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BIS CODE : INDIAN STANDARD for Structural Engineering

IS: 800-1984 Code for practice for general construction in

SP6 (1) Handbook for structural steel sections.
SP:6(5)-1980 Hand book for Cold formed, Light Gauge
steel structures.
SP:6(6)-1972 Handbook for application of plastic theory
in design of steel structures.
SP:6(4)-1969 Project & Construction Management for
Large Industrial Projects.
IS: 206 -1992 (4th Rev) Tee & strap hinges - Specification.
IS: 459 -1992 (3rd Rev) Corrugated & non-corrugated asbestos cement
sheets - Specification.
IS: 730 -1978 (2nd Rev) Hook bolts for corrugated sheet roofing -
IS: 801 -1975 (1st Rev) Code of Practice for use of cold - formed light
gauge steel structural members in general
building construction.
IS: 802 -1977 (2nd Rev) Code of Practice for use of structural steel in
(Part-1) overhead transmission line towers -
Loads and permissible stresses.

IS: 804 -1967 (1st Rev) Rectangular pressed steel tanks -

IS: 806 -1968 (1st Rev) Code of Practice for use of steel tubes in
general building construction.
IS: 808 -1989 (3rd Rev) Dimension for hot rolled steel beam, channel
and angle sections.
IS: 811 -1987 (2nd Rev) Cold formed light gauge structural steel
section - Specification.
IS:813 -1986 (1st Rev) Scheme of symbols for welding.
IS: 814 -1991 (5th Rev) Specification for covered electrodes for
manual metal arc welding of carbon &
carbon manganese steel.
IS: 822 -1970 Code of procedure for inspection of welds.
IS: 875 -1987(2nd Rev) Code of Practice for design loads for
(Part 1) buildings & structures.
Dead loads
(Part 2)
Imposed loads.
(Part 3) Wind loads.
(Part 4) Snow loads.
Special loads & load combinations.
(Part 5)

IS:1024 -1979 (1st Rev) Code of Practice for use of welding in bridges
and structures subjected to dynamic loading.

IS:1038 -1983 (3rd Rev) Specification for steel doors, windows &
IS:1081 -1960 Code of Practice for fixing & glazing of
metal doors, windows and ventilators.
IS:1148 -1982 (3rd Rev) Specification for hot rolled steel rivet bars
(Up to 40 mm diameter).
IS:1161 -1979 (3rd Rev) Specification for steel tubes for structural
IS:1182 -1983 (2nd Rev) Recommended practice for radiographic
examination of fusion welded butt joints in
steel plates.
IS:1254 -1991 (3rd Rev) Specification - Corrugated aluminium sheet.

IS:1323 -1982 (2nd Rev) Code of Practice for oxyacetylene welding

for structural work in in mild steel.

IS:1361 -1978 (1st Rev) Specification for steel windows for industrial
IS:1363 -1992 (3rd Rev) Hexagon head bolts, screw and nuts of
(Parts 2 & 3) product grade C-Screw (M5 to M64)

IS:1364 -1992 (3rd Rev) Hexagon head bolts, screws and nuts of
(Part 4) product grade A and B - Thin nuts (M1.6 to
IS:1395 -1982(3rd Rev) Specification for low & medium alloy steel
covered electrode for metal arc welding.
IS:1477 -1971(1st Rev) Code of Practice for painting offerrous metal
in buildings.

(Part 1) Pretreatment

(Part 2) Painting

. IS:2062 -1992 (4th Rev) Specification for steel for general structural
IS:3443 -1980(1st Rev) Specification for crane rail section
IS:3548 -1988(1st Rev) Code of Practice for glazing in buildings.
IS:3600 Method of testing fusion welded joints and
Part 1 -1985 weld metal in steel.
Part 3 -1984
Part 4 -1984
Part 5 -1983
Part 6 -1983
Part 7 -1985
Part 8 -1985

IS:3757 -1985(2nd Rev) Specification for high strength structural

IS:3964 -1980(1st Rev) Specification for light rails.
IS:4000 -1992 (1st Rev) High strength bolts in steel structures.

IS:4049 -1988 (2nd Rev) Specification for formed ends for tanks and
(Part 1) pressure vessels.
IS:4260 -1986(2nd Rev) Recommended practice for ultrasonic testing
of butt welds in ferritic steel.
IS:4351 -1976(1st Rev) Specification for steel door frames.
IS:5504 -1969 Specification for spiral welded pipes.
IS:5872 -1990(2nd Rev) Specification for cold rolled steel
IS:6533 -1989(1st Rev) Code of Practice for design and construction
(Part 1) of steel chimney.
Mechanical aspect
(Part 2)
Structural aspect
IS:6623 -1985(1st Rev) Specification for high strength structural
IS:6649 -1985(1st Rev) Specification for hardened and tempered
washers for high strength structural bolts and
IS:7205 -1974 Safety code for erection of structural
. IS:7215 -1974 Tolerances for fabrication of steel structures.

IS:8500 -1991(1st Rev) Specification for micro-alloyed structural


IS:8629 -1977 Part (1 & 3) Code of Practice for protection of iron and
steel structures from atmospheric corrosion.
IS:9172 -1979 Recommended design practice for corrosion
prevention of steel structures.

IS:9178 -1979 Criteria for design of steel bins for storage

(Part 1) of bulk materials.
General requirements & assessment of loads.
(Part 2)
Design criteria.

IS:9417 -1989 (1st rev) Welding of cold rolled steel bars for
reinforcement concrete construction.

IS:12040-1987 Guidelines for development of vendor rating

IS:12843-1989 Tolerances for erection of steel structures.