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Spell Name ARC Dam Pen Range Action Res Upkeep AoE Type Effect

Aerial Coordination

Target character takes d3 damage each round ignoring

Affliction 5 - - 16 ½ WP 3 - Hex
armor and toughness unless he pass a Willpower test.

This spell generates Soul Tokens from living enemies
Annihilation 7 1d10+2 0 20 ½ WP - 3mR Hex
killed by the spell.
Arcane Blast
Arcane Bolt 3 1d10+3 0 20 ½ Y - - Arcane Magical bolts of energy streak toward the target.
Arcane Bonds
Arcane Static
Arcane Strike 1 1d10+1 0 16 ½ Dodge - - Arcane An arcane force blasts toward the target.
A steamjack damaged by this attack becomes stationary
Arcantrik Bolt 3 1d10+4 0 20 ½ Dodge - - Arcane
for one round.
Characters without Immunity Fire suffer –20 on attack
Ashen Cloud 3 - - 10 ½ N 1 3mR Fire
rolls while within the AOE
Ashen Veil
If target is hit, Chains to d6 targets within 5m dealing
Ashes to Ashes 7 2d10+2 0 16 ½ Agility - Chain Fire
1d10+2 damage.
All frendly characters gain 1 Armor. +1 Armor pr ARC
Aura of Protection 3 - - Self ½ - 2 10mR Arcane
beyond 3 you spend. MAX 4 Armor in total.
Awakened Spirit
All characters get 360 vision, can be disoritation for
Awareness 5 - - Self ½ - 2 5mR Arcane
prolonged use.
Ayisla's Rebuke
Bad Blood
Enemy upkeep spells on the targeted friendly character
Banishing Ward 3 - - 6 ½ WP - - Arcane expire. The affected character cannot be targeted by
enemy spells or animi.
If frendly character is hit by melee, deal 1d10+1 Fire
Barrier of Flames 5 - - Self ½ - 3 5mR Fire
dam to attacker that auto-hits.
Frendly characters gets +20 or re-role to resist beeing
Batten Down the Hatches 5 - - Self ½ - 3 10mR Arcane
knocked down. Can not be moved by magic.
When a character is hit by Battering Ram, he can be
Battering Ram 3 1d10+4 0 6 ½ Agility - - Arcane pushed 1d6m directly away from the spell’s point of
Battle Charged
Battle Frost
Battle Rage
Beyond Death
Mechanika devices in the possession of enemy
characters in the spellcaster’s control area immediately
deactivate. If an enemy enters the spellcaster’s control
area, mechanika devices in his
Black Out 7 - - Self ½ WP - 5mR Arcane possession immediately deactivate. While in the
spellcaster’s control area, enemy characters cannot
activate mechanika devices. Black Out has no effect on
steamjacks or mechanika armor. Black Out lasts for one
Blade of Radiance 3 1d10+2 0 20 ½ Agility - - Holy Infernal and Undead suffer 2d10+2 dam
Blaze of Glory
Blazing Effigy 7 2d10+6 0 Self ½ Agility - 2mR Fire

When this spell damage an living character the caster

Bleed 3 1d10+2 0 16m ½ Toughness 1 - Hex regains d3 hit points. This do not remove critical effects
that character have recived but can stop bleeding.
+20 to resis poison, disease & infection. Immediatly
Blessing of Health 1 - - 12 ½ - 1 - Holy
make new save to resist if suffering when hit by spell
Blessing of Morrow 5 - - Self ½ - 3 10mR Holy Frendly Characters ignore 1 critical effect on them.
Blessing of the Devourer
Frendly characters weapons count as Blessed (Ignore
Blessings of War 3 - - 12 ½ - 1 10mR Holy
Magical Armor Auras)
Blight Blast
Blight Bringer
Blight Field
Blight Storm
Blight Strike
Blind Spot
Blizzard 1 - - 12 ½ - 1 3mR Cold Blocks vision, blind fighting inside Blizzard.
Blood Feast
Blood Magic: Accurate
Blood Magic: Black Poison
Blood Magic: Bleeder
Blood Magic: Blood Burst
Blood Magic: Brain
Blood Magic: Brutal Strike
Blood Magic: Dispel
Blood Magic: Grievous
Blood Magic: Heart
Blood Magic: Hobbler
Blood Magic: Invigoration
Blood Magic: Weakness
Blood Mark
Blood Rain
Blow the Man Down
If this spells kills a target the caster may make the killed
Bone Shaker 3 1d10+4 0 16 ½ - - - Hex character make one melee attack agens an adjected
character using the casters WP to hit.
Bounder 1 - - 12 ½ - 1 - Arcane Target character can jump 2x Agility Bonus.
Target character can charge through enemies &
Boundless Charge 3 - - 12 ½ - - - Arcane
barricades. Not solid walls exc.
Brittle Frost 5 - - 16 ½ WP 2 - Cold Reduce enemy Toughness by ½ when calculating dam
The spellcaster and steamjacks under the spellcaster’s
control currently in his control area can immediately
Broadside 5 - - Self ½ - - 5mR Arcane
make one normal ranged attack. Broadside can be cast
only once per turn.
Bullet Dodger
Celerity 3 - - 5m ½ - - - Arcane Target gain an aditional ½ non combat-action.
If target is hit, Chains to d6 targets within 5m dealing
Chain Lightning 5 1d10+2 0 20m ½ Agility - 3m Lightning
1d10+2 damage.

Chasten 3 1d10+4 0 20m ½ WP 1 - Arcane Target loses all upkeep spells unless they pass a WP test.

Chiller 3 - - Self ½ Toughness 1 2mR Cold Enemy suffers -20 to Agility tests unless Immunity cold
Critical hit = Fire Continuous 1d10+2, ½ action and a
Cleansing Fire 5 2d10+6 0 16m ½ Agility - - Fire
Agility test to put the fire out.
Target character gets Terror 6 (WP + 1d100 vs 60 or run
Cloak of Fear 3 - - Self ½ - 2 - Hex
from the character, this can provoke AoP)
Cloak of the Predator
Cold Blooded
If you kill Enemy with Convection, gain 1d3 ARC next
Convection 3 1d10+4 0 20m ½ WP - - Arcane
round. Must be used next round or be lost.
Crevasse 5 1d10+4 0 16m ½ WP - - Arcane If enemy is killed, 1d10+4 dam AoE 3m, can continue.
Frendly characters get your unused ARC as bonus dam
Crusader's Call 5 - - Self ½ - 2 10mR Arcane to there first attack if they charge this turnLasts for 1
Curse of Shadows
If a character dies and is within 20m range og the caster
Dark Fire 3 1d10+4 0 20m ½ Agility - - Hex and have been damaged by Dark Fire once or more, the
caster my claim a soul token.
Dark Guidance
Dark Persuader
Dark Water
Daylight 5 - - Self ½ WP - 5mR Holy Infernal & Undead suffer -2 TB and -20 to Agility tests

Any character within the spells AoE is shrouded in Dark

Mist. This spell blocks LoS and is not affected by spells
Death Field 7 - - Self ½ WP 4 5mR Hex that neglate LoS spells like "cloud" and "Mists" fx Living
enemies within the field takes 1d10+2 dam ignoring
armor each round unless they pass a WP test.

Death Pact
Deathly Slumber
Reduce all ballistic range damage in area by 4, Reduce
Deceleration 5 - - Self ½ - - 5mR Arcane
damage by +1 (max 8 in total) pr ARC used
Enemy characters suffer 1d10+4 dam, characters
Deep Freeze 5 - - Self ½ Toughness - 2mR Cold damaged by the spell cannot run, charge or make
special attacks for 1 round.
The caster gains +30 to deception roll and may re-role
Devil's Tongue 3 - - Self ½ WP 3 - Hex
his roll unless enemy pass a WP test.
Dirge of Mists
Dissolution Bolt
Dog Pile
Caster WP vs Enemy WP. Only works on Undeads. If the
caster beats the enemy he may controle the enemy this
Dominate Undead 5 - - 20m ½ WP 3 - Hex
round. A new test is rolled next round if the spell is
sustaned or the caster takes damage.
Draconic Blessing
Dragon's Blood
All characters make Agility test or be knocked down.
Earthquake 5 - - Self ½ Agility - 10mR Arcane
-10 to Agility test pr ARC
Casters gains Cover (2), takes ½ dam from blast. Expires
Earth's Cradle 1 - - Self ½ - 1 - Arcane
if character moves or is in melee combat.
Characters starting or ending there turn in AoE suffers
Earthsplitter 7 2d10+6 0 10m ½ Agility - 3mR Fire
2d10+6 Fire damage.
Steamjacks damaged by Electrical Blast suffer
Electrical Blast 5 1d10+5 0 16m ½ Toughness - 3mR Lightning
Electrical Charge
If target is hit in melee the attacker is pushed d3 meters
Electrify 3 - - 12m ½ Strength - - Lightning away from the target unless he pass str test. He suffers
1d10+5 lightning damage if he fail.
Elemental Protection
Eliminator 5 1d10+5 0 16m ½ WP - 3mR Arcane For every enemy killed by spell catser can move 2m
Target gets -1 movement pr ARC used. If targets
movement is reduces to 0 he is tied in arcane vines. He
Entangle 1 - - 10m ½ Strength 1 - Arcane
can only make ½ actions and suffers -20 to hit. Unless
he pass a strength test.
Enthrall Spirit
Living characters can not regain health and lose
Entropic Force 5 - - Self ½ WP 3 10mR Hex Unatural toughness & Regeneration while in the spells
Eruption of Life
Eruption of Spines
Essence Blast
Eye of Menoth
You can pass a preception test and see through magic
Eyes of Truth 3 - - Self ½ - 1 - Arcane
created illusions.
Jack ignores one Crippled system or one disruption
Fail Safe 5 - - 12m ½ - 1 - Arcane
effect as long as Fail Safe is in effect.
Fair Winds 1 - - Self ½ - 1 - Arcane Caster gets +1 movement, +1 movement pr 3 ARC
Feast of Worms
Fire for Effect
Caster & jacks under his controle gets Tearing with
Fire Group 3 - - Self ½ - 1 10mR Arcane attacks until end of next turn. (only one round of
combat will be boosted. After attacks spell ends)

The spellcaster starts a small fire within the range of the

spell and in line of sight. This spell can be used to target
Fire Starter 1 - - 16m ½ - - - Fire an enemy, in which case it requires an attack roll. If the
enemy is hit, he suffers the Fire continuous effect. 1d10
dam +1 fatigue dam Agility test to end.

When target character incapacitates an enemy with a

melee attack, enemy characters within 1m of the
Flames of Wrath 1 - - 12m ½ - - - Fire
incapacitated character suffer the Fire continuous effect.
Flames of Wrath lasts for one round.

Enemies in the area suffer the Fire continuous effect

Flare 5 - - Self ½ Agility - 5mR Fire immediately suffer an additional 1d10+4 fire damage
roll. This spell can be cast only once per turn.

Flesh Eater
Characters gain concealment (-30 hit) and blocks Line of
Fog of War 5 - - Self ½ - 3 5mR Arcane
sight (LOS) while in spells area.
Force Bolt
The caster suffers ½ damage from AoE (after Armor &
TB. He gest +20 to resist knocked down. If a AoE spell is
Force Field 5 - - Self ½ - 3 5mR Arcane targeting the casters and misses the caster can chose to
set it off in his spells area (5mR) hitting with BS 30 (can
not be boosted)
Targets hit are slammed d6 meters away from caster
suffering an aditional 1d10+4 dam if it collides with
Force Hammer 7 1d10+4 0 20m ½ Agility - - Arcane
anything. If enemy hits another character that character
suffers 1d10+4 dam also.
Enemies in the spells AoE are pushed d6 meters away
Force of Faith 7 - - Self ½ Strength - 5mR Arcane from the spellcaster, +2m pr ARC. Caster can chose what
enemies are pushed and who is not.
Forced Evolution
Target Steamjack gets: Enemy damage dice gets revers
Tearing chosing the lowest. Frendy characters in B2B
Fortify 3 - - 12m ½ - 1 - Arcane
with jack can not be knocked down, pushed or
All frendly characters in spell AoE suffer ½ damage from
Foxhole 3 - - 10m ½ - 2 3mR Arcane
AoE attacks after Armor & TB.
Target become stationary and can only take ½ action
Freezing Grip 7 - - 16m ½ - - - Cold until he pass a toughness test the next round. Can not
dodge or parry while hit by Freezing Grip
Enemy characters in spells AoE suffer -2 movement & ½
Freezing Mist 7 - - Self ½ Toughness - 5mR Cold
agility when dodging. Lasts 1d3 Rounds
Frostbite 3 1d10+4 - 8m ½ Agility - Cone Cold Cone of frost thats bites the skin and flesh
Characters who move in the Spells AoE must pass a
Frozen Ground 5 - - 10m ½ Agility - 5mR Cold agility test or fall prone. Charactrers prone suffer 1d10
Cold damage.
Fuel the Flames 5 - - Self ½ - 2 10mR Fire Fire continuous effect in spells AoE can not be put out.
Steamjacks under casters controle gets a ½ move
Full Throttle 5 - - Self ½ - - 10mR Arcane action. If jacks ends in contact with enemy it gest a free
Slam melee attack agenst that enemy.
The caster gains Poltergeist form, when an enemy
attacks you with a non-magical attack there is a 50%
Ghost Shroud 5 - - Self ½ WP 3 - Hex chanse the attack deals no damage. Also if the enemy
miss or the attack is ignored the enemy is pushed back
d3 meters away from the caster.
Ghost Walk

The caster can speak to the dead, if the character is

newly dead the spell do not require any components. If
the target character have been dead for a prolonged
time a personal item i needed or a soul token need to
be spendt. A WP vs WP test is required if the target
Grave Whispers 1 - - Self ½ WP - - Hex character do not want to give the information. Only the
Caster can speak to the target but anyone can head the
conversation. When the spell ends the body disolves in
to bright green foul smelling icor. If the skull have been
destroyed this spell wont work. Only the skull is required
to make this spell work.

jack hit by spell suffer 1d5 dam ignoring Armor. If a crit

Grind 5 - - 20m ½ - - - Arcane is rolled the jack suffers a crit hit to its movement
systems -5 to the crit roll.
Grip of Death
Ground Zero
Target character gets +10 to his next melee attack and
Guided Blade 1 - - 12m ½ - 1 - Arcane
his attack counts as Magical for one round.
Caster & Jacks under his controle gets Tearing with
Guided Fire 5 - - Self ½ - - - Arcane range attacks until the end of there next turn or after
they make a range attack.
Hallowed Avenger
Hallowed Guardian
Hand of Fate 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Holy Target gains Tearing with his next attack.
Hardened Flesh
Target is healed 1d10 hp, if a 10 is rolled the character
Heal 7 - - Touch ½ - - - Holy can no be healed for the rest of that combat by the
"Heal" spell.
Target can not be knocked down as long as he remains
Heightened Reflexes 5 - - 6m ½ - 1 - Arcane
stationary from when the spell is casted.
A character hit by hellfire must make a willpower test or
be frozen i fear next turn. The character can only take ½
Hellfire 5 2d10+6 0 20m ½ WP - - Hex
actions and if moving must move away from the caster.
Lasts for one round.

Hex Blast 5 1d10+5 0 10m ½ WP - - Arcane Upkeep spells on enemies hit expires if WP test is failed.

Hex Bolt
Hex Hammer
Hidden Path
Hoarfrost 5 2d10+6 0 16m ½ Toughness - - Cold Critical roll the enemy becomes stationary for 1 round
Holy Ward
Hot Shot
Howling Flames 3 1d10+2 0 8m ½ Agility - Cone Fire On a critical rolle, enemy suffer fire continuous effect.
Howling Wind
Hunter's Mark
Hymn of Battle 3 - - 12m ½ - - - Arcane Target steamjack gets +10 hit and +2 to damage rolls
Target steamjack gets: non-magical ranged attacks
Hymn of Passage 3 - - 12m ½ - - - Arcane
automaticaly miss the jack for 1 round.
Frendly characters in spells AoE gets: Enemy spells
Hymn of Shielding 7 - - Self ½ - - 5mR Arcane
targeting them will automaticaly miss. Last 1 round.
Hyper Awareness
Ice Bolt 3 1d10+4 - 20m ½ Agility - - Cold On a critical rolle, enemy is stationary for 1 round.
Ice Cage
Target gets: the next 5 damage he recives (before TB &
Ice Shield 1 - - 12m ½ - 1 - Cold Armor is ignored. The effect is lost if the target moves or
after he takes damage.
Icy Grip 3 - - 16m ½ Toughness 1 - Cold Target suffers ½ agility to dodge.
Target gets +2 to melee attacks, if he crits target is hit
Ignite 3 - - 12m ½ - 1 - Fire
by the Fire Continous effect.
Illusion of Vitality
Immolation 3 1d10+4 0 16m ½ Agility - - Fire On a critical hit the enemy suffer Fire Continous effect
Infernal Machine
Last one round, characters starting or entering the spells
Inferno 5 1d10+4 0 20m ½ Agility - 3mR Fire
AoE suffer 1d10+4 fire damage.

Caster WP vs Target WP. If caster rolls HIGHER than the

enemy the caster can force target to make 1 melee
Influence 1 - - 10m ½ WP - - Arcane
attack. Can be used outside of combat to influence
others but may have dier consequences if it fails.

Inhospitable Ground 5 - - Self ½ - - 5mR Earth Area is treated as Rough terrain (½ movement)
Inviolable Resolve

Target jack and run, charge or make slam & trample

Iron Aggression 5 - - 12m ½ - - - Arcane
power attacks without ARC from a Warcaster.

Iron Flesh
Jackhammer 1 - - 12m ½ - - - Arcane Target jack and immediatly make one melee attack.
Jaws of Death
Target jack immediatly takes 1d5 damage ignoring
armor. It can make a Agility test to stand up or If jack is
Jump Start 1 - - Self ½ - - - Arcane
powered down with a active boiler it takes an aditional
1d5 dam and is operational.
Killing Ground
Killing Tide
Enemy spell casters must pay 2x ARC to upkeep spells
Lamentation 5 - - Self ½ WP 3 10mR Arcane
when in the spells AoE.
Magic light that removes effects that block LoS like
Light in the Darkness 1 - - Self ½ - 1 10mR Arcane
smoke or spells like blizzard.
Light of Nyrro
Lightning Shroud
Lightning Storm
Frendly Characters melee weapons gains Electro Leap
(enemies hit suffer 1d10 Lightning dam that arcs 2m to
Lightning Tendrils 5 - - Self ½ Agility 3 5mR Lightning
1d3 enemies if they are hit in melee) ARC is random but
ignoring attacker.
Lightning Tongue
Target steamjack immediatly gets a free move, it moves
Locomotion 1 - - Self ½ - +1 - Arcane 1m pr ARC spendt. Ignoring movement restrictions from
other spells
Mage Sight
Magnetic Hold
Mark of Lyliss
Marked for Death
Targets who do not wear a gasmask must take a
Marsh Gas 7 1d10+4 0 16m ½ Toughness - 5mR Corrosion toughness test or take an aditional 1d10+2 damage that
ignores Armor
All characters inside the AoE suffer 1d3 damage
Miasma 5 - - Self ½ Toughness - 5mR Corrosion ignoring armor and toughness. If they fail the toughness
test they recive 2d3 damage instead.
Caster makes a illusion (Tiny - Large) anywhere within
Mirage 5 - - 20m ½ PER 3 - Arcane the spells range. Caster must have LoS or the illusion
Mist Shroud
Target character ignore any normal or magical "Cloud"
Mist Sight 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Arcane
og "Mist" effect when determing LoS.
Mockery of Life
Molten Metal
Target character cannot run or charge and treat open
Mudfoot 3 - - 20m ½ Agility 1 - Arcane terrain as rough unless he pass a agility test or strength
test after the first test.
Murder of Crows
Mystic Wards
Obliteration 7 2d10+7 0 20m ½ - - - Earth The force blasts apart the earth itself.
Occultation 3 - - 12m ½ - 1 - Arcane Target gets Tearing on his Stealth roll, lasts 1min

Caster WP vs Target WP. If caster rolls HIGHER than the

enemy the caster can force enemy to move 3m and
preform one non-spell, noon-feat quick action. If used
Overmind 7 - - Self ½ WP - - Arcane
outside of combat the target is confused and may not
remember the spell casted on him if the test fails he will
get +30 to to realize a spell was cast.

Parasitic Invigoration
Phantom Hunter
Pig Pen
Playing God
Target can not be charge in his front-Arc while Polatity
Polarity Shield 3 - - 6m ½ Strength 2 - Lightning Shield is in effect unless enemy pass a strength test.
Jacks fail this automaticaly.
Target jack gets +20 its next melee attack, frendly
Positive Charge 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Arcane characters within 2m of jack gets +20 to hit the target if
the jack hits with this attack.
Powder Keg
Target jack the caster controles is no longer dirupted
Power Booster 1 - - 5m ½ - 1 - Arcane
and gain 1 ARC during its its turn.
Target Character can Re-role any non social skill test this
Prayer of Guidance 5 - - 12m ½ - - - Holy
turn or the next.
Primal Shock
Protection: Cold 1 - - 6m ½ - 1 - Arcane Target gets Resistance 30 vs Cold
Protection: Corrosion 1 - - 6m ½ - 1 - Arcane Target gets Resistance 30 vs Corrosion
Protection: Electricity 1 - - 6m ½ - 1 - Arcane Target gets Resistance 30 vs Electricity
Protection: Fire 1 - - 6m ½ - 1 - Arcane Target gets Resistance 30 vs Fire
Protector's Mark
Prowess of Lurynsar
Psi Blast
Psychic Vampire
Continuous effectm Animi & Upkeep spells in the spells
Purification 5 - - Self ½ WP - 10mR Holy area immediatly expire. If there casters is in the area roll
WP to resist.
Enemies suffer -10 to all tests and ½ movement while in
Raging Winds 7 - - Self ½ - - 10mR Arcane
the spells AoE. Lasts one round.
Raise Dead
Rapid Growth
Razor Wall
Razor Wind 3 1d10+4 4 20m ½ Agility - - Arcane A blade of wind slice trough the target

Target jack gest +2 Unatural Str and Agility and can run,
charge or make power & slams or Tramples without
Redline 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Arcane
spending ARC or beeing jackmarshalled. Ad the ned of
the jack turns it suffers 1d10 damage ignoring Armor.
Target character gets: When he its a enemy he can
Refuge 3 - - 12m ½ - - - Arcane immediatly make free full move that do not provoke
Attack of opportunity.
Target character gets: When he is target by a enemy
range attack, after the enemys attack the character can
Return Fire 1 - - 12m ½ - 1 - Arcane
make one free standard range or melee attack agens
that target.

Rift 5 1d10+5 0 16m ½ Agility - 4mR Earth The AoE is rough terrain and remains in play for 1 minut

Tagrte character gains Immunity: Fire, when an character

ends his turn within 2m of the character that character
suffers Continous Fire damage. If the character is his by
Righteous Flames 3 - - 6m ½ - 2 - Holy
a fire spell the spell expires but the attackers spell is
ignored on the caster. Can only be casted on the same
character once pr combat.
Tagrte character gains Immunity: Cold, when an
character ends his turn within 2m of the character that
Rime 3 - - 6m ½ - 2 - Cold character becomes stationary. If the character is hit by a
cold spell, the spell ends and the attackers spell is
ignored on the target.
Rise in Death
Rising Tide
Rock Hammer 5 2d10+6 0 10m ½ Agility - 2mR Earth On a critical hit, characters hit are knocked prone.
+1m to length pr ARC used. Wall have 10 hp pr meter it
Rock Wall 3 - - 5m ½ - 3 1x5x3 Earth
is long. Explosives deal 2x dam to rock wall.
Roots of the Earth
Rune Shot: Accuracy 1 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane +10 to hit and Aim (½ Round) gives +30 to hit
Ignores penaltys to hit in melee and will never hit
Rune Shot: Black Penny 1 - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane anything but the target. If you use Aim (½ Round) you
can hit any bodypart without penalties.
Rune Shot: Brutal 1 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane Tearing on all damage dice
Rune Shot: Detonator 5 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane If target is hit, Deal Range Weapon dam in a 4m AoE
If target is hit, attack becomes 5m AoE 1d10+2 damage
Rune Shot: Earth Shaker 5 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane hit. Any target suffering damage are dealt no damage
but knocked prone.
Rune Shot: Electro Leap
Deals no damage, removes and cloud, camouflage or
stealh from a character in the area. Other Frendly
Rune Shot: Fire Beacon 3 - - Self ½ Agility - 5mR Arcane
characters get +10 ballistic skill to hit enemies in the
area. Lasts one round.
Targets that take damage must make a toughness test
Rune Shot: Freeze Fire 7 - - Self ½ Agility - - Cold or recive and extra 1d5 damg (no armor or TB) and be
stationary for one round.
Any damage not blocked by Armor is doubbled agenst
Rune Shot: Heart Stopper 7 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane
living characters.
If the shot hits an Armored target (metal) the targets
Rune Shot: Iron Rot 1 - - Self ½ Agility - - Corrosion armor is reduced by 1, a jack will lose 1d3 on the
location hit.
Targets who take damage from Molten Shot is also
Rune Shot: Molten Shot 1 - - Self ½ Agility - - Fire affected by Fire Continous Effect (1d10+2 dam) ½
action and a Agility test will remove the effect.
Targets hit will be slammed d6 meters away from the
Rune Shot: Momentum 7 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane caster. Any collision wil deal 1d10+2 dam to both
Rune Shot: Phantom Seeker 5 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane Ignore LoS, Cover and Concealment for your attack.
Rune Shot: Piercer
If the target is hit (dont have to damage) other
Rune Shot: Shadow Fire 3 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane characters attacking the target will ignore LoS and there
attacks will count as Magical.
Any sound from the weapon or the shot is completly
Rune Shot: Silencer 1 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane silent. The sound of the target getting hit or screams are
not silenced.
Targets hit must make a WP test or all upkeep spells
Rune Shot: Spell Cracker 5 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane
immediatly end.
If the shot kills a target the target explodes in a AoE 3m
RS: Spontaneous Combustion 1 - - Self ½ Agility - - Fire blast that deals pistol damage to all. The body is
splattered allisover
If the target hit itthe blace… d3
is pushed yugh!
meters away from the
Rune Shot: Thunderbolt 1 - - Self ½ Agility - - Lightning attacker. If a crit is rolled the target is knocked prone
and anyone within 5mR are deff for 3 rounds.

If the target is hit, make another attack agens an enemy

Rune Shot: Trick Shot 3 - - Self ½ Agility - - Arcane wihin 4m. You can do this up to you total ARC not
counting the spells cost. Spell ends as soon as you miss.

Sacraficial Pawn
If a frendly tagrte suffers damage the next turn within
the spells AoE you can split the damage or the caster
Sanguine Blessing 5 - - Self ½ - 1 - Arcane
takes all the damage.. Can be desided after damage is
Sea Legs
Enemies within the spells AoE suffer from the Fire
Sea of Fire 7 - - Self ½ - 5 5mR Fire Continuous effect. The spell can not be put out unless
enemies leave the area.
Shadow Pack
Shadow Sight

When the target character is killed deal 1d10+1 Damage

Shatter Storm 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Arcane
in a 3m AoE. The enemys body is shredded in to pices.

Target character gets +20 Parry agenst magical attacks

Shield of Faith 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Holy
and attacks made by Infernal or Undead.
Shock Bolt

All characters damaged by the spell is pushed d6

Shock Wave 7 1d10+5 0 Self ½ Agility - 5mR Earth
directly away from the caster in the otder you chose.

Mechanika devices in the possession of target character

Short Out 1 - - 8m ½ WP - - Arcane hit immediately deactivate. Short Out has no effect on
steamjacks or mechanika armor.
Shrapnel Swarm
Target character gets +20% to hit with his next range
Snipe 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Arcane
Frendly characters in the spells AoE can re-role Agility
Solid Ground 3 - - Self ½ - 2 3mR Arcane tests to not go prone. Also takes ½ damage after Armor
and TB from AoE attacks.
Solovin's Boon 1 - - 6m ½ - - - Arcane Targets next Healing skill test can be re-rolled
Soothing Song

The caster can automaticaly feel the pressense of the

target living character affected by this spell if he is
within his ARC x 15mR. If the enemy dies while affected
Soul Mark 1 - - 16m ½ WP - 15mR Hex by Soul Mark the caster gains a Soul Token. Regardless
of range to the target. Target character may attempt
one WP test to resist the spell when he is hit. If he fails
the is marked until the caster ends the spell.

Soul Slave
Spirit Fang
Spirit Lash

Enemies within the spells AoE Suffer from revers Tearing

Star Crossed 5 - - Self ½ - - 15mR Hex
discarding the highest dice when dealing damage.

Enemies that end there turn closer to the Caster suffer

Star Fire 7 - - Self ½ - - - Arcane 1d10+4 damage that hits them automaticaly. Lasts one
Frendly Characters in the spells AoE gets +20 toughness
vs Cold damage & tests. When under the effect of this
Staying Winter's Hand 3 - - Self ½ - 1 - Cold
spell the character never suffer from beein Cold and the
effects of Cold spells.
Stone Form
Stone Hold
Stone Skin
Stone Spray
Target character cannot be knocked down, pushed or
Stone Stance 1 - - 6m ½ - 1 - Earth slammed for one round. Character can not move while
under the effect of this spell.
Target character gets +1 Unatural Strength and
Stone Strength 3 - - 6m ½ - 1 - Arcane
Toughness and -1 movement.
When and enemy is hit by Stomr Tossed push them d3
Storm Tossed 1 - - 16m ½ - - - Arcane
meters away from the caster.
Storm Wall
On a critical roll the target character is blind for 1d3
Stygian Abyss 5 1d10+4 0 20m ½ WP - - Hex
Summon Vortex
Sunburst 5 1d10+5 0 20m ½ Agility - 3mR Fire A explosion rips apart anything within its grasp.
Sunder Spirit
Target jack gets +1 movement, +10 hit and cannot be
Superiority 5 - - 12m ½ - 3 - Arcane
knocked down.
Sure Foot
Target character gains concealment (-20 to be hit by
range attacks). Can pass through enemies, enemies
Swarm 3 - - Self ½ - 3 - Arcane recive -20 to all melle and range attacks when inside the
character in swarm form. Armor is not calculated when
taking damage in swarm form.
Telekinesis 3 - - 8m Full - - - Arcane Can lift 60 kg + 20 pr ARC used to boost
The caster can channel spells through the target
Telgesh Mark 3 - - 6m Full - - 20mR Hex
character is he is within 20mR of eachother.
Target jack gets +1 Armor and is immune to Corrosion
Temper Metal 3 - - 12m ½ - 2 - Arcane
Characters hit by Tempest are knocked down and suffer
Tempest 7 1d10+4 0 16m ½ Agility - 5mA Arcane
and aditional 1d10+2 Damage.
The caster and any jack under his controle and within
the spells AoE can immediatly advance 5meters not
Tide of Steel 7 - - Self ½ - 5 20mR Arcane
provoking AoP. If any ends in contact with a enemy they
may make a 1d10+TB slam attack.

Torment Characters hit by Tornado are thrown D6 away in any

Tornado 7 1d10+5 0 20m ½ - - - Arcane direction desided by the casters. If the target hits
Total Domination anything that target is delt 1d10+5 damage.
Total Spectrum

The spellcaster allow other Gifted to boost him in the

next round with there ARC. The caster can recive a
maximum of 2 ARC pr gifted. The points must be used
Transference 3 - - - ½ - - 20mR Arcane
next round or the caster takes 1d10+ Remaning ARC in
damage ignoring Armor. Casters must deside how much
they wish to give before the end of there round.

Triage 3 - - B2B ½ - - - Arcane Target character is Stabilized.

Any frendly character starting there next turn within the
True Path 5 - - Self ½ - 3 10mR Arcane spells AoE range recives +2 Movement and ignore
rough ground. Lasts one round.

The characer ignores Concealment, Camourflage and

Stealth agens enemies withnin 10mR of them. The
True Sight 3 - - Self ½ - 3 - Arcane
character can also see in complet Darkness. Only one
target can be affected by this spell at a time.

Unnatural Aggression
Unstoppable Force
Veil of Mists
The next attack that hits the target character will recive
Vision 3 - - 6m ½ - 3 - Arcane -30 to hit. Vision expires after this. A character can only
be targett by this spell once pr combat.

Void Curse

Target jack can not move and suffers +20 to be hit. Any
other jack starting there turn 3m from the target jack
Voltaic Lock 7 - - 20m ½ WP - - Arcane
cannot run or charge and can only advance direcly
towards the target jack. Lasts for one round.

Voodoo Doll

1x5x3 meters thick, long & heigh. +1m length pr ARC

used above 3. Blocks LoS. Any character hit suffers Fire
Wall of Fire 3 1d10+4 0 Self ½ Agility 3 Wall Fire
Continous Effect if they run completly through the wall
not if they start there turn in the wall after it was casted.

Wave of Vivification
Weald Hunter
Any character who is cought or enter the spells Area
cannot move. If a crit is rolled to hit the enemy is
completly ingulfed and can make no action but a
Webbing 5 - - 20m ½ Agility 3 3mR Arcane
strentgh save to break the spell. Target character can
make ether a agility test not to be hit, or if hit a strength
test to break free,
While in the Spells AoE all characters have the LoS
White Out 7 - - Self ½ - 5 20mR Cold reduces to 5m. And a -20 penalty to range attacks inside
the AoE. Leaves snow in the area.
Wild Aggression
Will Breaker
Agility test to avoide or Strengh test -20 to resist or be
thrown d6 meters away taking 1d10+2 damage. If a
Wind Blast 7 - - 5m ½ Agility 5 Cone Arcane enmey hits a solid object and fail the Strength test they
are pinned as long as they fail and the spell is in effect.
½ Movement in the Cone.
Wind Ravager
Wind Strike
Wind Wall

Target takes no damage but is pushed d3 meters away

Wings of Air 3 - - 12m ½ - - - Arcane from the caster. The Caster can advance up to d3 meters
acter the spell is casted. This provokes AoP

Caster can slowfall or move 5m directly out in the air

before he start to fall. When falling the spell will only
Wings of Air 3 - - Self ½ - 3 - Arcane
slow his fall but he will still take damage. Damage from
Any character
falling in the
is reduced by spells
10meters.AoE lose Eyesight, flight and
any bonus to movement. This will override spells that
Winter Storm 5 - - Self ½ 5 - 20mR Cold Target
ignorescharacter canpenalties.
immediatly All advance upisto½5 inside
movement movement
Zephyr 5 - - 12m ½ - - - Arcane ignoring AoP. A character can only be affected by
Winter Storm.
Zephty once pr combat.