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August- September Content Research and Planning

1. Background and Overview

August and September signify the end of summer as well as back to school/college season. The
transition into the school season puts an emphasis on the end of summer therefore there will be a lot of
last minute summer bashes before the school season starts. Not only that, but September is National
Shake month which will undoubtedly be a big month for social.

Our major content themes and awareness days for August and September are as follows:

August Themes: August Awareness Days:

 Family Nutrition  Family Fun Month
 Back to School  Family Meals Month
 Balanced Nutrition  National Peach Month
 Power of social ties  National Watermelon Day (August 3rd)
 Community support  National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
(August 4th)
 Banana Lover’s Day (August 27th)
 Eat Outside Day (August 31st)
 National Trail Mix (August 31st)

September Themes: September Awareness Days:

 Healthy Aging  Healthy Aging Month
 National Shake Month (1/week)  National Breakfast Month
 Sports Hydration  National Food Safety Education Month
 America on the Move – Month of
 Labor Day (September 4th)
 National Peanut Day(September 13th)
 National Hispanic Heritage Month
(September15 th – October 15th)
 Last Day of Summer (September 22nd)
 Family Health and Fitness Day
(September 24th)
 National Pancake Day (September 26th)
 National Women’s Health and Fitness
Day (September 28th)
 World Heart Day (September 30th)
2. Google trends & Search trends

Google Trending in October-December (past 5 years), roughly in order of volume :

*italicized words indicate seasonally inspired trends
 Pizza  Hamburger
 Chicken  Taco
 Cake  Potato
 Salad  Ice Cream
 Cheese  Apple
 Chocolate  Pumpkin
 Tea  Watermelon
 Egg  Chinese food
 Cookies  Bread
 Fruit

3. Food trends

To identify major food trends and top ingredients, I reviewed major trends identified by trusted publications and
sources (Consumer Reports); identified trending ingredients and recipes across social media platforms with large
food communities (Pinterest, IG, FB) and top recipes and ingredients identified via Google Trends.

 Watermelon Water
 Watermelon Berry Salad with Mint and Lime
 Fruit Salad
 Fruit Dip
 Fruit Popsicles
 S’mores
 Mashed potatoes, potato soup, baked potatoes
 Summer Salad/Chopped Salads
 Taco Salad
 Apple oatmeal/apple chips/apple cider
 Pumpkin cookies/pumpkin bread/pumpkin pie

4. Hashtags

The below list represents the most commonly used hashtags across social media currently, where posts relating
to health, food and fitness are shared. The volume comes from all channels over the last 6 months. Data
gathered through Sysomos.

Top Food Hashtags:  #foodporn (8M)

 #foodie (5.6M)
 #food (17.78M)
 #instafood (5.4M)  #healthylifestyle (1.4M)
 #healthyfood (2.5M)  #instahealth (1.3M)
 #foodgasm (1.7M)  #healthyliving (1.15M)
 #foodstagram (1.58M)
Top Fitness Hashtags:
 #foodpics (1.46M)
 #foodphotography (900,000)  #fitness (22M)
 #foodlover (1.1M))  #fit (9.1M)
 #fitfam (5.5M)
Top Health Hashtags:
 #fitspo (3.8M)
 #healthy (8M)  #fitnessmotivation (3.7M)
 #eatclean (2.7M)  #fitnessmodel (2.94M)
 #healthyfood (2.5M)  #fitnessaddict (2.5M)
 #healthyeating (1.4M)  #instafit (2.4M)
 #healthychoices (1.4M)  #fitlife (1.43M)

5. Sysomos Listening
Data from past year (7/01/16 – 7/01/17) from blogs, forums, Twitter and news

 Healthy AND meals (1,165,194 mentions)
 Healthy AND snacks (911,471 mentions
 Meal AND prep (849,217 mentions)
 Pumpkin AND food (599,834 mentions)
 School AND lunch (44,111 mentions

 Stress AND reduction (217,420 mentions)
 Weight AND loss (9,543,505 mentions)
 Cardio (6,139,943 mentions)
 Abs AND exercise (475,371 mentions)
 Indoor AND fitness (169,203 mentions)
6. Use gathered research/data for content planning (video, recipes, posts, graphics, animations, etc.)

Plan content ideas for:

Expert nutrition and fitness information:

 Nutrition/ Health
o Best healthy back to school lunches
o Health tips for students
o Back to School party
o Best healthy after school snacks
o Tips for when you’re going on a picnic
o How to make Healthy choices at school.
 Fitness
o Fun Family Exercises
o 100 miles Challenge

Meal planning and healthy recipes:

 Healthy 3 ingredient pancakes

 Back to School Smoothies
 Fruit Pizza
 X ways to eat Potatoes
 Live content (FB Live/Twitter Chats/Instagram Stories)
 FB live with Susan

7. References

Google trends:


8. Past Engagement
The following is an assortment of the most engaging posts from August-September 2016 as well as
observations from that period in years prior. It is pulled directly from Instagram which allows the
quickest and simplest access to old posts.

The following types of posts (in Oct. Nov. and Dec.) consistently receive a high amount of likes as well as
high positive engagement :
- Shake recipes
o especially in September for National Shake Month.
- #Motivation Monday posts and other inspirational posts
- Higher quality photos
- Generally “cool” or “exciting” posts
- Photos that showcased the Herbalife shaker bottles did well.

9. Objectives
 Elevate Herbalife Nutrition as the premier nutrition company through sustained growth in reach,
engagement, views and shares of our content on social media
 Convert new fans through increased brand awareness
 Guide existing fans to active customers and brand advocates through compelling content
 Ultimately inspire interest in Herbalife Nutrition and our philosophy, converting fans to

10. Strategic Approach

 Increase awareness of Herbalife Nutrition beyond company-hosted social channels by publishing
relevant, informational and shareable content
 Drive demand for Herbalife products by educating consumers about the benefits and how their
use can support their health and fitness goals
 Provide ongoing support and motivation via social channels to keep consumers engaged
 Publish content aligned with user search behavior to put trustworthy, credible expert content in
front of consumers where they are already seeking information
o Recipes for healthy meals and snacks, both with and without Herbalife products
o Meal planning based on your goals
o Fitness and exercise routines personalized for needs