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Text for questions number 1 – 4
Earthquake often happens around us. It brings great damages. Earthquake is hard to be predicted and that
makes lot victims. Actually there are three kinds of earthquake. These kinds of earthquake are commonly based
on the factor and geological area where the earthquakes happen. These three kinds of earthquake are tectonic,
volcanic and explosion.
A tectonic earthquake is the most common one. This kind of earthquake happens while earth's crust rocks break
because of the geological strength created by moving of the earth's plates.
Volcanic earthquakes happen exactly with volcanic activity. Volcanic earthquakes are when the volcano
produces acidic lava, which dries quickly; when it dries quickly it blocks the top of the volcano. This make no
more magma can escape. Pressure starts to build up and eventually the acidic lava can no longer stand the
pressure. So the volcano is free to explode, the pressure is released so fast that an earthquake is caused. A
volcanic earthquake is usually kept within 10-20 miles of the volcano.
Explosion earthquakes are the result of the collapse earthquakes that are small earthquakes occurring in
underground mines and caverns.
1. What is the topic of the text?
A. The Earthquake
B. The cause of earthquake
C. The kind of earthquake
D. The impact of earthquake

2. Pressure starts to build up and eventually the acidic lava can no longer stand the pressure. The underlined word
has similar meaning with…
A. Generally C. Commonly
B. Finally D. Suddenly

3. The main idea of the 2nd paragraph is…

A. The definition of tectonic earthquake
B. The cause of earthquake
C. The description of three kinds of earthquake
D. The impact of three kinds of earthquake
4. What is the worst about earthquake?
A. It makes the word change
B. A lot of victims and damages
C. Make the rocks break into pieces
D. It damages useless properties
5. On the train – on my way home – I – my – grandmother’s – was – from – place
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A. 3 – 6 – 2 – 1 – 7 – 4 – 5 – 8 C. 3 – 6 – 1 – 2 – 7 – 4 – 5 – 8
B. 4 – 5 – 6 – 1 – 7 – 3 – 2 – 8 D. 4 – 5 – 6 – 1 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 8


Text for questions number 6 – 8

Withdrawing cash with an ATM Card
Steps :
1. Read the directions
2. Put your card into the slot
3. Punch in your personal identification number (PIN)
4. When the choices appear, select “withdrawal from checking.”
5. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
6. When your money appears, remove it
7. When the machine asks if you are finished, press “yes.”
8. Take out the receipt.
9. Take your card.
6. “When your money appears, remove it”
The word “it” here refers to ….
A. The machine we use to withdraw money
B. The amount of money we withdraw from ATM
C. The receipt we get from the machine
D. The card we get after we insert into the slot.
7. What is the goal of the text above?
A. How to save money with ATM
B. How to operate an ATM
C. How to withdraw money with ATM card
D. How to use the ATM card

8. “Take your card.” From this sentence, we know the card will ….
A. Come out automatically C. Fall down from the machine
B. Pop out after long time D. Be in the machine all time

Text for questions number 9 – 11

Dear Macnroe,

Congratulation on your success as the best contestant in the International Robotic Contest 2013 in Canada.

Do the best son and hope you can create another!

We are proud of you

Jack and John Smith

9. What has Macnroe achieved according to the text?

A. He is going to register in the international Robotic Contest 2013
B. He is the second best contestant in the International Robotic Contest 2013
C. He wins the International Robotic Contest In Canada
D. He goes to Canada to get his Master in Robotic

10. “…as the best contestant…”. What does the similar meaning of the word contestant?
A. Committee
B. Captain
C. Participant
D. Member

11. What do the sender wish to Macnroe?

A. Macnroe’s prizes
B. Macnroe’s Robot
C. Macnroe’s creativity
D. Macnroe’s activity

Text for questions number 12 – 13

JT 768 Balikpapan 16 : 10 A7
JT 696 Kupang 16 : 30 A2
JT 24 Denpasar 16 : 45 A1
JT 782 Palu 16 : 45 A4
JT 554 Yogyakarta 17 :00 A6
JT 716 Pontianak 17 : 30 A3
JT 586 Surabaya 17 : 30 A5
JT 26 Denpasar 17 : 50 A7
JT 770 Manado 18 : 00 A5
JT 564 Yogyakarta 18 : 00 A7
JT 784 Makassar 18 : 15 A1
JT 720 Palu 18 : 15 A6
JT 762 Balikpapan 18 : 45 A4
JT 16 Sorong 18 : 45 A3
Thursday, May 12 2013, 16:10
12. What is the table about?
A. The number of passengers
B. The destinations of certain airways
C. The schedule in boarding terminal 1A
D. The flight schedule of some Indonesian airways
13. Suppose you want to fly to Palu at 16:45. Which gate should you be on?
A. Gate A2 C. Gate A5
B. Gate A4 D. Gate A6

Text for questions number 14

To all students of SMP 1 Sungai Selan, start from 1 January 2013
every Saturday you must wear sport clothes. The students who
ignore this announcement will be given a punishment.

14. What is the topic of the announcement above?

A. Sport clothes of SMP 1 Sungai Selan.
B. A new regulation for students.
C. Students’ ignorance.
D. Students’ Punishment.

Text for questions number 15 – 17

How to Operate the Digital Camera
Steps :
First, hold up the camera and center the object in the LCD, second , move closer or use the zoom control for the
result you want, when you are ready to take the picture, hold the shutter speed, and various other calculations.
This may take a few seconds. Then, a light should appear that let you know the camera is set to go. After that,
press shutter all the way down. It may be necessary to turn off the LCD and use the view finder when there is
more extreme sunlight or to conserve battery life. The glare from the LCD does not work properly with more
bright light. Best usage is the best result.
15. When should we hold the shutter speed?
A. When the light is on
B. When the is set to go
C. When the object is ready to shoot
D. When we are ready to take the picture

16. The followings are true about the text, except…

A. Camera and the object are the main material we need
B. The glare from the LCD doesn’t work properly with more bright light
C. Choose the expensive camera to get the best result
D. The extreme sunlight will converse the battery life

17. …. It may be necessary to turn off the LCD and use the view. The underlined word has similar meaning with…
A. Change C. Important
B. Turn D. Take

Text for questions number 18 – 21

Last summer I went to India with my family. We spent 10 days travelling around Rajasthan and I will never
forget it. We saw lots of things like the Taj Mahal and we went to a tiger reserve. Our guide was called Krishna
and he was really really nice especially when I didn’t always understand things he would explain it to me and
answer all my stupid questions. Also when I got ill with a fever he was really kind and gave me medicine (and
got a priest to give me a blessing in a Hindu temple we visited) and I got well again very quickly.
There were lots of amazing parts of the holiday. One was when we got to ride on elephants in Jaipur. My sister
and I rode an elephant called Lucky. It was really fun and I also liked riding on a camel. We were in a camel
cart but Krishna talked to the camel’s owner and we were allowed to ride on them, which was really cool. I also
really liked the Taj Mahal because it was even prettier than I imagined. My sister lost her shoes but the people
in India are really kind and so we found them again. The weather was really hot which was nice because
Krishna gave us lots of time to spend in the pool and relax in-between going to see all the amazing sites.
This was the best holiday that I have ever been on; I will miss the other people in our group and our guide a lot.
I wish I could come back another year.

18. What does the text tell you about?

A. Riding elephants.
B. Visiting India.
C. Summer holiday in India.
D. Travelling with the group.
19. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. The riding of elephant was really fun.
B. The holiday activities were remarkable.
C. The riding of camel was cool.
D. The writer’s sister’s shoes were lost.

20. “… because it was even prettier …” the word it refers to…

A. Jaipur
B. Rajasthan
C. Lucky
D. Taj Mahal

21. How is the writer?

A. Talkative
B. Quiet
C. Irritated
D. Introverted

Text for questions number 22 – 23


The Community of SMP BOLANG, a Public School

You are invited to Presentation Day 2013
Venue : School Hall
Time : Sunday, February 23rd, 2013, 10.00 a.m.
We look forward to sharing this celebration of achievement with our school community.

Drs.JONO, M.Pd

22. What event will take place at SMP BOLANG, a Public School?
A. The community gathering
B. The community celebration
C. The presentation Day 2013
D. The school Achievement

23. From the text, we know that ...

A. The presentation day just for students’ parents
B. The presentation will be held late in the afternoon
C. The headmaster allows outsiders to enter the school hall on 23rd February 2013
D. Parents, teachers, students and the staff are likely to attend the presentation day

Text for questions number 24 – 26

Annual sale

This week only

SAVE 25%
Men’s and Women’s clothing: Shoes, coats and sweaters, swimwear, jeans.
Jewelry: watches, rings, earrings, necklaces

SAVE 40%
Furniture: leather sofas, dining tables and chairs, bookcases
Luggage: bags and briefcase

24. Who is the writer of the advertisement?

A. Cassanova’s customer C. Cassanova’s readers
B. Cassanova’s owner D. Casanova’s workers
25. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To inform people about things sold in Cassanova
B. To persuade people to buy things in Cassanova
C. To guide people to go to Cassanova
D. To ask people things in Cassanova

26. How long is the sale?

A. A year C. A week
B. A day D. A month

Text for question number 27

The management does not accept the responsibilty for property left in the dining room
27. The notice means...
A. You cannot bring your luggage into the dining room.
B. You must look after your things yourself.
C. You should give your things to the manager.
D. You should lock things in your suitcase

The following notice is for questions number 28


28. What does the notice mean?

A. The lavatory is being cleaned by the crew
B. The lavatory is being used by another passenger
C. The lavatory is being renovated by the technician
D. The lavatory is being locked by a passenger

Text for questions number 29 – 31

A fawn met a little tiger and said,”What fine stripes you have!”
The little tiger said,”What fine spots you have!” Then the fawn said,”It would be a nice thing if you and I were
to live together as friends. We might then roam through the woods as we like, and be so happy.”
“I think so,” said the tiger
The two joined hands, and went out for a long walk. It was breakfast time. Then fawn saw some fine grass in the
lawn, and said to himself,” one should first see his friend fed and then feed.”
So he turned to the tiger and said,” Will you have some of this fine grass for your breakfast?”
The tiger put his nose to the grass, but could not bring himself to feed upon it, because it againts his nature,so
he replied,”I am sorry, I can not eat it.”
Then the fawn said,” Allow me to go home for one moment and ask mom for something that would suit you for
So the fawn went home and told the hind of the happy friendship he had formed, and of all that had happened
The hind replied,”Child, how lucky it is that you have come away. You must know the tiger is the most deadly
enemy we have in the woods.”
At these words the fawn drew near to his dam and trembled.
The hind said,”it is indeed lucky to get away from the wicked at the first hint.”

29. Which of the following statements is true according to the text?

A. The tiger hadn’t fine stripes
B. The fawn and tiger had a happy journey before
C. The fawn didn’t think that the tiger was wicked
D. The tiger and fawn fed upon grass in a lawn

30. ”.....but couldn’t bring himself to feed upon it....”.The word it refers to....
A. The fawn C. The nose
B. The grass D. The tiger

31. ”....tiger is the most deadly enemy...”What is the opposite word of deadly?
A. Harmless
B. Dangerous
C. Ferocious
D. Pet
Text for questions number 32 – 34
Julia Johnson is different from the other students in Rosewood who come from rich families. She studies there
only because she has a scholarship. She lives with her mother and her cat in a small shabby apartment.
They have to work very hard to be able to pay rent of their apartment; otherwise they might end up homeless.
Carina is the princess of Vineland, a country in Europe. During her first visit to the US, she really want to meet
her on-line rock star crush, Rabbit.
When Carina visit Rosewood, both Carina and Julia find a solution to their problems. They plan to change
places for one day.
But when it’s time to get back to Vineland, Carina doesn’t show up. So Julia has to go to Vineland. Julia is
caught in a tight spot.

32. How do Julia Johnson and her mother’s life?

A. They live in bad condition
B. They are homeless
C. They are rich
D. They are happy family

33. She studies there only because she has a scholarship. The underlined word means….
A. Prize C. Free cost to study
B. Benefit D. A loser

34. What is the main idea of the first paragraph in text above?
A. The experience of Julia Johnson
B. The friendship of Julia Johnson and Carina
C. The life of Julia Johnson
D. The scholarship of Julia Johnson

Text for questions number 35 – 37

Long time ago on the island of Simbau, in Sulawesi Sea, there lived a king and his beautiful daughter. The
princess was not only beautiful, but she was also wise and kind.
Many princes wanted to marry the king’s daughter and this made the king confused. He then announced a
contest: whoever presented the princess with the most valuable gift would marry her.
Takatuliang, a poor woodcarver, wanted to join the contest but he was so poor that he had nothing to present.
Then he went far into the forest. There he chose the best tree and carved it into a doll. Next, he took a piece of
old cloth and sewed it into a dress for a doll. After that he cut his own hair and glued it into the doll’s head.
On the day of the contest, all the princes gathered before the king and the princess. One by one they presented
their gifts : diamond,silk,gold jewelry. Then Takatuliang’s turn come.
“What do you have?”asked the princess
“I bring only a doll,”said Takatuling softly.
“How many doll like this do you have?” asked the princess.
“Only this one. I carved it myself and decorated it with my own hair and my father’s old cloth. He died and this
is the only thing he left me with.” Answered Takatuliang.
The princess was very touched to hear Takatuliang’s story. She decided to marry Takatuliang because he had
presented her everything he had. Together, Takatuliang and the princess lived happily ever after.

35. How was the princess?

A. She was a greedy princess
B. She was beautiful and arrogant
C. She was a beautiful wise princess
D. She was a tricky princess

36. The correct statement is…

A. The story is sad ending
B. The doll is made of bronze and beautiful prince hair
C. The princess decided to marry Takatuliang because of his talent in making doll
D. Takatuliang’s father had passed away before the doll made

37. He died and this is the only thing he left me with. The underlined word refers to…
A. The doll C. The hair
B. The father’s cloth D. The wood
Text for questions number 38 – 40
45 King Road
Australia, 2013
Dear Mr.Deni
Thank you for your second letter. It is very interesting to read about the farming tools used by the farmers in
your village.
Now I would like to tell you about the tools that the farmers in my area use. Most farmers here use tractors till
and loosen the soil. They help us to do the tilling work quickly. To make holes in the ground we also use a
machine called a seed drill. It is also used to drop seeds into the holes and their fertilizer. For large rice fields
we plant seeds by air plane. We also use the air plane to spray the chemicals on to the rice fields. When
harvesting time comes we use a combine. It can cut the rice and separate the rice kernels from the stalks. This
machine can harvest more grain than 200 people working by hand.
Well, Mr.Deni, that is all for now. I’m looking forward to receiving your other letters.

Your sincerely,

Willy Chou

38. The letter tells us about the …used by Australian farmers.

A. Tractors
B. Fertilizer
C. Chemicals
D. Farming Tools

39. It can cut the rice and separate the rice… (Paragraph 2). The word it refers to…
A. Airplane
B. A Combine
C. Tractor
D. Seed drill

40. Which of these farming tools is not mentioned as a tool used by farmers in Australia?
A. Seed drill
B. Combine
C. Tractor
D. Hoes

Text for questions number 41 – 42

Dear Indri,
Remember we’ve had an appointment to go to the swimming pool after school. I’ll be waiting for you at
home. After having lunch and taking nap, prepare yourself to go. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. We
will go there by bicycle.

41. What should they do before going to the swimming pool?

A. Make an appointment and prepare everything
B. Having lunch and bring a swimsuit
C. Take a nap and ride a bicycle
D. Have lunch and take a nap

42. When will they go to the swimming pool?

A. In the morning
B. In the afternoon
C. In the evening
D. At night

Text for questions number 43 – 46

My aunt is a famous designer. She is very pretty, fashoionable and hardworking. Everyone knows ... (43) so
much because of her design. Her product label is ‘Evita’. Lots of famous artists always come to her ... (44) to
buy her new design. She .... (45) her customers kindly and friendly.
Although she is very busy, she always gives personal attention to her children ....(46).
A. her
B. him
C. us
D. it

A. boutique
B. store
C. shop
D. market

A. gives
B. serves
C. persuades
D. takes

A. deeply
B. easily
C. badly
D. angrily

Text for questions number 47 – 50

On Friday morning, 27th March 2009 the Situ Gintung dam which is located in Cireundeu southern part of
Tangerang burst. It happened early in the morning at about 4:30 when people in the nearby area were still
sleeping without option to flee.
The incident happened because of heavy rains. The dam could not hold back the water and collapsed. A big
water full of rocks and pieces of wood destroyed small poorly built houses. It also swept away cars and broke
telephone lines. The flood water reaches the height of up to four metres.
Hundred of houses were totally damaged and a lot of property lost. More than 100 people died and many more
still lost.The total lost could reach billions even trillions of rupiahs because of the disaster.
It was really horrifying disaster in early 2009. It made a lot of people lost their husbands,wives,sons, daughters,
relatives and properties. It was unforgottable disaster happening close to the country’s capital city of Jakarta.

47. What is the text mostly about?

A. Flood in Jakarta
B. The bursting of the Situ Gintung dam
C. The victims of the flood disaster
D. Heavy rain in Situ Gintung
48. ” A big water full of rocks and pieces of wood destroyed small poorly built houses”.(paragraph 2). The
underlined word means...
A. Broke into pieces C. Got in gradually
B. Entered slowly D. Cut into pieces

49. Why did the Situ Gintung dam burst?Because.....

A. It contains a lot of water
B. The flood water reached a height of up to four metres
C. It couldn’t hold back the water from the heavy rains
D. It is located in a dangerous area

50. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?

A. The total lost of the disaster was trillions of rupiah
B. The location of the disaster was in Situ Gintung, Jakarta
C. The number of victims in the disaster was more than 100
D. The cause of the disaster was inability of the dam to hold water