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1. What items can I trade-in?
- you can trade in any old instruments—any brand (even brands not under JB Music), working
or non-working, you can trade in!

2. Can I bring more than one item to double up the discount?
- no, we only accept 1:1 ratio (one unit per trade in discount)

3. What can I get in exchange of my old item?
- you get 30% off on your new item and you also get to help organizations by trading in!

4. What items/brands can I avail?
- you can only avail items under the same category as the item to be traded. Here’s the list of
brands (per category) you can avail at 30% OFF (conditions included):

- Takamine, Martin, Gretsch
Condition/s: Trade in any working/non-working acoustic, electric or bass guitar to
avail of the special discount

- Aguilar, Gallien Krueger, Laney Amps, Marshall Amps, Orange Amps
Condition/s: Trade in any working/non-working amplifier to avail of special discount
on selected amps
- Cry Baby, MXR, J’Dunlop
Condition/s: Trade in any working/non-working analog/digital pedals to avail of
special discount
- Laney Speakers
Condition/s: Trade in any working/non-working speaker to avail of special discount
on selected speaker
- Zoom
Condition/s: Trade in items can either be working or not working pedals, recorders
or interface (i.e.: pedals to pedals, etc.)

- Hercules
Condition/s: Trade in any stands (working/not working) and get 30% off new
stands. Trade items must be within the same category (ex. mic
stand = mic stand, speaker stand = speaker stand)
- Remo, Evans
Condition/s: Trade in any drumheads (working/non-working) and get 30% OFF
- Ludwig Drumset, Gretsch Drumset, Pearl Drumset
Condition/s: Trade in any drumset (working/non-working) and get 30% OFF. Trade in drum set
MUST BE 3 pcs. and above
- Pearl Drums
Condition/s: Trade in any snare drum (working/non-working) and get 30% OFF
- Zildjian Cymbals
Condition/s: Trade in any cymbals (working/non-working) and get 30% OFF

- Vic Firth drumsticks, Zildjian drumsticks
Condition/s: Trade in any drumsticks (working/non-working) and get 30% OFF

- Audio Technica, Audix, Carol, Nady
Condition/s: Trade in any wired or wireless mic (working/not working) and get 30% off new
- Alto, Martin Audio, Laney, QSC
Condition/s: Trade in any size of passive or powered speakers (working/non-working) and get
30% OFF
- Allen and Heath, Alesis, Denon
Condition/s: Trade in any mixer (minimum of 16-channel)—analog to digital, analog to analog
- Radial
Condition/s: Trade in any DI Box (working/non-working) and get 30% OFF new DI Box

- Ableton, Alesis, Akai, Arturia, Avid, Denon, Focusrite, M-Audio, Native Instruments,
Novation, Numark — 30% OFF
Condition/s: - Trade in any brand (working/not working) and get 30% off new item
- Must be in the same category (Midi Keys to Midi Keys, Pads to Pads,
Controllers to Controllers, Keyboards to Keyboards, Audio Interface to Audio
- Focusrite 2nd Gen not included for trade in

Condition/s: Trade in any working/non-working orchestral instrument to any brand of
instrument under the orchestral category
Included brands: Armstrong, Artley, Bach, Cervini, Classix, Conn, Cremona,
Fernando, Glaesel, Hofner, Hohner, King, Leblanc, Pearl,
Schindler, Schmidt, Selmer, Scherl & Roth, Suzuki, Valencia

5. Are online stores included?
- no, promo is only applicable in JB Music branches.

6. Are installment plans available?
- yes, up to 6 months, 0% interest installment plan available on selected items.

7. How can I inquire if my preferred item is available?
- you may call/visit your nearest JB Music branch to inquire. For the list of branches, kindly refer
to this link:

8. Are item reservations allowed?
- yes, it is allowed as long as you pay for a downpayment. Kindly contact your preferred branch
for reservation inquiries.

9. Until when is the Trade In Madness promo?
- promo runs until February 28, 2018 only!