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CL/ Jon Manuel Serrat, 7

08027, Barcelona

Eleven of may 2018

“El Rincón del Bocadillo”

Venancio Etxebarria Street, 7
48930, Getxo

Dear Sirs:

In this document we want you to know the following request:

-30 Blackfit8 Bit Double reinforced bag

-50 “The Car´s Attraction” Caps
-100 “The Car´s Attraction” T-Shirts
-40 Maxinda 16gb Pendrive, with “The Car´s Attraction” Personal logo.

The requested articles are once that are detailed in the catalogue, that you send
us on 2nd of May during comic exhibition.

We wish that you send the merchandise to our stock warehouse, that is located
in Espetec street, number 14, Barcelona.

As we agree before, we will pay the request by a bank transfer with a deadline
of thirty days.

Your sincerily

Maria Llanes