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Here's your chance to represent E-CELL JECRC University in
your campus and embark on a leadership journey like none
other! Entrepreneurship Cell, JECRC University (E-Cell JU) is
a non-profit student’s organisation dedicated to promoting
the spirit of entrepreneurship among students throughout

Rewards and Incentives: 

a) Participation of 15 students and you will get 1 events pass

free in E-SUMMIT.
b) Participation of 25 students and you will get 2 events pass
Plot No. IS-2036 to 2039, free in E-SUMMIT and an E-CELL T-shirt.
Sitapura Industrial Area Extn, c) Participation of 30 students and you will get all events pass
Ramchandrapura, Near free in E-SUMMIT and exclusive E-SUMMIT goodies 2018.
Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, d) You will always be updated on recent trends of
Vidhani, Jaipur, Rajasthan entrepreneurship and business, disrupting technologies from
303905 JECRC University implemented start-ups.

Learning opportunities: Helps you to improve your

communication and management skills.
Rishabh Karnawat : 
+91 95303 84461
Skill(s) required: Social media marketing

E - MAIL Perks:
ju.ecell@jecrcu.edu.in a) Certificate of appreciation will be provided on successful     
completion of complete term.
b) Meet college students from other programs
c) Promote the College and your program
d) Great resume builder
e) A great leadership opportunity

Note: The contributions by the CR’s of all respective colleges

is not just limited to our E-SUMMIT we will remain in touch
with you throughout the year. Just to give you a reference, in
our previous editions  we worked with a team of  50 amazing
student partners, and it's only going to get bigger this time!
So apply now!