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Of all knowledge, the understanding of

what we are is the greatest thing we can
know. And the knowledge of what we are
is the greatest wealth we can have.
We begin to get this knowledge by look
ing upon our world and upon ourselves as
we seem to be and acknowledging that we
cannot judge by appearances; that the
world around us is not what it appears to

Teachers of Truth long to help and bless

their students and the world; our world
should be better and our students happier
and more prosperous and should have
healthier bodies because of this Truth that
we are teaching and speaking.
And yet that is not what we are aiming
at nor where our effort is directed. "These
signs shall follow them that believe !" How
ever, we know that miracles will not sat
isfy ; understanding of God is the only thing
that will satisfy.
When the teacher tells you to look away
from what you want, that does not mean
that you cannot have what you want, or
that your wants are not legitimate.
This world is not substance, but it is a
reflected picture and we get this knowledge
by the grace of God. There is no other way
in which we can possibly get it. For we as
pictures in a mirror, as reflection, have no
way of knowing our true nature.
How can a reflected image be supplied
with what he needs? He reflects all that he
has from the object or the person that casts
the image. And what casts the image for
man and the universe? Soul, the One Be
ing, casts the image so we reflect what we
need and more than we need for Soul is in
finite goodness.
Soul is immeasurable, and as we see that
this world is a reflection of Soul, it is no
longer a material world, but it becomes the
kingdom of heaven; as Mrs. Browning
says, "Every bush is aflame with God."
There is abundance in nature; the grass
is not stinted, the sky is not limited; the
sunset is not lacking in beauty.
Sometimes we say that God gives us all
we need but possibly not all we might think
we need. The truth is that all things are
ours. We could not measure what is ours
just for the receiving. You cannot count
the blossoms on the plum tree and there is
a reason for this ; the tree and its blossoms
and fruit are the reflections of Soul, the im
measurable One.
If you had a phonograph record of your
voice, and the record were to be broken,
you would not lose your voice. If an in
ventor had a model of an invention, and the
model were lost, the invention would not be
lost, for the invention is not in the model
but it lies back of the model, in the inven
tor's consciousness.
Wealth lies in consciousness and not in
manifestation, not in what we see around
us. It cannot be held back any more than
fruit can be kept from the trees.
If we only a three dimensional world
and material cause and effect, we will havd
to earn what we have by the sweat of the
brow, and will have to give value for value,
and will have to work for a living. But if
we transcend the material world with con
sciousness of Soul, we will walk among
miracles. "It is your Father's good plea
sure to give you the kingdom." "For His
pleasure, we are and were created."
Life is and that perception is coined into
abundant living.
If you look at a table or any object

around you, you can describe and that
description can be concluded. But when
you describe yourself, you have not even
touched yourself, for back of the descrip
tion lies this fact: am, exist, and that


really all you know about yourself.
This AM the Self, Soul; the




one and only being; the objective world

spills out of that AM, like fruit and flow

ers from horn of plenty.


"Now as the sounds of drum, when


beaten, cannot be seized externally (by

themselves), but the sound seized when

the drum seized, or the beater of the


"As clouds of smoke proceed by them
selves out of lighted fire kindled with damp
fuel, thus verily has been breathed forth
from this great Being what we have, ....
what poured out, food, drink, this world

and the other world and all creatures."