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No seas tramposo. Don't be a cheater.

Verbalise -poner en `palabras

rowdy students noisy, disorderly / raudi/
again eguein
garage- garich
process prouses
let´s move on to------------pasemos a otra parte tema
build your confidence
happen automatically -
become confident
generic american accent
fairly generic
accent are distinctive

100 dif accents in england

liverpool dific accent, Scouse
yorkshire( coronation street) ou
bristol -slow, like farmers, loud voices,
london- queen posh accent people do not use, old fashioned-cockney born in london
essex resembles cockney
somerset-like farmers, slow, thick , some rhythm
norfolk close vowels, difficult

scotland con ritmo hacia arriba nanananananauppp i dónt know whý

glasgow con i
edinburg se entiend ebien
canada entendible suave
dublin muy rapido , uniendo

for today´s lesson we´re gonna be looking at

something like—ejemplos
when I read through it
I waNT YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO these sentences
Let´s write this out of the expression

it doesn´t actually give me

the key word

do addition 2 plus

my next two problems

some take the more form

all the words categorised

use them correctly

you need to choose
what you need to do no have to

go go venga, corre en juego de levantarse y escirbir

let´s check corregir
and see if everything is correct
can you use more in a sentence
create a dynamic classes
this activity is not limited to grammar it´s limitless
dont be afraid to be creative
label with different categories

main areas- fluency,

look at yourself when speaking and listen to yourself
spot mistakes

2 important things that you need to look out for are repeating
make a diffeernce to your level of speaking eng
basically normalmente
can´t stop for a minute

eventually you

warm-up activity
relax students
build comunity
have you ever heard of...
ask students to supply nouns
reAD BACK THE STORY divertida llenando huecosque vacios con palabras que den estudi sin
saber tema

today I´ll be giving you some ideas on ways to

i would suggest using
on the back side is..
read the back side
should be able to identify
one at a time
have students get together in small groups
who can give me
unrealistic expectations
end up spending time
teacher expectation
let´s discuss
for this activity
tell an anecdote
draw what he hears

missing information
paraphrase their pictures
focusing on one part
make notes
predict what happens next
chart to be completed
communicate effectively

the focus today is in listenign

language text book

is one of the most difficult skills to teach
listening has to be built gradually, even in our first languagew we don´t hear everything , for
specific information
you get stuck in one word try to translate it in your head and miss the rest

ready for a listenign exercise

time is up---