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New Vendor for Workers' Compensation Claims Processing

Helpside uses a third-party workers' compensation claims administrator to help manage injury claims for
clients that participate in our workers' compensation plan. This year as we were evaluating our vendor
relationships, we made the decision to make a change from Segwick to CorVel starting March 1, 2018.

Many of you have experienced very few, if any, claims and will not notice any change. For those who have
experienced multiple claims, you may notice a few differences in the way claims are handled, particularly at
the beginning of the process.

As always, if an injury occurs that requires emergency medical treatment, the first priority should be getting
treatment for the employee.

If an employee experiences a non-emergency work related injury that they would like to seek medical
attention for, they will be required first to call the nurse triage number listed below to assess their injury
and treatment options.

Nurse Triage Number: 1-844-581-0831

If an employee is advised to seek medical treatment after calling the nurse triage number, they will need to
visit a designated provider. A list of designated providers can be found on our website here.

Regardless of whether employees seek medical treatment, they are always required to complete a
Supervisor's Incident Report with their supervisor after any work-related incident or injury and forward the
completed report to the Helpside Claims Director, Raul Ontiveros at

We have provided an updated version of the Helpside Work Injury Reporting Policy that includes the steps
listed above for you to post or share with your employees.

As with all changes to our workers' compensation program, our goal is to help you make sure your injured
employee receives the care they need, while also keeping your costs in check. This change helps us
accomplish this goal.

While you should continue to send all workers' compensation claims information to Raul at Helpside, if you
would like CorVel's information for your records, the updated address for claims billing is:

Injuries in all states except Idaho

CorVel Corporation
PO Box 6966
Portland, OR 97228
Fax: 888-851-9190
Emails: or
Injuries in Idaho
CorVel Corporation
PO Box 4185
Boise, ID 83711
Fax: 888-851-9190

If you have any questions about the claims process, please feel free
to reach out to Raul at (801) 443-1338 or