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Corridor Economic Development & Community Outreach Progress Report for Camelback

Trade Area September 2016 – November 2017

Objectives & Activities are driven by data compiled & prepared by LISC MetroEdge & Innovative
Urban Solutions

Purpose: The objective is to create and execute a small business and community outreach program
for Local First Arizona regarding the Camelback corridor between 7th Ave and 19th Ave. The strategy
is to be based on a collaborative and participatory process with the small businesses, local partners
and neighboring communities while leveraging Local First’s strength as an appropriate tool to support
microbusinesses in the area with technical assistance, networking opportunities, local event support
and transformational micro-projects.

Corridor Area: West Camelback light rail corridor between the East and West boundaries of 7th Ave.
and 19th Ave. and the North and South Boundaries of Colter St. and Highland Ave.

12/01/2017 Camelback Trade Area 1

Objectives / Activities moving forward:
1. Transition from contracted community development partner to full time corridor position with a
physical location on the corridor.
- Continue Small Business Technical Assistance, Networking Events & Community Building
- Maintain Social Media presence and email / physical flier advertising campaign of the area
to keep local businesses and connected neighborhood updated on local happenings.
- Continue with regular walk-in, “How’s business?” conversations.
- Maintain relationships with property owners and managers to install Authority To Arrest
signs and to do property maintenance. Continue to encourage a balance of police activity
and social service intervention. Teach the local business owners and common locals to be
eyes on the street.
- As local business ownership grows create an area Small Wonders or Local Things-To-Do
map, involve connecting neighborhoods and Grand Canyon University.

2. Organization Building:
- Continue Building capacity within existing Camelback Light Rail Coalition and IRC.
- Begin local leadership roles and goal setting. Leadership coaching activities may be helpful
to help develop capacity in new and current neighborhood leaders.
- Coordinate between CLRC and Uptown & Solano Village Planning Committee Initiatives.
- Continue to partner with and raise awareness of LISC, Local First Arizona, International
Rescue Committee, Native American Connections, Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Urban Land
Institute and the Uptown & Solano Village planning Committee’s, the Desert Horizon Police
Precinct, and related Phoenix City Council offices and City of Phoenix departments for
opportunities, related events, community participation etc.
- Continue annual, corridor wide community clean-up events.

3. Paving way for new Development:

- Opportunity 1: Tam Phat Oriental Market - NW Corner of 17th Ave and Camelback –
Vietnamese Market & Restaurant Façade Paint / Sign Update / Window displays – After
many contacts with the ownership of this retail center they have started to do repairs
themselves. They have filled vacancies with new businesses. This area could use more
upgrades as it continues to be a destination and the area directly around it continues to
- Opportunity 2: strip center - NE Corner of 17th Ave and Camelback - Property is clean &
well-maintained. This retail center could use expanded market support to fill vacancies.
Filling vacancies would strengthen existing businesses, support a responsible property
owner, and would help stabilize the empty lot across from the Goodwill Shopping Center
and the Tam Phat Oriental Market.
- Opportunity 3: Goodwill retail center - SE Corner of 17th Ave and Camelback - Property is
clean and well-maintained with a mix of established chain and locally-owned stores. The
center can be stabilized, seen as a successful development that will encourage investment
nearby if the remaining vacancies are filled. Higher occupancy will benefit the projects on
the other corners of the intersection. If vacancies remain, it will make a new development
across the street on the SW corner problematic. Property is attractive, with ample parking,
and draws customers to existing stores, making it desirable to potential tenants.
- Opportunity 4: Empty lot – SW Corner of 17th Ave and Camelback – The property owner
has become engaged in local camelback happenings and has been maintaining the lot.
The community should be kept aware of timelines on this project.
- Opportunity 5: Continue to Renovate / Clean / Landscape the IRC Aquaponics Incubator
making it a community outdoor gathering space and if any of the buildings can be made

12/01/2017 Camelback Trade Area 2

into a community gathering space that is easily accessible directly from Camelback it would
be ideal.

Corridor & Trade Area Assessment

Data compiled & prepared by LISC MetroEdge & Innovative Urban Solutions

Corridor Area: West Camelback light rail corridor between the East and West boundaries of 7th Ave
and 19th Ave and the North and South Boundaries of Colter St and Highland Ave.
Total Trade Area:

Quick Population Median Households Families Median Housing Average % Owner

Facts Age Household Units - Household Occupied
Income Occupied Size
2016 30, 775 31.7 11,400 6,204 $34,013 11,401 2.68 28
Trade Area
2016 9,080 32.9 3,840 1,786 $29,798 3,840 2.35 20

Demographics overview:
• Young families with children dominate the markets
• Many different pockets of homogeneity make for much diversity overall, evidenced by significant
variation in housing density & type (multi or single unit neighborhoods).
• Historic homeowner association voices from established single family neighborhoods surrounding
the corridor have expectations about their community’s needs.
• Housing varies from blighted mobile home parks to middle income single-family homes.
• Impact of big public projects (e.g., the plan to run a freeway extension north of Camelback from Hwy
17 to the 51) changed the character of the residential footprint -- a block from Camelback -- bringing
rental & nonresidential within the neighborhoods
• Safe affordable housing options for immigrant and refugee communities south and north of
Camelback in both traditionally subsidized housing and small rental buildings
• Minimal market rate rental housing exists in the market currently although some efforts are being
made, such as Urban 188
• Like other characteristics of the residential community, middle income households make up at least
a third of the market and over 68% of the households have graduated from high school or better

12/01/2017 Camelback Trade Area 3

Camelback Area Highlights:
• Area surrounding the light rail corridor is the home to several destination business anchors including
Christown Spectrum Mall, with a Target, Costco, Home Depot, a smattering of auto-focused
businesses ranging from Luk Motors to Drive Time, and two walkable retail areas: Melrose Place
(south at 7th Street) and Central and Camelback.
• Area has a dozen or more ͞classic͟ retail strips including Camelback Village Mall which includes a
drive-thru Starbucks, McDonalds, Office Max and Fry’s. El Super is scheduled to occupy a whole
block parcel between 22 & 23rd Ave which would serve immigrant and non immigrant communities
that make up much of the demographic west of 7th Ave.
• Given these and many other retail stores, shoppers have many choices. Significant $ are flowing
into the market from other communities.
• The presence of Light Rail while important to local residents as a source of transportation is
probably not a major customer generator.
• Like retail, services in the market include legal, health and education to mortgage and insurance.
These businesses appear to be tailored to the diverse residential demographics.
• Eating and Drinking choices (beyond Subway (3), McDonalds, ....) include well over a dozen Latino
restaurants, Asian cuisine, and others

Camelback Business Highlights:

• Camelback is a long and diverse road designed to serve folks crossing from Hwy 17 to destinations
on Camelback east of Central and to travel to the 51 and the West Valley.
• Camelback has had a history of public works including light rail as well as projects proposed but
never completed. Each has changed the strength and type of both residential and business that exist
• The current business mix is composed of those businesses which serve the local residential
community and those passing through or working in the area.
• There are several educational institutions on or near the corridor as well as service organizations.
Collectively, they may represent a market opportunity. Potentially, this also is true for new ethnic
communities selecting to live in the area
• While there are healthy commercial areas like Camelback Village and emerging new business types
like Southern Rail Restaurant, there are whole blocks which are under developed and others
occupied by buildings which are 100% vacant.
• Quality, successful businesses are scattered throughout the Corridor Area. Promoting & marketing
them to current residents, institutions, and office tenants could increase their profitability, serve the
neighborhood, and encourage growth.
• Several well-maintained strip centers have solid retail tenants but still contain multiple vacancies.
Coordinated area marketing & aggressive leasing can stabilize those centers and the corridor. •Area
beautification, cleanup, and storefront improvements would change perceptions of the corridor and
support new investment

Corridor Area top 10 Employers:

Business Name Address NAICS Description Employee Size Sales Vol
Supermarkets and Other
FRY'S FOOD STORE 744 W CAMELBACK RD Grocery (except 100 to 249 Employees 22.902.000
Convenience) Stores
Offices of Real Estate
DPR REALTY 16 W CAMELBACK RD 100 to 249 Employees 17.409.000
Agents and Brokers
915 W CAMELBACK RD Offices of Lawyers 100 to 249 Employees 4.123.000
Administrative Management
and General Management 20 to 49 Employees 2.296.000
CARE # 200
Consulting Services

12/01/2017 Camelback Trade Area 4

MC DONALD'S 750 W CAMELBACK RD Full-Service Restaurants 20 to 49 Employees 2.217.000
Fitness and Recreational
LA FITNESS 710 W CAMELBACK RD 20 to 49 Employees 2.074.000
Sports Centers
NASHVILLE Drinking Places (Alcoholic
727 W CAMELBACK RD 20 to 49 Employees 1.896.000
1625 W CAMELBACK RD Fitness and Recreational
BLAST FITNESS 20 to 49 Employees 1.383.000
# 110 Sports Centers
24 W CAMELBACK RD # Drinking Places (Alcoholic
BONUS ROUND 20 to 49 Employees 1.084.000
D Beverages)
Full-Service Restaurants 20 to 49 Employees 985.000
PIZZA # 108

Camelback Corridor Vacancy Highlights:

• The Camelback Area has extensive vacancies in both retail & office buildings on Camelback & 19th
• Basic retail needs are served by the Christown Spectrum Mall, limiting the potential for additional
retail growth in the short run
• There are several well-maintained strip centers on Camelback, owned by responsible landlords,
have quality tenants but are experiencing high vacancy rates
• The opportunity to make a visible impact on the corridor will require focused development to first fill
those strip centers, ensure their success, & build from that strength ฀
• The intersections of 17th & Camelback and 7th & Camelback are the most influential starting points
for development & are the most appropriate benchmarks for gauging present and future vacancy

Traffic Counts:
• Camelback & N 24th Ave - 41,932 AADT
• Camelback & N 19th Ave - 37,333 AADT
• Camelback & N 7th Ave - 30,740 AADT
• Camelback & N Central Ave - 20,993 AADT
*Sample Retailer Traffic Requirements for Family Dollar or Walgreens are11,000-20,000 AADT and
for Dunkin Donuts& Old Navy are 24,000-59,000 AADT

Transit Ridership:
* Average weekday light rail boarding’s from stops in the camelback trade area:
Montebello / 19th Ave 3,310
19th Ave / Camelback 2,099
7th Ave / Camelback 1,225
Central Ave / Camelback 969
* Average weekday bus boarding’s from stops in the camelback trade area: 4377

Info in this report was taken from ESRI 2016, Nielsen Corp 2016, multiple public sources, stakeholder
engagement and corridor assessments.
It has been compiled by the LISC Metro Edge Team and Innovative Urban Solutions.

12/01/2017 Camelback Trade Area 5