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!, ,$?-eJ-(J/-0R-$?%-2-:.?-0:A-2o.-:.J2?-,$?-eJ:A-3A/-1%-28$?

Billowing Clouds of Compassion, A Supplication to the Lineage of Avalokiteśvara-Guhyasamāja

!, /-3R-$-<, 3R?-3J.-3#:-v<-.$-0-(R?-GA-.LA%?, ,/3-KR$?-2.J-2-&/-IA-8A%-#3?-?, ,(R?-{-:R.-.0$-3J.-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,

na mo gu ru / trö me kha tar dag pa chö kyi ying /nub chog de wa chen gyi zhing kham su / chö ku ö pag me la söl wa deb
Namo Guru! I supplicate Dharmakāya Amitābha in the Western Realm
of Sukhāvatī, the pure ultimate sphere that is like unelaborated space.

!R%-*A.-v-2-gR$?-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,,$?-eJ:A-3A/-5S$?-:OA$?-0-o=-2:A-8A%-, ,><-KR$?-0R-+-=-;A-$/?-3(R$-+, ,

tong nyi ta wa tog par jin gyi lob / thug jei trin tshog trig pa gyal we zhing / shar chog po ta la yi ne chog tu
Bless me to realize the view of emptiness! I supplicate the Compassionate Bodhisattva at the Sacred
Place of Potala in the East, the Victors’ realm where billowing clouds of responsive grace gather.

o=-Y?-,$?-eJ-&/-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,L3?-.%-~A%-eJ-:LR%-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,(R/-=3-i3-0<-.$-0-3=-0:A-8A%-, ,

gyal se thug je chen la söl wa deb / jam dang nying je jong war jin gyi lob / mön lam nam par dag pa trül pe zhing
Bless me to develop love and compassion! I supplicate the Precious One from Uḍḍiyāna in the Realm of Glorious Lotus

.0=-<A-0E-:R.-GA-8A%-#3?-?, ,AR-o/-<A/-0R-(J-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,.R/-$*A?-3,:-<-KA/-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,

pal ri padma ö kyi zhing kham su / or gyen rin po che la söl wa deb / dön nyi tha ru chin par jin gyi lob
Radiance, the sphere magically emanated through pure aspiration. Bless me to take the two objectives to the furthest limit!

<%-28A/-i3-0<-.$-0:A-3#:-,R.-/?, ,3#:-:PR-:23-5S-:.?-0:A-1R-V%-., ,3-$&A$-35S-o=-82?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,

rang zhin nam par dag pe kha chö ne / khan dro bum tsho dü pe pho drang du / ma chig tsho gyal zhab la söl wa deb
I supplicate at the feet of the Sole Mother Tsogyal in the Gathering Palace of One
Hundred Thousand Ḍākinis from the naturally pure [realm of] Khechara.

2.J-!R%-o/-(.-3J.-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,3#:-:PR-:23-5S-:.?-0-$/?-GA-3(R$ ,(R?-:#R<-2.J-(J/-\A%-$A-.2J/-$/?-?, ,

de tong gyün che me par jin gyi lob / khan dro bum tsho dü pa ne kyi chog / chö khor de chen ling gi wen ne su
Bless me with the ceaseless flow of empty bliss! I supplicate at the feet of Ratna Lingpa in the Hermitage of
the Dharma Wheel of Great Bliss, the supreme sacred place where a hundred thousand ḍākinis gather.

<_-\A%-0:A-82?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,*3?-gR$?-3,:-<-KA/-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,,$?-eJ-(J/-0R?-LA/-IA?-2_2?-0:A-$/?, ,
ratna ling pe zhab la söl wa deb / nyam tog tha ru chin par jin gyi lob / thug je chen pö jin gyi lab pe ne
Bless me to perfect experience and realization! I supplicate Guru Lodrö, the one accepted by the nirmanakāya,

(R/-=3-=?-:UR-w/-0:A-1R-V%-/, ,3=-{?-eJ?-29%-$-<-]R-PR?-=, ,$?R=-2-:.J2?-?R-LA/-IA?-2_2-+-$?R=, ,

mön lam le tro den pe pho drang na / trül kü je zung gu ru lo drö la / söl wa deb so jin gyi lab tu söl
in the Palace Endowed with the Residual Karma of [Former] Aspirations,
the abode blessed by Great Compassion. Pray grant your blessings!

,$?-eJ?-$%-:.=-3=-0:A-8A%-#3?-/, ,!R%-*A.-~A%-eJ?-:PR-1R=-1R-V%-., ,SA/-(J/-l-2o.-]-3-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,

thug je gang dül trül pe zhing kham na / tong nyi nying je dro dröl pho drang du / drin chen tsa gyü la ma la söl wa deb
I supplicate the benevolent root and lineage gurus in the Palace of Liberating Beings Through
Compassionate Emptiness, in the realms manifest for taming beings through responsive grace.

.R/-$*A?-3,:-<-KA/-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,zR-V$-$/3-{?-&/-IA-$+J<-$/?-?, ,5K-$&A$-hR-eJ:A-{-:P2-92-3R:C-=3, ,

dön nyi tha ru chin par jin gyi lob / hlo drag nam ke chen gyi ter ne su / tshe chig dor jei ku drub zab möi lam
Bless me to fulfill the two objectives! I supplicate the profound path [that yields] accomplishment of the Varja Body in one
life, the binding Dharma of Guhyasamāja, at the Hidden Treasure Place [known as] ‘Staircase to the Sky’ in Hlodrag.

.3-(R?-$?%-2-:.?-0-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,12-0-3,:-<-KA/-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,.%R?-P2-3A/-v<-$+A2?-0:A-$/?-3(R$-/, ,

dam chö sang wa dü pa la söl wa deb / drub pa tha ru chin par jin gyi lob / ngö drub trin tar tib pe ne chog na
Bless me to attain perfect accomplishment! I supplicate the peaceful and wrathful deities of Guhyasamāja

.2%-28A-;R%?-mR$?-=?-GA-.GA=-:#R<-., ,$?%-:.?-8A-OR:A-z-5S$?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,{-$?3-z/-IA?-P2-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,

wang zhi yong dzog lü kyi kyil khor du / sang dü zhi trö hla tshog la söl wa deb / ku sum hlün gyi drub par jin gyi lob
in the Maṇḍala of the Body in which the Four Empowerments are Complete, the sacred place where
accomplishments gather like clouds. Bless me with spontaneous accomplishment of the three kāyas!

2.J-!R%-+-3-v-2:A-1R-V%-/, ,UA/-=?-i3-28A-:P2-0:A-.GA=-:#R<-., ,3-5S$?-3#:-:PR-i3?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,

de tong gyu ma ta büi pho drang na / trin le nam zhi drub pe kyil khor du / ma tshog khan dro nam la söl wa deb
Bless me with the ceaseless flow of empty bliss! I supplicate the assembly of mother ḍākinis in the Palace
of Illusion-Like Bliss and Emptiness within the maṇḍala of the fulfillment of the four activities.

$%-2-.2%-.-:.-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,UA/-=?-S$-l=-w/-0:A-2!:-(R?-/, ,UA/-=?-,R$?-3J.-:P2-0:A-1R-V%-., ,
nang wa wang du du war jin gyi lob / trin le drag tsal den pe ka chö na / trin le thog me drub pe pho drang du
Bless me to bring appearances under my power! I supplicate the oath-bound Dharma guardians in the Palace of
Accomplishing Unhindered Action [where] the teachings endowed with the power of fierce activity [abide].

2!:-Y%-.3-&/-i3?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,KA-/%-2<-&.-8A-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,(R/-=3-=?-:UR-.$-0-o=-2:A-8A%-, ,

ka sung dam chen nam la söl wa deb / chi nang bar che zhi war jin gyi lob / mön lam le tro dag pa gyal we zhing
Bless me with the pacification of outer and inner obstacles! I supplicate my vajra siblings and companions on the path –

<%-$8/-.R/-$*A?-,R.-0:A-*J?-2-3(R$ ,3(J.-PR$?-(R?-36.-i3?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,12-0:A-o=-?-:6B/-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,

rang zhen dön nyi chö pe kye bu chog / che drog chö dze nam la söl wa deb / drub pe gyal sa dzin par jin gyi lob
the great beings who act for the welfare of self and others in the Victor’s Pure Realm Endowed with
the Residual Karma of [Former] Aspirations. Bless me to seize the throne of accomplishment!

,$?-eJ:A-*2?-$/?-2lJ-(J/-HJ.-i3?-GA?, ,2.$-?R$?-$?R=-2-:.J2?-0:A-2-i3?-=, ,,$?-eJ:A-3A/-5S$?-.?-:.A<-$+A2?-/?-G%-, ,

thug jei kyab ne tse chen khye nam kyi / dag sog söl wa deb pe bu nam la / thug jei trin tshog dü dir tib ne kyang
All you loving and kind sources of refuge, please gather here and now the clouds of
[your] responsive grace for myself and others, we children who supplicate you.

LA/-_2?-(<-28A/-:2J2?-0<-36.-.-$?R=, ,~A$?-3-s-2.R-2!/-0:A-3<-$>3-:.A<, ,?J3?-&/-*R/-3R%?-=?-GA?-3/<-2-=, ,

jin lab char zhin beb par dze du söl / nyig ma nga do ten pe mar sham dir / sem chen nyön mong le kyi nar wa la
Even further, please cause your blessings to fall like rain! As the five degenerations
abound at this [time] when the teachings have reached their lowest point,

2lJ-(J/-HJ.-GA-,$?-eJ:A-.0=-*J.-=, ,2.$-?R$?-,<-0:A-$/?-?-:SJ/-.-$?R=, ,5K-:.A-]R?-2+%-.2J/-0:A-<A-OR.-., ,

tse chen khye kyi thug jei pal kye la / dag sog thar pe ne su dren du söl / tshe di lö tang wen pe ri trö du
Great Loving Ones, you engender your magnificent responsive grace for sentient beings afflicted by karma and negative emotions.
Please guide myself and others to the state of liberation! As I let go of this life [and abide] in isolated mountains,

*R->?-%J?-:L%-g$-+-3A-:V=-2<, ,;R/-+/-*3?-gR$?-^-2-;<-%R-28A/, ,$R%-/?-$R%-.-:1J=-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,

kyo she ngen jung tag tu min dral war / yön ten nyam tog da wa yar ngo zhin / gong ne gong du phel war jin gyi lob
never parting from disenchantment and renunciation, bless me with qualities,
experience and realization that develop ever further like the waxing moon!

2.$-?R$?-*R/-3R%?-~A%-eJ:A-;=-i3?-=, ,L3?-3$R/-HJ.-GA-,$?-eJ:A-:R.-9J<-IA?, ,=?-.%-*R/-3R%?-3-<A$-2?=-/?-G%-, ,
dag sog nyön mong nying jei yül nam la / jam gön khye kyi thug jei ö zer gyi / le dang nyön mong ma rig sal ne kyang
Loving protectors, having cleared away with the light rays of your responsive grace the karma,
negative emotions and ignorance of myself and others, the deluded objects of your mercy,

;J->J?-$%-2-o?-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,$?R=-2-:.J2?-?R-2!:-2o.-SA/-&/-i3?, ,eJ?-:)$-2.$-&$-L%-(2-212-0-=, ,

ye she nang wa gye par jin gyi lob / söl wa deb so ka gyü drin chen nam / jen jug dag chag jang chub drub pa la
bless us even further with the increase of the light of wisdom! [Thus] we supplicate [the holders of] the lineage
of transmitted precepts: grant your blessings that we followers who strive to attain enlightenment

5K-.%-12-0-3,:-<-KA/-0-.%-, ,5K-$&A$-?%?-o?-:P2-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,
tshe dang drub pa tha ru chin pa dang / tshe chig sang gye drub par jin gyi lob
achieve mastery of lifespan and practice and accomplish awakening in this very lifetime!

!, ,$?-eJ-(J/-0R-$?%-2-:.?-0-*3?-=J/-o/-HJ<-~A%-0R-2#?-0-28$?-0:A-.2-KR$?-=$?-?R,,
The Condensed Essence that is the Daily Practice of Avalokiteśvara-Guhyasamāja

!, ,A-$4$-0.-#R%-*A-^:A-!J%-; l-2-$?3-IA-z-5S$?-.%-; *2?-$/?-.!R/-3(R$-,3?-&.-2?3; 1-3?-$4S<-L?-:PR-2-i3?; |R-$?3-$?-0?-:.A-{.-2eR.;

Upon a sun, moon and lotus flower at my crown are visualized the sources of refuge –all the divine assemblies of the three roots and
the [three] jewels. All wayfaring beings, foremost among whom are [my] parents, utter these words with respectful three doors:

/-3R ]-3-.!R/-3(R$-;A-.3-z; o=-2-o-35S:C-5S$?-2&?-=; 2.$-.%-:PR-2-?J3?-&/-i3?; |R-$?3-$?-0?-*2?-?-3(A; 8J?-=/-$?3,

na mo / la ma kön chog yi dam hla / gyal wa gyam tshöi tshog che la / dag dang dro wa sem chen nam / go sum gü pe kyab su chi
Namo! With devotion of body, speech and mind, wayfaring sentient beings and I take refuge in the
guru, Triple Gem and yidam deities, along with the oceanic assemblies of Victors. Recite three times.

<%-<A$-z-=-K$-:5=-=R; 3-:$$?-<%-$?=-3(R.-0-:2=; 3-28A<-v%-2-3,R=-=R-2>$?; .?-$?3-3*3-*A.-eJ?-;A-<%-;

rang rig hla la chag tshal lo / man gag rang sal chö pa bül / mub zhir tung wa thöl lo shag / dü sum nyam nyi je yi rang
I pay homage to the deity, self-awareness, and offer unobstructed self-illumination. I confess downfalls
[committed by adhering to] the four extremes. I rejoice in the equality of the three times.

:#R<-2-.R%-/?-3$?-0<-2{=; !-.$-9%-,=-eJ/-0<-28$?; !/-G%-<%-<A$-gR$?-0<-2}R; {-$?3-;R%?-mR$?-,R2-0<->R$; &J?-=/-$?3,
khor wa dong ne trug par kül / ka dag zang thal jen par zhug / kün kyang rang rig tog par ngo / ku sum yong dzog thob par shog
I exhort [the buddhas] to overturn the depths of samsāra and to abide nakedly in the unimpeded transparency of primordial purity.
I dedicate all [merit] for the realization of self-awareness. May the fully-perfected three kāyas be attained! Recite three times.

GJ-3-2.$-$A?-:PR-!/-21=-L:A-KA<; ,$?-eJ-(J/-0R:C-.GA=-:#R<-.; :#R<-2-.R%-/?-3$?-0:A-KA<; 5.-3J.-28A-<-?J3?-2*J.-.R; 8J?-=/-$?3,

kye ma dag gi dro kün dral je chir / thug je chen pöi kyil khor du / khor wa dong ne trug pe chir / tshe me zhi ru sem kye do
Alas! In order for me to liberate all wayfaring beings [by] raising them from the pit of samsāra into
the maṇḍala of the Great Compassionate One, I generate the four boundless states. Recite three times.

.3A$?-3J.-!R%-0:A-%%-*A.-=?; 1R-V%-vJ-.2?-:R.-s:A-[R%-; 0E-*A-^:A-$./-!J%-.; <%-<A$-;A-$J-ZA:.3<-0R;

mig me tong pe ngang nyi le / pho drang te ü ö nge long / pe ma nyi de den teng du / rang rig yi ge hrīḥ mar po
From the continuity of non-referential emptiness in the center of the palace in the expanse of five-colored
light, on the seat of lotus, sun and moon, [appears] intrinsic awareness [as] a red Hrīḥ syllable.

1<-:UR?-o=-2-3*J?-3(R.-1=; ?J3?-&/-!/-IA-#A$-1A2-.%?; 5<-:.?-.%R?-P2-2.$-=-,A3; :#R<-2-.R%-/?-3$?-0<-2?3;

phar trö gyal wa nye chö phül / sem chen kün gyi dig drib jang / tshur dü ngö drub dag la thim / khor wa dong ne trug par sam
[As its light] radiates out, pleasing offerings are made to the Victorious Ones and all sentient beings’ wrongdoing and obscurations
are purified. [As it is] gathered back, siddhis are absorbed into me. I imagine that the depths of samsāra are overturned.

.J-*A.-;R%?-?-I<-0-=?; <%-*A.-$?%-2-:.?-0:A-{; .3<-0R<-8=-$&A$-K$-$*A?-0; K$-$;?-0.-UJ%-,$?-!<-:6B/;

de nyi yong su gyur pa le / rang nyi sang wa dü pe ku / mar por zhal chig chag nyi pa / chag ye pe treng thug kar dzin
Through the transformation [of the Hrīḥ], I appear in the form of Guhyasamāja, red
with one face and two hands. The right hand holds a lotus garland at the heart.

K$-$;R/-5K-23-0.-#R%-2$3?; <A/-(J/-0.-UJ%-<?-o/-.%-; .<-.J%-o/-5S$?-.0$-3J.-2o/; ;3-3(R$-$?%-2-;J->J?-3;

chag yön tshe bum pe dong nam / rin chen pe treng rü gyen dang / dar chang gyen tshog pag me gyen / yum chog sang wa ye she ma
The left hand holds a long life vase [containing] the stalk of a lotus. I am bedecked with innumerable adornments –
jewels, lotus garlands, bone ornaments and silken scarves. The excellent mother consort, Guhyajñāna,

K$-$;?-Aa=-$;R/-2..-lA; 9%-:)$-;2-GA-3$=-/?-:H.; $&J<-2-o/-S$-0.-UJ%-36K?; 82?-$*A?-;2-GA-{J.-=-:OA=;

chag ye ut pal yön dü tsi / zung jug yab kyi gül ne khyü / cher bu gyen drug pe treng dze / zhab nyi yab kyi ke la tril
[holds] in her right hand an utpala and in her left a nectar [vase]. She embraces the father’s neck in indivisible union.
Her naked [body] is adorned [with] the six ornaments and lotus garlands. Her two legs clasp the father’s waist.
$*A?-3J.-9%-:)$-.$-+-2|R3; ,$?-!<-^-2:A-.GA=-:#R<-!J%-; ZA:;A$-.3<-0R-:R.-9J<-&/;
nyi me zung jug dag tu gom / thug kar da we kyil khor teng / hrīḥ yig mar po ö zer chen
[Thus,] I reflect on the purity of nondual union. On the moon disc at the heart, I visualize a radiant red Hrīḥ syllable,

;A$-S$-,:-=-2{R<-2<-2?3; .J-=?-:R.-:UR?-<%-28A/-IA; ;J->J?-?J3?-.0:-,/-S%?-2!A3;

yig drug tha la kor war sam / de le ö trö rang zhin gyi / ye she sem pa chen drang tim
surrounded at the outer edge by the revolving six syllables. Light radiates
therefrom, inviting the intrinsic wisdom beings, [who are] absorbed.

<-3-EA-0EJ->-ZA: 2#-?-3-;-6: 6:>-2)-@R: 2#-?-3-;-+AN-z/; <-A:>; <->-Q)-ZA:A:

oṁ maṇi padme hū hrīḥ / vajra samaya jaḥ / jaḥ hū baṁ hoḥ / vajra samaya tiṣṭha lhan / oṁ āḥ hū / oṁ hū traṁ hrīḥ āḥ

{-$?%-,$?-GA-LA/-2_2?-/?; ;J->J?-s:A-.2%-2{<-2?3; 2.$-*A.-,$?-YR$-ZA:;A$-=?; :R.-9J<-1<-:UR?-o=-2-3(R.;

ku sung thug kyi jin lab ne / ye she nga yi wang kur sam / dag nyi thug sog hrīḥ yig le / ö zer phar trö gyal wa chö
I imagine that, from the blessings of body, speech and mind,1 the empowerments of the five wisdoms2 are conferred.
From the seed syllable Hrīḥ at my heart, rays of light stream forth, making offering to the Victorious Ones [and]

?J3?-&/-!/-IA-#A$-1A2-.%?; !/-G%-,$?-eJ-(J/-0R<-I<; 5<-:.?-{-$?%-,$?-GA-2&.; LA/-_2?-.%R?-P2-2.$-=-,A3;

sem chen kün gyi dig drib jang / kün kyang thug je chen por gyur / tshur dü ku sung thug kyi chü / jin lab ngö drub dag la thim
purifying the misdeeds and obscurations of all sentient beings, all of whom become the Great Compassionate One. [As the light
rays] are gathered back, the vital essences, blessings and attainments of enlightened body, speech and mind dissolve into me.

+A%-:6B/-,$?-YR$-ZA:;A$-3,<; ;A$-S$-$;R/-.-2{R<-2<-2?3; <-3-EA-0EJ->-ZA: ;A$-2./-(-2R:A-$8%-28A/-2^?,

ting dzin thug sog hrīh yig thar / yig drug yön du kor war sam / oṁ maṇi padme hū hrīḥ
I imagine the six syllables [placed] anti-clockwise3 around the seed syllable Hrīḥ, [which is the nature of]
meditative absorption. Oṁ maṇi padme hū hrīḥ.4 The seven syllables are to be recited in the manner of a flowing river.

z-/A-$%-=-<%-28A/-3J.; /3-3#:A-:):-5S/-v-2-2|R3; }$?-/A-(R?-*A.-!R%-0:A-1; :6B/-3J.-V$-(-v-2<-2^?;

hla ni nang la rang zhin me / nam khe ja tshön ta bu gom / ngag ni chö nyi tong pe dra / dzin me drag cha ta bur de
The deity, appearing yet devoid of self-nature, is visualized like rainbows in the sky.
Mantra, the empty sound of dharmatā, is repeated like an echo free of fixation.

?J3?-/A-3-;J%?-3A-2|R3-0; $%-!R%-:6B/-3J.-%%-.-28$; 3A-2|R3-0-;A-$/.->J?-L; L<-3J.-]R-:.?-(J/-0R<-2*=;
sem ni ma yeng mi gom pa / nang tong dzin me ngang du zhag / mi gom pa yi ne she ja / jar me lo de chen por kyal
Mind, undistracted non-meditation, is left in the continuity of empty appearance without fixation. This is known
as the vital point of non-meditation, [wherein] one is delivered to the great, inconceivable [state] of non-action.5

oṁ maṇi padme hū hrīḥ

{2?-?-$?R=-:.J2?-$/.-/?-2{=; ZA: 3-*J-(R?-.LA%?-3R?-.%-V=-2-=?; ,$?-eJ:A-i3-:U=-;A.-28A/-/R<-2-v<;

hrīḥ / ma kye chö ying trö dang dral wa le / thug jei nam trül yi zhin nor bu tar
At [this] juncture, [offer] the supplication prayer that implores [Avalokiteśvara] from the vital point: Hrīḥ! Magical display
of responsive
grace from the unelaborated, uncreated ultimate sphere, [you are] like a wish-granting jewel!

L3?-3$R/-,$?-eJ:A-z-HR.-.$R%?-?-$?R=; 2.$-/A-3-<A$-=?-%/-#A$-0R-(J; #3?-$?3-:#R<-2:A-$/?-?-$+/-:H3?->A%-;

jam gön thug jei hla khyö gong su söl / dag ni ma rig le ngen dig po che / kham sum khor we ne su ten khyam shing
Loving Protector, Merciful Deity, please heed me! [Due to] lack of awareness, evil karma and
great misdeeds, I perpetually wander in samsāric states [throughout] the three realms.6

<A$?-S$-:#R<-2:A-$/?-=?-,<-.?-3J.; 3,:-3J.-;/-.-*3?-,$-:.A-:S-MR%-; L3?-3$R/-,$?-eJ:A-,/-IA?-3-$9A$?-?3;

rig drug khor we ne le thar dü me / tha me yün du nyam thag din dra nyong / jam gön thug jei chen gyi ma zig sam
There is no occasion for deliverance from the samsāric states of the six classes of beings. Forever and without end
such miseries as these are experienced. Loving Protector, will you not regard me with eyes of compassion?

:.A-=-3$R/-0R:C-,$?-eJ-K$-2*%-=; ,<-0:A-=3-.-:SJ/-0<-36.-.-$?R=; <%-$A-i3-(A/-#$-2}=-o/-,R.-/;

di la gön pöi thug je chag kyang la / thar pe lam du dren par dze du söl / rang gi nam min dug ngal gyün chö na
Extending [your] benevolent hand to me, Lord, please lead me on the path of liberation!
While the ongoing pain of my ripening [karma] is being experienced,

:1$?-0:A-,$?-eJ-2.$-=-&A-8A$-L; ,2?-3#?-,$?-eJ?-8$?-0-3(A?-=$?-/; .-v-*A.-.-:SJ/-0<-36.-.-$?R=;

phag pe thug je dag la chi zhig ja / thab khe thug je zhag pa chi lag na / dan da nyi du dren par dze du söl
what can the Noble One’s responsive grace do for me? If you have the lasso [of
mercy], please draw me out with skill and compassion at this very moment!

3-$.%?-2-=-2lJ-2-)A-28A/-.; ,$?-.3-3-$;J=-,$?-eJ-.2%-$A-z; =?-%/-3,:-9.-:#R<-2-.R%-3$-/?;
ma dung bu la tse wa jib zhin du / thug dam ma yel thug je wang gi hla / le ngen tha ze khor wa dong trug ne
Just as a longing mother feels pangs of love for her child, benevolent Deity of Empowerment, do not
neglect your promise! Exhausting the limits of evil karma and overturning the depths of samsāra,

3$R/-0R-*A.-GA-82?-S%-:SJ/-.-$?R=; :.A-v<-2*J.-mR$?-2|R3-2^?-2?R.-/3?-GA?; 2.$-.%-2.$-=-:VJ=-,R$?-:PR-2-!/;

gön po nyi kyi zhab drung dren du söl / di tar kye dzog gom de sö nam kyi / dag dang dag la drel thog dro wa kün
please draw me into your presence, Protector! In this way, through the virtues of meditating and reciting
in the generation and completion [stages], may I and all wayfaring beings associated with me

3A-$4%-=?-:.A-2R<-2<-I<-3-,$; 2.J-2-&/-.-m?-+J-*J-2<->R$;
mi tsang lü di bor war gyur ma thag / de wa chen du dzü te kye war shog
be miraculously born in Sukhāvatī the moment we cast aside these impure bodies!

*J?-3-,$-+-?-2&-<2-2PR.-/?; 3=-0?-KR$?-2&<-$8/-.R/-LJ.-0<->R$;
kye ma thag tu sab chu rab drö ne / trül pe chog chur zhen dön je par shog
Traversing the ten stages as soon as we are born [there], may our emanations benefit others throughout the ten directions!
:R.-.0$-3J.-GA-2!:-)=-0; :)A$-gJ/-?J3?-&/-YR$-2+R/-0:A; 2?R.-/3?-:1$?-0?-21%-2<-/?; ;A$-2./-=/-&A$-2^?-0-;A; ;R/-+/-21%-2<-$-=-/?;
#3?-$?3-?J3?-&/-3-=?-0; ?%?-o?-?<-2!R.-0:A-;R/-+/-/A; 21%-2<-/?-GA-;A-$J-2./; $&A$-2eR.-1/-;R/-2eR.-3A-=%-; o=-2-/3-3#:-$%-2-=;
3(R.-0-1=-2:A-2?R.-/3?-5S$?; 21%-2<-/?-GA-;A-$J-2./; $&A$-2eR.-;R/-+/-21%-3A-/?; &J?-$?%?-?R;
Amitābha said, “The Noble Ones can give an account of the merits of saving the lives of [all] the sentient beings of [this] world; but how can the virtues of reciting the seven
syllables [even] once be enumerated? The attributes of establishing all sentient beings of the three realms without exception in the state of buddhahood can be related; but the
benefits of uttering the seven syllables [even] once are inexpressible. The accumulation of merit from making offerings to the Victorious Ones filling space can be calculated;
but the qualities of uttering the seven syllables [even] once are incalculable.”

,$?-eJ-(J/-0R-0E-o=-0R:C-o.-=?; .?-$?3-?%?-o?-,3?-&.-GA; {:A-.GA=-:#R<-$&A$-2|R3-0?; ?%?-o?-,3?-&.-:.?-0-/A;

3$R/-0R-,/-<?-$9A$?-{-;A/; 2|R3-.%-;A.-=-S/-0?-G%-; 353?-3J.-1A2-0-.$-0<-LJ.; &J?-$?%?-?R;
The Tantra of the Lotus King Avalokiteśvara says, “All the buddhas of the three times [are realized by] visualizing a single body maṇḍala. [Thus,] the assemblage of all the
buddhas is the form of Protector Avalokiteśvara. By visualizing and remembering [him], the obscurations from acts of immediate consequence will be purified.”

o/-HJ<-$+J<-$8%-z.-3J.-21A$?-0-<%-29R-3-:SJ?-0<; <-$-A-f?-2!R.-0:R, ?j-3;=); 2N->A?->R$,

The root treasure text of [this] daily practice was compiled without distortion and written down unadulterated by personal fabrications by Rāga Asya.
Sarva mangalaṁ! May it be auspicious!

*2?-eJ-3$<-(J/-OA-3=-<A/-0R-(J-;A-2!:-/%-v<-,$?-eJ-(J/-0R-$?%-2-:.?-0:A-2o.-:.J2?-.%-o/-HJ<-:.A-aR2-3-A-<A-3?-.LA/-;A$-+-2+<, /R%?-0-)A-3(A?-l-2:A-]-3-.%-:1$?-0-,/-
According to the command of Kyabje Garchen Triptrül Rinpoche, this lineage supplication and daily practice of Avalokiteśvara-Guhyasamāja were translated into English by the disciple Ari-ma. For
whatever errors there may be, I request the forbearance of the guru and Ārya Avalokiteśvara.

English Translation Copyright © The Gar Chöding Trust, 2005. All rights reserved.
This text, available online at www.gar-choding-trust.org, is free for verbatim reproduction and distribution.

Symbolized by ‘oṁ āḥ hū’ in the previous line.
Symbolized by ‘oṁ āḥ hū traṁ hrīḥ āḥ’ in the previous line.
The six syllables are placed in an anti-clockwise order and revolve clockwise.
According to Garchen Triptrül Rinpoche [GTR], the mantra is to be read once here.
The actual recitation begins here. [GTR]
The desire, form and formless realms