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John 20:1-18 – The Empty Tomb


V. 1 – Early in the morning, before sunrise.

V. 2 – Mary doesn’t know where Jesus’ body is.

 Characters: Who is “We”?

V. 5, 7 – Only the grave clothes were in the tomb.

V. 11 – 1st time Mary looks into the tomb.

V. 12 – Mary saw 2 angels in the tomb.

V. 15 – Jesus calls Mary, “Woman”

 Jesus asks the same question the angels did.

 And there’s an added question from Jesus: “Whom are you looking for?”

V. 16 – Jesus calls her by name.

 Mary doesn’t recognize Jesus until she hears her name called.

V. 17 – Jesus tells Mary not to hold onto him.


V. 2 – This would be nerve-wracking.

 Imagine you are this person who is deeply grieving the loss of a friend, and how
distraught they’d be to not know where the body is.
John 20:1-18 – The Empty Tomb
V. 5, 7 – Grave robbers wouldn’t have left the grave clothes behind.

V. 12 – The angels only appeared for Mary to see. Why is this?

 Maybe because she didn’t believe in the resurrection like John the disciple did. (V. 8)

V.15 – Are you looking for me? Are you expecting to see me?

 Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the Christ?

 Jesus rose from the grave, and nothing is to be the same. She is not to cling to who she
thought Jesus was before.

V. 16 – It’s in hearing her name called that she sees.

V. 17 – The idea is, don’t cling to Jesus.

 He didn’t yet ascend to the Father.

 When he goes back to the Father, he’s actually taking his humanity back to the trinity.


 Jesus asked Mary, “Why are you crying?” – Are there things that we are despairing of?

 V. 15 – Who are you looking for?

o Do we cling to views of Jesus that are too small?
o What kind of concepts of Jesus do you cling to that may limit your view of Jesus
the Christ?
o How do we treat God too casually?