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Target Group: Year 4 (Sk Jalan Ong Tiang Swee)

Subject: English Language

Date: 11th February 2015
Class: Year 4C
Time: 8.15am – 9.15am (1 hour)
Level Proficiency: Intermediate
Focused skill: Writing
Integrated skill: Listening and speaking, grammar
Language focus: Spelling
Previous 1. Pupils know about spending money
knowledge: 2. Pupils know how to create a sentence
Unit: 2
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Spending Wisely
Content 3.2 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to write using appropriate language, form
Standards: and style for a range of purposes.
Learning 3.2.2
Standards: Able to write with guidance:
(a) labels
(b) notices
(c) messages
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
1. Spell the words correctly.
2. Create a simple sentence.
Teaching Aids: 1. Textbook
Educational Multiple intelligent, thinking skills
Moral values: Respectful, cooperation, and sharing and moderation.
Sources: Textbook

Stage/ Lesson Content/ Teaching learning Instructional Language Rationale Integration/

Time Resources Activities Remarks
Set - 1) Teacher starts the lesson  I am going to tell you  As a warming up  Listening
induction by asking pupils about about my wish list or activity. and
(7 min) why they have learnt. the things that I want  Help them recall speaking
to buy. about wish list
 To arouse the pupils
interest on the lesson
that they about to
Pre- - 1) Teacher asks the pupils  Now, I want each and  To make sure they  Writing
Listening to create their own every one of you to understand the
(10min) version of wish list. create your own wish meaning of wish list.
2) Teacher asks the pupils list.
to make a note.
While- - 1) Teacher asks each pupil  Now, I want each of  To stimulate the  Listening
Listening to pick maximum of 3 you to choose pupils’ thinking skills. and
(20 min) items that they wish the maximum of 3 items  To ensure that they speaking
most. from your wish list that can listen and explain  Teacher
2) The teacher asks each you want the most. the information. observes
pupil to give the reason  In front of the class, I pupils’
of selected items from want each and every progress.
the wish list in front of one of you to state the
the class. reasons why are you
choosing the items.
 Others, I want you to
take a note of what
are your friends’
reasons for choosing
the items.
Post- - 1) Teacher asks the pupils  Now, I want you to  To ensure the pupils  Reading
Listening to decorate their wish list decorate your wish list able to listen to
(20 min) and hang it in their room. and when you get instruction correctly.
back home, hang it in
your bedroom.
Closure  Summing up 1) Teacher asks the pupils  What have we learnt  To ensure the pupils’  Asks all
(3 min) the lesson, randomly about their today? understanding on the pupils.
giving brief information.  What are the moral lesson learnt.
evaluation and 2) Teacher integrates the values that we can  To reflect on what
integration of moral value. learn today? they have learned.
moral values  Remind them the
moral of the story.



Lecturer’s Guidance/Mentor’s Comment: