we Fovdo . ° ad dete Teue Ot. TAN! RR “ea At | S (aiecasinxy +8. cat x For now were heal ~ thy. now were em - ployed K2{Swings) we o BAD IDEA BEARS: KATE: FA PRINCETON: e o A And well ac = cept the things a—o Piano! Conductor For Now - (Rev. 7/28/03) 7 oe a Katt ae ‘TREKKI creates vom (For now! Tea, STEPH, SeRY, TORR Z LH 3 Pianof Conductor qe FOr NOW - UKeY. 1201494 [Fis page is intentional Jeft blank for page turns all Piano/ Conductor Straight 8ths. n, GIRLS: _ For now there's | LIFE! auys: now LIFE! Straight 8ths > > > For now there's Tote > For now DIS now DIS = COM-FORT On - ly for now! Alto Sax ‘COM. FORT! For Now - [Rev. 7/28/03] For now there's | LOVE On y for now! LOVE! On ly for > > Re A sree /aee s se ‘Swing Sths ZF ele WORK! For now there's | HAP. - NESS! Swing Sths But on - ly for - now there's | FRIEND-SHIP! FRIEND-SHIP On ly for 4 mtd Piano/ Conductor S + ly for | nowt On - ly for Is ofa Stings) é ‘Ato Sax GEORGE Piano/ Conductor HOLNow - [Kev 1128109} \ neem 10 Dont stress, re = Tax, Jet life roll-off your backs Ex- 2S) 1 > no RT! 2 val os z 3 SUNT PULL BACK Rall, on poy - ing tax - es, Ev- ys thing in | life is on = ly for SLIGHT PULL BAC nf Piano/ Conductor -- or Now - [Rev. 129/09) [This page is maentfonally left blank for page turns 2s Piano/ Conductor For Now - [Rev. 7/28/08) Slower NICKY: Kare: 1 Each time you smi - fe, wo ace on = ly for seek, wo PRsceToR 11) PRINCETON: ys ALL3: Life may be K2(Gtock] ale Piano/ Conductor -B- For Now - (Rev. 728/03] ALL EYEE PT PRIPcCTON: us ue us 1, Ba-dum - ba-dah. x 7 =z SRSigs ava Pianof Conductor -14- or Now - [Kev. 1/28/05} Colla Voce PRINCETON: -+k2IStes) Rit; Straight 8ths aye Avenue Q 2) Piano/Conductor BOWS Music and Lyrics b _ A [Rev. 8/4/03] ROBERT LOPEZ, CUE: cout oF F*1,2,3,4 TEFF MARX WHEN COMPANY REACHES Orchestrated by CENTER OF STAGE STEPHEN OREMUS (sree 270) Bright, Swing ths . Alto Sax oma) CEP EE 7D LEP wroy Gwe Pel Gmc Fu Gwe Fug? Gai Eb? : rer 7 re = alo L061 48-802-2003 Piano/Conductor -2- Bows - (Rev. 8/4/03] [5] Ano Sux : 1 | K2GIockSig8] 4 [win sreccH —————— —=- == Seer Piano/Conductor -3- Bows - [Rev. 8/4/03) = Ss or L. SaaS Piano/Conductor -4- Bows - [Rev. 8/4. (=) ssa te oc sul vase (